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Alahazra was one of my least favorite iconics, so I am more than happy with an iconic Tengu instead.

GM PDK wrote:
Ok... Feigemeister keeps taking on more projects... now I'm worried this will all go to crap spectacularly....

This is a good thing, since with oversight of ALL film productions, it means the TV shows can maybe now finally start interacting with the movies.

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A producer isn't the same as a director or writer. They have a big job, but they can also delegate things.

I have zero concerns that the MCU will in anyway be compromised by Fiege coproducing a Star Wars movie. If he can handle...7? Disney plus shows and a movie schedule with I think 4 theatrically released movies in 2021, adding a Star Wars down the line is nothing.

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I think it was all a big negotiating tactic...I don't think there was a "change" in mind so much as each party trying to play hardball with the other.

Although the deal is only for one movie and one more additional MCU appearance (and Spidey appearing in Sony's other movies)

Might be a bit more of a reprieve, but glad they are getting to finish off the trilogy at least.

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MMCJawa wrote:
Well...the James Gunn situation does give me hope that a month or so from now we will hear some positive news.

Hah...I posted that on August 27, and what do I hear on Sept 27?

Marvel and Sony ink deal for Spiderman to remain in the MCU

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Yeah but I'm not sure people will be as interested/invested because the Balkans didn't exactly get much highlights. Now if we DID change Magneto into a man of color, the Rwandan Genocide MIGHT be more emblematic.

But in any case, I still think keep Magento's Holocaust ties is an important aspect for the X-men mythos.

Also if we have to de-rail this thread about Star Wars, I want to be because we're crossing it over with the MCU. :p

You think people are more invested in the Rwanda conflict than the Balkans? If anything I would say that people are more informed about the latter than the former.

If I were to update the Magneto storyline, I would probably move it from the Holocaust to the Balkan conflicts. Sadly Genocide didn't end with the nazis...

For what it's worth, I hated the design of the 1E Hobgoblins, and prefer the more obviously goblinoid PF2E goblins. But I admit some of my views on the new artistic interpretations of monsters is more mixed.

I think the DC has a lot better "TV game" than Marvel, but I struggle to think DC is going to be challenging Marvel on the movie front anytime soon. Even the best DC movies recently, including ones I enjoyed like Shazam or Aquaman, don't really match the best of the MCU.

I also hope Troops come back early in the PF2E cycle.

Charles Scholz wrote:

I saw the preview, but haven't had time to watch yet.

Since it premiered over Labor Day weekend, I thought there would only have been 2 episodes so far. Are they airing more than once a week?

It's an Amazon Original. They dumped the entire season at once.

Yeah...I really enjoyed the setting and world building of the show than I think the actual plot at times. Some really great creature designs, especially the monster.

masda_gib wrote:

That headline... someone saw the opportunity and took it. :)

Yeah...kudos to the person who came up with that title. It's been a week but every time I see that title I still smile...

I imagine that mythic in some form will return, but there is no need to rush it. Doubt we will get any demon lords until then (and we shouldn't...unique high level outsiders and Kaiju are pretty low on the list of missing monsters needed in PF2E

I saw it last night but thought it was a bit step down. that 3 hours was a bit much....

I so far really like the current AP, other than some minor elements. I was expecting not to like it given my own ideas about Hermea, but the world trotting aspect is a good fit for a new edition.

Tyrant's Grasp hasn't wowed me. I don't think it's the AP's fault though, just that my interest in it has been overwhelmed by the new edition release, plus the last few months have been utterly insane as far as my personal life goes, so I haven't had much time to dig into it.

There are elements of Return of the Runelords, but elements I also think were handled pretty poorly.

For what it's worth, my favorite AP's are probably Iron Gods, Reign of Winter, and Strange Aeons. I like me some weird non-traditional stuff, so the less weird stuff in those recent AP's probably didn't help.

Yes, with the caveat I'd like to see a hardcover Tian Xia book first.

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keftiu wrote:
Takamorisan wrote:
Gnoll, Tiefling, Ellan, Catfolk, Tengus, Kitsunes, Lizardfolk, Kobolds, Undead Template for all species, FULL ORK and if possible but probably not due to copyright shenanigans Warforged :v

Tiefling, catfolk (Amurrun), kobolds, full orc, tengu, and undead (duskwalkers) are all in the APG next year. Lizardfolk are in the LOCG later this month.

