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1. The Sack full of Fungus

The strips of leathery fungus seem edible...

DM Briefing: They are indeed edible. The Fungus serves as a replacement for iron Rations although the individual who eats them developes a persistant cough that doesnt go away even if you give up eating the mushrooms.

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2. An intelligent Bull’s-eye lantern that shines it's light on the last place it's now dead master told it too, His spell book which is now just the leather cover with no pages, the cover is untouched by the passage of time. The Lantern Floats a long lighting the Cover until the command word is spoken and a new master is determined

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3: a stack of books describing all classes, fighting styles abilities and spells, and even most monsters (doesnt actually have the spells written, just descriptions and names of them)

4: leathery scroll with 1 inch squares etched on one side and hexagons on the other. any ink spilled on it can be wiped off as long as it has been left on it less than a month.

5: a box with miniature statuettes about 1 inch in height

*DM briefing -c'mon you get it, think about it

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Name Violation wrote:

3: a stack of books describing all classes, fighting styles abilities and spells, and even most monsters (doesnt actually have the spells written, just descriptions and names of them)

4: leathery scroll with 1 inch squares etched on one side and hexagons on the other. any ink spilled on it can be wiped off as long as it has been left on it less than a month.

5: a box with miniature statuettes about 1 inch in height

*DM briefing -c'mon you get it, think about it

The local version of Kriegspiel?

6. A "useful" compass
This seemingly normal compass will in fact point you where ever you truly wish to go, but only in the dark. If any light shines upon it (natural or artifical), it simply points north.

7.The Bag of Lost Things
This appears to be a Bag of Holding, but in reality holds a portal to a sub-dimension containing all things "lost". Whether people, or artifacts, or your spare keyes. Page numbers listed are where these things can be found in the Pathfinder Core Rule Book. The Bag is safe for one draw a day. Any more than that results in a 10% chance of being sucked into the bag, these chances stack and do not reset from player to player.
1% Specific Item
2-6% Gold (%d = amount)
7-8% Ring (p.479)
9% Artifact (p.543; table on other page)
10-14% Other Valuables (gems, jewelry, statues, etc.)
15% Magic Wand (p.496)
16% Magic Staff (p.492)
17% Magic Rod (p.485)
18% Scroll (Arcane) (p.491)
19% Scroll (Divine) (p.491)
20-29% Mundane Item (p.158)
30-32% Magic Shield (p.497)
33% Lost Person
34-38% Mundane Weapon (p.142)
39-40% Magic Weapon (p.471)
41-45% Mundane Armor/Shield (p.151)
46-47% Magic Armor (p.464)
48-50% Wondrous Item (p.497-499)
51-60% Key
61-75% Sock
76-80% Cursed Item (p.537)
81-85% Nothing
86-93% Other Clothes (pants, robes, hats, etc.)
94-98% Lost Christmas Gifts (books, board games, etc.)
99% Remote Control
100% Pet

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8. A 50 foot section rope that upon inspection appears completely normal. The rope cannot be cut in any way, be it magical or otherwise, the functions inside of a anti-magic field. Whenever you attempt to tie a knot in it, it somehow comes loose at the slightest weight regardless of how tight it was previously. The rope also has a tag (that likewise cannot be removed) that bears the name "Caira Tuclish."

9. A pair of gloves once worn become "absorbed" into the hand of the wearer and seemingly disappears. Once they disappear the wearer finds himself one finger short on each hand, although their morphology seems to have changed to accommodate this. To the wearer it feels completely natural and does nothing to hinder normal use of the hands. From this point after the user gains a +1 Trait bonus to slight of hand for purposes of pickpocketing.

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Is no one else seriously going to contribute to this?

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10. Map to part of the Cleaves

This Map is Tattooed on a scroll of Human Skin and is not entirely accurate. A number of Rooms seem to be mapped but they are not connected to each other.

DM Briefing: The Rooms will have held some secret (collectivly).

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11. "To your Health" Tankard

All liquids imbibed from this tankard are rendered nontoxic (perm Neutralize Poison). Not necessarliy palatable but not requiring any fortitude checks either. Any toast or salut in any language is activating keyword.

So yes, yes you can drink that Dwarf under the table.

