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I made my own thread regarding this topic a while back. might help to check it out.


I agree, because that's how I am as well, but I know that it can get out of hand if I let it go to far, which is why I want more opinions.

hmm, I could also make the weapon fragile, to illustrate it's prototype...ness. that could be something.

TL;DR This player wants a mundane stun gun to cast shocking grasp through. I am intrigued but cautious.

The Entire Conversation:
Wolly Wonka: Hey, so

Wolly Wonka: Salstoria

Wolly Wonka: If I fired a bolt at a dude, with my crossbow, and it sticks in the guy. Let's say I had copper wire attatched to the bolt right?

ICEDICKINS: hoping for a mundane true strike?

Wolly Wonka: Would I then be able to cast shocking grasp on the copper bolt to then target him from a range? Naturally, make the bolt have the copper wire lead right up to a copper head.

Wolly Wonka: Of course, the voltage would probably melt the copper wire, and or destroy it. Either way, would I be able to engineer it to let me cast shocking grasp on it?

Wolly Wonka: Because SHocking Grasp is said to affect everything it can affect, underwater it becomes a AOE centered on the caster, and it deals more damage to people in metal, even giving me a boost to hit if they're wearing all metal

Wolly Wonka: Want time to think on it? Or...?

ICEDICKINS: I'll be thinking about it. If I allow it, I'll probably nerf the range of the crossbow, since your dragging a tow line behind the bolt.

Wolly Wonka: Oh yeah, a bow wouldn't be able to do it physics wise. Not enough power behind it, but a cross bow bolt can bury itself into concrete at a certain range. So, it could carry say, like a few strands of copper in it.

Wolly Wonka: but, sweet.

Wolly Wonka: I'll be looking into more on this, I want to inda make a character change, in character that is. Where she'll begin to find uses for mundane items to be fused wth her magoc

ICEDICKINS: Probably won't be all I do. Since, you are attempting to break some of the limits set in place for these spells, and through mundane means, so I can't rightly regulate it after allowing you to do it the first time. I'll have to research certain aspects, such as if there are comparable abilities that I can reference.

ICEDICKINS: price increase for the weapon and ammo is very likely

Wolly Wonka: There are a few, tbh, it's the same thing as having my familiar deliver the spell. There's just many more uses for it other than aiming to kill. I imagine scenarios where I can use it to talk someone down. Like "Calm down afore I fry yo ass" kinda situations.

Wolly Wonka: etc

Wolly Wonka: I could use it to start fires from a range, without the need of fire magic, and so on so forth.

Wolly Wonka: I find it more of a utility item than a item to kill if that makes sense, while it cna be used for that, there's other uses too

ICEDICKINS: utility is more dangerous to regulate than simple damage, because there are more inherent uses for it.

Wolly Wonka: True

Wolly Wonka: But, it could be balanced out as a more expensive price on the bow, and a one shot for the ammo, forcing me to buy ammo by the bolt rather than the bundle

ICEDICKINS: agreed. I don't believe you have an appropriate craft skill either, so you'll have to commission it.

ICEDICKINS: certainly not impossible though

Wolly Wonka: Which I can easily do if I draw up the blueprints using knw engineering.

What issues might I have missed, and what limits should I set? So far I've got

Possible Future Problems
- What else might this player pull on me using "but you let me do this thing so why not this other thing?"
- How greatly could this increase the effectiveness of the character?
- Am I stepping over other solutions? (Are there other items out there?)

Possible Nerfs
- Price increase to weapon and bolt
- Range nerf, likely to half normal
- Action economy cost, requiring setup

The Rule of Cool is something that should be considered.

There's got to be a hole in the center of the tunnel, or we won't get any Wilhelm screams. Same reasoning for why it can't be less than vertical.

The vast army needs to be able to emerge from every side of the hole at once, for maximum coolness. Sustained waves of this are even better, and consider flying something boss-like up through the center.

A wider hole could also be considered as cooler, but otherwise only results in a difference of scale.

Does the hole open to the sky or to an enclosed room? If it's open to the sky, consider having an allied group fighting along with the PC's to stem the tide. If it's in an enclosed room, there's still a chance the PC's could halt the hordes themselves, through various means. Both are cool, but in different ways.

