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Legacy of Fire

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If you are playing in a Legacy of Fire game using the Mythic Adventures rules, stay out. Many spoilers are ahead.

So last month I began running a Legacy of Fire campaign and I decided to run it as a Mythic Adventure. The setting and story seem pretty ripe for it.

Really it is going to be a kitchen sink kind of game because I’m going to be using several of the systems from Ultimate Campaign too (like kingdom building, downtime, fame and contacts)

I also am making a fair number of changes to the campaign to make it flow better and to flesh it out and make it more sandbox like. I will detail my changes in the following posts. as well as what my players did about some of them. I have relied a lot on the conversions found here on these boards and have come up with a number of my own which I will share. We have played through most of book one and everything is going great so far.

The Players

So here are some details about my player’s characters.

Human Cavalier, Order of the Tome and Seeking Adventure trait.

Gnoll Desert Druid and Missionary trait.

Human Dawnflower Dervish Bard and Finding Haleen trait.

Peri-Aasimar Wizard, Conjuration specialist and Reclaiming Your Roots trait.

Tengu Ninja and Gnoll Killer trait. I changed the ninja’s weapon proficiencies to make them more arabic flavored.

The players all started out with normal characters who then ascend when they find Tempest.

The Background
So I changed the background to part one of the adventure path slightly, because Xulthos involvement in the story seems rather disconnected from the main plot which bugs me. So I changed Xulthos to an Aghash that was in league with Jahvul and served as his spymaster and saboteur.

Also in my story, Zayifid knew of Xulthos imprisonment in Kelmerane but left him there because he didn’t trust the div. So when Kardswann comes around to help Zayifid look for the Scroll (something that Zayifid wants no help with) he sends Kardswann into a trap, telling him to look under the church in Kelmerane for clues. This conveniently puts Kardswann out of Zayifid’s way.

The Prelude
Instead of starting the characters out at the Sultan’s Claw, I began with them meeting for the first time with Garavel and Rayhan at the Sand Dragon Inn in Katapesh. I also made Rayhan the Venture-Captain for the player with the “Seeking Adventure” trait. This way when Part 3 starts they feel like they are returning to familiar territory and giving them a direct link to Rayhan makes them less dependent on Almah’s authority.

So the scenario in the Prelude is that Garavel is buying maps of the Pale Mountain region from the Pathfinder Society and Rayhan has brokered the deal. So after the players introduce themselves and learn about Garavel and Rayhan and the mission in Kelmerane a street urchin grabs the satchel with the maps and makes a run for it. Another kid stands near the entrance to the Inn to run interference.

So a street chase ensues, or at least that was what I planned. While most of the players went for the bait and started chasing after the two kids, the wizard subdued them (and several passersby) with a sleep spell from the comfort of his chair. It was a rather funny moment.

So the wizard charms the urchin and they interrogate him to discover that they were hired by another adventuring group, the Marrow Reavers (from the Rival Guide). Which brings me to my next change:

The Rival Adventuring Group
If there is one trope I think is really overused in RPGs it is the Unwitting Pawn. And this one relies on it heavily, because as written all the players have to do to defeat Jahvul is never go to the House of the Beast.

So enter the Marrow Reavers. They have been hired by Father Jackel to find the Scroll and all they really know is that it’s somewhere in the Pale Mountain region (which is why they wanted the maps). Eventually Zayifid will learn of them and that will set the events in book 2 in motion. So now I have somewhat lessened my Unwitting Pawn dilemma, because if the PCs don’t find the Scroll the Marrow Reavers will and the PCs will be made well aware of this by the time Part 3 comes around.

So the players find out that two of the Marrow Reavers are staying at a pesh den in Dogtown and they go to confront them only to find out that they left the city already.

A Wilderness Encounter
So their trek to Kelmerane takes them across the desert to Solku. I threw in a wilderness encounter here where two hippogriffs attack Garavel’s caravan trying to get some camel meat. I wanted to give them a taste of how harsh the desert and its inhabitants could be.

I then gave them a brief stopover in Solku so they can learn a little about that city and it’s paladins (who they could eventually seek an alliance with if they want). While here they find out the Marrow Reavers are camping outside the city and they go to confront them. They meet their rivals and learn they aren’t interested in fighting the PCs or in Kelmerane and that trying to steal the maps was just business and nothing personal. They don’t reveal what their real motivations are.

So that brings us up to the beginning of the actual adventure and in my next post I'll tell you how I through out the moldspeaker and dealt with the pugwampus and ascended the characters.

You have some good ideas here. I'll keep an eye on this thread. I used the rival party from the module Entombed with the Pharoahs in my game. I may have to borrow your idea to send them after the MacGuffin too.

I have been leaving hints like "the Firebleeder must be found" along with warnings "Jhavul must be stopped."

eakratz wrote:

You have some good ideas here. I'll keep an eye on this thread. I used the rival party from the module Entombed with the Pharoahs in my game. I may have to borrow your idea to send them after the MacGuffin too.

I have been leaving hints like "the Firebleeder must be found" along with warnings "Jhavul must be stopped."

I am actually toying with the idea of slipping Entombed with the Pharoahs in between part one and two and using the Marrow Reavers as the rival group in that adventure.

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Nice. I made many similar changes including dumping Xulthos for a div. I did use an aghash as well, but he was merely a fill in for Kezurkian. The real mastermind was Undrella. I dumped the harpy which would have been nuked on sight and made her a timid veiled slave concubine that was in fact a pairaka div. No real connection to Jhavul and the genie wars other than the number of resulting corrupted genies led to a number of div that still haunt the region.

The historic fall of Kelmarane was in fact her work as she spread the disease and corruption that destroyed the town. She was well on her way to a repeat performance after the PCs reclaimed it, but the PCs ferreted her out. Her tool last time was the huecuva in the temple though I put him in the tombs and gave him levels to make him more of a climax encounter and red herring BBEG. I think it worked pretty well.

I also started in Katapesh City and the PCs followed the trail of slavers to the Battle Market in Kelmarane. More recently they've had dealings with Solku as that's the nearest city and the Lambent Citadel is working with the PCs to restore the monastery.

I also tossed the moldspeaker and had the monastery haunted by an edimmu, the mad spirit of Vardishal. I changed the lab into a tomb and Tempest was recovered after the spirit was put to rest.

The Sultan’s Claw
I made a small change to this encounter and added a Fire Mephit to give the scene a little more action. In this revised scenario, Eloais had a elemental gem in her wagon that could summon a fire mephit when broken. The pugwampis got into her wagon, broke the gem and the mephit started the fire and killed Eloais. When the players arrive they have to fight off the mephit for 5 rounds before it's summoning ends and it vanishes (assuming they don’t kill it).

Almah’s Party
I used John Magrum’s conversions for the npcs here. I did make the size of the expedition much larger doubling the number of mercenaries and adding about two dozen laborers that are ready to begin repairing the battle market after the PCs reclaim the town. If felt this gave a better feel for how important getting this town back was to the Pactmasters.

In an effort to empower the players a little more I removed Almah's personal connection to Kelmerane from her background. This way the town is just business to her and it will make more sense when she hands over leadership of the town to the PCs for the kingdom building part of the game later.