Closest we’ll get to warforged is wyrwoods, who are very cute.

Although duskwalkers aren't really undead, so much as the psychopomp equivalent of a Tiefling.

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Pandatheist wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
Sounds like most gaming stores. Owners tell me that MTG is what keeps their doors open.
I think that if a store builds a community around MtG, MtG becomes their lifeblood. That’s a choice though, not a business truism. Of the 5 largest rpg sellers in Pittsburgh that I’m aware of, 1 relies solely on Magic, one has a reasonable MtG community, but would survive without it, and the other 3 don’t cater to Magic players at all.

A lot of that probably has to do with Pittsburgh being a major city. High population areas can support more niche stores (whether its gaming or any other hobby/interest). I know locally, and what I assume would probably be true of vast swathes of the state, there are just not enough DnD Gamers around to support a business without also catering to MtG, Warhammer, etc.

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In my own cannon, Guns are in common use by kobolds and ratfolk, and to a lesser extent Dwarves. I'd imagine Hobgoblins in Oprak are experimenting with them.

Amongst human-dominated societies, you GOT TO HAVE guns in the Shackles, just to keep with the theme. I also am fond of Rahadoum playing around with them that someone else mentioned.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
FOR EXAMPLE: When we did 1st edition, the brontosaurus was regarded as an error when scientists mixed up the head and body of a set of fossils. Since then, that error has swung back the other way and now brontosaurus is regarded as a dinosaur species again—
Totally off topic, but I'd missed this news and hearing it made me unreasonably happy. So thanks for that. :)

"Puts on Paleontologist Hat" This has recently been proposed but I should mention it's still controversial, and a lot of folks think that the listed differences between Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus are probably not sufficient to support a split. It's kind of like reverse of the Torosaurus-Triceratops thing.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
cavernshark wrote:
Just gonna say Ratfolk since there isn't enough Round Mountain love in this thread.
I feel like we're gonna need ratfolk and catfolk just so we can find out what they call themselves. Are Golarion's ratfolk the same people as Akiton's Ysoki? Or do they use a different self-designation?

The Ratfolk in the bestiary use the term Ysoki, and I believe Amurran is the name catfolk go by.

Well...the James Gunn situation does give me hope that a month or so from now we will hear some positive news.

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Half-ghouls. Still shocked, given that ghoul interbreeding IS a thing in the Mythos, we never got a half-ghoul race in PF 1E, so an ancestry (or at least heritage) would be great.

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I think they are totally setting up a Young Avengers movie, what with aging up Cassie Lang, introducing Kate Bishop, and now creating a Ms Marvel Show.

I saw a rumor before the Spider-man split that Spiderman 3 would actually have She-Hulk defending Parker in court from the fall out of Far from home. That rumors make a hell of a lot more sense in the context of She Hulk having an upcoming movie.

The light saber design apparently isn't new, but was the Jedi Temple Guard sabers from Clone Wars/Rebels

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Yeah I mean if X-men is anything to go off, it doesn't seem like other studios know when to STOP getting execs involved.

But we'll see how this plays out.

and this is when I bring up that the guy who used to be at fox overseeing x-men amongst other movies is now at Sony...

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am I the only one more excited about The Mandalorian than the next movie?

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Firstly with regards to Sersi, I still think Jolie should be doing that and they cast someone else for Thena. But that's me. I'm cool with Kit doing Dane since it's not a huge stretch. And yeah the cast for Eternals is pretty large. I'm also wondering how much of a role Druig will be in this movie...or will it be some one else (or something else.)

I'm really not surprised Coogler is doing BP 2. I mean that's how we kept Gunn on Guardians right?

I'm sure the government will be a role...but the comments again show me that MAYBE even though Sam got the shield...even he's not ready to go on as Captain America JUST yet.

I was always super skeptical that Jolie would have a starring role. If you look at the casting patterns, Marvel almost entirely relies on established but not yet hugely popular actors (Pratt, Boseman, Larson). She strikes me more as filling an Anthony Hopkins/Michael Douglas role. I can't imagine she would want to sign up for a 9 picture deal or what have you that they probably are going for with the Harrington, Madden, or Chan.

