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Dubious Scholar wrote:
Yeah, Imaginary Weapon is awkward and I'd swap it and Astral Rain if I could to avoid the poaching (although that probably just leads to Oscillating Wave getting poached by Starlit Span Maguses instead, but). Also, in-class it's really hard to make use of it early on (it really wants Ghostly Carrier in order to be safe to use, but that's a 2nd rank spell). Astral Rain doesn't have any of those usability issues.

Imaginary Weapon could be made a lot more useful if it was, say, d4s or d6s at range and d8 in melee instead of needing Warp Space to substitute its amp and cut its damage in half. Or a three-action cast for range.

Its poachability is much more about the Magus not having its own class option to pick up a Conflux Spell that you can use with Spellstrike. And that can be fixed with just a new Magus feat.

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