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Full Name

Robert Thomson










English with a touch of Spanish


Talent Managment Software Consultant

About Thrawn007

PFS Venture Captain for Memphis, TN area.

Personal Life


- Married 17 years and counting
- Father of a 7 year old and a 3 year old (The 7 year old just had his first RPG experience with our local gaming group.)
- Eagle Scout and now starting with scouting again as a den leader

Roleplaying History


- Started RPG's in the early 80's with D&D 1st Edition.
- Own every West End Games Star Wars d6 product ever published
- Added Star Wars, Shadowrun, Battletech, World of Darkness (the old stuff only), and Warhammer to my normal gaming rotation through high school and college
- Took a (mostly) 14 year hiatus from gaming, before rediscovering it through Pathfinder Society in 2013.
- Has written gaming material for over 3 decades (even while not actively gaming), and published for the first time in 2016 as a contributing author for Villains Codex II. Plans to continue projects between day job checks.

RPG Superstar Season 9 - TOP 16
Round 1(item):Phantom Corsair Boots
Round 2 (Map): Ustradi Sunken Ruins
Round 3 (Monster): Thaumigorger

Villains Codex II - Rhikka Verminclaw, Ratfolk Alchemist (Review)
"is not only build-wise one of the most interesting characters in the series so far"
"with my favorites being the ratfolk alchemist as well as the investigator"

- Endzeitgeist

The Colossal Creatures Bestiary - Ryujin, The Dragon God

Villain Codex IV: Monsters for Meddlesome Heroes - Smoke, Worg Rogue (Review)
"Smoke is interesting"
"Really cool angle here!"

- Endzeitgeist