Investigating the Fire
I didn’t make any changes here which is good because my players basically skipped over this entire section. The cavalier had trained his horse to track by scent and so when they found the elemental gem he just had his horse trace the pugwampis scent which lead them to the cactus patch.

The Pugwampis
I kept reading on the forums how frustrating the pugwampis are and how players in general hated fighting them. The word on the street was they weren't fun. So up front I decided to nerf the little buggers, at least that was what I was originally going to do. On second thought I decided instead to tone down the pugwampis by replacing half of them with other types of gremlins. I actually came up with an in-game reason that the gremlins are so prevailent: A DC 15 Knowledge (Arcana) check reveals that gremlins are attracted to and spawn near wishwarps.

In the end I did nerf the pugwampis a little by replacing their shatter spell ability with a pilfering hand spell.

I’m glad I didn't make too many changes because the players made short work of the pug in the cactus patch. Having a spellslinger or a couple of ranged attackers makes a huge difference in fighting a pug. I can totally see how a group with no ranged capability would have a very hard time.

Wrapping up Chapter One
Part of the reason I did the prelude was to give the party enough encounters to level up to second before going to the monastery. I wanted the players to be able to move onto the main plot of the adventure without wasting a lot of time trying to clear out the monastery. Having them go into the monastery at level two succeeded in doing this. The encounters still remained challenging without bogging the game down or being frustrating.

The Monastery
As I said before in an effort to lessen any potential for frustration the pugwampis may have, and to diversify the encounters here, I ended up replacing half their numbers with other kinds of gremlins. Although the adventure only details the location of 12 pugwampi it notes there are two dozen of them living in the structure and the rest should be treated like wandering monsters. So in my revision I assume that thier are 12 pugwampi total and the other dozen are an assortment of jinkin and grimples. I also added a water well nearby where a Fuath has taken up residence.

The Chapel
I pretty much kept this encounter intact. Once the player’s presence was known I had each of the pugs drop down out of their nest to try to snatch something from one of the characters using pilfering hand and then jump back up into the nest. Changing the Pugwampi’s spell ability to pilfering hand from shatter made for a fun game of keep away from the cavalier whose weapon they nabbed.

King Mokknokk ended up not being much of a challenge since the wizard used acid attacks to collapse the nest so Mokknokk took falling damage. Since he landed pron on the ground they all tackled him and he ended up getting choked to death.

The Chapter House
I didn’t make any changes here but I wish I had. In retrospect I wish I had put somthing a little more resilient in here than the stirges, because as written the bard walked in used chord of shards and wiped the whole nest out in one shot.

The Secret Garden
I had a trio of jinkin that used this space as an escape path for hit and run attacks (before the players discovered the secret entrance). They would sneak up on the players make a sneak attack and then run off to the garden or dimension door back to it. This actually made the players a bit paranoid and after the pcs captured the Monastery I had the jinkins make occasional surprise attacks on the players on the following nights. It actually took several days before they found and killed all of them.

The kitchen
I replaced the pugwampi here with 6 grimples for maximum vomit coverage. This actually ended up being a fairly disturbing experience for the wizard who got boxed into the kitchen doorway by the baboons and got covered in puke before he could cast sleep on the gross little grimlins.

The laboratory
I changed the laboratory to a reliquary where the PCs fight off the slime molds and find the hilt to Tempest on one of the alters.

But more on that, Vardishal’s final wish, the sword in the stone, and the player’s ascension in my next post.

Tempest and the Moldspeaker

So I threw out the moldspeaker. I really didn’t like it because of its one main drawback, it is tied permanently to a single character. If that character dies no more moldspeaker.

Of course the moldspeaker was just a way to impart some GM guidance on the characters through the vessel of Vardishal’s consciousness. I liked that idea and wanted to keep it but not in the way that the adventure presents it but in a way that any character could benefit from it and in a way that Vardishal’s consciousness transcends the safety of any one member of the group and can be passed on to other members if his bearer meets an untimely end.

After reading part six and realizing that Tempest is intended to become an intelligent sword, it really made me wonder why the writers didn’t make Tempest the vessel of Vardishal’s consciousness? It really seems like it would be a much better option than the moldspeaker. So that is exactly what I did. I made Tempest the moldspeaker.

At first I was just going to throw the whole “mold” thing out completely and just make Tempest an intelligent sword that could only communicate empathically. As I began converting Tempest into a legendary weapon for the mythic adventures rules I realized that legendary intelligent weapons begin with the ability to speak, there is no empathic communication option. This presents a problem because we can’t have the players directly communicating with Vardishal, he would be too spoilerific. Thats why the empathic link works so well, it allows Vardishal to guide and urge the players into certain directions without really spoiling the reasons why. So I decided that Tempest, although an intelligent legendary weapon, was broke. So I concocted an altered background for Vardishal and Tempest.

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Vardishal’s Final Wish

The battle was over and Jhavhul was gone. Vardishal, mortally wounded, did not know where the other Templars were or if they even survived. He did know he didn’t have long to live, so he climbed to the top of a nearby hill where a large bolder stood. Using Tempest’s dedicated bond ability he shoved the sword into the bolder so that none of Jhavhul’s minions could recover it.

He then pulled out a Ring of Three Wishes that Nefeshti had given him as a reward for his loyalty. It had one wish left on it.

Vardishal knew that even if the members of the Templars of the Five Winds still survived that the group would not last after the great cost of this battle. The Templar’s bond had become tenuous. There had been much disagreement about their goals and priorities and whether using the Scroll was a good idea. Vardishal knew that in private Davashuum argued with Nefeshti about their methods believing that they were just fighting the symptoms of the problem and not the cause. He also knew that Zayifid just didn’t care anymore, he had become weary of their campaign and only stuck around to curry favor with Nefeshti for his own personal gain.

Vardishal also knew that Jhahvul would eventually escape his prison and when he did the Templars would no longer be united against him. So with his final wish Vardishal proclaimed that all the power of all the wishes ever granted to him would be passed down to a new group of heroes who, when Jhavhul’s return was imminent, would arise as the new Templars of the Five Winds. He bound this wish and his consciousness to Tempest and then took his last breath.

Escaping from the battlefield was the gnoll priestess Shirak who was fleeing into the foothills, the Scroll of Kakishon at her side, when she came upon Vardishal’s body. She saw his sword impaled into the bolder and attempted to remove it. After several tries she instead snapped the hilt off the sword. Angry she cast the hilt away and then continued west into the mountains.

When Kardswann found Vardishal’s body he buried his friend there next to the stone that held his sword.

For many years after, Vardishal, whose consciousness was still bound to the sword’s blade and hilt, appeared as a ghost that roamed the foothills and appearing to travellers on the road to Ipeq. Eventually he was discovered by priests of Serenrea and they traced the source of his hauntings back to the stone with the broken sword. There they built a monastery around Tempest, to honor Vardishal and try to learn what they could from his spectre. During the building of the monastery they recovered the hilt to Tempest and placed it in the monastery’s reliquary.

