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I recently ran a barbarian with the brawler rage powers and dragon style feats that did really well. Fighters are also capable of really high damage with any weapon they choose to specialize with.
I remember seeing a ninja build using the scout rogue archetype to do sneak attack damage on charging punches that looked pretty fun.
Vigilantes have good unarmed options as well.

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Apsu, the lawfull good god of dragons, doesnt have oracles because he believes cursing people is wrong even if you give them power in return

Personaly I like the mummy lord

Mythic adventures and the Automatic Bonus Progression from Unchained are two systems that I've been wanting to try for a long time now and I'm going to be GMing a new campaign in a couple of weeks and want to try using both systems.
So what I want to know is if anyone here has tried using them together and what your experience was like or if anyone has any advice about running a game with those systems.

Abadar's divine fighting technique lets you perform steal with a crossbow, the advanced version allows for dirty trick. Advanced requires BAB+10 so if you are starting at a lower level its not your best option but it is still an option

For tanking the paladin is probably the best because of the self healing and I think they also have some spells that make the enemies focus on them like Challeng Evil. They are also good at doing damage, especially when they get to smite. After that the best is probably the barbarian due to dr, high hp and high damage

Casters: 1 cleric, 2 sorcerer, 3 wizard. Melee: 1 barbarian, 2 paladin, 3 unchained monk or fighter, im not sure. Ranged: 1 ranger, 2 slayer, 3 kineticist. I also like the arcane archer but thats a prestige class so i dont know if i should put it on the list. Support: 1 bard, 2 skald, 3 unchained rogue or ninja.

There is also hellfire damage, half fire and half unholy. The fire half can be reduced as normal but the unholy half cannot be reduced but it is cancelled by protection from evil, it also does double damage against good creatures

Magus, I really like the concept and have been playing around with builds for years but for some reason have never brought them to the table, not even as NPCs when I'm the GM

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I don't think there are rules for redemption, that's the kind of stuff that you just have to act out while in character.

avr wrote:

You can have Shackles restrain the targets hands behind them rather than attach them to the caster, and the melee touch attack required suggests you can do this in combat. No RAW penalty perhaps but it sounds like it's pretty bad. And it's 4 levels lower of course.

I'd be interested to know how Trevs's GM handled the enemies being manacled.

In the case of one enemy having both arms restrained in front of it it can still attack but with a penalty, when the arms are restrained behind it (the variation I usually use) it can no longer attack with those arms and when used on multiple creatures they both become entangled. Its not RAW but it makes sense

Personally I like to use Shackle from the Path of the Hellknight book when a melee guy manages to get close. Its a level 2 spell, has a touch range, targets reflex, improves with level and can be used individually or to shackle multiple people togheter.

The animal has diferent stats and abilities so having a separate char sheet makes it easier, while the animal has its own initiative most people have it act on the player's turn since that makes the combat flow a little better and its HD is separate as indicated on the animal companion basic statistics table. I believe the table is on the Core Rule Book but it can also be found here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/druid/animal-companions/

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I am currently playing a CN necromancer wizard who is on a quest to find the most delicious ham sandwitch in the land

-Mana Wastes
-Citadel Gheisteno (probably not level 18+ since Lictor Shokneir is cr16 but i would still like to see it)
-City of Brass
-Burning Archipelago

Something that takes place entirely in Tian Xia/Dragon Empires would be cool

Something focusing on fey and the First World could be very fun

Another Mythical AP or at least some modules would be interesting

An epic journey through several different planes (the Mythic sistem could fit very well in one of those)

Arcadia looks quite interesting as well

One other thing I would really enjoy is an AP where the action takes place mostly in big open areas so we can make some good use of mounted characters, personally I really like mounted characters but I seen to be on the minority

I know a DM that generally focuses heavily on role playing, dialogue, politics, etc, and his games tend to have little to no combat. One day he wanted to play a meatgrinder type game and the rest of the group seemed to know it but nobody told me that detail, so naturally I build a face type character, he was a halfling bard with high social skills but almost useless in combat. He died in the third round of the first fight.

Dirge Bard, Bards are awesome, necromancers are awesome and animating corpses by dancing is fun

This week my group is going to start a new campaign and I will play a skald and my friend will play a necromancer cleric so I need to know, does the raging song affect unintelligent undead like the ones created by the animate dead spell?

Other than being a bard or skald I don't think you can get any mechanical benefit from performance

In the bestiary, its a monster feat so check with your DM before grabbing it

Maybe you could have a small banner and strap it to your back like the samurai did? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sashimono

I believe it is only for piercing and slashing melee weapons so you cant give it to arrows or bows but I think you could give the property to a dagger or shortspear and throw them.

In my group we have a house rule that if you confirm a crit with a natural 20 you can roll the d20 again and if you get another natural 20 you instakill whatever it is you are attacking, no need to roll damage (something similar applies to natural 1s, I once had a character die trying to ride a bicycle).
Anyway, by that point in the story the PCs where working for the king himself, when we came back from a dungeon after recovering some long lost royal relic we noticed things where wierd in the palace. After investigating we discover that the king was being controlled by the BBEG, who was a drow wizard. Things happen and we end up having a big fight in the throne room. As soon as the paladin slays the last enemy in the room the door opens and there is the BBEG drow wizard herself, with bodyguards on both of her sides but no one in front of her and she starts to make an evil speech.
My character was a barbarian who was still raging from the last fight so while the other PCs listened to her my barbarian gets impacient and charges her since there was no one in front of her to stop him. I roll a natural 20, confirm the critical with another 20, make my third roll and BAM! another 20. So with a single hit from my mighty war hammer the powerfull wizard lies dead, her body reduced to a pulp, her bodyguards panic, some run away, some drop their weapons and surrender. And that is how a level 7 barbarian defeated a level 15 wizard (acording to the GM she had a lot of buffs to increase her defense and after the speech she was just going to teleport away, we were not suposed to fight her, much less crush her like I did but not even the most powerfull of wizards can stop the power of 3 natural 20s).

Amazing story Master Arminas, thanks for sharing it with us

I have played in an all bard party before and it worked really well. Bards are a great class for this because of their vriety of abilities, they can melee, they can heal, they can face, they can buff, they can sneak,they can be skill monkeys, they can do anything really.

RumpinRufus wrote:

One thing I like about an all-druid party is that I feel druids are typically super-challenging to RP in an adventuring party. They don't fit right, their goals don't align, and they tend to fall into "tag-along" mode without much character development. Just my personal experience.

An all-druid party though would be a great opportunity to 1) explore the diversity of the class and 2) allow the druids to do quests they really care about instead of "let's go kill another evil thing!"

Plus, wouldn't it just be awesome if the whole party could easily morph into birds, or octopi, or moles, or fire elementals, and explore environments that no other party would even be able to enter?

That sounds awesome, really want to try that now

My personal favorite is the Dirge Bard archetype because I really like both bards and necromancers but its not all that powerfull compared to more traditional builds like the wizard or cleric

Give him/her a high CHA?

I once played a tetori monk/white haired witch who would grapple one opponent in his amrs and another one in his hair.