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Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-20: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part I: The Sundered Path (PFRPG) PDF

****½ (based on 20 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 7–11.

In an effort to prevent an alliance between the Aspis Consortium and a contingent of ratfolk with incredible regional influence, the Pathfinder Society sends its best agents deep into a Darklands passage to the heart of Round Mountain, where the ratfolk hold court. But as is often the case for Pathfinders, the journey is an adventure unto itself, potentially deadly enough to prevent the PCs from reaching their destination at all.

"The Sundered Path" is the first scenario in the two-part The Rats of Round Mountain campaign arc. The story concludes in Pathfinder Society Scenario #3–22: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part II: Pagoda of the Rat. Both chapters are intended to be played in order and consecutively; PCs who do will receive a special reward at the arc's conclusion.

Written by Kyle Baird.

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 20 ratings)

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Nifty Scenario


I was going to give this scenario 1 star, but then I remembered I'm not the kind of person who cries when my character dies or gets bored when I have to sit through *gasp* a social encounter!

Sarcasm aside, this was a well-written scenario. The encounters were challenging but most could be overcome by quick wits and diplomacy, something that cannot be said for many PFS scenarios.

I'll avoid spoilers here, since I think the individual encounters have already been discussed, but I will say if you have not played this scenario, come prepared for a challenge.

***( )( )

Played this at the higher tier. Party was tiefling witch, human paladin, human barbarian (grappling build), wayang unchanined rogue and human sorcerer.

I had expected this to the a stupidly hard scenario yet most of it we breezed simply by use of Diplomacy. Two tough fights, one of which was way too hard (but eventually overcome by Diplomacy again) and should have been toned down.

All in all it was fun but rather disappointing. The boss fight needed to be toned down somewhat but being able to actually use Diplomacy for a change made the scenario that bit more fun.

Fun scenario


The role-play in this scenario is fantastically fun and the final fight is memorable and awesome. I personally love the fact that this is mostly a social scenario and that the combats in it are both memorable and challenging.

The first social encounter is exactly as PFS should be. Lets teach them NOT to be murder hobos. Then you have the excellent use of a trap mechanic as something other than, we heal it, we move on. The encounter that follows is awesome, and could have been so much worse if he'd used the advanced ones with SLAs (I'm guessing in his original submission in the upper subtier it had them). Then the dragon! All around an excellent scenario.

Fun, challenging, well-rounded scenario


Good game last night. Tough couple of fights for the party. They triumphed, of course. But there was much clenching.

We had six players. The party had an oracle, a sorcerer, a fighter, a ranger, a bard/gunslinger, and a paladin.

We started off with a little light role playing. But things got real serious real quick and a solid half of our time was spent in combat. The paladin was so useful in damage output for two of the combats, and the gunslinger rolled a clutch critical on the BBEG. The sorcerer had a consistently high damage output, and the oracle made sure that nobody died. The fighter and the ranger split damage from once particularly nasty combat. Had any of the other party members been hit, there might have been a PC death. Thankfully, everyone worked well together to earn 1 XP and 2 PP--and it was hard fought and well earned!!

I like this scenario!



Played yesterday with a 4 person party at tier 7-8. 2 Wizard 8, 1 Sorc 8 and a Bard5/Cav3.

No real issues up to the final encounter. We had abilities or items to bypass most of the hurt up till then (we did not play the optional encounter).

But oh...the final fight. Edge of our seats.

Pre-fight our OOC attitudes shifted from, Yeah we can take this to hmmmm should we fight or try to solve this some other way, which was great foreshadowing to our IC and OOC attitudes during the fight.

Round 1. This might have been a bad idea
Round 2. Yeah this was a really bad idea
Round 2A. OOC - WTF - who the hell wrote this scenario - how can it be balanced? Whats the CR on this fight?
Round 3. Holy Crap we should flee, do you think we can get away
Round 4. hmmm - no maybe we can take this.
Round 5. How the hell are we gonna get outta here?
Round 6. Nah we got this - and at least we've figured out how to run if we are wrong.
Round 7. Half the party saying Hang in there, hang in there, we have almost turned the tide. Half the party saying...we gotta run (followed by some unconsciousness activity)
Round 8. Hurrah, we are finally dropping some damage here
Round 9. Huzzah - guess you should have planned your retreat a bit better you Epic Challenge you.

Seriously Great, and we pulled every trick out of our wizard bag of tricks along with some really brave actions by the cavalier and the sorc who resisted the urge to flee right before the tide turned in our favor. Both the Party and the challenge had some bad luck D20 rolls which further impacted the swingyness...but awesomeness of the fight.

Honestly the best fights in PFS are when half the time you think you are gonna die and half the time you think you are gonna rock. This scenario delivered!

Shout out to Jesse, our judge, who did a great job running the scenario, and the final fight. I cant help but think that the two ingredients of solid writing and good judging came together to provide a really sweet evening of society play.

*disclaimer...I'm not sure if the fight actually ran 9 rounds or longer (and my wizard is still trying to clean his shorts instead of recalling the blow by blow of the fight for his chronicle), so take those "rounds" as turning points in our attitudes during the fight.

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