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As a data-point, in my area Modules are frequently run as pure-PFS, game day (or convention slot) tables. I've played or in Dragon's Demand, Ire of the Storm and most of the 32-pagers this way.

APs are usually run as home games and Campaign mode is used to collect chronicles. Roughly half of the players actively use those chronicles and the other half sit on them unless they get a character idea that would be uninteresting below a certain level. Then they use an AP-baby to manifest a new PFS character at level X.

I've done this myself. A build that's, thematically, built around an Improved Familiar just isn't interesting to play before the feat opens up.

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The artwork on pg 2 seems to be wrong. It matches the artwork from #01-04, and makes more sense on that one.

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Two designs were available at GenCon, but I don't see either on the website yet. Both were solid black with a logo. One was the new PF2e logo (the one on the cover of the new CRB), the other the PFS 2e logo (seen at http://www.organizedplayfoundation.org/encyclopedia/pfs2guide/.

Ryan Freire wrote:

Basically, magic only goes so far, fantasy only goes so far, eventually you run into suspension of disbelief issues, and the last five or six posts show where this feat runs into hot garbage territory.

Is it the single greatest problem in pf1?

No obviously that was hyperbole

Is it a feat that is well intentioned but opens up disbelief destroying options? Yeah it is.

Interesting. I always found the lack of this mechanic a bigger disbelief issue. I would expect using a weapon to do different damage to be a free action that anybody can do, but you take the non-proficiency/improvised penalty to do so.

In fact, before this feat, that was a GM ruling that I had seen more than once.

baggageboy wrote:
Derklord wrote:
baggageboy wrote:
Weapon versatility doesn't require any action to activate so it would work just fine...
"When wielding a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, you can shift your grip as a swift action (...)"

I apologize. I was misremembering and should have gone back and read the feat before posting, but did you miss the part at the end?

"If your base attack bonus is +5 or higher, using this feat is a free action instead."

A free action is still an action. The argument against Versatile Mystic Bolts still holds.


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Skimming the PDF, I see the following character options. I haven't read over the AR to see which are PFS-legal.
* A magic item on pg 37.
* Everything in the chapter that begins on pg 62.
* Most of the chapter that begins on pg 68. The exception being pg 72. This is a sub-type used in the definition of races. Not a race or other PC option.

Shabti are not defined in this book and are, therefore, not a character option from this book.

The races presented in the bestiary chapter are NPC races, not PC options.

In conclusion: magic items, feats and archetypes.

blahpers wrote:
Edit: Just noticed that it isn't even limited to melee weapons. I love the idea of "shifting my grip" on a musket so that it deals slashing damage. *facepalm*

A grazing shot along the widest part of the exposed belly of the zombie for slashing damage. Aiming for the thickest point at the bridge of the nose on the skeleton's helmet to force the blunt helmet into its skull.

Not really far-fetched for a heroic, cinematic, fantastical setting.

My daughter and I often combine store credit when shopping at GenCon. Is It possible to transfer a balance?


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Ivis Flanagan wrote:
Gino Melone wrote:

Simple schedule:

Exhibit Hall Opens: Start running demos
Exhibit Hall Closes: Stop running demos
Evenings: I got no Sagamore tickets, so off doing classes and shows.
I’ve got the same, except add GMing 1-00 Origin of the Open Road. My crew is still trying to get into 10-98- crossing our fingers on that.

If *you're* going to start posting in here, I have to add staying-up-way-too-late drinking with Ivis to the posted schedule.


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Simple schedule:
Exhibit Hall Opens: Start running demos
Exhibit Hall Closes: Stop running demos
Evenings: I got no Sagamore tickets, so off doing classes and shows.


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Blake's Tiger wrote:
I'm going to put that in my mental vault to pull out whenever someone throws a pencil at my table or tells me I'm bad GM for enforcing the rules or whatever other random stuff GenCon attendees will do to me this year.

Any player that I see throw something at a GM (or another player) will be marched to HQ to await security and the police. Assault has no place at any game.


I have a question about the blood lily barb. I didn't actually see anywhere that said is was only available if the extra-homicidal Jirandiel option is triggered.

Granted, it doesn't actually show up in the scenario, but nothing in the directions or chronicle says it should be limited.

In the end, I had missed the any-character clause and she should have been gunning for the Calistrian in the party, but making the barb available was correct either way and she almost killed the Calistrian with thrown daggers as the opening volley. Silly cleric playing up.

The single-classed fighter is often looked-down upon, but dwarves are the best at it. In heavy armor with a full load-out of weapons, you're expecting to be a little slower. The dwarf just keeps on trucking with 300 pounds of gear.

Full (or stone) plate and a weapon for every need. The wisdom and save bumps help overcome the biggest weakness in pure-melee brutes: poor will saves. Constitution is always welcome in a front-liner and who needs charisma. Your steel does the talking.

