Rootball Chair and narrow spaces

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I just noticed something cool.

A discussion around Large characters navigating narrow spaces made me realize that the Rootball Chair Animal Companion is ideal for these situations.

Their ability to ignore difficult terrain should allow a Large sized Rootball to move at full speed down a narrow hallway aa easily as across a broken landscape.

A Small PC can Take Cover/Hide behind a Large Rootball Chair.
A Medium sized PC could ride this same Large Companion anywhere he can walk.

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Note that ignoring difficult terrain is the support benefit, and support costs an action. You could either move two actions at half speed or use one action for support and one to move at full speed, not much of a difference.
The only possibility i see is to use support and then step into difficult terrain.
I still wonder if that was the rules intention, because it is really niche.

Yeah, I didn't realize that...
A huge misunderstanding on my part.

As a passive ability it would quite nice,it costing an action would be niche,the part where it limits the Companions other actions on the same turn to simple Moves make it close to useless.

This seems like a true trap option, since many other large mounts are faster.
Am I getting this right, a horse is faster in difficult terrain than the Companion that has" ignores difficult terrain" as it's Support Benifit?

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