Because Tempest was broken Vardishal was not able to communicate his warnings and messages to the monks very well and as the centuries went on he became unable to communicate directly at all. Only appearing as a silent form. After the death of the monks and the abandonment of the monastery, a mold began to infest the reliquary. Eventually it covered and melded with Tempest’s hilt absorbing some of the wish magic that fueled Vardishal’s spirit. Now anyone who picks up the hilt and becomes infected with the mold creates a psychic link between them and Vardishal’s mind, allowing empathic communication.

Although anyone could pick up the hilt only those fated by Vardishal's wish would be able to reunite the hilt with the blade and pull the sword from the stone and gain Vardishal's power and ascend to become the new Templars of the Five Winds.

So I thought I would take a moment to share some of the house rules I'm using for Mythic. My group has always liked using the Hero points optional rule so I made some adjustments to the mythic rules to make them more in synch with what we liked about the Hero Point rules. This can be seen in the change to Surge and Force of Will.

I also thought Recuperation and Mythic Saving throws were a little too much so I changed them some.

Surge (Su): You can call upon your mythic power to overcome difficult challenges. You can expend one use of mythic power to give any d20 roll a a +6 bonus.  If used after a roll is made, this bonus is reduced to +3.  This goes up to +8/+4 at tier 4, +10/+5 at tier 7 and +12/+6 at tier 10.  This DOES NOT use an action.

Recuperation (Ex): At 3rd tier, you are restored to full hit points after 8 hours of rest so long as you aren’t dead. In addition, by expending one use of mythic power and resting for 4 hours, you regain a number of hit points equal to half your full hit points (up to a maximum of your full hit points) and regain the use of any class features that are limited to a certain number of uses per day (such as barbarian rage, bardic performance, spells per day, and so on). This rest is treated as 8 hours of sleep for such abilities. This rest doesn’t refresh uses of mythic power or any mythic abilities that are limited to a number of times per day.

Mythic Saving Throws (Ex): At 5th tier you get a bonus to all saving throws equal to half your mythic tier.  Whenever you succeed at a saving throw against a spell or special ability, you can spend a use of your mythic power to suffer no effects as long as that ability didn’t come from a mythic source (such as a creature with a mythic tier or mythic ranks).

Force of Will (Ex): At 1st tier, you can exert your will to force events to unfold as you would like. As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to reroll a d20 roll you just made.  At 7th tier you can expend one use of mythic power to force any non-mythic creature to reroll a d20 roll it just made. You can use this ability after the results are revealed. Whoever rerolls a roll must take the result of the second roll, even if it is lower.

You can also use your mythic power to use the Inspiration, Special or Cheat Death hero point actions.

Inspired Spell and Recalled Blessing both require a swift action to activate.

I took some liberties with the legendary weapon rules here. I kept tempest’s normal magic properties progressive like intended in the adventure, but I also took its higher level abilities as reveled in the 6th book and assigned them to mythic tiers. This way as the player goes up in level he unlocks Tempests normal magical abilities but as he goes up in mythic tiers he unlocks Tempest’s more legendary abilities, instead of just dumping them on the player in book 6.


Vardishal's Scimitar of wind and lightning
Page 23, Howl of the Carrion King
Legendary Intelligent Artifact weapon

Special Purpose: To Defeat Jhavhul and his minions and allies.
Caster Level: Tempest's caster level is equal to its wielder's character level.
Legendary Power: 2/day

Progression of Abilites
1-3 level: +1 scimitar
4-6 level: +1 shock scimitar
7-9 level: +2 shock scimitar
10-11 level: +2 fire outsider bane shock scimitar
12-13 level: +2 fire outsider bane-shocking burst scimitar
14-16 level: +2 fire outsider bane-shocking burst planer scimitar
17-18 level: +3 fire outsider bane-shocking burst planer scimitar
19+ level: +4 fire outsider bane-shocking burst planer scimitar

Legendary Powers
Tier One Flawed Bonding: To communicate with the weapon and to access its other abilities the wielder must bond with the sword through the symbiotic mold. This costs the wielder 1 points of Str and Con as if they were afflicted with fungal rot. The sword won't bond with anyone of evil alignment and will reject anyone that commits an evil act. Intelligent Weapon: Intelligence of 10, a Wisdom of 10, a Charisma of 10, and an Ego score of 15. Senses and Communication: Tempest communicates via empathy, and can see and hear the world around it at a distance of 30 feet.
Resistance: Fire 5 Spellcasting: cure light wounds (wielder only) 1/day

Tier Two: Intelligent Weapon: Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 12, a Charisma of 12, and an Ego score of 18. Resistance: Fire 10 Spellcasting: cure moderate wounds (wielder only) 1/day, Gust of wind 1/day

Tier Three: Flawed Bonding: This costs the wielder 2 points of Str and Con as if they were afflicted with fungal rot Intelligent Weapon: Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 14, a Charisma of 14, and an Ego score of 18. Resistance: Fire 15 Spellcasting: cure moderate wounds (wielder only) 2/day, Gust of wind 2/day, Bless 1/day,

Tier Four: Intelligent Weapon: Intelligence of 16, a Wisdom of 16, a Charisma of 16, and an Ego score of 18. Resistance: Fire 20 Spellcasting: cure moderate wounds (wielder only) 2/day, Gust of wind 3/day, Bless 2/day

Tier Five: Intelligent Weapon: Intelligence of 18, a Wisdom of 18, a Charisma of 18, and an Ego score of 18. Resistance: Fire 30 Spellcasting: cure moderate wounds (wielder only) 3/day, Gust of wind 3/day, Bless 3/day

Tier Six: Dedicated Bond

Tier Seven: Returning

Dedicated powers
These powers only work when actively confronting Jhavhul, his minions or allies.
Blast of wind: On a critical hit the wielder may makes a free bull rush. The CMB for this attack is equal to the caster level of the weapon and a STR 25 (+7). This bull rush does not provoke an AOO.
Tier Four: Control winds 1/day
Tier Five: Control winds 2/day
Tier Six: Control winds 3/day, control weather 1/day

I also decided to make Kardswann's weapon a similar legendary weapon. In this case I changed his battle axe to a scythe so it could be used by more than one member of the group.


Kardswann's Scythe of wind and thunder
Legendary Artifact Weapon
Legendary Power: 2/day; 4/day at Tier One

Progression of Abilites
1-3 level: +1 scythe
4-6 level: +1 keen scythe
7-9 level: +2 thundering keen scythe
10-11 level: +2 mighty cleave thundering keen scythe
12-13 level: +3 mighty cleave thundering keen scythe
14-15 level: +3 mighty cleave anarchic thundering keen scythe
16-17 level: +4 mighty cleave anarchic thundering keen scythe
18-19 level: +5 mighty cleave anarchic thundering keen scythe
20+: +6 mighty cleave anarchic thundering keen scythe

Legendary Powers

Tier One: Powerful

Tier Two: Mythic Keen: add +1 to the scythe's threat range (becoming 18-20 after level 4) and +2 to all rolls to confirm criticals.

