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Dervish Dance + Buckler

Sneak Attack and Scorching Ray

Two-weapon-fighting with a two-handed weapon and a weapon that does not require hands

Pounce and Iterative attacks.

5 foot step into an opponents space: AoO or no?

Everyone is staring at each other... Surprise round?

Invisibility fun.

Can't take 20 on trapfinding, are you serious?!?!

Taking 10 on skills

Query on new limits to number of free actions in faq and Many Shot

A flurry of claws

Disentegrate vs Breath of Life

+4 temporary increases to Strength: How does it work? FAQ or Errata in the Core book or NPC Codex?

Full 8 hr crafting while traveling (RAW manipulation)

archer flanking bonus

Animal Companion beats PC in what?

Do feats and abilities that apply to "Ranged Weapons" also apply to spells? (FAQ request)

Dumb Humans and skills

Can you take Free and swift actions before and after a Full Round actions?

Aspect of the Falcon Question

Fighter Class Feature: Bonus Feats: Learning a New Feat

Do archetypes that both alter class skills stack?

Profession (Murderhobo)

Control of Animal Companions

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Kiting with 5' Steps???

Can you completely ignore an attacker to deny its flanker a flacking bonus?

Can I ever dual wield Longbows as a human?

A fellow player misunderstands deeper darkness

New FAQ on spell-like abilities (what it does not nerf?)

Brilliant Energy ammunition bypasses total cover?

Invisibility and moving through enemies.

Wis to attack twice?

What makes a divine spell divine?

Question on a Swarm

"Free" Actions During an Attack of Opportunity

A Witch with a Deity as a Patron

Argh! Picking up item in threatened square

Sohei 1 / Weapon master 3

Attack of opportunity with the armor spikes?

So what actually does the speed enhancement on an amulet of mighty fist do?

Is it against a druids code to torture animals?

Hold Person and Delaying Initiative

Official answers

A little gem about 0 level spells.

Identifying Arcane Bonded Items

Is the effect from Sleeves of Many Garments illusory or transmutive?

Zero HD Native Outsiders and Weapon Proficiencies

Pageant of the Peacock

Greater Trip Question

Spell Combat, Full-Attack, and Haste

Detect Magic & Magic Traps / Invisibility

Two Handed Archtype and Cleave

Can you be flanked without knowing you're flanked?

Taking 10 on perception checks to notice an ambush

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

APG Rules Questions

Bladed Brush feat - slashing grace and reach for the magus?

Precise Strike + Spell Combat

Haste Errata / FAQ Request

Lack of vision and flanking.

The FAQ broke mounted characters. Do these archetypes even work anymore?

It is possible to trample a swarm?

Does Haste grant Monks an extra attack?

Can a weapon be enchanted with both frost and flaming?

Vital Strike +

The Off-hand

Alternating between how you carry weapons?

Adamantine katana

Pricing Mithral Armor for Unusual Creatures

Tricking Mirror Image by closing your eyes?

Double weapon and attacks of opportunity

How can blink dogs be sorcerers?

Bastard Sword, Dwarven Waraxe, Katana, and Great Terbutje

Confusion Bomb: Should it be clarified, banned or left alone?

Mirror image, concealment and closed eyes.

Casting light on an invisible target?

Cayden Cailean's divine fighting technique = spell combat for alchemists?

Order of applying metamagic feats

how do you deal with shadows killing you?

Gunslinger: Reloading needs an errata or a nerf

Belt of Incredible Dexterity +3

How Do I Chop Wood?

Wild shape & Shields (from Treantmonk's guide)

Weapon Finesse + Damage

Greater Feint

Is "shield" a "weapon"?

flat footed during first round?

Does the Amulet of Mighty Fists bypass DR based on its enhancement bonus?

Magic and Flanking

When do armor spikes apply their "extra damage"

Failed Aid Another on Diplomacy Checks

Does hex require line of sight

Does Bodyguard trigger Paired Opportunists?

Slashing Grace and "otherwise occupied"

Unconscious targets considered willing?

Improvised Weapons are they Weapons FAQ

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Sneak attack from Stealth RAW

Magical + Non-magical size increases and stacking

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