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Spell-like Ability vs Spell Completion / Trigger devices

Manticore breeding with a griffon?

Do 'plus' weapons bypass DR?

Yet another arcane bond question

Favored enemy bonus and CMB

Cover and CMD

Sacrilegious Aura vs. Smite Evil


Channel Smite + Alignment Channel

Magic Item Creation - Cantrips

How do I Pathfinderize my Yuan-Ti?

Stacking extra channel

Rules on cleave

Bashing enchanment

Firing into a melee? Striking the cover (your buddy)?

Archery Question

Extra Channel vs. Extra Lay On Hands

Which is the Definitive "spell-like abilities"

(Bestiary) Skeleton / Zombie DR

Start full round spell as standard action?

Specialist Wizards and opposed schools.

Buffs and granted abilities

Dragons and Frightful Presence

Magical Knack and feat prerequisites - official ruling wanted

Sorcerer No Limit Cantrips

Saving throw definition

Bestiary: Missing Rules?

Immobile spells and interaction with moving vessels

Can an elemental sorcerer take the Improved Natural Attack feat?

Damage penalties?

Arcane Bond question (not about weapons)

Escape artist vs Entangle spell

Poison, Assassins, and Viability

Sneak attacks, Undead Elementals and constructs

An odd thing came up last session

Mass Cure spells question

Spell Statue

Bestiary Question Larger Posionous Animals

Questions about spells

Vital strike clarification

Greater Grapple

Question about Protective Ward

Animal Companion - Wolf and his Trip Attack

Arcane Archer and the spell Tiny Hut

Deeper Darkness and shadows

Animated Object Question / Giant Creature Question

Elven Curved Blade - Combat Modifiers

Favored class benefits for NPCs / Monsters?

Ranged Trip - how does it work?

Core Rulebook Error

Question about objects / for Jason or SKR

Is an Arcane Archer's Phase Arrow blocked by magical armor or shields?

Summon Monster 1: Viper

Does the act of teleporting cause an Attack of Opportunity?

Poor Visibility

Tiny and smaller critters who use Dex on melee attack rolls

Feat / class ability order that is used to determine things

Reflex Saves

NPC CR Question

Identifying magic items

Learning a Language without Linguistics being a class skill

Fleet & Swift Foot

Practiced Spellcaster and Item Creation feats

Anti-Magic Field and Familiars

Grappling Spells

Flying and 45 degrees?

Regen vs Coup de Grace

Spell Focus and Spell-Likes

Holy Champion banishment ability

Do you gain elemental subtype (and its benefits) from using Elemental Body?

Affinity requirements and only at 1st level feats.

Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, and Power Attack: Can I choose which bonus?

Dwarf - Hardy trait

Agile Athlete Feat?

Poison Frequency and Effect Clarification

Touch attacks and attack progressions?

Multiclass Druid / Ranger animal companion

As a GM, should I worry about the Gentle Repose Domain?

Touch Calculation

2 weapon Rend and Combat Manuvers.

Aura of justice clarification

Power Attack and Flurry of Blows

"Multi-Class" Cleric / Cleric?

How long can you hold your action in combat?

NPC Generation

What is the penalty for an off-hand attack?

Dismissing Animal Companions

[Paladin] Ranged smite?

[QUERY] Flying Animals with Medium / Heavy loads?

Arcane Strike, Vital Strike, Maximize Spell and Touch attacks

Flame Blade + Dervish Dance

Bardic music and spells / spell trigger items

How is a Flame Blade like a scimitar ?

Shield Slam+Improved Bull Rush+Greater Bull Rush=?

Can cast shillelagh on a rod?

Using Wands With Spells Higher Than You Could Cast

Casting Defensively Question

Multi-class Cleric / Paladin

Homunculus (constructs)

Summon Monster II and III

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