Tier Three: Mythic Whirlwind Attack: As a swift action you may spend a use of legendary power to make a whirlwind attack this round as if you had the whirlwind attack feat. You may make a free trip attack on any opponent that you damage with your whirlwind attack. These trip attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Tier Four: Dedicated Bond

Tier Five: Cyclone Form: As a move action you may spend a use of legendary power and transform into a whirlwind as if you were a medium air elemental. You may remain in this form for a number of rounds equal to your mythic tier. While in this form you may use the scythe's damage (including enhancement bonus) in place of your slam attack.

Tier Six: Foe-biting, Mythic Vorpal: The weilder may spend a legendary power to make the weapon count as a vorpal weapon against non-mythic targets for 1 round per mythic tier.

Tier Seven: Returning

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Well it has been a while since I posted so time to get caught up.

So my group finished the first book. They marched right into Kelmerane and began participating in the gladiator fights in the battle market. This culminated in the Dawnflower being matched up against Haleen. They made a show of it until Kardswann recognized Tempest and interrupted the fight. That's when the s!$% hit the fan. The heroes found themselves surrounded in a boss fight. They took out Kardswann and ended up fighting their way out of town. Barely making it back to the monastery.

They recuperated and went back to the town the next day to find the Kulldis and Three Jaw tribes fighting each other around the battle market. The heroes took out both tribes and secured the town.

Next they went after Xulthos in the temple. Almah not sure of them locked them in with the div. Since they waited a day after they killed Kardswann, Xulthos had his control spell back and ended up taking over the Tengu and then tried to escape only to find he and the heroes were locked into the crypt. He incapacitated several of PCs before he was defeated.

We finished the first book and began on the Kingdom building using email.

We ended up taking a hiatus for a couple of months when one of our players had a baby (well his wife did at least)

Before finishing the first book the heroes ran into Haidar and En-Nibi and the cavalier got cursed with lycanthropy. So when we got together I ran a side adventure, Entombed with the Pharaohs, where I intertwined En-Nibi's curse with the Four Pharaohs. Once they defeated the Pharaohs the curse was lifted and now they have an awesome legendary punching dagger that gives shapeshifting powers.

We will soon begin the second book, but in the mean time I made an Obsidian Portal site for the game. Check it out.


I will be back real soon to post my mythic builds of Kardswann and Xulthos and other details of the game.

Scarab Sages

Thanks for the write up. I'm glad to see someone sharing their experience with mythic rules with this AP. We just finished book 1 recently and had the PCs gain their first mythic tier after defeating Xulthos. I've been prepping for our first session with the mythic rules, and hopefully we'll be playing tonight.

So I completely changed Xulthos. Instead of being some deamon that is a charge of one of the Four Horsemen which has no connection to the plot at all, I made Xulthos a Div that once served as Jahvul's spymaster.

When the players encounter him under the crypt he pretends to be Jahvul and tries to intimidate the players into fleeing.

When this didn't work he created a sandstorm to hide in and then used charm monster to get one of the players to open the door to his prison, which the players had closed when they entered. He attacked several of the players and then escaped into the crypt hoping to make for the exit into the temple.

Instead he found the door to the crypt had been shut and that Almah, not trusting the PC's ability to get the job done, had removed the interdict key from the door reinstating the crypts magical barriar and trapping the PC's in the crypt with Xulthos.

A fight to the death insued between the PC's and Xulthos and we almost had a TPK but the players managed to prevail and Almah set them free and rewarded them handsomely (which made them quickly get over their bruised egos at Almah's lack of faith in them).

Here are the stats I wrote up for Xulthos. They probably aren't strickly kosher (I'm sure I made a mistake somewhere), but they worked for my purpose.


Advanced Mythic Arcane Aghash CR 7, MR 2

XP 1,200
NE Medium outsider (div, evil, extraplanar, mythic)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., see in darkness; Perception +11

AC 24, touch 16, flat-footed 18 (+4 Dex, +8 natural, +2 deflection)
hp 77 (6d10+25+10)
Fort +6, Ref +8, Will +9
DR 5/epic and cold iron or good; Immune fire, poison; Resist acid 10, electricity 10; SR 16

Speed 30 ft.
Melee 2 claws +11 (1d6+5)
Space: 5ft; Reach: 5ft
Special Attacks mythic power (2/day +1d6), cursed gaze, cursed claws, sandstorm
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th; concentration +10)
At will—bestow curse (DC 21), detect good, detect magic, dimension door, minor image (DC 21), spectral hand
3/day—suggestion (DC 18), summon (level 3, 1d2 dorus 25%), Deep Slumber
1/day — hallucinatory terrain (DC 21), veil (self only, DC 23), Major Image
1/week — charm monster (DC 21)

Str 18, Dex 19, Con 20, Int 17, Wis 17, Cha 22
Base Atk +6; CMB +9; CMD 19
Feats Alertness, Iron Will, Mythic Iron Will, Weapon Focus (claw)
Skills Bluff +10, Disguise +12, Intimidate +10, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (planes) +7, Perception +11, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +9, Stealth +10
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal; telepathy 100 ft.

Cursed Gaze (Su)
Aghash's choice: confused for 1 round, shaken for 1 round, stunned for 1 round, or deals 1d4 points of damage, 30 feet, Fortitude DC 19 negates. Any creature under the effects of protection from evil is immune to an aghash's gaze. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Cursed Claws (Su)
Any creature hit by the Aghash's claws takes -1 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks, Will DC 19 negates. The penalty is cumulative with each successive hit. These penalties can only be removed with a Remove Curse spell.

Sandstorm (Su)
Once per day, as a full-round action, an aghash can create a temporary sandstorm. This storm has a radius of 100 feet centered on the aghash and lasts for 1 minute per Hit Die the aghash possesses (typically 5). This functions as a sandstorm.

For Kardswann I kept him the same as presented in the book but I added two templates to him, the advanced template and the invincible mythic template.

When the player's confronted him their characters where 3rd level with 1 mythic teir, so this made him a fair challange for them. They struggled for a few rounds as they regrouped (they were scattered about the battle market when he attacked), but once they ganged up on him he went down in just a few more rounds, but not without taking the groups two primary combatants, the Dawnflower and the Cavalier down to less than half hit points.

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So a year and two months after starting we have finally finished book two. So now some recap and updates.

So we played out some kingdom building between book one and two as the players sought to take control of the trade route all the way North to the Giant Steps. One thing I did here was introduce a pair of mercane merchants who trade with the desert bandits through a tent that has an interdiminsional portal that goes to their shop, which is its own demiplane. The players befriend the merchants and unload all of their stuff on them. The mercane give them a token that will allow them to open a temporary portal to their shop. The token can be used one time.

Next to show they safely controlled the trade route they went north to Ipeq to find merchants willing to trade overland with Solku and Kelmerane. This allowed me to run Entombed with the Pharoahs.

Entombed with the Pharoahs
I ran this as a side adventure, but it served several purposes for my game. First, I replaced the rival adventurers in the module with the Marrow Reavers, the rival group I introduced in the first module. I wanted to use this module to let the players get know and learn a little bit about their competition. I played the group as evil but with professional ethics. The players learned to respect them, which was great.

