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Silver Crusade

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(HP 15/15 | AC 14 | T 13 | FF 12 | CMD 12 | F +2 | R +2 | W +2 | Init +2 | Dark 60' | Per +3) Male Lava Gnome Sorcerer (Draconic [Brass]) 2

Aid Another (Arithas) with Diplomacy: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (13) + 4 = 17 Success

"Also, I'm good luck at sea!" Bendaxalon suddenly remembers that it's actually halflings that are good luck. "Umm... You would be safe from pirates, since they wouldn't let a gnome anywhere near their ship!" There is a certain crazy logic to his argument, which has the virtue of being possibly true.

At the same time, but far away...

A pirate peers through his spyglass at a small, colorful humanoid capering madly about the deck of the heavily-laden merchant vessel, to all appearances beside himself with glee at the sight of their Jolly Roger. Horror rises inside him like a wave and he can barely choke out the words, "Sir... They have a gnome!" The captain nearly screeches in surprise and dismay, "What?! Are they insane?? Hard to starboard, immediately! Don't let them get within two hundred yards!"

A short time later, on the merchant ship...

The lookout calls out laconically, "You can stop now, they're gone." The little man sags against a nearby barrel and wipes his brow, taking off some makeup in the process. "Whew! I don't know how gnomes do it. You know, when they said that I could get a discount for being lucky, this isn't really what I was picturing." A nearby crewman chuckles. "Yeah, well, it works. And it's not like Cap'n would let a real one on board -- not after the last one..."

Silver Crusade

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(HP 15/15 | AC 14 | T 13 | FF 12 | CMD 12 | F +2 | R +2 | W +2 | Init +2 | Dark 60' | Per +3) Male Lava Gnome Sorcerer (Draconic [Brass]) 2

Bendaxalon suddenly sits up with a yell, and puts a hand to his head. "Ow, don't make so much noise." Once he complies, the headache gradually recedes. "I had the strangest nightmare that gnomes weren't good to eat -- wait. That doesn't sound right." He tries to sort things out, and answers Arithas, "Or maybe they like me too much; I shall have to think of how to look less edible."

He gets up rather woozily (4/8 hp), but is still attracted to examine the kobold's unusual wand with his detect magic cantrip. Spellcraft: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26 "Aha! A wand of cure light wounds." He considers. "Which I can't use at all, so never mind." Still feeling a bit under the weather, he totters off to check the log house for tea and biscuits. (A sequence of reasoning that makes perfect sense in his gnomish head.)

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Cane in hand, Enteri walks stiffly on the cobbled Taldoran street. His leg will never be the same; not since those adventurers used that fireball against a plant that was just defending its territory -- same as Taldor does -- and set half of the forest ablaze. It had taken him many years to track down the one responsible, but though the middle-aged druid had lost the fire of youth, his need for revenge still burned cold. At last, he knew the name and face of the lumber baron that had hired those reckless fools to make the woods safe for depredation. Impeccably dressed, Peron leaves his office a hundred feet away, locking it behind him. As the wealthy Taldan steps out onto the street, Enteri grimaces and silently concentrates (1 charge) on the wand hidden in his cane. Unseen and unheard (4 charges), a column of flame strike (1 charge) arrows out of the night sky to unerringly roast the perfidious capitalist. 7d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 2, 1, 4, 2, 5) = 21, Reflex for half (is that even possible with no warning?) Peron drops dead in a crowd, burned to a crisp from no apparent cause, while his assassin hobbles away, smiling grimly.

Sorry for interrupting. I'm a PbPer and got inspired.

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My understanding is that they will merely be using our ordering for which items to look at first. And also some schadenfreude at our frustrations.

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It's a Vanara, which is basically a sentient monkey. So close enough!

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Shadowborn wrote:
I did say "most things." I'll also mention that that one kept to formula by attempting to stretch into a terrible sequel.

There was only one Wayne's World movie, much as there was only one Highlander movie.

