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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Kitsune, Magical Tail, Human Guise, Racial Heritage (Kobold), Tail Terror. One or two tail slaps?

Preventing AoO

Downtime question: spending capital

Harboured Phantom Blade & Amulet of Mighty Fists

Nat One on Dispel Magic

Do attack bonuses from Scurrying Swarmer and Underfoot stack?

Enter rage stance as swift action?

Multiclass for the hero i want. love of barbarian and alot of complex questions. dipping for race?

Are all Undead Evil?

Identifying Poisons

Effects of icy terrain

Agile Glaive?

Feeblemind and Aasimars Purifers feature Sin Eater

Bonded Object and scrolls

Souldrinker's Cacodaemon

Questions about Worm that Walks and Familiars

Quick Maneuver feats and 'Highest Base Attack Bonus'

Page of Spell Knowledge and Beast Shape

Possible Error in Small Cat Animal Companion entry

How can a monk use the sword as a monk weapon?

Jumping into Branch Pounce

How many people can fit in a chest?

Ranger / paladins and caster levels

Brawler's Flurry, and a versatile two-handed weapon

Instant Armor spell + Fortified Armor Training feat

Ring of Spell Storing and Spell-Like abilities

Can it Crit: Nagaji Spit Venom Feat Chain

The interaction of mutation warrior with the extra discovery feat

Symbol of Mirroring Usage

Familiar Taxi: Teleport and Deliver Touch Spells

Swift Class Abilities

Oracle Class feature question

Can you recognize a Skinwalker when they’ve transformed if you’ve seen them in human form but didn’t see them transform?

magical beast cohort creation

Mind Fog vs Life Bubble

Breaking an Intelligent Item's Domination

Do indirect bonuses of the same type stack?

Bonded Witch Archetype-Wand

Some More Rules (and Other) Questions

Will Calm Emotions stop a bloatmage's rage?

Large weapons... how to do it right?

Polymorph Any Object + Invisible Stalker

Character Level vs Monster HD

Bogeyman spell-like ability concentration modifying ability is...?

Crafting Magic Items With The Aid Of Scrolls?

How do ear seekers work?

Ghost Template Variant Ability: Deathly Delusion

Channel power mythic ability question.

Shield Bonus and Shield Enhancement Bonus

Succubus in a grapple.

Wilding Druid (With Archetype)

Cartomancer's deliver touch spells and other spellcasting classes

Retraining for kineticist

Shifter, Skinwalker, and "Natural Form"

Martial Arts Handbook - handwraps

Sneak Magic Missile

Monk (Water Dancer) and what it gets.

Is it possible to up the size on a weapon?

What is the construction cost of a Construct Companion?

Typo in the Inubrix Golem?

Ways to get non-standard AoOs?

does hide in plain sight specific rules trump all general vision rules?

Kineticist and Amulet of Hidden Strength

Kinetic Blade

Succubus / Incubus and default form questions?

Special materials for bows

Invisibility Glitterdust Invisibility

Caltrop Beads clarification

Beneficial Bandolier Swift action reload and Dragoon Cartridges

Do Bogeyman Terrible Rejuvenation and Implacable Stalker Terrifying Inevitability fast healing stack?

Can you take a 5ft step while grappling?

Iconic character sheet question

Night Terrors (ability)

Identifying spell effects / meta gaming ...

Do They Stack, CMD Boosts of Shield Specialization and Mobile Bulwark

Folio Re-Roll

Grabbing Imps without proper training

Underwater combat and swim checks

Gust of wind and GUARDS AND WARDS

One Synthesist Summoner Thread to rule them all

Color of the light / dancing lights spells?

Spell Combat + Blade Tutor's Spirit

Not reading prerequisites fully

Featherleaf Barding

Stacking Bonuses

Stacking Shax’s Sneak Attack

Shooting Into Melee and Precise Shot

Raging Song - Between Turns

Weapon Enhancement Bonus vs DR?

Possession Spell: Ability Drain, Damage, & Energy Drain

Intimidate: Demoralize: Unchained Frighten & Panic

Compatibility archetype Legate + feat Fortified Armor Training

Hinyasi and Improvised Weapons with additional damage / effect

The Outflank fest and Mad Dog Barbarians Pack Tactics

Charm Person and Death Attack

Swallow Whole

Can you have more than 2 identities through multiclassing? Can you stack identities gained from multiclassing?

Assorted Starknife Questions

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