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So what background music have you used for your LOF game?

Liberty's Edge

We went with some music from the middle east region. Such as Yousson N'Dour (Egypt), Banco de Gaia - Igizeh, Sahara Desert Blues (2 disks), and Mahmoun Ahmed - Ethiopiques V.7 Ere Mela Mela. These CD's really have the feel of the Katapesh Region and add to the experience.

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Lensman wrote:

So what background music have you used for your LOF game?

Dead Can Dance (you can glean much from all of their albums)

Passion of the Christ soundtrack by Peter Gabriel

"Music from the Crossroads of the World" by Byzantium

used a couple of tracks from the Warcraft 3 soundtrack

Tracks off of the Planescape: Torment soundtrack.

That's what I got for now.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Don't forget Bernard Herman's score to "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!"

Best LoF soundtrack ever!

James Jacobs wrote:

Don't forget Bernard Herman's score to "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!"

Best LoF soundtrack ever!

That was my first purchase! ;)

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James Jacobs wrote:

Don't forget Bernard Herman's score to "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad!"

Best LoF soundtrack ever!

Hmm...good suggestion. I'm a collector of "RPG music". I create mood-dependent playlists for my games. My players love it. It's at the point that it's so a part of our game, that when-for some reason-it's not there, they get disappointed/mad. They can sense that gap in the game.

Do you guys remember that article in Dragon Mag a year ago during Savage Tide that had suggestions for a song that went with each chapter of the AP? That was the s@~$ right there! That was like reading my mind.

James...If there's ever room for that kind of stuff in the Pathfinder line, I'd write the article for you. BTW...this is Bill from Burnt Offerings, the play (Ven Vinder). Just to put a face to the name.

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The Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack
Passion Sources, the companion to Peter Gabrial's Passion soundtrack
Rimsky-Korsakov's classical piece Scheherezade
Songs From The Victorious City, by Anne Dudley And Jaz Coleman
NFAK-Bandit Queen, by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Select tracts off the Alladin soundtrack

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I have a lot of D&D music ripped from video games. Seems around the late 90's early 2000 a lot of video games came with the music on the cd itself. You simply skipped track one (which was almost always raw data and thus came off as an ear piercing screech) and boom, awesome gaming music. I did this with a Might and Magic game (number 7 I believe) which has amazing background music that doesn't distract too much. Hexen 2 had a beautiful sound track as well, a couple songs creeped one of my players out kind of like O'Fortuna might freak some players out only a little more subtle and sinister.

Though I preferred music with a more middle eastern sound. The first half of the 13th warrior soundtrack worked well for that, hell, the second half wasn't bad either. I also managed to snag the Prince of Persia sound track as well which was nice and had great combat music.

13th Warrior and Lawrence of Arabia are indeed great for LoF, as are some pieces of the Mummy and Mummy Returns OST. I also use music from video games like Prince of Persia (Sands of Time) and some pieces from God of War.

Also check out the soundtrack for the game Gothic III, which contains some desert-themed music.

Scarab Sages

I've been using Pandora a lot lately - my main Gaming Music is derived from the Last of the Mohican's soundtrack. For Legacy of Fire though I use Smadj and Yousson N'Dour as my two seeds.

I'd like to offer the following;

Respighi's Church Windows. The Flight Into Egypt (mvt 2 if I remember)

Also, there Diane Arkenstone has an album entitled Echoes of Egypt which I will be using as well.

Although based on a non-Hindi culture, I like the exotic feel of Bollywood soundtracks (especially the Chaiya Chaiya remix from Spike Lee's "Inside Man"). I also dig some of the North African hip-hop from France and Spain. Oh, and Sting's "Desert Rose".

Shadow Lodge

Anything, ANYTHING, by Karl Sanders. Despite being the frontman of a death metal band, his musical scope of genres is amazing, from Hollywood-inspired bombastic orchestral pieces to acoustic, almost minimalistic instrumentals with a baghlama saz and dhele. Some perfect LoF music would be "Whence no Traveler Returns", "Elder God Shrine", "A Most Effective Exorcism against Azagthoth and His Emissaries".

Yes, guess the influences.

Lensman wrote:

So what background music have you used for your LOF game?

Wow. Just noticed this. In all my scans I must have sailed clean over it :) Glad to see some of the ones I'd already picked, though!

The Exchange

Not sure if others can link right to it like that, but this is what I plan to use on a continuous loop in "shuffle" mode.

I've been using Erdenstern, album Into the Gold, and it really sets the mood and my players loved it. I'll soon be running out of songs, so I'll be using your soundtrack AbyssLord, thx. Zomoroda is a really nice song.


Phil Thorton and Hassad Ramzy- Ancient Egypt
Kingdom of Heaven- Soundtrack
Govinda: "O' Earthly Gods"
Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Kevin Kiner
(The last seems like a strange pick, but there's a lot of non Star Wars themed tracks that have a very arabian feel to them.)