Oterisk wrote:
It is just a little frustrating when I see other items over a dozen times and never my own. Hopefully I didn't get disqualified for some reason and end up with no item to find.

That is unlikely. Items get weighted more likely to appear when they have less votes. So if your item is really good or really bad, then it wouldn't get as many "equally good/bad" votes as other items, and it would take longer for you to see it.

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Merely paring down the entries wouldn't do it for me, since I have an ulterior motive. I have all of this pent-up criticism of bad writing to release, and you're telling me that I have to wait over three weeks?! Arrrgh!! But I want to blast them now. D:

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CouncilofFools wrote:
Wow. I didn't realize how reality TV mimics comics until just now.

Amazing how the behavior of real people will mimic that of fictional ones! Almost like one is based on the other... Clearly, reality TV participants must read lots of comics. ;)

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This is just a bookkeeping post: a note to myself that if I ever get around to turning this into a page on the wiki, I should look at this other thread too.

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Here and here.

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hogarth wrote:
Lobolusk wrote:

I have another player with DR 5/nonlethal does that mean that all lethal attacks do 5 less damage?

It probably means your player wrote it down wrong. I suspect it's actually something like "DR 5/— against nonlethal damage" (viz. the Undead sorcerer bloodline) which is an awkward way of saying the DR applies against everything except nonlethal damage.

I think you meant to say that it's "an awkward way of saying that the DR is bypassed by everything except nonlethal damage." ;)

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Atarlost wrote:
The eye role is irrelevant to the model because it happens outside of initiative. If something happens outside of initiative it doesn't matter how the role is split up. If you have a mediocre hammer you have a problem that can get you killed. If you have a mediocre diplomat aid another has a DC anyone with undumped charisma can hit on a take 10 for +2 per party member because there's no opportunity cost to actions outside of initiative. The only eye skill you can't split is stealth, and one guy stealthing is asking for defeat in detail.
CRB, pg. 86 wrote:
(You can't take 10 on a skill check to aid another.)

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And here's my thread on story arcs and connections. 8)

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Starglim, I think that Toughness and rebuild are a good recommendation, even though I disagree with your ruling. The question was do you have to choose a feat right away; and the way I read it, the text only says that you can't add feats before the other three steps of leveling up. I don't see any reason why not to let someone wait; they're only weaker in the meantime.

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Awww. The brave, noble Uudroth is drooping with disappointment. :(

*NSFW* Oglaf - Intermission *NSFW*

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It's nice that everyone's being so nice, but here's the truth: I keep a mental list of DMs whose games I won't even consider, because of them disappearing without a word. (And I watch more games than I play, so it's a longer list than you might think.) When they come back and don't even try to revive their old games -- instead immediately recruiting for a new one (or more) -- that absolutely screams "avoidance issues" to me.

Apologies are nice; dealing with stuff is better.

Maybe I just have less patience for avoidance behavior because it's a tendency that I don't like in myself. But there it is. I'm not cool with it, and it will affect how I treat you.

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I don't hate the monk class. I just hate monk threads. So I don't read them. Problem solved! :D

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I don't mind signatures as long as there's an option to turn them off, along with any random replies to trollish ones (which is theoretically impossible). So in reality, even if I turned off sigs and got a magical app to hide posts by monk_hijacker_98 (who I just made up), I'd still be seeing replies to his sig in EVERY SINGLE THREAD. So in other words, oh dear gods, please no.

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Yes. Crystal, even. Thank you. :)

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meatrace wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:

Republicans tend to want hard-hitting attacks and really aren't picky about their accuracy, while Democrats want someone willing to explain things in an intellectually honest manner. Unfortunately, while the latter is perhaps morally commendable, it makes for difficult politics when your opponent follows the former strategy.

its called pulling a Dukakis.

Really? I thought that "pulling a Dukakis" was looking short, Greek, and excited in a helmet and tank that are both too big for you. I suggest you find another phrase.