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PRD, Subjective Gravity wrote:
Subjective Directional Gravity: The strength of gravity on a plane with this trait is the same as on the Material Plane...


well, the rules are more mundane than my imagination again. XD

What if I mentally commanded gravity around me to get so heavy that I create a black hole? Suicidal, but can I do that and have it work?! @-@

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You could also look at the other side of the coin, and have the fey be especially grateful. A town allied with the fey doesn't sound half bad. helpful gremlins everywhere, crops grow really well. As long as they honor the pact.

you could use the fey as a messenger for what the other posters are suggesting.

Oozes and they're Engulf ability are a good lower level gateway. Gelatinous cubes the size of corridors are pretty threatening.

Rust Monsters. You want the party to turn and run? Send out the Rust Monsters and watch them rethink their life choices.

Ability Drain/Negative Levels in general can be crippling to an unprepared party of any level, deadly to lower level ones.

Tucker's Kobolds. Good God, probably the biggest gateway I can think of.

Antimagic Fields can be a terror.

Alright then, I can agree with that. But I'm still interested in the thought behind it. What's the greatest number of lvl 1 commoners you can kill in a round using just one character? there are probably many ways to bump it up to infinity, but I'm curious as to each ways limits and counters. Anyone got any possible builds?

Think of it like this. Magneto takes a packed stadium of people and turns it upside down before crushing everyone, just to flip the bird at Xavier. The X-men will loath him. So would PC's. That's what I'm going for.

Only, I'm trying to avoid it requiring the BBEG to be able to cast wish.

So, I need a reason for my PC's to truly hate the guts of the BBEG yet also fear him a little. I'm partial to having him commit casual genocide in front of them, but I can't just say it happens "because story" or the players will know that it's simple plot armor allowing the BBEG to do this. I am a fair and impartial GM, so I want to build the BBEG to be all totally legit and within the rules that paizo has published.

Thus, I am asking for advice on builds which might enable the destruction of armies, assuming they are mostly made up of level 1 commoners/warriors.

I've been thinking of the combination of Great Cleave with Lunge, with the addition of a mythic rank ability which allows rolls of natural 1 to not be automatic failures.

Now the question is, is there a better way to accomplish Mass Murder in 1 round? Points for doing it with fewer levels, and of course, how many commoners you can kill. :)

Regarding Hsanmoro and his triceratops

you don't have much feed for your mount, only 2 days worth. A triceratops is a big creature and it may be hard to forage for its food at times. Also, you may want to reallocate some of the characters wealth to equipping the triceratops with magic items.

I can see the intended combat strategy in the build, and like how it's distinct from the other builds you provided. On another note did you use herolab for this? Because it appears to have duplicated some of the animal tricks.

well, lunch is over again. I'll be back later to look at the halfling/wolf some more.

Dotting for later perusal, can't look now as it's the end of my lunch break.

If your willing to give up a BAB (a hard price) you could take a 1 level dip into witch for the prehensile hair hex. it functions in all ways as standard hand, so... casting with your hair?

Title says it all. min/max a build to go the fastest possible in 6 seconds. A couple friends of mine say they figured out how to go 80,000 feet in one round using mythic feats and magic items, but I am hesitant to believe the validity of that claim. Are they legit?

Locations cont.
Grand Arena
The largest most iconic building on Cliff Walk is actually carved out of the second of Barnone's natural pillars. The Grand Arena's mostly hollow interior often echoes with the roars of the crowd and the distinctive clash of blades. The arena's eccentric owner Lady Nidalee recently paid an incredible sum towards upgrading the functional capabilities of the arena complex, and is holding a huge 5 day long event to celebrate its completion. Improvements include magical protections for the crowd, expanding the animal cages to house more exotic creatures, and adding mechanical systems for the manipulation of the arena floor. Rumors persist of several undeclared improvements to the facility.