My next PC (1st in PF2) is probably going to be a dwarven barbarian with dual dwarven axes. The PF2 action-economy makes dual-wielding barbarians quite interesting.

Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Is the third of those maps modified from the original form in this scenario?

I was looking to order the map and I was comparing online images to the scenario, and it looks like several elements were edited out for the scenario.


Somewhere near the middle-back many of the more prolific webcomic artists have booths. It's fun to stop and say 'Hi' to people who's work I've enjoyed for years. Maybe even throw some money at them. Hmm. I think it's time to start petitioning David Morgan-Mars to attend GenCon.

A Chessex pitcher-full is a tradition for me. They have 4 or 5 booths all over the hall. Always at the end of a row.

Steve is frequently just hanging-out talking with people at Steve Jackson Games. I've gotten to shake his hand a couple times.

If you're as bad with names as me, swing by the author's row and look at the titles on display. I had never realized I liked so many different Timothy Zahn titles, until I met him.

I like to spend a little time wandering through the smaller booths over in the leg-of-the-L. Nice way to see a bunch of smaller companies I'm not familiar with.

If you have a situational penalty to dice-related saves, be careful. There are a *lot* of smaller dice vendors with incredible wares. Still debating that black stone, looks-like-a-starfield set I ogled two years ago. $75, I think.


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I don't currently have anything scheduled that slot. I'm interested.

I'll check if the offspring is interested.

EDIT: Unfortunately, that slot appears to be sold out. Still interested, just harder to guarantee I'll get a seat.

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Linda Zayas-Palmer wrote:
Custom Half-Page Map (from AP #142: Gardens of Gallowspire)

Can we get clarification on which map? I'm guessing page 24 or 32.

Rysky wrote:
GentleGiant wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
Rysky wrote:
Ramanujan wrote:

In the cover art — what is going on with Merisiel?

It's like she has an extra arm and her head is twisted backwards.

It's Kyra's leg/foot.
I hope not. She’s standing behind that block with her other leg,
She's bracing with her left leg, you can see all the weight on it.

It's easier to see here, although it does muddle things a bit that it also looks close to Merisiel's studded armour.

But it's clearly behind Merisiel and you can see some of the oval plates on Kyra's shoes/boots.

I *think* the mystery triangle is some sort of quiver or sheathe on Merisiel's back.


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Please include something similar to the Pathfinder Society After Scenario Reference Sheet.

This reference has been invaluable.

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Berk the Black wrote:
Most Requested? Well, now I can hardly wait for next week to see what it is! I know what my most requested is, but I don’t know what everyone else is asking for!

I can only assume that PFS is getting some love with Dear Old Uncle Drandle.


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I like the boon table approach, but it should provide some scaling benefit for the more "valuable" 1st edition boons. A GM race boon and a common player boon are not equal.

Providing a way to earn-up to more impressive 2nd edition boons is also desirable. A Hero Point is nice. It's not nearly as nice as opening a character option up.

Terrifying Croak wrote:
Once per hour, a boggard can, as a standard action, emit a loud and horrifying croak.

From http://aonprd.com/MonsterDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Boggard

It's first spelled-out officially in a FAQ.

After clicking the Download tab, hit the tab key repeatedly. It will auto-scroll as you jump from link to link. This usually lets me download from the product page.

As dommman47 hinted, gore attacks are primitive and inelegant. No self-respecting (aka any) dragon would stoop to such barbarism.


Congratulations, Simon!

Small point of order: x3 and x4 critical weapons haven't gone away in PF2e. They are called Deadly and Fatal. They aren't quite as extreme as a barbarian with a x4, but the idea is there.

"Deadly d8" means the weapon adds an extra d8 when critting.

"Fatal d12" means the damage dice upgrade to d12's and an extra die on top of the normal double dice for critting.

So, "d6+5 Deadly d8" deals 2d6+1d8+10 on a crit.

Similarly, "d6+5 Fatal d8" deals 3d8+10 on a crit.

If Society play, have a couple spare comm units in case a GM rules the way ParaheliZ suggests. They're cheap enough (7 cr) to have a spare or two.

And he also needs to be swinging at -4 (a net +4) on those full-round attacks.

Blitz Soldiers do a lot of damage. That's their shtick.

The Wyrwoods would need to make the Sense Motive check to act in the surprise round. Although, they'd likely get a hefty bonus (I'd probably go +8) from expecting the Tiefling's plan. They still need to notice the cue in time to react in that first couple seconds.


I like the survey approach.

One comment. When I chose "don't include this in the guide", I *mostly* meant "include a line or two saying this thing exists and a way to find the details online, but don't waste pages on it."

Distinguishing between, this-should-be-referred-to and this-doesn't-belong-in-the-guide would be nice for future surveys.

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One thing I haven't seen mentioned here, that "needs to do X times your damage" is applicable to *effective* damage. If you are have a hard time penetrating the target's resistance(s), the Assist action can be a much better use of your action(s).

Which, coincidentally, is one of the strongest uses of Aid Another on Attack in PF1.