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* Art: whittling bones into horrific shapes, or painting nightmarish scenes in blood.
* Games: playing with their food, such as almost letting them get away before recapturing them.
* Cuisine: practicing the high art of fine cooking with long pig, or just boiling a basic human stock.
* Brewing: can blood be fermented? Inquiring minds want to know.
* Literature: reading (or writing) elaborate dramas that give catharsis for their odd failure to dominate the world, despite paralysis and conversion attacks.
* Business: assembling caravans to trade the unique flesh and bones of sentients in one area for those in another.
* Laziness: just kind of sitting around, staring into the distance.
* Gambling: you know, tossing the bones.
* Gossiping: Oh. Em. Gee. Did you hear about Halithupt? He was fighting these adventurers, and he just couldn't even paralyze any of them. He finally had to run away. Talk about "impotent"!

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0 RP - standard ability score modifier
0 RP - medium size
0 RP - humanoid
0 RP - normal base speed
1 RP - low-light vision
3 RP - change shape (lesser)
2 RP - agile = skill bonus
2 RP - kitsune magic is like gnome magic (maybe a little weaker)
2 RP - natural weapons = bite (increased by one size category)
0 RP - standard language quality (minus two, plus any human)
10 RP

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Male Halfling (Molthuni) Barbarian 1 Ranger (Trapper) 3

I hope it isn't too forward for me to interpret Aedalis's intent, given his limitations. I think that it looks something like this...

Round 8
MA: "Cackle" (extend Fortune on Corbius)
SA: Fortune on Anton

Round 9
MA: "Cackle" (extend Fortune on Corbius and Anton)
SA: Fortune on someone? Maybe Wicewakan? Someone that doesn't already have it on them (and hasn't had it yet today)

Round 10
MA: "Cackle" (extend Fortune on Corbius, Anton, and Wice or whoever)
SA: Fortune on the the next-most likely to be struck

Etc. (gods forbid it should take that long)

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No, I am! (WTH, I FAQ'd it anyway.)

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Oh man, their red card would hurt.

Edit: I think that I captured the rest of the code.

* I will always do the best that I can, out of joy and honor for the abilities that I have been given.

* I will respect my competitors, whether they are better or worse. As long as the playing field be level, I will revel in it.

* When danger threatens, I will rise to the occasion. My physical prowess was given to me for a reason, and I will use it for the good of all, even at my own risk.

* I will neither refuse a worthy challenge, nor seek to humiliate those who are not my peers.

* When I am playing on a team, I will seek the best for the team as a whole, even if I would look better playing differently. On the other hand, even if my performance makes the difference, I will be proud of my team and not of myself.

* I will choose a sport and perfect it. When I have mastered it, I will teach others and referee games. The practices I leave behind will enrich the game for those who follow, and the fair competitions that I moderate will enrich it now.

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Just because it doesn't get said often enough, I'm going to say "thank you Strife2002" for all of your free proofreading. I know that it's a fun hobby, and also that you're not perfect, but still. You're doing something that's useful, and you deserve recognition for it. Yay you! :)

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The Bottom Line

Chaotic neutral.

The Explanation

I've thought about this a lot. (For whatever that says about me.) Is Shimye-Magalla really a janiform amalgam of Gozreh's female aspect and Desna? Or is that just narrow-minded Chelish claptrap? Does Shimye-Magalla have an independent existence, does the answer to that question matter, and is the question even a sensible one regarding beings so far beyond us?

What if the faces that the gods present to the mortals of Golarion are just masks? Roles played by actors, since we couldn't possibly comprehend them as they really are? What if Shimye-Magalla is the real one, and Gozreh is a character that she helps another deity play? Would anyone notice or care about the difference between that and the provincial Avistani evaluation?

So anyway, I'm going with CN. Whether or not SM is really janiform, she's described to us from the colonials' perspective, so that's all we have to go on: fickle like the sea, free like the sailor, and inscrutable like the stars. So there you go.

But that leaves the interesting question, what about her domains? If you take out Gozreh's male aspect, combine hir female aspect with Desna, and focus on the concerns of sailors, then it sounds to me like this...