Nidalee's Flats
Tucked away behind the arena is the home of Lady Nidalee herself, a sprawling 2 story affair surrounding a large courtyard. The Lady often holds lavish garden parties, and an invitation to one is regarded as proof of ones high social standing. Curiously, each of her parties invariably require guests come dressed in fur costumes and this unintentionally drives Barnone nobility's current fashion trends.

The Adventurer's Lair
One of the more intriguing buildings along Cliff Walk, the 4 story lodge known as the Adventurer's Lair makes no special attempt to draw eyes. Rather, it relies on it's obviously oversized front entrance to bring the curious in. Visitor's quickly meet the hotel and taverns owner, a young red dragon by the name of Maar. Proud and Confident, Maar charges 3 gold a night for a room as well as the promise of a totally undisturbed night, knowing the assured safety will appeal highly to his target customers, and banking on the fact that only a few will dare to haggle.

Not to mention, what minor creation creates can't be used as a spell component.

Just, putting that out there.

Locations cont.
Cliff Walk
Barnone's location gives it a unique view of the surrounding countryside, and Cliff Walk is the best spot to enjoy it from. Starting at the gatehouse and extending to the left along the cavern edge, visitors can look out over the glittering lake below and see for nearly 80 miles in perfect weather. The view is highlighted by the thundering of twin waterfalls, an upper and lower, with the upper waterfall gaining a distinctive rainbow each morning, and the lower waterfall crossed by a decorative stone bridge from which couples like to toss gold pieces. Only the richest merchants and nobility can afford the cliff front property.

Finished this just before Lunch Break ended. I'll be back again tonight to post more.

Alright folks, I'm trying to be a good OP and deliver, but unfortunately I can't give you a story yet, so instead I will offer you the notes I have on the city I've been planning.

This threads main topic is finished though, and rather than baiting people with further posting in it, I've set up a new thread in Homebrew to house my posts. The results of the tournament will eventually be posted there... eventually.

Until then I hope you enjoy reading the set dressing.

Click Here

This thread is the continuation of A Previous Thread, made to keep that thread from getting to far off topic and becoming click bait.

I promised several of the people who helped me out that I'd tell them all about the results of the tournament I was planning, however that seems to be further in the future and I don't want to leave them hanging forever. While I wait for my group to get together, I may as well post some details about my setting in this thread for your pleasure.

Feel free to use any part of this and make it yours however you wish, I don't mind. Thanks again to all those who helped me fill my tournament roster.

Once a remote Dwarven stronghold within a cliff side cavern, Barnone grew into a massive underground metropolis after the casting of the first wish and the destruction of the Dwarven homeland. It now holds the seat of Dwarven Government and controls trade through saddle pass and the dragons horn mountains.

The Bridge of Lost Brothers
After the cataclysmic destruction of their homeland, many dwarves eventually found themselves crossing this 2 mile long causeway leading up to the gates of Barnone. The practice of carving the names of the dead into it's smooth stone surface became common. Now covered in names, the span quickly became known as the bridge of lost brothers, a memorial to the dead and a testament to the tenacity of Dwarves everywhere.

Gatehouse/Stalagmite Fortress
200 feet up a sheer basalt cliff lies the yawning opening of barnone cavern, it's mouth just over a half mile wide and 150 feet tall. Extending a mile into the rock, the caverns 50 foot thick basalt roof is supported by a half dozen natural pillars, each thick enough for a stadium to be constructed inside them. The most prominent pillar stands sentinel at the very edge of the cavern opening, the Dwarves having cleverly carved the gatehouse out of it. The choke point this created was extremely defensible and the pillar soon sprouted a dozen ballistae, with countless murderholes dotting the passage into the city.

To Be Posted:
How did setting up this thread take 2 and a half hours?! I only finished 2 locations. Dear lord. Anyway, to be continued tomorrow, I guess.

Locations Left To Post:
Cliff Walk
Grand Arena
Nidalee's Flats
Sky Docks
Cargo Crane
Market Plaza
Raymond's Mansion
Stone Rafters
The Adventurer's Lair
Entrance to Sol Sanctum
Royal Palace
Court House
Electra's Lair
Air Ducts
Train Station
Windbreaker Rock

I... yeah, this may take a while xD

Welp, The unexpected occurred and I was unable to run the session (Ugh... Sigh). Thus to replace tonight's post I shall instead prime you with some of my session notes on the city in general. Stay tuned tonight for the post, which I expect to be long and can't properly write out during my lunch break.