Is alcohol strictly "toxic" though

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

12. Holy Chalice.
A simple silver chalice (possibly with a holy symbol of a good god). Any water poured into it will become clean and sanctified within an hour (maybe implying the dirtier; the longer it takes). This effect can be done 3 times per day, and makes the equivalent of a vial of holy water each time.

13. Workman's Mug.
A wooden and brass banded mug (possibly with a holy symbol of a neutral or mechanical god). Any standard liquid (no lava, etc.) poured into it transforms into a equivalent of a flask of oil. The oil can be lit, creating an impromptu (and potentially spillable) torch - the mug itself won't be destroyed. Duration is the same as a basic lamp would be. This effect can be done 3 times per day.

14. Black Vessel.
A tall obsidian cup (possibly with a symbol of an evil god, devil, demon, etc.). Any water or blood poured into it transforms into the equivalent of a vial of acid. This effect can be done 3 times per day.

Glad others are adding to this.
15. Dunham's Amulet
Pair of amulets that allow the wearer of one speak through the mouth of the wearer of the other.
DM= A pair of necklaces, each with a silver medallion. One on is mouth, on the other is a pepper.

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Cartigan wrote:
Is alcohol strictly "toxic" though

Yes. Alchohol is a toxin. No matter how mild. Drink enough of it in a short enough period of time, and it will kill you. Hence the real life medical condition "Alcohol Poisoning".

16. Tankard of the Drunken Man (a classic)
That magic tankard is a source of excelent halfling beer. Characters drinking from it gain the following effects for an hour:
+2 circumstance bonus to saves versus fear effects
-1 penalty to Sense Motive and Bluff checks
Randomly tells minor embarrassing true stories and personal facts

Each time it is used roll a d20.
1: The character drops part of the beer. The party is over. The character doesn't gain any benefit or penalty, and the Tankard stops working for 24 hours.
2-19: Normal effects. The tankard can be used again.
20: The character can't stop drinking for two rounds. The tankard is depleted. The character gain twice the normal benefits and penalties, and the Tankard stops working for 24 hours. If other characters prevent the user from drinking for two rounds the party ends- the tankard stops working for 48 hours but the user gains the normal benefits and penalties.

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Evil Genius Prime wrote:
Cartigan wrote:
Is alcohol strictly "toxic" though
Yes. Alchohol is a toxin. No matter how mild. Drink enough of it in a short enough period of time, and it will kill you. Hence the real life medical condition "Alcohol Poisoning".

Drink enough water in a short period of time and it will kill you.

Cartigan wrote:
Evil Genius Prime wrote:
Cartigan wrote:
Is alcohol strictly "toxic" though
Yes. Alchohol is a toxin. No matter how mild. Drink enough of it in a short enough period of time, and it will kill you. Hence the real life medical condition "Alcohol Poisoning".
Drink enough water in a short period of time and it will kill you.

Consumption of enough of anything in a short period of time will kill you. Let's stick to the thread, if you please.

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Cartigan wrote:
Evil Genius Prime wrote:
Cartigan wrote:
Is alcohol strictly "toxic" though
Yes. Alchohol is a toxin. No matter how mild. Drink enough of it in a short enough period of time, and it will kill you. Hence the real life medical condition "Alcohol Poisoning".
Drink enough water in a short period of time and it will kill you.

This is true. But anyway.....

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#16 Boots of Grounding: These hob-nailed boots tie up to midcalf, and are adorned with braided silver and copper chain along the spine of boot.

Benefits: Provides immunity to electrical damage for the wearer; within 10' radius of wearer receive DR 20; within 20' receive DR 10. As a free action, wearer may choose to attract/divert to himself any electrical attack within the 20' radius regardless of original target. If this is a chain lightning spell or area effect target within 20', it starts with him(if he so chooses, thus the DR radius)and always ends with him.

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The cursed version of Boots of Grounding aint purty. Aint Putry t'all.

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#17 Hammock of Comfort
Yep, Endure Elements and warded against vermin.

#18 Bedroll of Vigilance
You sleep well yet very light. Warded 30' radius (must name trusted persons ie Good night John Boy), +4 to initiative, Armor may be worn as if sleeper had Endurance Feat with no ill effect.