Domains: Chaos, Liberation, Luck, Travel, Water

Subdomains: Curse, Fate, Freedom, Oceans, Protean, Trade

But I've seen at least a couple of other ways of looking at it, and I can't say that they're wrong.

The Appendix

Sargava, p.27 wrote:
It's generally known that Shimye-Magalla reflects Gozreh's female aspect -- that which matches the capriciousness of the sea -- and pairs it with Desna's love of travel, freedom, and the stars by which the Bonuwat navigate.
Gods and Magic, p.18 wrote:
Born of the ocean’s fury and the wind’s wrath, Gozreh is a fickle deity. Those who ply the waters or rely upon the rains know this better than most, and are sure to placate Gozreh and honor him when the winds and waves are favorable. Gozreh has two aspects, equally depicted in art and sculpture. When at sea, or over water, Gozreh is a woman, with wild, flowing green hair whose body transforms into endless waves. In the sky and over land, Gozreh appears as an aged man with a long white beard, emerging from a mighty storm cloud.

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I don't really feel qualified to say "this spell is a must-have," so I'll describe a process instead. I went to the spells database on, scrolled over to the "targets" column, and selected "you". (Since those are the ones that no one else can cast on you.) I then looked for ones that can be cast by bards, summoners, or witches, but not wizards.

Here were a few that jumped out at me: ancestral communion, arcane concordance, dust form, eaglesoul, and guiding star.

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This is complicated, so I'd appreciate any corrections. Let's say that someone who is next to you tries to trip you, and they don't have Improved Trip. So you get an AoO against them with your flail, and decide to use it to try to trip them. But you don't have Improved Trip either, so they get an AoO against you. And they decide to use it to disarm you; and let's just say that either they have Improved Disarm, or you don't have Combat Reflexes (because otherwise this would get ridiculous).

So, resolving backwards, it turns out that they disarmed you. But you still get your trip attempt; you just don't get to use your flail's trip property to keep from getting tripped on a failure, because you're not holding it anymore. (You still get your +1 to hit from bless, but not your +1 to hit from Weapon Focus (flail).) And it turns out that you fail big time, so now you're tripped instead. And then your opponent finally gets his chance to try to trip you -- that started this whole thing -- but you're already prone, so it's wasted.

Oh! But now it's your turn, so you can try to trip him -- albeit with a -4 to hit, since it's in place of a melee attack -- and of course you'd trigger an AoO... But hey! At least if you stood up, they wouldn't be able to keep you down with a trip attempt on the AoO; that's because it would resolve before you stood up, therefore taking place while you were still prone (and not preventing the standing).

Clear as mud?

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From what I understand of talk radio and cable TV, getting outraged (whether sensible or not) is the preferred form of entertainment of a great many people.

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...and there we go.

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Nice catch. This is, of course, easily fixed by replacing Armor Expert with the regional trait Sargavan Guard. ;)

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It's pretty remarkable how someone has hijacked this thread to tell the OP to fix his art already, when that doesn't even answer the question (unless they're a she or there was a telepathic question that I couldn't hear). Wouldn't it be nice if it went back on topic?

LMPjr007 wrote:
So first, I would like to hear a few comments from the female fan base and learn specifically what have RPG companies done very right and very wrong to help get you interested in what they were doing.

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Fake Healer wrote:
So "Hey, it was great that you joined us in our group and were part of the team but I have created a really difficult game that you can't play in because you aren't good enough at the game. Good luck finding another game to play" doesn't sound dickish to you?

No. Suboptimal, yeah. But given how hard it is for me to get inspiration just to make one character, I'm inclined to give a lot of latitude to a GM who has an inspiration for an entire campaign. Let them do it and then go back to a game that the rules-light lady can take part in. That's my perspective.