I don't think it will be the end of the world for either from a story perspective. Disney has a lot of properties, and tilting away from Spiderman won't be too difficult. Sony can minimize Peter Parker's MCU connections and probably still be okay...Spiderman really is a New York based hero and it might be nice if he actually could focus on that.

I think the greatest risk is likely to be:

1) Loss of confidence in Sony

2) Loss of quality of storytelling. Apparently Jon Watts is not happy and there is a potential he won't want to return, and if he does its possible him and Tom Holland might not put there 100% in. Also, without Fiege steering the ship, will pushy producers wreck the franchise? Venom is a mess, and the last 3 Non MCU Spidermans all have had extensive exec meddling. The new head of Sony (who oversaw the xmen films at fox) doesn't exactly give me confidence this won't be repeated.

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My sense is that yeah, US Agent will likely be an antagonist (perhaps not full out bad guy but at least obstacle), since I think they have mentioned that the show will deal with the government not going along with Sam as the next Captain America.

Marvel had its movies new today, but not a whole lot more new info.

Ryan Coogler is returning for Black Panther 2, but they didn't give a subtitle yet

Kit Harrington will be playing Black Knight in the Eternals, while Gemma Chan will be playing Sersi. Which is super weird, given that Gemma Chan already popped up in Captain Marvel as Minerva. I guess playing a character in make up doesn't count? that is a huge cast for that movie...

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I prefer mortal races as being able to be of any alignment, although certainly cultures and religions can push general groups toward evil.

Abberations I think are okay as an exception, because then you start dealing with lovecraftian entities which simply have minds so alien that their behaviors and intellects are simply not compatible with our concepts of good and evil.

As for books I want.

First off, a Tian Xia hardcover. Unlike a lot of the other regions, the basic cultures, nations, races, and gods have been fleshed out, and there are a lot of different styles of fantasy one could go with the setting.

I'd like to see the other regions, but so far they are mostly not very fleshed out. IIRC, James Jacob says that the Tian Xia gazetteer was an extraordinarly difficult book to right because it wasn't just an expansion or supplement: For all intents and purposes it was a full campaign setting they had to write from scratch.

Rushing out a Garund or Arcadia hardcover would not only be a grueling work, but has a greater potential to accidently include problematic things (either mechanically, or culturally).

So I would rather they take it slow and take there time for now.

As for other books:

I really like the environment themed books from 3.5, and would like to see books focus on darklands, arctic environments, and so on. I'd also love a nautical adventures that covers adventuring above and below the waves.

A focused book on villainy would also be great, and I would like to see a new version of mythic adventures and ultimate campaign. Really...a new game means so many new possibilities.

Lucas Yew wrote:
Frogliacci wrote:
I actually want to see expansions on the Kitsune race. In D&D3.5 and 4e, there was a race called Hengeyokai that contained options for a variety of small fluffy animal spirit people, with kistune as one of its subraces. I'd love to see the kitsune concept expanded to include things like tanuki and badger-folk, for example. You could even make a playable aranea/jorugumo ancestry based on that concept. Shapeshifting animal spirits is a huge category of creatures in East Asian mythology in general, not just limited to the kitsune.

Seconded. With one addition, that Paizo craft (a) new descriptive OGL name(s) for those races not limited to a single real world language. For an explanation, the depictions of fox spirits differ wildly between cultures around the world (not just Japan, or East Asia for that matter), and the Japanese "kitsune" are merely a well demonstrated version of it.

...Only half related, but I do wonder how they will handle the "9 magical tails" feat this time. Probably the first 17th level Ancestry feat will show up for this case...?

Ehhh. I would prefer they keep doing what they are doing. Choosing Kitsune as the name is no worse than Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Kobold, or Troll, all of which can vary SIGNIFICANTLY from story to story and between different folk traditions.

D23 News from Marvel begins today.

Today was all of the streaming announcements. Of note

Disney + will, on top of of the already announced shows, will also have new series focused on Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. Separate series just to clarify.

