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Pathfinder Society Scenario #44: Echoes of the Everwar—Part III: Terror at Whistledown (PFRPG) PDF

***( )( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 7th to 11th level characters (Tiers: 7–8 and 10–11).

The citizens of the gnome enclave of Whistledown in distant Varisia are being kidnapped by malevolent creatures that stalk the night. You are sent there by the Pathfinder Society to see if this sudden surge of vile activity is linked to the rumors of a hidden tomb near Whistledown that holds the body of a famed Osirion concubine. Can you save the town of Whistledown from certain doom and find the lost tomb of the ancient concubine?

Terror at Whistledown is part 3 of the Echoes of the Everwar series. Parts 1, 2, and 3 can be played in any order and part 4 must be played last. Look for part 4, Pathfinder Society Scenario #53: The Faithless Dead, in June 2010.

Written by Hank Woon

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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**( )( )( )

Played this at high tier.

Sorry to say but this one is a real disappointment. There is no story or background to it, especially nothing to tie it to the overall plot. There isn't really an adventure either as this is just one combat after another with next to no role play. We had a good GM who tried to make it worthwhile and that's the only reason I give this 2 stars.


****( )

So I liked Whistledown.

I liked the optional encounter.

I liked the repetion, I have ran this twice now months apart and I have to say, I dislike it when the party believes they are not facing a threat(and them being right).

Play this at low tier keep those Pc's on their toes.

Save the Gnomes!

****( )

I agree with Moreland regarding the repetitive nature of the foes in this scenario. I also agree that while this series has some intriguing background, it isn't presented to the players unless the GM works hard at it. Having run this several times now, I find that this scenario can be the most tactically challenging (at high tier) of all 4 parts of the series. The saving grace of this scenario is the amount of open roleplaying you can do in Whistledown. I typically spend the first 60-90 minutes of this scenario roleplaying the citizens of Whistledown. The cottage offers another great RP opportunity if properly prepared for it.

Rinse and repeat

***( )( )

Mr. Moreland's points are valid, especially that there is no sense in the player's perspective of how this ties into a series. That is true for all of the first 3 for that matter. The combats are repetitive necessarily, as you encounter minions and then their leader, along with an unrelated encounter akin to the LG Obligatory Thug Encounter syndrome. That doesn't make them easy! Some lower tier parties have fled before completing it.

Sort of a disappointment

**( )( )( )

I really like the backstory of the entire Echoes of the Everwar plot arc, but this one feels like the weak link so far. I was disappointed to see the same monsters show up in multiple encounters to the extent that they feel repetitive and unchallenging. There are also several plot holes that have shown up at multiple tables I've participated in that the adventure as written doesn't address. I can't wait to see where this series goes in the final installment, but none of the rich history comes into play or is revealed to the Pathfinders at all in this one, and that too is a bit of a letdown. Gift Certificates
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