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19) A pair of sock/stockings with black stitching with the word "Hames" on the toes of each. While worn they reduce the penalties for exhaustion related to forced marching by 1.

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20. Giant Jar of Numice

This one gallon ceramic jar is filled with a paste of spiced and Pickled fish.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 8

21. Better Part of Valor Boots

These seemingly well worn boots, in addition to being quite comfortable, increase their wearer's base speed by 30' for 1 minute whenever an attack causes the wearer to be reduced to less than a quarter of her maximum hit points. During this period the wearer also receives a +10 circumstance bonus to Acrobatics checks made to avoid triggering an attack of opportunity due to movement.

EDIT: This effect immediately ends if the wearer is restored to more than one quarter of their maximum hit points.

Preferably found on skeletal remains in a corner or other dead end.

Liberty's Edge

22. Someones Wallet

This is an ordinary wallet... no not a fantasy wallet, we are talking a leather tri-fold. Complete with a Drivers License for the state of North Carolina, 2 Visa Credit Cards, 1 Starbucks Gift Card, and 32 dollars in cash. The second fold reveals some proof of insurance and pictures of children. It is well worn but still supple and fits nicely in your back pocket.

#24. Toonish Portal
(#16 was used twice)

It looks like a small black circle, like a cloth patch.
You can use a move action that doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity to put that in a wall, then it increases in size and a portal to the opposite wall of the room is opened (if any). The opposite wall can't be further away than 60'.
The portal can be used from both sides, no movement penalty applies, you can even use a 5' step. The other side is clearly seen from the portal.
Any Medium and Large (squeezing) creature can use it.
Recovering the item from the wall (it can be done at both sides) is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

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25. Big Ball of Wax

THis sphere of Black Wax seems to have peen pushed up in the Corner of the Room. It is about five feet in Diameter.

26. Cloack of hidden darkness

Constant darkness as the spell however only when no light sources exist in range.

27. slippers of elevated spider climb

ability to use spider climb as the spell but only while flying

28. belt of the in place acrobat

+10 on acrobatic checks to avoid attacks on you but only when your start and end movement square is the same

29. cursed Merciful sword of mighty cleaving (possible to make)

you get an additional attack when you kill an opponent with this weapon, however the cursed nature of this weapon forces all magical effects to be active.

30. goggles of repeat analysis

you get a +10 perception bonus to items / things you have already noticed

Robe of Blending (curse) - Upon donning this cloak and pulling up the cowl, two set of blades (on opposites sides about ear level) are created protuding toward the center about 5 inches. Blended brains anyone :-)

32 Phylactery of Sending - these items come in pairs. They appear to be boxes with a string attached, the string ends in a plain cuff that fits over the wearers ear, from this a small post extends toward the wearer's mouth. They wearer of phylactery can contact the other so long as neither is blocked by a stone wall of 1' in thickness, lead or gold of 1" thickness or a mountain range. Activating the phylactery causes the target's item to make a musical tone lasting 30 seconds.

The Exchange

33. Wingman: A silver brooch with stylized wings, must be visible. Whenever the wearer attempts to assist another in a social setting, if the roll to assist was succesful add +4, if not only add +2. It has no affect outside of a social setting, or when wearer is alone. Wearer does not have to know who she is assisting but must be within 10' and aware of what is going on.

34. Deck of Strange Cards

A deck of strange cards, with the images of weird and otherworldly monsters painted upon them, and a small amount of text underneath the image. These cards are very well made, and have a slightly waxy texture. When placed in opposition to another deck, the monsters will be summoned from the card as ethereal spirits and do battle against one another.

(Reference: Magic The Gather, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.)

35. Qahwah Beans

A dark brown bean often reduced to a powder, that when mixed with boiling water, creates a bitter but pleasant drink. This beverage grants a +1 bonus to Perception and Concentration checks for 1 hour after consuming. This is the maximum bonus provided by the liquid. Consuming this beverage also allows a full night's rest to be reduced by 2 hours, but only if this beverage is consumed within the first quarter-hour of wakefulness. Consuming more than a few cups will render the drinker Sickened.