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I'm going to play the devil's advocate and go with the GM here. When I was young, I once played an epic-level AD&D one-shot, and we basically played as first-level characters with epic-level abilities. Because we hadn't worked our way up, and didn't know what we were doing. And you know me; I always know the rules as best I can. So someone who doesn't would just be doomed in that game, and it would be cruel to let them in.

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Brian E. Harris wrote:
stringburka wrote:
And the fact that LPJ felt the need to start this thread indicates that the company at least might get less bad in this respect. There's no trying too hard in this case.

Felt the need, or saw a marketing opportunity in starting another discussion on the topic?

This just smacks of "reverse pandering" to me.

FWIW, whenever anyone says "reverse [whatever]", I automatically think: "Oh, there's someone who was born into privilege. They think that they're special; and so any [whatever] that's suddenly aimed at them when it's 'supposed' to be directed at others (like discrimination), or vice-versa (like pandering)? That's shocking and 'reverse'. Whereas everyone else is just supposed to suck it up as their lot in life. What an [redacted]."

ETA: And I say that as an attractive white male. It's not that I don't have privileges; it's just that I appreciate them.

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Clearly, there is nothing left to do but tie the baggie of shower curtain rings to a brick and throw it through his new bedroom window, with a note attached saying "FORGET SOMETHING?". He wouldn't be able to take you to court without having to explain to a judge about how he was nagging you about a shower curtain and then didn't bother taking the rings with him. Catharsis!*

I do not recommend actually doing that. Fantasizing about it, however, may prove satisfying.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

Now, having gotten all that out of my system, Maury's coming on and I need watch and see which one of those four guys on the stage is the real baby daddy.


One of the saddest bits of TV that I ever saw was an episode where it wasn't any one of them.

And it wasn't her first try. And she'd been all, oh no, these are the only other possibilities, I swear.

And I could see why she neglected to mention them the first time; I wouldn't want to depend on them either.

All of which implied that the real father was even worse daddy material than the players on the stage.


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You're thinking about this all wrong. Stop thinking in terms of scarcity. You've already done scarcity, with the ARG. Now is the time to start thinking in terms of AWESOMENESS.

How many of the ARG's "featured" races were covered in Goblins of Golarian? I don't remember reading anything about hobgoblins. How many critters in Orcs of Golarian? I've read complaints that there wasn't enough for half-orcs. Blood of Fiends, Blood of Angels, Blood of the Night -- you already know that what I say is true.

Embrace it. Go all out; make a love paean to a single race. Say everything that you can think of to say about it, and then some.

If you can't come up with 32 pages of PURE AWESOMENESS about Tengu, then why the eff were they one of the first PFS race boons? Why were they the only "featured" race on the cover of the ARG (aside from the obviously NPC kobolds)? And why would you bother writing anything about them at all -- in any Player Companion -- if they couldn't even inspire a mere 32 pages of content that people would get excited about.

The same kind of questions can be asked about any other "featured" race. I'm not saying this because I'm for or against tengu; Serpent's Skull took me from "indifferent" to "mildly interested". I'm saying this because I'm against doing a half-assed job. You've already squeezed what you could for those races into a limited space; there's no point in doing that again. All that's left now is to go all-out for the ones that are cool enough to warrant such a treatment.

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I wish that you'd either take a celestial raven or adapt Highglander's suggestion for a pseudodragon. (Though it can change in extraordinary circumstances, I prefer for a character's morality to take precedence whenever possible.) So, here's how you could do it: all this time, your familiar was a cursed pseudodragon that couldn't tell you -- but he could strongly hint, once you neared the ability to do something about it...

One Possible Future wrote:

You're sitting by a campfire, looking up at the stars, when your raven familiar suddenly speaks up out of nowhere. "Oh by the way, master, an interesting-yet-totally-irrelevant factoid is that creatures who are cursed are often forbidden from being able to reveal it. You know. Just sayin'." After a few seconds, the crickets resume their concert, ending the meaningful silence after your old friend's bizarrely out-of-context comment. You commit those words to memory, thinking on them in odd moments.