To those who may be new comers to the thread, Entries for the tournament are closed, but I thank you for your interest none the less.

Suggest to your group a different medium of play. PbP (Play by Post) sounds like it might solve some of your groups issues with bad roleplay.

So I know that there are a bunch of running campaigns going in that section of the boards, and am interested in it as a medium for my group's game.

The basic mechanics of using the boards for a game I understand well enough(I think), such as creating Aliases for characters, spoilers for hidden stuff, OOC chat in grey. Rolling... actually that one confuses me. How can you roll, and in the same post know what you rolled and be able to act accordingly in character?

Anyway, what are some of the more esoteric tricks people have used to milk extra enjoyment out of that play-by-post medium?

Tips for GM's as well as Players are welcome.

Hi guys! (and gals!) I know some of you have asked for me to post the tournament results in here, and I want you to know that I haven't forgotten you, I just don't yet have anything to tell. A combination of things have prevented me from running my next session on my days off, including overtime at work and the kick-off of my friends campaign (which I graciously gave my day off too.)

I'm going to be running the session this next Monday (barring more interruptions), and attempting to return to my session-every-2-week schedule.

I'll post a session summary the day after the session, and do that until I finish the tournament.

Form of Dragon + permanency? It'd be a small stretch for a DM to let that pass.

@-@ took me to long to realize the thread had gained a new page. Someone revoke my internet license.

I've got a full tournament roster now, and I can't accept anymore entries. I don't want people's work to go to waste.

I'm considering breaking down one of the extra teams and putting them in the solo tournaments (together in RP terms but fighting separately), to fill out the last of the roster.

I'm super sorry, but I can't use your character in the tournament proper. She's a little overleveled, her focus on undead control is a little unbalancing faced against a solo PC, and she doesn't qualify for the team CTF. If you'd like though, I can add her in as the reigning champion of an illegal pit fighting ring (the arena owner isn't above the illegal stuff). The owner might offer the winning PC's a chance at double or nothing if they beat her.

@Just a Mort
I've removed the barrier towards PMing me, so you can do that now if you wish. Regarding your avatar, I can agree to pretty much all of it, save that I've already filled up much of the local cities nobility with storied npc's. I'd planned on you being the wealthy owner of a merchant airship in town, a partner in the Five Companies (name and core idea stolen from the faerun D&D setting) and one of the many financier's of the tournament (having brought a variety of exotic beasts and monsters for the tournament from across the ocean.)

You would show up at the big Gala before the event, and help me fill in some of the edges of my map by offering the PC's a foreign contact I can use even later in the campaign.

I must be getting old. eyes aren't what they used to be. He's totally agreeable. I can see him as someone the tournament organizers let in without realizing what he was. should be fun.

Ah man I missed a few! I am very sorry. Dx

I feel bad for skipping a day without posting, but work knocked me out.
I'm still here though! And I Am Keeping A Tally For Reference:

Non-spellcasting Solo Combatants
3 of 8

"Ferra of the Woods" by Ellioti
"Akita" by Just a Mort
"Sir Griffinth and his loyal hawk" by Just a Mort (second version as is. He'll probably be a level below the player by the time the tournament starts. A good starter. Thanks a bunch for having a range of levels in your offerings.)

Spellcasting Solo Combatants
2 of 6

"The Gadget Genius and his Eidelon, Terminator" by Just a Mort
"John aka Aquaman" by Just a Mort

Teams For CTF
4 of 4 (Looks like we've got a full roster here!)

"Revenge Inc." by Starbuck_II
"The Travelling Band" by CWheezy (truly a merry band of clerical cancer)
"The Pyromaniacs" by Just a Mort
"The Terrible Tiefling Terrors" by andreww

@Just a Mort
A personal thanks to you for all the work your doing. I'll throw you into the setting as one of the tournaments larger Financier's (unless you don't want me to.) Your right, I had planned on there being a cadre of priests around ready with Quickened Dimension Door and BoL, or raise dead if needed to prevent anyone from contracting a severe case of death. They're also offering a free CCW per contestant per day. (The arena is rolling in gold. very well off.)