36. Marionette of proper grammar

An exquisitely carved construct. If the user says the words 'Teach Me" followed by a language name the marionette will repeat the users phrase with corrected grammar and speech suitable to for high society.
Saying "gotta go potty" would be repeated as "Excuse me, can you direct me to the washroom?"

The marionette does not translate but may work in any language the speaker has passing knowledge of.

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37. The Metal Chest

This metal chest is made of a fine metal mesh allowing the user to see the contents of the container. It is about 2 feet long, 1/2 feet wide and 1/2 feet high with metal screws holding it closed and a metal handle at one end allowing carrying of the box.

38. Fastidious Cat Statuette
A small, emaculate marble cat that will clean any object it comes in contact with. The object must be no bigger that large size and will only be cleaned on available surfaces (i.e. if someone is sleeping on their back, the statue won't clean their back). The object must remian motionless and in contact with the statue for 30 mins for activation and must not move during the cleaning, else the statue will cease to function until activation reoccurs. No damage is delt by this object or it's function.

39: Xan's Tome of Summoning for Dummies. Lists all common languages that summoned creatures understand, and as a move action can speak important combat commands for the user like magic mouth. also +1 stat bonus on all summoned creatures.

40. Flying Bed.

It flies.

41 Tray of unappetizing food. Dishes placed on this tray appear uninteresting to any creature that isn't actually starving. Characters wishing to eat the food must make a will save dc12.
Actually the tray preserves food against spoiling and keeps it edible. Dishes removed from the tray resume their original appearance and appeal.

Question: What is "CLEAVES" and is someone planning on using these things?

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Sigurd wrote:

Question: What is "CLEAVES" and is someone planning on using these things?

The Cleaves is the Megadungeon we is building.

CLEAVES Conversation Thread can be found here

42. Bane
This is the ultimate hunter's weapon. It can alter between an axe, a flail and a heavy pick as desired. It comes enchanted with the bane special ability three times. The first two are switched around randomly each morning at dawn. The third may be chosen by the wielder. If the wielder has a favored enemy, then the one chosen must be one of those. Other wise the wielder is free to choose whom-ever. This weapon also by-passes teh restriction of not being able to choose your own kind unless you are evil. However, it gives a -1 to attack and damage to any creature not amongst the three chosen banes.

43.Dominic's Guise
A plain green eye-patch with the eye of the pharoh stitch onto the patch in thread of gold. When worn, it allows the wearer to use a constant effect Disguise Self. It also grants True Seeing to the wearer. On the down side, whom so ever is wearing it can only see out to 50 feet, everything else further is an indistinct blur.

44.Heart Piercer
A two-headed javelin approx. 5 feet in length. Acts as a regular Javelin of Returning until you designate a final target with the command words "You who have wronged me, meet your end as I will meet mine." When Heart Piercer is then thrown, it flies true to the target, ignoring ALL obstecals (magical or otherwise). It strikes down the target with no save, then returns to the one who threw it. This time, however, it does not reappear in their hands like a normal returning weapon would. It strikes them down as it did to their target. Again, no defense can save you and there is no save. Literally a last ditch effort.

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40.Since the magic is in the bedpost, you can put it on a new bed if the old bed is destroyed.

45:Wand of Cure Critical, 10 charges, command word "Florance Nightengale. It is a white birch wand
with a gold banded tip holding an ivory disk at the end.

46: Wine bottle holding 5 doses of elixer of polymorph. It will turn the drinker into a squirrel for seven
minutes. It smells and tastes of acorns. Worth 1050GP a dose. Heals as many hit points as when
the character gets a full night's sleep when the character becomes a squirrel.

47: Alchemist's glove. This leather glove has 5 special buttons on the knuckles. When the glove is worn, a weapon is held, and a button is pressed, the weapon transforms.
Pinky, silver button, the weapon turns into alchemist's silver.
Ring finger, iron button, weapon turns into cold iron.
Middle finger, admantium button, weapon turns into admantium.
Pointing finger, teak button, weapon turns into very hard wood. Hurts vampires and can be used by druids.
Thumb Nuckle, quartz. turns weapon back into it's original material. If the weapon is let go of it also reverts.

48: Sun ring: Electrium ring with sunstone gem. Continual light is cast on the underside of the gem and is difficult to dispell or counter.