Second, I tied this adventure in with En-nebi’s curse, making the blade one of the relics of the Four Pharaohs. The cavalier became infected in book one and learned that lifting the curse of the Four Pharaohs would lift the curse from the blade and cure him of his lycanthropy.

Third, this adventure foreshadows my “book seven” end game, by introducing Aucturn and the Dark Pharaoh. I won’t go into great detail right now about that, but my plan is that after Jhavhul fails in the Final Wish the agents of the Dark Pharaoh will pick up where he left off. Two of those agents are Ezer Hazzebaim, whose search for immortality and ultimate power turned him into an unwitting pawn of the Dark Pharaoh, and the Captain of the Sunset Ship, who knowingly does contract work for the outer god. I will go into more detail about these ideas another time, but I will say I envision my “book seven” campaign ending with the Captain of the Sunset Ship going to the Plane of Fire and placing Xotani’s heart inside the Spawn of the Rough Seed creating a new incarnation of the Firebleeder that the players must fight in the City of Brass to save the rest of the Great Beyond.

House of the Beast
With the players back in Kelmerane I started off House of the Beast by having one of the local gnoll tribes, the Al’Chorhaiv, attack Kelmerane mounted on giant scorpions. Knowing that there are a lot of encounters with gnolls in this adventure, I tried to make each group different somehow, requiring different tactics or strategy to overcome. So the Al’Chorhaive ride scorpions and use a lot of poison. The Wormhollow have lots of rogues and rangers and prefer to set traps and ambushes for their enemies, etc.

Meeting with the Priest
So the first things I did was change the priest’s name. This is one of the many editing gaffs in the adventure path since the players already learned Zayifid’s name and role as a Templar in the Monastery. So why in the world would Zayifid, who we know from the first book is Nefeshti’s spy and diplomat, be using his real name while undercover.

Surprisingly when I ran this encounter the players didn’t doubt or confront Zayifid at all, they took him at his word, until after he left when the Cavalier piped up “You know, he may not have been telling the truth”. It was hard not to laugh.

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So in my campaign I have made Zayifid a much more prominent role in the events that occur. I plan for him to be the driving force in books two and three and a foil in book four. The following is a revised backstory for him.

Zayifid's backstory:

Zayifid joined Nefeshti’s crusade hoping to gain fame, power and respect in the djinni courts and maybe even a place among them on the Plain of Air. When Nefeshti’s cause changed from freeing genies that have been enslaved by mortal wizards (a noble cause) to a personal crusade to stop Jhavhul from gaining Xotani’s power, the elemental courts shunned her and her followers, including Zayifid who was left despondent. But Zayifid saw it through to the end and when Jhavhul was imprisoned and Vardishal killed, Zayifid was the first to leave seeing no point in the continued existence of the Templars.

Centuries later Zayifid encountered a div named Xulthos in a cave under a waterfall on the Pale River. He learned from Xulthos that he was once Jhavhul’s spymaster and left hand and that if Zayifid helped Xulthos find the Scroll and free Jhavhul that the Janni would be greatly rewarded, riches, power, fame, and place among the Courts of Fire. And instead of respected, he would be feared, which Xulthos assured him was much more rewarding.

Zayifid immediately took to this idea and agreed to help find the Scroll. He soon learned though that Xulthos was just using him and that the div was not his ally but his competition. When Xulthos drove the towns people of Kelmerane insane, Zayifid saw an opportunity to eliminate his competition and alerted the Pactmasters to the div’s presence in those events and then helped them imprison him under the Temple of Serenrae.

Decades later Kardswann, who long ago gave up adventuring for a pastoral life returns to the site of Vardishal’s death to pay his respects and learns from Vardishal’s ghost that the Scroll of Kakishon survives. Knowing his old friend Zayifid still resides in the area he seeks him out and tells him what he has discovered. Zayifid tells Kardswann that he long suspected that the Scroll survived that fateful day and had heard rumors that it might be buried in the crypts under the Church of Serenrae in the town of Kelmerane. Zayifid warns Kardswann that he should let it be and the Scrolls location could remain their secret. Kardswann, Nefeshti’s former scout was too curious a Jann to let this go and had to go see for himself if the rumors were true. So he entered into the Crypts and returned a changed man having walked into Zayifid’s trap and becoming dominated by the imprisoned Xulthos.

Eventually Zayifid begins infiltrating the House of the Beast, Rokova wasn’t the first gnoll he killed and impersonated. He learns of the sublevels that have a forbiddance on them that prevent genie from entering. He eventually kills Rokova and takes his place hoping with a position of power he could get the gnolls to access the secret levels and retrieve the Scroll for him, but finds the Carrion King only cares about his alchemical experiments to create the perfect gnoll warrior.

Zayifid realizes to move forward he is going to have to have the Carrion King killed and begins to look for an adventuring group that is capable of taking down such a powerful creature. This is when he learns about the Marrow Reavers, a group of evil adventurers that have been hired by someone in Kelmerane to find the Scroll of Kakishon. Zayifid is stunned to learn someone else is also looking for the scroll and decides to find out more and hopefully co-opt the adventurers for his own purpose. He approaches the Marrow Reavers as Rokova, telling them that he knows that the Scroll is hidden in the House of the Beast and if they kill the Carrion King for him that he will give the Scroll to them as payment. This being the first real lead they have had in a year of searching the Marrow Reavers agree. He learns from them that a kingpin in Katapesh City named Father Jackel has hired them to find the Scroll.

Soon after he learns that the Pactmasters have regained control of Kelmerane and that a group of heroes who are calling themselves the Templars of the Five Winds and apparently carry Vardishal’s old weapon liberated the town. Intrigued by this new event, Zayifid decides this is an opportunity to hedge his bets and decides to contact these heroes and also convince them to also eliminate the Carrion King. He hopes one of the two groups will succeed in killing the Carrion King and be able to retrieve the Scroll of Kakishon so he can take it for himself and free Jhavhul.

And here is Zayifid's mythic stats. I changed him to the Spy archetype and of course made him a trickster with three mythic tiers. I also applied the Invincible simple template to him to give him some extra survivability. I gave him Use Magic Device and a potion of expeditious retreat and a scroll of teleport so he can make quick getaways. He avoids direct confrontation when possible preferring to act through proxies. When forced into battle he opens by activating Shifting Sands and then throwing his daggers coated with poison. He then uses Doom of the Consuming Desert. He flees a battle if he is outnumbered in melee by more than 2 of the players or if his hit points get below a quarter of his total. He has no intention of dying for his cause. Obviously, this isn't a by the book build.

