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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Does Slashing Grace cause the weapon to actually deal Piercing damage?

Attacks of Opportunity and Charging

Intercept Charge and Attacks of Opportunity.

Stargazer domain question

Bloodrager + Monk + Claws + Flurry?

Waveblade - Is it a close weapon, a monk weapon or both?

Grapple and flying

Bludgeoner feat use on Ninja

Ring of Life Bleed vs. Limited Wish

Phantom Blade archer?

Medium creature in two squares

Infernal Healing & Eschew Material

Elemental Monk with Combat Style Master?

Kineticist: Burn

Pathfinder Unchained: Alternate Profession Rules clarifications and questions (they seem very broken?)

Pathfinder Weapon of Mass Destruction

electrical ectoplasmic burning shadow

Screaming Flames and large+ creatures?

Trading Warpriest Blessings for Divine Fighting Technique


Can oozemorphs be blue? (PFS)

Warrior Spirit- What Kind of Action to Activate?

Kineticist elemental whispers question...

Ascetic Style and Amulet of Mighy Fists

Arcane Strike and Paladin.

what would a colossal monk do for unarmed damage?

Channel negative / spontaneous cures (or channel positive / spontaneous inflict)

Spectral Hand / unarmed strike / hex strike

Godless healing question

Sidestep feat [APG]

Black Pudding (Yummy)

Do lantern archon’s ray of light power do full damage to incorporeal creatures?

Pathfinder society legality

Smart Armor crafting cost (technology guide)

basic telekinesis

Use Magical Device and Staves

Does "accomplished sneak attacker" feat stack with the "sense vitals" spell?

What's the Craft DC of a Masterwork item that isn't a tool, weapon or armor?

Spells, Metamagic and Metamagic Rods.

Does deathwatch lens's count as interacting with an illusion to disbelieve it?

Dodging Panache when Prone

Climb vs base speed

Dropping an Orc Skull Ram

How mindless is a vermin?

Gaining immunity removes condition?

kineticist elemental whisper (familiar) wild talent: need clarification

Alchemist's Aspergillum (Damage + INT)

Rules Question: Limited Wish and Grand Hexes

Life Spirit Shaman - Life Link Hex and Scar Hex Together

Card Caster and Acid Flasks

Azata, Lillend -- no DR?

Speed in PF 1

Occultist Necromantic Servant

Antipaladin fiendish boon and summon monster rules

Full attack and BAB for monsters

Two-Handed Fighter Questions

Unseen Servant and Enlarge Person

Ways for a witch to get another patron?

Aberrant's Long Limbs and Cure Spells

Casting Frostbite Outside of combat

Spell range unlimited

Stirge touch attack / blood drain (Ex) vs damage reduction / magic (dragon)

Ancestor Unchained Eidolon Ability Score

Amazing Initiative and Sniping

Continuous Heigthened Awareness Item

Incorporeal Undead VS Healing Magic

Constructed Pugilist (Brawler) and Hook Fighter

Giant-blooded trait

Ability Modifier + d20 = Ability Check?

What counts as a magic attack conserning distraction?

Reiterated Alchemist Spell Clarification, Transmuter & Cross Knowledge Traits

Cost of a mobile weapons platform construct?

Incoporial ghost touch weapon

Druid Herbalism Breakdown

Trippin' on flight

Progenitor / Servitor questions.

Can you use call truce and antagonize to disrupt an enemy trying to flee or complete a spell?

Mythic rules / epic game

Kineticist Thundering Infusion Wording

Mythic rules / epic game

Holy Brilliant Energy weapon vs. armored undead.

Flame Blade Interactions

Weapon Cord Use

Druid in bird form questions

Sorcerer: Learning Lower Level Spell Rather Than Higher Level Spell?

Gorgon breath weapon

Question on some stacking rules.

Interstellar Void-Dark Tapestry / Heavens

Dimensional slide with familiar

question about ring of counterspells

Within range of a shadow question

What are considered known spells?

Stacking bonuses

Temporary Ability Score Bonuses and Alternate Stats

Healer's Satchel, Incredible Healer & Healer's Hands and other questions

Any new Summoned Monsters given all the new material since Core?

Again: Haramaki & Bracers of Armor

Stat bonus to ac.

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