@The Raven Black
Sorry for leaving you hanging. Addressing your buffing concerns, I expect contestants will get a 5 minute window just before each fight, useable for casting buffs if needed.

And combatants both spell and non-spell are only required to fight once each given tournament day, unless they decided to join both (hmm...), or also signed up for the Team CTF (No one did this year though, save for that one late entry group of players adventurers.)

Using a different sound is reasonable.

I can also agree with you Stalwart, but I'd still have that weird feeling.

@CWheezy, you're both evil and so crazy (...that it just might work). Just had to put that out there.

@Just A Mort
My reasoning is that in an arena setting, Invisibility is robbing the crowd of half the fight, and would thus be looked down on. but Terminator would provide enough spectacle that he might get away with it.

Thanks again to everyone posting their creations, I appreciate it a lot. I'll post another tally soon as I arrive home.

More of a flavor thing, but the hex is a cornerstone of the class, and I'm building a LG witch who I can't imagine laughing in combat (she's timid and reserved).

The only flavoring I can think of that might work is to have the familiar cackle for me, yet that also presents it's own issues (distance from familiar being one).

Anyone have ideas?

Depends on how flashy the partial casters are. offensive spell use such as rays or debuffs go in the spellcaster category, while a melee caster with pre-buffs might conceivably be put into the non-caster lineup.

basically, if they're using magic in the ring, they get put in the spellcaster tournament.

Keeping A Tally For Reference:

Non-spellcasting Solo Combatants
0 of 8

Spellcasting Solo Combatants
1 of 6

"The Gadget Genius and his Eidelon, Terminator" by Just a Mort (Invisibility is probably cheating in an arena setting, but he may not care XP)

Teams For CTF
2 of 4

"Revenge Inc." by Starbuck_II
"The Travelling Band" by CWheezy (truly a merry band of clerical cancer)

I thank each of you for offering your work. Non-spellcasters appear lacking so far, but I've got an idea or two myself. We'll see how long it takes for me to post one of my own Combatants.

Thanks everyone for your help! I didn't expect this level of enthusiasm, and made the mistake of posting on my lunchbreak at work. I promise to answer any additional questions when I get home.

Some rules stretching isn't to bad, so long as you point it out for me, I'm not as well versed as i can be in rules.

Solo combatants will be fighting 1v1.

PC wealth. They won't be dying so i don't have to worry about the items getting to the hands of my party.

I may or may not use performance combat. best to act as if I'm not so everyones on the same playing field.

Edit'd the rules in OP to include the race rules. thanks for asking

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So my group has arrived at one of the biggest cities in my setting just before the local arena is about to host a big 5 day combat event. I've set it up so that there will be separate tournaments for spellcasting and non-spellcasting participants, as well as a multi-team maze-run/capture-the-flag combat event.

The players are pretty excited, but it's a lot of work to make as many NPC's as I might need, and using the NPC Codex will get stale for everyone after just a couple battles.

I need flashy, interesting combatants to keep up interest, and I'm wondering if any forumites would like to offer up they're creations for my tournament?

I've already told my group of this idea and it was taken well (I think they're taking it as a challenge).

There are some rules:

No 3pp content
Up to 25 point buy
Core and Common races are highly preferred
Levels 4-6, to match up against the PC's current level.
wealth/items appropriate for said level

I need the relevant combat stats, as well as a short description of their combat tactics, and optionally a short and generic backstory.

I figure I need at max 8 solo non-casters, 6 solo spellcasters, and 4 well rounded parties (groups of 4) for the FFA/CTF.

Next session is in 2 weeks (IRL), but realistically there's maybe a month before the start of the Tournament, because everything I have planned for the group in the city will take up some session time.

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I KNOW there's a monster that can swallow things it's size or perhaps even larger out there! it's literally got a dimensional gut. this is in a bestiary, I just don't know where.

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Your animal companion is gonna hate your guts if you subject it to suffocation each time you take it out of its dimensional hole/pokeball.

