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Ability Scores are determined by 25 point purchase. Adventure Paths are designed with 15 point characters in mind, so I feel it is fair to ask that no one drop a stat all the way to 7 for the extra four points.

Core Rulebook races only. All of the Alternate Racial Traits and Favored Class Options from the Advanced Player’s Guide are permitted. If you choose one of these options, please make it very clear on your character sheet.

All character class options from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat are permitted, with the following exceptions. There will be no guns in this campaign, so the Gunslinger class and Archetypes that make use of guns should not be chosen. Also, characters may not take levels in the Samurai or Ninja, though that restriction may be lifted in the future once the party reaches the other side of the world. Characters may only have one Archetype.

All skills and feats from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat are permitted. In addition, characters need two Traits chosen at creation. One trait must come from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide.

Characters start with maximum gold for their character class. Equipment from the Core Rulebook, Adanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat is permitted, with the exception of guns. Asian flavored equipment must be minimal, and is subject to GM approval.

No evil alignments. Characters start at the standard ages: no middle aged or elderly PCs.

Characters have maximum hit points at first level. Upon reaching subsequent levels, players roll for hit points as normal. However, characters always receive at least half of maximum + 1. For example, if a Barbarian rolls a six or less, she will receive seven hit points.

In addition, I would like a brief description of each character’s physical description, background, and motivations. This description should not exceed 200 words. I lack the time to read a novella on each character. Besides, I feel a few vague or broad ideas are preferable, so that the adventures do the majority of fleshing characters out.