Months later, your skill finally advances enough for you to learn remove curse. You approach Quoth with excitement and trepidation. "Okay, so this spell is totally harmless, it'll just remove any curses that you might have. Not that I have any reason to think that you have any, you know. Just sayin'." Your hands move in precise gestures as you speak arcane words, and then you touch a shaking finger to the beloved black bird...

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No me. I respect JJ in many ways, but not as a source of rules adjudications. Especially not his off-the-cuff answers in an off-topic thread.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Fredrik wrote:
Quote me the part where it says that those gems do not exist in any other values.
I don't see how my failing to do so really supports your apparent claim that such gems do exist.

You're the one complaining that it's a new rule that they don't exist, so you're the one who has to back up the claim that they don't any more.

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That is true; favoriting a post doesn't mean that you agree with everything in it. I was something of a comedian in college, so I was told "The Aristocrats" (before it was a documentary that I still need to watch), and I found myself laughing hysterically at a joke that horrified me.

Also, roleplaying is like writing, in that a character takes on a life of his own. Just because your character would do something, doesn't mean that you would. But Grizzly's story wasn't just squick that should be spoilered.

Violence against women is a very real problem in the real world, that ordinary men commit in bedrooms, brothels and motel rooms every day. There is very little that I can do to combat it, except to express disapproval when someone makes it sound cool. "Not cool, bro." That's what I'm saying.

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Grizzly the Archer wrote:

...... Another time my barbarian was just relaxing at the local brothel in some town for a while. He decided to speed things along, since the party ha only a few hours before going after the disappearing sailors, and have 3 women at once. Not only that, he decided to actually Rage during his entertainment. Needless to say, He ha to pay for a new bed, new wall, and cover medical expenses (healing) for 3 women.

Best 1k gp I ever spent. Now, I have my own personal room there (only I can stay in there), and now I have 3 informants when needed.

I find it appalling that the best 1k gp you ever spent was for your character to get away with violence against helpless women. I find it appalling that xanthemann favorited that post. I find it appalling that no one else said anything. I'm generally tolerant of alternative playstyles, and I dislike tangents; but I can't let this pass without comment. That would be a bridge too far. It's important to me to let you know how I feel.

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I googled and found this illuminating thread. I think you'll like it. :)

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I felt like listing them all, but I haven't played many, so I'm just going by descriptions. Please tell me of any others. :)

Blakros Museum
Scenario #5, Mists of Mwangi
Scenario #35, Voice in the Void
Scenario #2-11, The Penumbral Accords
Scenario #3-07, Echoes of the Overwatched

House of the Immortal Son
Scenario #7, Among the Living
Scenario #49, Among the Dead

Dremdhet Salhar
Scenario #8, Slave Pits of Absalom
Scenario Intro 1, In Service to Lore

Fiend of Rachikan
Scenario #22, Fingerprints of the Fiend
Scenario #2-10, Fury of the Fiend

Tides of Time
Scenario #23, Tide of Morning
Scenario #3-05, Tide of Twilight

The Devil We Know
Scenario #29, Shipyard Rats
Scenario #30, Cassomir's Locker
Scenario #41, Crypt of Fools
Scenario #48, Rules of the Swift

Echoes of the Everwar
Scenario #36, The Prisoner of Skull Hill
Scenario #42, The Watcher of Ages
Scenario #44, Terror at Whistledown
Scenario #53, The Faithless Dead

Eyes of the Ten
Scenario #46, Requiem for the Red Raven
Scenario #54, The Maze of the Open Road
Scenario #2-05, Red Revolution
Scenario #2-22, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The City of Strangers
Scenario #51, The Shadow Gambit
Scenario #52, The Twofold Demise

Before the Dawn
Scenario #2-01, The Bloodcove Disguise
Scenario #2-02, Rescue at Azlant Ridge

The Heresy of Man
Scenario #2-06, The First Heresy
Scenario #2-07, Where Dark Things Sleep
Scenario #2-09, Beneath Forgotten Sands