FYI, I posted a basic set of condition cards on pfsprep, however I haven't kept them up-to-date with errata.

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Some initial thoughts on the new Character Sheet:

The Senses section should have a place to note what senses the character has. Checkboxes for the most common would be nice. (I saw the checkboxes on some fan-modified version of the sheet somewhere.)

The proficiency-modifiers included is nice, but putting them in the AC block is likely to confuse new players into thinking those numbers only apply to AC.

The Actions/Reactions/... blocks are a nice idea but so few lines that they'll quickly be inadequate past a level or two.

Still no decent way to record an Alchemist's formulae and daily preparations.

Perception walks like a Skill and talks like a Skill. Why are we still pretending that it's not a Skill? Is it just to control who can/how to improve it?

The TEML checkbox rows are probably larger than needed. Four boxes/circles with the TEML in the center (in a slightly lighter font) would work as well and be more compact. Or vertical like the BPS boxes on weapons.

Player name needs a spot.

pg 348 of the Playtest Rulebook. There's some blog/forum posts floating around, but they all amount to "Follow Table 11-2."

The definition of Weakness on pg 294 implies that Weakness becomes part of the base damage. That, combined with the explicit mention that you double anything that isn't critical-only from pg 308, makes me think you should double weakness. And probably Resistances as well.

We managed to pull him out into the hallway. Standing alone against him with six Strikes per round was beyond brutal. With his to-hit modifier, he was critting ~30% of the time.

Is Drakus supposed to have

two melee attacks per Strike?
His statblock is written weird.


It's time to get the Pathfinder/Starfinder schedule together for Con on the Cob 2018. I've got two survey links below. The first is soliciting interest in the three (or four) systems we'll be running at Cob this year. This survey is for any potential PLAYERS to fill out. Please pass this link along to anyone who might be playing this year. Player Survey

The second link is to sign-up as a GM for PFS/SFS at Con on the Cob 2018. If you're interested in GMing, please fill out this survey. GM Sign-up

If you're planning to play and GM, please fill-out both surveys. They should only take a minute or two each.

I'll be using the player survey (and the GM availability) to build a schedule of games and getting it out to GMs and players alike ASAP.

Please complete these surveys within the next week. I'll be collating results and building schedules next weekend.


Thank you,
Gino A Melone
Venture Captain - Ohio's North Coast

Just a mention that I've posted a set of Condition cards to pfsprep.

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Y'all inspired me to make a thing.


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Ryan Blomquist wrote:
With all those good things covered, though... Exploration Mode is not pleasant. Across all our tables, I had to tell every player that they were trying to perform multiple "tactics", even though these were things that the characters should've been doing. The party's rogue, either the Merisiel pregen or the homemade ones, always tried to scout ahead and clear the hallway of traps. "Sorry, Merisiel," replied the GM dejectedly, "That's two tactics and you can only perform one or the other down this hallway." This despite the fact that the right way to clear a building is to move to cover, check, move to cover, check, move to cover again. Want your weapon drawn? Nope, clearly can't use your eyes with that sword in your hand.

Merisiel can explicitly sneak and search simultaneously. The Rogue Feat Trap Finder (which M has trained at 1st level) reads "Even if you aren’t searching, you still get a check to find traps if you are trained or better in Stealth."

I also interpret the Defending Tactic to only mean you have your weapons/shield raised and ready. Not that you can't have them in-hand. I'm surprised Defending doesn't have the Fatiguing trait though.


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That last freakin' goblin. Here's what I'm offering to whoever wins it. You can have my whole unapplied boon stack.

Kobold/Rebuild/Catfolk and I think Rougarou (GenCon 2018 Tier: too-many-tables)
I think I've got last year's GenCon available as well. Rougarou/Catfolk/rebuild/something else
A big stack of other boons that aren't with me at the moment. Will update ths evening.
Will consider a kidney.


My understanding is the only thing that changed is PCs that weren't SS as of 2-AUG-18 can't join the faction after that date. Those that were SS on 2-AUG-18 get a free switch before next table, if they want it. That's all. Everything else about SS stays the same.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Merisiel's crit is a powerhouse, but Amiri's crit is 4d12+20, which is right up there too (25 seems very unlucky).

Her sword isn't magical at first level. 2d12+16. But I think the player wasn't raging that particular attack, so 2d12+8.

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After 6 1/2 tables GMed of Rose Street Revenge. Merisiel definitely has the highest damage potential of the GenCon 1st level pregens.

Best Shock Grasp crit I saw: ~25 hp
Best Amiri crit I saw: ~25 hp

Best Merisiel flanking crit I saw: 42 hp.

Say it with me "Sneak Attack dice are doubled on crits".

Real bad on chrome on my phone. Makes the download tab on a product page completely unusable on mobile. At least on a PC I can tab to the download link.

I just let the rogue disable the trap to locked-closed once I noticed the jump issue.

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