U.S. Agent will be introduced in the Falcon/Winter Soldier show. Played by Wyatt Russell

WandaVision is going to be apparently half a sitcom. Randall Park's Antman and Wasp FBI agent will also be on the show, as well as D'arcy from the first two Thor movies.

Tomorrow is movies. So...I would expect some big announcements

I'd like to wait for confirmation before I start celebrating again.

Although...geez...If they are bringing Venom into the MCU I hope they do a lot better job than that first movie.

That is...troubling news.

an artificer seems like the most obvious new option.

I would kind of like an "Anti-Barbarian", a character who can reach some sort of zen-like calm that increases their AC and allows them to shrug off or ignore various effects such as fear and such.

I'd like some full casters that ONLY rely on focus pool points, with perhaps some sort of ability to have a larger focus pool.

I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the popular archetypes fleshed out and revamped.

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The 2E bestiary still calls out incest as being prevalent for ogres, so that is still true for the new edition.

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I like the ancient Egyptian gods in Pathfinder. If anything, I wish there were more ancient pantheons, such as the Norse gods.

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For the most part I think they handled Tian Xia pretty well. Previous attempts have almost entirely relied on just making a generic Not!China or Not!Japan. Tian Xia pulls from a lot wider field of influences and times.

Honestly, my take is either two ways. Either do a setting that is completely fantastical with no obvious parallels to our world, or go full analog but try to capture as wide a variety of themes, historical, and cultural parallels. Avistan very much does the latter, so I would prefer the other parts of the map do the same.

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Xopatl is more Maya than Aztec (They ARE different cultures). Razaltan (sp?) seems perhaps closer to the Aztec empire analog.

I was pretty happy with the amount of info they jammed in there...definitely one of hte best backmatter sections

I mean I stopped contributing much to the wishlists because at some point I just ran out of ideas, plus I figure the the devs and associated folks already had jotted down notes of what they liked and would be interested in for a future book

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We've had Gothic Horror and Lovecraftian Horror APs. How about a J-horror AP? plenty of spooky stuff in Tian Xia to deal with, and it would be fun to see an AP revolving around Hopping Vampires, shapeshifting spiders, and Yurei.

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Reading this thread, everything here seems to be less about player agency and more about Pathfinder sticking to a class-based system, which automatically assumes different classes should be better at or easier to build for certain roles

This thread and others like it sort of make me chuckle. I feel like there has been a general trend for certain folks to make the leap that MC archetypes and the class feat system would somehow mean that very few new classes would be needed post core. That never sat well with me, given that Paizo makes money off of options, and I think it's very evident that certain thematic and mechanical niches are just not obviously going to be filled by Multiclassing.

Sure...the name Psionics probably won't come back. But I do think there is potential for a Point-focused casting system, even if it isn't linked to Psychic.

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It seems bizarre for me to consider treating the shifter, kineticist, and hunter as a single class. Thematically those are pretty alien from another, and I could definitely see obvious solutions to take each class. With the Druid as a sort of nature jack of all character, there is room to take elements of that for a specialized class. Characters can be stronger in one feature than the druid if they don't have all the other parts of a druid, like the spell casting

People have already talked about the Kineticist, but...

A shifter could be the "best" shapeshifter, which auto gets a stronger more flexible wild shape, with feats built around enhancing that aspect

A hunter could be the best "pet teamwork class", and automatically get a stronger, easier to use minion, with an emphasis on feats that allow characters to better work with there pet.

The big problem with a lot of those classes in PF 1E is that the druid was too powerful. It automatically got the best druid spellcasting, wildshape, and pets, so it was hard to create classes that focused on one of those traits without being noticeably weaker than the druid. The new druid isn't built that way, so should be easier to create new classes around.

David knott 242 wrote:
ikarinokami wrote:
I hope they develop actual psychic rules, and not just have them be occult casters.

They definitely won't create rules for point based psionic casting -- they are leaving that to Dreamscarred Press. I could see them making use of all four spell lists but altering the casting method for the verbal and somatic components as they did in Occult Adventures.

I wouldn't be so sure of that. The reason psionics wasn't pursued is because the casting system was too different from Vancian for there tastes. With Focus casting, that is probably not the case anymore.

Although I AM SKEPTICAL that the occult classes won't just come back using the Occult spell list.

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