Zayifid CR8/MT3:

Male janni rogue 6 (Bestiary 141)

NE Medium outsider (native, mythic)
Init +12; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +17 (+20 locate traps)
Aura moderate evil

AC 25, touch 17, flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +1 deflection, +6 Dex, +2 dodge, +1 natural)
hp 94 (12 HD; 6d10+6d8+34)
Fort +9, Ref +18, Will +6
Defensive Abilities evasion, hard to kill, recuperation, uncanny dodge; DR 5/epic; Resist fire 10

Speed 30 ft., fly 20 ft. (perfect)
Melee Sirocco (+1 corrosive sandsword) +17/+12 (1d6+3/18–20 plus 1d6 acid)
Ranged dagger +15/+10 (1d4+2/19–20)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks change size, compelling feint, deadly dodge, mythic power (9/day, surge +6), sneak attack +3d6, surprised strike
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 8th; concentration +11)

3/day—invisibility (self only), plane shift (willing targets to elemental planes, Astral Plane, or Material Plane only), speak with animals

1/day—create food and water, ethereal jaunt (for 1 hour)

Str 14, Dex 22, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 16
Base Atk +10; CMB +12 (+14 disarm); CMD 27 (29 vs. disarm)
Feats Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Mythic Dodge, Mythic Improved Feint, Spring Attack, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (scimitar)
Skills Acrobatics +21, Appraise +18, Bluff +18 (+21 to deceive), Craft (poison) +18, Diplomacy +18, Disguise +18, Escape Artist +21, Fly +23, Ride +20, Perception +17, Sense Motive +11, Use Magic Device +18
Languages Auran, Common, Infernal, Terran; telepathy 100 ft.
SQ elemental endurance, perfect lie, poison use, rogue talents (finesse rogue, offensive defense, weapon training), skilled liar
Gear +2 studded leather, Sirocco, 4 daggers, ring of protection +1, potion of cure serious wounds, potion of expaditios retreat, scroll of teleport, 5 vials of deathblade poison.

Finally Zayifid bears the legendary weapon Sirocco, Blade of Wind and Sand. Like Tempest and Cyclone above it is built as a progressive magic item. Obviously Zayifid is unable to access all of its abilities. This weapon is still a work in progress and I may change some of its higher tier legendary abilities later on.


Sandsword of Wind and Sand
Legendary Artifact Weapon
Legendary Power: 2/day

Progression of Abilites
1-3 level: +1 sandsword
4-6 level: +1 corrosive sandsword
7-9 level: +2 corrosive sandsword
10-12 level: +3 corrosive burst sandsword
13-15 level: +4 corrosive burst sandsword
16-18 level: +4 corrosive burst negating sandsword
19+ level: +5 corrosive burst negating sandsword

Legendary Powers
Sandsword: Sirocco is made of a shapeshifting metal. With a move action the sword can transform from a dagger to scimitar to falchion or back.

Tier One
Shifting Sands: Three times a day, as a swift action, you can expend one use of legendary power to gain the benefits of the haste spell for a number of rounds equal to your tier. In addition you ignore difficult terrain during this time.

Tier Two
Updraft: cast feather fall1 1/day
Grit: cast Glitterdust2 1/day
Breeze as the spell at will

Tier Three
Sand blast: cast admonishig ray + blindness 3/day
Doom of the Consuming Desert: This power wreathes you in abrasive swirling sand and damages each creature near you in melee. Any creature within 5 ft. of you takes 1d8 acid damage + 1 per caster level (maximum +15). If the attacker has spell resistance, it applies to this effect. Creatures wielding melee weapons with reach are not subject to this damage if they attack you. Activating this power takes a swift action and you can use it for a number of rounds per day equal to your caster level. You do not need to use these rounds consecutively.

Tier Four
Unstoppable Strike

Tier Five
Dust Devil: cast Elemental Body (Air only) III 3 1/day (self only; fly speed is 30ft)
Sandstorm: cast Ash Storm 3 1/day

Tier Six
Siroccoas the spell 1/day

Tier Seven
Dedicated Bond

So I felt the House of the Beast was a little bare when it came to monsters, especially for a Mythic game. I wanted the House to feel active and dynamic and I wanted to players, who started this adventure Lvl 5/MT 2, to be able to chop their way through a horde. I also wanted to add to the variety of encounters and a boss fight to each level.

First of all, I beefed up the gnolls and created a second type, the Carrion Warrior.

Carrion Guard:

Male gnoll ranger 2
CE Medium Humanoid
Init +2;  Senses Darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +7

AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +2 Dex, +1 natural) 
hp  20 (3 HD; 2d8+1d10+6)
Fort  +8,  Ref + +5,  Will + +1

Speed  30 ft.
Melee  mwk scimitar +8 (1d6+4/18-20)
Ranged  mwk composite longbow +7 (1d8+4/x3 plus Poison) or stingchuck +5 (1d4 plus nausea)
Special Attacks  favored enemy (humans +2)  

Str   18,  Dex   15, Con   15,  Int   8,  Wis   12,  Cha   6 
Base Atk   +3;  CMB   +7;  CMD   19
Feats   Mounted Combat, Weapon Focus (longbow), Point Blank Shot
Skills   Perception +8, Ride +9, Survival +6 
Languages   gnoll
SQ   track +1, wild empathy +1
Combat Gear   potion of cure light wounds; Other Gea  r +1 studded leather armor, masterwork scimitar, masterwork composite longbow (+4 Str) with 20 arrows (poisoned with deadfall scorpion venom; DC 19 Fort save, 1d2 Strdamage 1/round for 6 rounds, cure 1 save), stingchuck

Carrion Warrior:

Gnoll fighter 2
CE Medium Humanoid (gnoll)
Init +2;  Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception    +6

AC 21, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+5 armor, +3 shield, +2 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 32 (4 HD; 2d8+2d10+12)
Fort +9,  Ref +2,  Will +4
Defensive Abilities bravery +1

Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk flail +8 (1d8+2)
Ranged: javelin +5 (1d6+2 + poison)

Str 18,  Dex 15,  Con 17,  Int 8,  Wis 12,  Cha 6
Base Atk +3; CMB[/b] +6; CMD[/b] 18
Feats Cleave, Shield focus, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (flail)
Skills Perception +6, Stealth +8, Survival +7
Languages Gnoll
Combat Gear potion of cure light wounds; Other Gear +1 hide armor, heavy wooden shield, masterwork flail, 4 javelins (poisoned with deadfall scorpion venom; DC 19 Fort save, 1d2 Strdamage 1/round for 6 rounds, cure 1 save), stingchuck

The Outer Temple:

Unless you plan some random encounters here as written this place is pretty empty. I decided I wanted it to be more active. So inside the temple walls I had several dozen gnoll petitioners who were here camping out hoping to join the Carrion Tribe. These were just regular gnolls straight from the bestiary.

In the North Gate I replaced the gargoyles with giant winged chupacabras.

In the north courtyard, west of the North Gate, a dire owlbear has been chained up here. He guards the hole in the north wall from intruders and stray animals. The players ended up setting him free and injecting him with a syringe spear that had a rage potion in it causing him to go on a killing spree in the courtyard.

In the unlabeled building on the south wall I placed slave pins filled with ratfolk and pugwampis. Near by a group of Carrion Guards stand watch over the slaves.

Also, I included several infernal mesquito swarms in the reflecting pools and every gnoll petitioner killed has a 1 in 4 chance of spawning a flea swarm when killed.

The bosses for this level is Taricus, a cyclopes, and his buddy Grok, an ettin, mercenaries who occasionally get paid by the Carrion King to deal with issues his gnolls are too stupid to be trusted with. If the players make their presence known these two rally as many of the gnolls possible and confront the adventurers.

