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When last we met, my players opened up the Scroll of Kakishon and were sucked into the demi-plane. Due to precautions they have taken, as well as suggestions from others who have played this AP, when they do escape, they will find themselves back in Katapesh where they will find Kelmarene taken over by Jhavul's forces. This leaves me in the position to add enough to End of Eternity to bring them up the the proper level. Time on Kakishon will be wibbly-wobbly.

Right now they are all 10th level. In addition, we have a new player joining us. He is going to be playing an amniastic Andrathi who lost his memory and some of his powers due to the beatdown that Jhavul gave him.

I have started laying groundwork for what I will be adding to each isle, but I have stalled a bit so I figure I'll just post my notes up here for anyone else to utilize if they wish; or for any of you to comment or contribute to my ideas. Also, there are spoilers from the Savage Tide adventure path in the spoilers.

Thank you :)

Instead of wanting the PCs to kill all nonnatives, they can be talked into repairing the plane. I kind of want the PCs to have access to Kakishon in case they need to evacuate Kelmarene to someplace quickly when Xotani explodes from Pale Mountain. Yes, I plan on having them fight it eventually :D

This is where the adventure begins.

The hydra will be advanced and have 10 heads. CR 10, Hps: 110, AC 22 (t11, ff19), Melee: 10 bites +13 (1d8+5)

Use "Here There be Monsters" from the Savage Tide adventure path Dungeon # 142

PCs land on Sorror as described in the AP and encounter the hydra, except they will land on the northwest coast opposite the waypoint. New PC joins the fight.
Use parts 1, 2, and 3 from Here There be Monsters (leave out Fogmire, well maybe)
Lahapreset contacts the PCs sometime along the Cliffs of Dread. I added a mountain ranger just above the tan portion of the island for the "Dark Mountain Pass" portion of the adventure. The cliffs on the eastern edge of the island running just north of the waypoint for about a centimeter.

Aranea's Nest - Lithira can give some information about the history of Kakishon. She knows Jhavul and his forces just left. Shaiten's are trying to take over, but there is a schism with two factions. There is an unknown third party involved (the proteans). She is a kakishon native but craves stories from the outside world.


Use "Tides of Dread" from Dungeon #143
Phanatons - If the party makes the phanatons helpful, they will be willing to help the PCs find the Golden Ram. This gives them a +5 bonus on all survival and spot checks related to searching for the ram. The village is on the northern portion of the island. The tar pits on the line where the dark and light green meet.


Use City of Broken Idols Dungeon #145

Lizardfolk - know that "The Builders" of the islands live on the "other side" of the plane. If asked, they don't indicate a direction, just know that it is the other side or under. Instead of having conflicts with skinwalkers, they had conflicts with genies (efreet and shaitens)

The Isle of the Formians

Long ago, Nex had brought a Formian queen for his menagerie. After Nex abandoned Kakishon, the pregnant queen escaped and started her brood. They took over the isle of Rukhsana, but due to the unique nature of the plane they could not dig under the waters to spread to other islands.

Initially they will come across a party of workers harvesting food.
Next a warrior patrol actively seeking them out.
Patrols of warriors as a random encounter.
After encountering two patrols, a hunting party led by a myrmarch searches out the PCs for destruction.

This is all I have now. When I have more time I will add more.

I am placing a converted AD&D adventure, The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl because why not have frost giants somewhere in Kakishon.

Arinze - Crucible of Chaos spoiler:

I was flipping through my copy of the adventure and saw the picture of the Shoggoth and thought "Hell yeah! I need to find a place for this one."

History - Uldavai was acquired by Nex at some point when the flying city started disappearing, because of course a wizard of his power would want a flying city on his personal demiplane. Centuries after Nex abandoned Kakishon, the sorcerers of the module found the shoggoth stone and events transpired as in the module.

The Unerring Compass - One of my PCs is a Pathfinder. His Wayfinder will just happen to serve this device's function as well.

Reason for going to Uldavai - The Shoggoth Stone is acting as a counter force to the proteans ability to repair or unmake Kakishon. It wasn't a problem until Andrathi damaged the scroll and now it is getting worse because of the PCs actions. The proteans need the PCs to destroy the shoggoth stone in order for them to repair the plane, or unmake it as described in the adventure.

The shoggoth - Crucible of Chaos has a CR 15 version of the shoggoth, and the PCs have a chance the kill it at their power level, so it will be more fun just to use the CR 19 Pathfinder version. Their not supposed to fight it anyway ;)

The flying city and the return of the eaten - As described in the module, when the eaten come back they are going to want to resume control of "their" city. IMO, "their" city doesn't exist anymore because they got their whole population eaten by a shoggoth or turned into ghasts and chaos beasts; and they realize it. I'll have them return in great sadness about what they have done, accept their fate (except for Yankor), and act as advisors on how to get the flying city operational again. Why, because it will be awesome. I'll even let them get the city out of Kakishon if they think of that option.

Nex's Tomb:

I am placing Nex's tomb on the southernmost mounting on the isle of Kakishon. The PCs will have to stumble on it if they explore that area of the island. I am using Rogue Genius Games [url=] by Monte Cook.

Aliskiren cont:
The Jarl sees the exodus of Jhavul as his chance to make his move to defeat the Shaitens and take over all of Kakishon.

Obherek wants the PCs to kill the frost giants as well as the proteans.

Some of the eldest giants, as well as the white dragons, are not native to Kakishon and would have to be killed in order for the Proteans to dismantle Kakishon.

The Jarl claims he knows how to get the PCs off of the demiplane, and offers this information if the PCs assassinate Obherek. They are lying. If the PCs see through this, or refuse, the frost giants attack.

Add frost giants to the random encounter table.

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