Spartacus Blood and Sand Soundtrack
Spartacus Gods of the Arena Soundtrack

Not sure if this thread is relevant for anyone anymore, as LoF is one of the older setups now; but I use Spotify and I stumbled upon a great record.

Arabian Night Chillout Lounge Arabic Music. Long name, and the "chillout lounge" made me unsure..but it's awesome thematic music. Give it a listen.

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I have used two lists of tracks so far. And I am at part 4 book 1.

This list is for exploring the dark Monastary and Kelmarane:

This is background music when in roleplaying "mode" to make a desert-like-arabic-egyptian mood.

At one time they where infiltrating Kelmarane at night, I used rainy mood and it was fanastic to make enviornmentally good style

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I'm thinking I need a different set of music for End of Eternity. Overall I'm going to want more of a "Mysterious Jungle" than "Arabian Desert" feel.

Off the top of my head I'm going to use the old Myst and Riven soundtracks, and there's a track from The Mission that I think fits well. Perhaps some old Sinbad soundtracks too. Any other ideas?

Nice youtube lists there Saganen. Went ahead myself and made a couple playlists using those and trying to find stuff from other mentions in this thread. :)

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Glad to be of assistance.

Book 1 part 5. I made the dungeon longer and more horror. I think it is sad, that the path with the coffer corpses is so short and simple. I made mine longer and full of illusion spells by Xulthos. I'm goin to play it tonight. My players will be freaked out.

And for that I have a special music list with horror. I can make links for youtube if anyone wants.

Grand Lodge

I only skimmed over the previous posts so I hope that I'm not repeating anything.

Karl Sanders (founding member of technical death metal band, Nile) has two solo albums titled Saurian Meditation and Saurian Exorcisms. Check out "Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents" from the former album and "Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe" from the latter. Almost entirely instrumental tracks done using traditional middle eastern instruments. Both albums have a Lovecraft meets the Arabian Nights feel to them. Some of the tracks have a much darker and malevolent feel to them.

Dreaming Through the Eyes of Serpents
Contemplate This on the Tree of Woe

Nile has at least one or two instrumental tracks per album that are in the same vein as Karl Sanders' solo albums. Most are much shorter, but check out "The Infinity of Stone" from the album Ithyphallic.

TheInfinity of Stone

Knut Avenstroup Haugen's Soundtrack to Age of Conan: the Hyborian Adventures has the in-game background music for Stygia (5 tracks total for Stygia) that again are heavily influenced by the Arabian Nights and Ancient Egypt. Check out "The Final Journey: Descent - The Darkness of Stygia: Kheshatta - City of Mages" (That's a mouthful.)

Kheshatta - City of Mages

Liberty's Edge

I know this is old news now, but I'm getting ready to start running LoF now and thank all of your for great posts, *especially* those two Karl Sanders tracks...amazing, and chances are, unrecognizable by my players!

Erdenstern - Into the Gold

or Erdenstern - Into the (some other color)

please ask google for more information^^

Grand Lodge

Yeti, if you like those tracks, I'd really recommend checking out the rest of the tracks on his albums. They should be easily found on YouTube.

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I wanted to make a "Katapesh Marketplace" mix. A local dance school has a bellydancing class every week. I went to the teacher there and asked for if she could give me the names of some of the artists and tracks she uses in her class. Instead, she made me a CD. I'm not really sure how one would find these tracks, but here is what I have:
The Myth, by Tabla Master
Habibi We Enaya, by Hossam Ramzy
Nadili Sik Sak Show, by Mezdeke
Mabeyadi, by Mezdeke
Habibi Ya Enyi, by the Mohammed Ali Ensemble
Ah W Noss, by Nancy Ajram (more techno, but still thematic)
Sahara Saidi, by Gamal Goma
Drum Solo, by Dr. Samy Farag
Yagmurlu Geceler, by Serdar Erbasi

I added to the list, without limiting myself to strictly Indian/Arabic music, figuring that Katapesh had to be pretty diverse, though most of them are of the same general feel.

Marrakesh Night Market, by Loreena McKennitt

From Red Moon, by Kalafina (Japanese, has modern instruments, but exotic flavor)
Te To Te To Me To Me
Yami No Uta

From Toward the Within, by Dead Can Dance
Desert Song
Yulunga (Spirit Dance)

From the album Samsara, by Wine & Alchemy:
Lisc Miłości (the Leaf of Love) (lyrics in Polish)
Djun Djun
Mishka's Dance

The entire album Belly Dance by Camal Cinarli

Heart of Gold Montage, From the Firefly Soundtrack by Greg Edmonson

I also found a fairly inexpensive mix on iTunes called Trip to Damascus, which I added in.

I play this on random shuffle for the whole game session while the party is in the City of Katapesh.

Liberty's Edge

Great stuff here. Thanks everyone.

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