The Middle Temple:

I doubled up the gnolls here and replaced the the human slaves in the Redoubt with ratfolk slaves. The ratfolk slaves were born and bred here and are loyal to the gnolls.

I put a couple of Carrion Initiates in the Sickening Pool room along with this level’s boss, Serka, a Lamia (Cleric 2), who uses major image to make the players think they are being attacked by the Carrion King.

Lower Temple:

Other than adding a bunch of extra Carrion Warriors and Initiates to this level, I didn’t change too much. I added advanced templates to all the Unchosen and I made Madfang an Alchemist.

Ghartok, The Carrion King CR 8/MR 4:

Male unchosen unholy warrior 4
CE Large Humanoid (gnoll)
Init  +9; Senses  Darkvision 60 ft. Deathwatch, scent; Perception +5
Aura  evil

AC  26, touch 9, flat-footed 22 (7 armor, +1 deflection, -1 Dex, +2 insight, +10 natural, -2 rage, -1 size) 
hp  157 (9 HD; 5d8+4d10+113)
Fort  +17,  Ref  +1,  Will  +5
DR  5/epic
Defensive Abilities  Fearsome resolve, Foresighted; Immune mind-affecting effects

Speed  35 ft.
Melee  Goreshred 19/14 (2d6+16/x3) and bite 12 (2d6+5)
Melee  Power Attack Goreshred 17/12 (2d6+25/x3) and bite 10 (2d6+14)
Special Attacks  Ferocity, loathsome strike 1/day, rage (16 rounds), channel negative energy 4/day (1d6, DC 11), mythic power (4/day, surge +8/4), roaring fury 1/day
Spells Prepared  (CL 2nd)
1st – Divine Favor

Str  32,  Dex  8,  Con  28,  Int  8,  Wis  13,  Cha  13
Base Atk 7;  [b]CMB  +18 (20 to Bull Rush);  CMD  27 (29 vs. Bull Rush)
Feats  Cleave, Diehard, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Mythic Improved Initiative, Mythic Power Attack, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (greataxe)
Skills  Acrobatics +2, Climb +16, Intimidate +7, Perception +5, Stealth -5; Racial Modifiers +4 Perception
Languages  Common, gnoll
SQ  fast, unholy warrior domains (hate, wrath)
Combat Gear  +1 breastplate, Goreshred (Medium +1 Human Bane greataxe), belt of mighty Constitution +2, ring of protection +1

Fast (Ex):   The Carrion King gains a +5 foot bonus to his base land speed.

Fearsome Resolve (Su):   Once per day when his hit points are at 58 or less, the Carrion King can attempt a Fort save (DC = 10 + the HD of the last opponent that struck him) to heal 2d8+5 points of damage as a free action.

Frenzy (Su):   The Carrion King is too angry to die. He may continue to fight until his negative hit points exceed his Constitution core.

Loathsome Strike (Ex):   Once per day, the Carrion King may add his Charisma bonus to his attack roll—on a successful hit, in lieu of normal damage, he deals 1d8 points of temporary Charisma damage.

Rage (Ex):   The Carrion King can enter a rage (as a barbarian) for up to 16 rounds per day.

Roaring Fury (Su):   Once per day, as a move-equivalent action, the Carrion King may emit a fierce roar that forces all living opponents within 30 feet to make a DC 13 Will save or become panicked. This is a mind-affecting Fear effect. The save DC is Charisma-based.

Ferocity (Ex):   An unchosen becomes enraged if mortally wounded. It continues to fight without penalty even while disabled or dying, and as long as it has less than 0 hit points, it gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls and all weapon damage rolls.

Foresighted (Su):   An unchosen’s trepanation has partially unlocked an almost psychic ability to sense peril. It gains a +2 insight bonus on Initiative checks and to its armor class.

Burst Through (Ex):   When you charge, you can move through allies and opponents almost as if they were not there to obstruct your path. You can move through squares containing allies freely, but you must succeed at an overrun combat maneuver check for each opponent that obstructs your path to the target of your charge. If the result of the check exceeds the opponent’s CMD, you may move through the opponent’s square and continue toward the target without provoking an attack of opportunity from that opponent. If you fail any of these combat maneuver checks, your movement ends in the square before that opponent, but you may resolve the charge attack against the foe that stopped you.

Fleet Charge (Ex):   As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to move up to your speed. At any point during this movement, you can make a single melee or ranged attack at your highest attack bonus, adding your tier to the attack roll. This is in addition to any other attacks you make this round. Damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.

Crusader (Ex):   Your prowess and ability draw countless followers to your banner. You gain followers as if you had the Leadership feat. In addition, you add your tier to your leadership score when determining the number of followers you gain. Whenever you are within 100 feet of such followers, each follower can use the surge ability once per day without needing to expend mythic power. The followers use the same die type as your surge ability. If you have or gain the Leadership feat, you gain followers from both this ability and the Leadership feat (in effect doubling the number of followers gained).

Avenging Maneuver (Ex):   Taking grievous wounds only empowers you. Any creature that confirms a critical hit with a melee attack against you provokes an attack of opportunity from you. You can use this attack of opportunity only to attempt a bull rush, disarm, sunder, or trip combat maneuver check. You don’t provoke attacks of opportunity for attempting this combat maneuver check.

Pit of Screaming Ghosts:

I left the Stone Speakers as is and I doubled the number of Edimmus in the Pit, which still ended up not doing much. Having a bard with coutersong really shuts these guys down.

The Waiting Beast CR 8/ MR 1:

Elite Invincible variant sand kraken
CE Large aberration
Init +6;  Senses tremorsense 60 ft.; Perception +12

AC 22, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (+2 Dex, +11 natural, -1 size)
hp 100 (8d8+64)
Fort +9,  Ref +4,  Will +9
Defensive Abilities camouflage; DR 5/epic; Resistance 10

Speed 20 ft., burrow 20 ft.
Melee bite +9 (1d8+4) and 10 tentacles +7 (1d6+2 plus grab)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (30 ft. with tentacles)
Special Attacks constrict (1d6+2)

Str 18,  Dex 14,  Con 25,  Int 7,  Wis 13,  Cha 3
Base Atk +6; CMB +11 (+15 to grapple); CMD 23 (cannot be tripped)
Feats Improved Initiative, Improved Natural Armor, Iron Will, Multiattack
Skills Perception +12, Stealth -2 (+14 when buried), Survival +12
Languages Terran
SQ tentacle regeneration

Camouflage (Ex)
A sand kraken can bury itself with great skill in sand or loose soil—doing so takes the sand kraken a minute, but grants it a +16 Racial bonus on Stealthchecks

Tentacle Regeneration (Ex)
A foe can attack a sand kraken’s tentacles individually; each has 15 hit points. The loss of a tentacle does not harm the sand kraken’s hit point total, and lost tentacles regrow in 1d4 days.

I added a bunch of treasure to the catacombs behind Shirak's tomb, mainly utility stuff like dunestrider boots.

I also added a brass oil lamp, it is no longer magical but at one time was. It has intricate runes across it and on the bottom a wizard's sigil. If the players research this sigil the will learn it belonged to a wizard named Ezer Hazzebaim.