Shades of Ice
Scenario #2-15, Written in Blood
Scenario #2-17, Exiles of Winter
Scenario #2-19, Keep of the Huscarl King

Shadow's Last Stand
Scenario #2-23, At Shadow's Door
Scenario #2-24, Web of Corruption

The Rats of Round Mountain
Scenario #3-20, The Sundered Path
Scenario #3-22, Pagoda of the Rat

Aspis Consortium Demiplane
Scenario #3-25, Storming the Diamond Gate
Scenario #3-26, Portal of the Sacred Rune

First Steps
Scenario Intro 1, In Service to Lore
Scenario Intro 2, To Delve the Dungeon Deep
Scenario Intro 3, A Vision of Betrayal

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Exocrat wrote:
HangarFlying wrote:
It's not a perfect prophecy of what happened, but it is eerily close.
It certainly reads like a prophecy. With all the jargon and double negatives he might as well have been speaking in tongues. I'm still not sure I understand it.
Translation wrote:
Yo. Our decades-long cultural heritage is largely in the SRD now. Peeps won't go for a new version unless they can mod what's open to fit what's new. Too diff, and they'll just stick with the games that they already enjoy with their bros -- and demand creates supply, so *someone* will rise up to give 'em what they want. For enabling the continuation of all of their existing relationships, the upstart will be treated like they're the real thing, and like the new version's the fake. And popularity will breed success.

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1. Yes, as per "otherwise prevailing light conditions".
2. Yes, but only to counter or dispel it. (Negating it goes by overlapping areas of effect.) And for the other, oh dear gods no. Try holding up some pants-like cloth to a really bright light, and then imagine that it's your monk's junk emitting the light. Do you really want that to happen??
2a. Yes, but only until hit. As a one-hit wondrous item, untouchable parachute pants quickly become an object of ridicule.

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Radiarch Eklesya wrote:

Pg. 4, Non-Human Aasimars

3rd Paragraph opens with the following statement:
Non-human aasimars have the same statistics as human aasimars with the exception of size. Thus a halfling aasimar is Small but otherwise possesses the same statistics and abilities as human aasimars--the difference is purely cosmetic.

Shouldn't the Small sized aasimar have a base speed of 20ft like other Small creatures? Then that puts the 'purely cosmetic' idea up for disagreement in my book. If someone at my table would want to play a halfling or gnome aasimar, I'd have them change both the size AND speed. Thoughts? I feel like this was left out, or the writers should have explained that the celestial gift of speed was given to the Small creature.

The Bottom Line

What they're saying is that a gnome- or halfling-descended aasimar is a Small aasimar, not a celestial-touched gnome or halfling. Also, Small and slow do not go hand-in-hand in the rules. Finally, being Small inherently changes stats -- the difference is only "purely cosmetic" aside from that.

The Explanation

In the gnome and halfling entries on pgs. 23 & 26 of the CRB, there are separate entries for Small and Slow Speed. Sure enough, the race builder in the ARG lists Slow Speed separately as being worth -1 RP (Small is worth 0 RP). Also, I'm going to call out the word "otherwise" and the capitalization of Small as particularly important -- because being Small alters statistics in several significant ways.

Everything listed under the Gnomes' and Halflings' "Small" racial trait is listed elsewhere in the CRB as universal to that size. The +1 size bonus to AC and attack rolls? Pg. 179. The -1 penalty to CMB and CMD? Pgs. 198-199. The +4 to Stealth? Pg. 106. I am unaware of any rule that states that smaller creatures must have slower speeds, and in fact the Small quickling has a base speed of 120 ft. (Bestiary 2); apparently, gnomes and halflings just happen to coincidentally be both Small and slow.

My conclusion is that gnome and halfling aasimars are statistically different from their Medium peers. They have the usual modifications to their stats that any other Small creature would have -- but *otherwise* the same. So, they have a 30' base speed, on account of that falling under the "otherwise".

Thank you for raising the question -- it was interesting, trying to figure it out -- and I hope you like my answer. :)

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