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Pathfinder Society Scenario #23: Tide of Morning (OGL) PDF

****( ) (based on 13 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2 and 4–5).

Venture-Captain Dennel Hamshanks sends you to convince an Andoren druid named Hemzel to allow the Pathfinder Society to study his recently discovered lorestone, a minor magical item that unlocks some of the mysteries of the ancient Andoren druid circles. When you arrive and find Hemzel murdered and the lorestone missing, you must race against time to recover the lorestone and stop Hemzel's murderers from using it against the druids of Andoran.

Written by Steven Robert

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the 3.5 edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 13 ratings)

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Could be more detailed.

***( )( )

Perhaps I've been spoiled by more recent scenarios, which seem to be more thought out, but after running ths scenario tonight, I'm had pressed to find what it is I liked about it so much when I first played it a few years ago. Granted it is straightforwards. Your group will be put in straight into the adventure. The action doesn't stop, the gnome encounter is perfectly timed; it's short, perhaps even too short, but that isn't my gripe with it. I have issue with the lack of details, and some of the tatics used. The tactics for some of the npcs don't make sense, npc initial placement isn't indicated and the act 3-4 location isn't very well described.
Other than that its' a very efficient little scenario.

Also, if the chance presents itself to play up, do it if your party is well-built.

Fun with Fey

****( )

I really enjoyed running this scenario. Unlike a lot of adventures from this era, it takes some finesse to do well. The final fight requires some creativity on the part of the players, and is unlikely to get steamrolled like a lot of the other scenarios from Season 0. Well worth the time.

Nicely Different

***( )( )

This review comes from A GM point of view. Table played low with 6 players (3 new 3 experienced).
This is an old scenario and the age shows but not quite as much as some other scenarios of the season. Overall I consider this to be a middle of the pack scenario with the potential to frustrate players as the entirety of the scenario is basically made to stymie and aggravate. Some of the low tier encounters seem disproportionately difficult compared to their high tier versions.

Encounter 1: Weapon immune swarm in entangled terrain, dangerous combination for new people. One direct alchemist fire could end the encounter, or you could miss 4 like my group and have this grind everyone until this isn't fun anymore (touch ac is high, plus entangle, close quarters tends to mean cover). Becomes rat swarms at high tier which take half weapon damage and become arguable easier.
Encounter 2: Burning building seems hard to come into real effect, monster inside too easy for rounds to pile up. Allow full use of intelligent tactics so he can use darkness/invisibility to become relevant, if the theme of this scenario is annoying fights
Encounter 3: Gnomes have a high diplomacy DC for this level, encounters that use many (8 in this case) low CR creatures to generate a CR appropriate encounter is really bad design
Encounter 4: Snakes and easy to detect traps on a bridge. Could be a conversion issue but the low tier snakes have much better to-hits than higher tier(via Gm shared prep folder)
Final Encounter: Interesting idea of playing keep-away rather than a brawl. Would have required more time than allowed to play to its full conclusion. Vastly different encounter with 6 party members (they can box him in and maneuver better). I would like to see more "combats" with alternate goals like this.

Fast and fun!

****( )

This is a little gem from Season 0, a roller coaster into a fey setting with a nice mix of playful humour and creepy bloodshed. I'd argue it's the first PFS scenario that has a challenging concept boss battle that forces the players to look past their numbers in how they decide to battle an opponent.

It could benefit from some further development to increase the 'time pressure' of the mission, but aside from that it's a great little missionwhere the team is catapulted into circumstances they need to find solid footing on.

Awesome, just Awesome


We finished this extremely fast. (pretty easy when the party lets my 6 charisma Dwarf brawler take charge) Played T1-2, plenty of RP moments, mixed in with combat and skills.

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