Don't Awaken it, it will try to kill you.

Ultimate Campaign has a Mass Combat System which I'll probably use later in my games. Convenient Link

Mechanics: 3 - I don't think I can claim any higher than 3, even though I make an attempt to own all the hardcovers Paizo makes. I pay little to no attention at all to FAQ's but have begun to notice them of late, when they've actually come up in my games.

Lore: 1.5 - I own the Inner Sea World Guide. Does that count? I've read it a lot for inspiration, but it doesn't provide as much depth as, say, an AP.

Role Play Experience (specific to PF): 3.5 - Hard to quantify, but I like to think I'm moving out of the Novice Stage of Roleplay. I am the main DM for my group, and I've got also several fleshed out characters under my belt. None of our groups campaigns have ever reached the end, but I haven't planned and worked on my most recent setting for over a year to let it die suddenly.

3rd Party: 2 - I have several 3rd party books but they're mostly spell compendiums and nondenominational GM helpers.

Adventure Path: 1 - I have never played an AP. Well, I did once, but it lasted a single session. I usually run my own stuff or play in a friends world.

You should consider splitting Role play experience into Player/GM experience, because they're very different, and some people might be higher on one side over the other. Could be a useful metric.

Awesome Blow, because no one has yet mentioned it. probably my favorite monster feat.

Also, from in the company of dragons

Three times per day as a free action you can modify your breath weapon by changing the area's shape to either a cylinder (10-foot, 30 feet high), a 40-foot cone, four 10-foot cubes, a ball (20-foot radius spread), or a 120-foot line. The effect can be centered anywhere in the area of its normal line or cone effect. The breath weapon works normally in all respects except for its shape. For example, a lightning bolt whose area is changed to a ball deals the same amount of damage, but affects a 20-foot-radius spread from anywhere along where it's line would normally be.

The book has other feats, but most of them are focused on the playable dragon race they have, and so aren't as useful.

Ooo I own that book! In the company of Dragons I believe it's called (correct me if that's not what your thinking of) Great book, really fun

Unfortunately, I'm at work right now and don't have access to it. Give me an hour or 2 and I can get back to you on it.

In the mean time, you should check out the bestiary. It has several monster feats that fit perfectly with dragons such as flyby attack and wingover. I'd consider them essential picks.

Are we allowed to include 3PP material?

If so, I'd mention the "pointer finger" cantrip from 1001 spells. basically, a laser pointer out of your finger.

A quickened pointer finger should allow you to auto succeed at any ranged touch attack, such as the one for finger of death or disintegrate.

That make sense? It would be like having a laser sight on your finger gun, letting you line up your shot before you take it!

I would really love to see the colossal cannon the dwarves have built at the gunworks.

Oh, and, get me on a resurrected shory flying city please, oh please. Tarrasques optional.

That's awesome, I will.

So, I'm running a homebrew campaign, and one of the BBEG's I have lined up for the Party to face down the road is a doozy. This guy used to be known as the Pirate Lich-King, and was the terror of a far off ocean before being defeated by a coalition of nations who laid siege to his fortress island.

He escaped though, and discovered a way to reverse his undead condition. he found his way to this continent, where he set himself up as the hero of a young kingdom under attack by hordes of undead colossi.

Anyway they make him king, and he puts the nation on track to be a powerhouse. Each of his heirs supposedly honor him by taking his name the day of their coronation. In reality, each one is being totally dominated and their minds absorbed by the power of this guy. All I know is, like a lich, he has a phylactery which helps him do what he does.

Anyway, my problem is, there's nothing remotely like this in any of the published bestiaries I've bought.

I need help designing a template I can apply to this guy or his prospective heir, in order to fit the story. I'd do it on my own, but I'm a little intimidated by the task. Please help, I'm begging.

I'll probs home brew something myself. to tired tonight though. helps always appreciated.

Mmm, and he probably is. I am stumped. Thanks for your help Ashram, I appreciate it.

Hmm... the fact that they have to be Fragile is irksome. Do we know of some roundabout way to force a weapon to have the fragile quality?

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