Where do you want to go if you're high level?


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Sovereign Court

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The Demi-Plane inside Harsk's TeaPot

The Exchange

Kyonin - very limited information on it so far. (Guidebook, 1 module somewhat, and 1 scenario) The treerazor sure. But the elf gates can go ... ? Are the returned elves mostly high level...? How does Kyonin work....? What is its layout...?

Mumm-Ra, the Ever Living once wrote:
Ancient Spirits of Evil (or your Herald, James Jacobs), please return to this thread - may it arise and live again!

I know you fine folks at Paizo are likely crazy-busy with Starfinder and the start of the Convention season, but it's been a bit since this was first posted and I was curious if this was tabled completely if or just back-burnered for a time...

yes, this is a thread necro - thus the Mumm-Ra quote

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James Jacobs wrote:

Hey there, folks!

So, there's no way I can ask this without making folks start to speculate and wonder... so speculate and wonder away.

What part of Golarion (preferably the Inner Sea region) would your 18th or higher-level character want to go explore and learn about? If you also have areas beyond Golarion (other planets or planes), feel free to list them too, but ONLY if you first list a place ON Golarion that you'd like to see more about!




I have a 20th level adventure I wrote that takes place on Akiton. Itching to playtest it. Thanks for the topic, James!

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I want to the Blistering labyrinth and interact with Ayrzul.

My group loved the Earth Elemental plane and the Opaline Vault when they went, would be awesome to learn more about Ayrzul.

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Grommor’s Maw , mentioned in “The Varnhold Vanishing.”

I'd like to see what's in the eye of the Eye of Abednego. Assuming there's a way to show that without revealing some big secret.

Shadow Lodge

Oh, is this thread still relevant?

While I would like to see some of Iblydos and Sarusan, and definitely more of Arcadia, I know those aren't in the Inner Sea.

Hmm, maybe one in Tian Xia? Refugees fleeing from Bachuan, and ending up in Hwanngot? Uh...

Okay, I've got one! Galt AP! Getting back that one Final Blade from the giant who stole it, then using it on the Tarrasque!


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