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Coils of Flame and foreshadowing Book Five
Surprisingly I found the set piece of book two to be the most important part this module in regards to advancing the AP’s plot. So I made it a priority to make sure the players found their way to the Mountain’s Maw and gave them the opportunity to help Lasaar.

The Salamander’s were part of Jhavhul’s army and have been trapped here ever since, so they are in a position to give the players important information about Jhavhul and help me set up book five and six. This AP lacks enough fore-shadowing so I have tried to work more in.

So what did I decide Lasaar knew about Jhavhul:

    1. Jhavhul held court in the House of the Beast where he gave out wishes to his followers. He would reward them with two wishes to use on themselves as long as they used the first of his three daily wishes for something Jhavhul wanted.

    2. He used these wishes granted to him to enhance his powers and abilities. Lasaar does not know everything Jhavhul did with his wishes but does know that he used many of them to make himself almost completely undetectable by magic and divination.

    3. Jhavhul did not reside in the House of the Beast, he had a secret hideout that he spent most of his time in. Lasaar doesn't know anything about this hideout or where it might be. The hideout was also magically hidden by wishes and can’t be found by magic detection or divination. (This is a reference to Xotani's Grave, which the players shouldn't know anything about yet)

    4. The efreeti prince was not a devout worshiper of Rovagug and only paid him lip-service.

    5. Jhavhul left with his army to confront the Templars, but never returned (the salamanders were left behind to guard the mountain). Lasaar does not know what happened to the efreeti or where he currently is.

    6. After the battle with the Templars only one of Jhavhul’s generals a priest named Shirak returned. She claimed to have captured a scroll that was used to destroy Jhavhul’s army. She later died and the scroll was entombed with her.

Lasaar doesn’t know about Xotani or what Jhavhul’s real purpose at Pale Mountain was. Numbers two and three are important because it keeps the players from automatically suspecting that Jhavhul is trapped in Kakishon when they find the Scroll. Also they are important in my game because of my new set up to book five.

In Book Five instead of having the players go straight from Kakishon to the efreeti’s home in the City of Brass, they will be returning to Katapesh (specifically to the deck of the Sunset Ship, but more on that later). They will then learn from Nefeshti what Jhavhul’s true purpose is and that his “hideout” is Xotani’s grave. Although, because of the wishes he used to empower himself it is impossible to use normal magic to find out where he is, where Xotani’s grave is or how to enter the cave and bypass the forbiddances. Instead the players will have to find the one artifact that is capable of finding Jhavhul, the Impossible Eye, a magic mirror that Jhavhul had his brother steal from the Vizier of the City of Brass. Now the players have a reason to WANT to go to Bayt al-Bazan and Book Four flows into Book Five much better, with the added bonus that the players get a shopping trip in Katapesh before leaving.

When I ran this encounter I changed all the Flamebrothers to normal medium size Salamanders and my mythic players had no problem dealing with them.

The players made a deal with Lasaar, that if he tells them what he knows and supports them on their incursions into the House of the Beast that they will give him the means to return home. He agreed and allowed the players to use his cave as a base camp, though he would take no direct action himself. In return when they left the House of the Beast they gave Lesaar their mercan token, which he and his salamaders used to escape Golarion.

Don't know if you're near End of Eternity yet, but I'd be interested in seeing your take on a mythic Golden Ram.

Sheik Voodoo wrote:
Don't know if you're near End of Eternity yet, but I'd be interested in seeing your take on a mythic Golden Ram.

We just got to part two of book three. Unfortunately we won't meet again until the first week of December.

I have actually given some thought on the Golden Ram. I plan on making him resemble the Golden Ram of greek legend a little more which means he will have wings and be able to fly. I also will have a flock of ewe that inhabit the Serpent Isles. They are the Golden Ram's mating flock and the flock will exist as a way to get the Ram to come to the players, if they figure out the connection. The flock of ewe also all happen to be banefully polymorphed fey that Nex imprisoned on the island.

I don't know how I am going to stat him up at this point, but I do know that when he is defeated he will also leave a golden fleece, a mythic magic item, which will be a cape or cloak, that has healing powers.

Just to add some more Jason and the Argonauts flavor to this, when the players take the Golden Fleece, a dragon begins hunting them trying to steal the Fleece from them. If he successfully steals it from them he returns to his layer and hangs the fleece on a tree and then sleeps around it.

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Thank you, big time for your report.

I consider GM:ing Legacy of Fire, after playing it couple of years ago. I like to increase the story and game effects of Templars of the Five Winds, and creating Tempest as Intelligent weapon is a marvelous idea. Also, I think it is great campaign to use Mythic powers, but I think I ll water it out just with some increased number and uses of Hero Points, instead of opting that largely criticized Mythic rules.

Thanks again, and keep em coming!

Here's the thing: you could always use regenerating Hero Points for the mythic aspect for the players, and the Mythic rules to upgrade monsters (usually through mythic templates). Mythic monsters often are not horrifically overpowered compared to mythic players at the higher tiers. Indeed, they can add an interesting twist to existing monsters, and allow for lower-powered monsters to remain a threat at the higher levels. Regenerating Hero Points helps create a sense of characters that are a step above ordinary PCs without becoming TOO overpowered.

Really, when you get down to it, Mythic's problem is it went too far. Hero Points don't. Encouraging the use of Hero Points by having them restored each game day would allow for characters that are special... without being game-breaking.

Laerlorn wrote:

Thank you, big time for your report.

I consider GM:ing Legacy of Fire, after playing it couple of years ago. I like to increase the story and game effects of Templars of the Five Winds, and creating Tempest as Intelligent weapon is a marvelous idea. Also, I think it is great campaign to use Mythic powers, but I think I ll water it out just with some increased number and uses of Hero Points, instead of opting that largely criticized Mythic rules.

Thanks again, and keep em coming!

Thanks for reading.

I haven't had much of a problem with the Mythic rules. I have house ruled a few things that I thought were broke, but other then that, we are using as is. I think the key to using Mythic is to make sure you are using the Slow xp track. This will keep you from having to do too many conversions.

Using Mythic has had interesting effects on my players. First they tend to get a little overconfident which has resulted in some great tension and several mistakes (one which almost resulted in a TPK). It has also basically eliminated the 15 min adventuring day which I think is a great thing.

So I have held of on posting in here to give myself some lead time, because I have the distinct feeling one of my players has been peeking in here.

So we just had our first session of Book Four this weekend, so I will be writing up the end of Book two here and start writing about Book Three pretty soon.

Jeremy757 wrote:

So I have held of on posting in here to give myself some lead time, because I have the distinct feeling one of my players has been peeking in here.

So we just had our first session of Book Four this weekend, so I will be writing up the end of Book two here and start writing about Book Three pretty soon.

Has there been any followup on this? I'm starting a campaign myself and curious to know how yours went.

Have you stat'd the Book 6 final encounter up already by any chance?

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justaworm wrote:
Have you stat'd the Book 6 final encounter up already by any chance?

It's been over a year since the OP's last update, but you may find this helpful.

Hah, yes, that is what i get for not paying attention to dates. Thanks for the link.

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