49: Librarians paperweight: This marble plaque says "Quiet" in common. It has the silence spell cast permanantly on it.

The Exchange

What is "CLEAVES"? I ask out of interest.

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderR PG/houseRules/tHECLEAVESAMEGADUNGEON
That topic explains it all.

50: Box of fated items: A wooden box full of mundane items. It does not radiate magic or any
alignment. The next time someone needs a key, a signet ring, or any other mundane item,
it will be in there. It only works once for each type of item.
51: Jenny's ring: This silver ring set with a white pearl is worth about 500 GPs. It radiates no
magic or alignment, but it is haunted. Treat it as a soul jar. Jenny is a small girl killed by ghouls.
Wis. 6, Int. 12. and Cha. 18 give her a possession DC of 13 but she has few skills. She can read
common, sing children's song 5, dance 5, and has knowledge history 7. She wants to find a
body she can use to live, and will help anyone who helps her goal. If the wearer is feebleminded
or something, Jenny takes over.
52: Sacred dagger: Like a dagger of venom but it contains 3 doses of holy water that regenerates
at dawn. When it hits a creature vunerabe to holy water it injects it doing holy water damage in
addition to normal damage. It's +1, holy, cold iron with alchemist silver bonded to it(-1 damage,
minimum 1).
53: Drow Rod of Betrayal: It can cast web, poison, and darkness each once a day. For a true
believer in Lolth(or whatever deity), it can polymorph one being into a spider monster. First, a spider leg horror,
then, a drider, then, a brood mother. Doing this counts as passing a test of Lolth(or whatever deity) for a Priestess.
It can also be used to atone to Lolth(or whatever deity). All, saves are DC17. A victim can throw the save.
54: Magic Jar: This crystal jar with a tight fitting metal lid can hold a spell indefinitly. Identify
will tell you it contains a six dice fireball. Open it, and the fireball will come out an go off. If
another spell is cast into it and the lid is put on, that other spell will be contained. Just one
spell, any level, but it can't be personal or touch. The spell will target the nearest thing to
the jar when opened.
(I started this list for another game world)

55 - A scroll case, vial of ink, a small knife and a quill. The case is empty.

56 - a fine bronze bust of a humanoid (1-4 - human 5 - elf 6 - dwarf) the bust seems meant to sit on a table or alter. It is carefully made with delicate features but is otherwise unadorned.

57 - a spoiled bag of food.

58 - 3 sharpened stakes and a holy symbol inside a blood soaked bag.

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59- Earing of Eternal Repose, This simple unassuming gold hoop was originally made for a paladin of Pharasma. This item assures the paladin's body would not rise as an undead of any sort, the body repels disecrating undead and is unpalatable as well. Animate Dead must overcome DC20.
If earing is removed after death, the body turns to dust; otherwise it decays normally.

60. "Living" Room Furniture
This furniture (a couch, a rocking chair, and a coffee table) are all placed into the corner of a room and set up as though someone were using them. In fact, the rocking chair moves as if someone were using it at that moment. Any spell or ability allowing the seeing of invisible creatures revels a ghost in the rocking chair and one on the sofa. They were once artists, and they are died unexpectedly while trying to think up a new game for a wealthy patron. The one in the chair is named Landry, the other Corin. The game had to be an indoor game for 2-8 people, preferably one played while sitting and that took more study than skill. Some aspect of radomization was also looked for.

61.Bag of tiles
6 tiles in a bag. They are not Mai Jong tiles. They are tiles of heal light wounds. You break them over the wound and they heal 1D8+1. They are ceramic and have a red cross on a white field.

Liberty's Edge

62. Gloves of Gripping Things Really Good and Also Hurting Things

These gloves are magically enhanced to improve the grip of their wearer, making it very hard to disarm that person (+10 to CMD vs. disarm). In addition, each attack made by the wearer of the glove is granted a +2 grip bonus to damage (Does not stack with other grip bonuses).

The Exchange

63. Tins of Something

This is a collection of tin cylinders with some sort of sloshy liquid substance inside. Unfortunatly it seems they cant be opened without stabbing them full of dagger holes. Whatever tool is used to open these sealed tins is not amongst the Tins.

If they do punch holes in them they taste and smell like a sweet food preserve.

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