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Legacy of Fire

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I'm running LoF for my husband, with him taking 3 characters and I have one character for a party of 4. We are about half way through Book 1.

Falita - Kelish Human Dervish Dancer Bard
Jaarid - Garundi Human Arcanist
Huran - Kelish Human Rogue/Fighter (going to be duelist)
Delilah - Kelish Human War Priest of Sarenrae

I'm playing with a group of 4. We're in the second book and have Haleen as a cohort.

Babar ibn Bahram: CG Keleshite human Sorcerer (efreeti bloodline)4/Rogue (acrobat)2. Street performer and devout follower or Sarenrae from Katapesh City. Orphan raised by the church and childhood friends with Haleen. Attempting to attain arcane trickster PrC. Generally party face and magic-assisted trap-finder and invisible sneak-attacker.

Amon: CG or NG Garundi human Druid 6. Experienced tracker and guide and holder of an enchanted or haunted scimitar. Follower of Sarenrae and (possibly) and escaped or freed slave.

Faiz: ?? human Wizard (diviner). Leperous and odd character who also incidentally runs a brothel in Kelmarane.

Orsino: LG half-elf Paladin (fallen)1/Fighter 5. Wandering warrior looking to avanege his wife, slain by gnolls and return to the ranks of Sarenrae's paladins.

Salim - Human Spellsinger/Oracle of Pahrasma/Sarenrae, finally got vengance against the Carrion King
Indranna - Tiefling Rogue, swinging around a big nodachi and generally one shotting most stuff
Igby - Catfolk Warlord, somewhat in love with Indranna, always seems to get his share of all the nasties in the world, be it slime going god knows where, gore or anything else, really

So we got:

A Goblin rogue/gunslinger (Norgorber)
An Half-Orc Arcanist (Nethys)
A Iffrit Sorcerer/Oracle (Nethys)
A Aasimar Paladin of Sarenrae (Sarenrae)

Sovereign Court

We're going after the Carrion King this weekend

1. Human Samurai (With Antagonize & blade of mercy/enforcer combo)
2. Wayang Wizard/conjurer
3. Human fighter (TWF)
4. Human Oracle (wrecker)
5. Grippli Hunter (who rides an ankylasaurus into battle)

Our group prides itself on being the most dysfunctional band of misfits to ever pick up a weapon and cooperate ...

... I use the term "cooperate" in the loosest possible sense, by the way ...

Strangely, despite all the odds, they are succeeding.

They consist of:

1) Khair Shadr, human slayer, hedonist and commonly knowin within the group as the "covert pervert" for his ... ahem ... voyeuristic ways. I think that's the most diplomatic way of putting it.

2) Verajka, half-orc barbarian. Known within the party, somewhat affectionately, as "Shorty" (she's 5'3''). Keeps a tally of how many different creatures she's bitten. This includes a wooden gynosphinx. It had a woody taste, and left splinters in her tongue. Verajka was not amused. Has a charisma score of 7 but is oddly likeable in a very roundabout kind of way.

3) Agna, dwarf, ranged fighter and equipped with a grand charisma of 6. She's so foul-mouthed and so constantly belligerent that it's a small miracle she hasn't gotten into trouble with her team-mates yet. They do, however, like her and consider her the group's voice of rationality. Charisma 6, people.

4) Lamya, half-elven sorceress. Creepiest member of the group. Has a crush on Khair but doesn't want to admit it. She's got questionable personal habbits which includes self-flaggelation and she's overly enamoured with shadows and darkness, yet still refers to herself as "enlightened". Constantly tries to convert her brother, Habil, to her way of thinking.

5) Habil, half-elven ranger. Lamya's brother. Newly converted worshipper of Sarenrae and the group's mould-speaker. Has a boundless hatred of gnolls, at whose hands he suffered greatly in the past. Has recently aquired a caracal as his animal companion and is now trying to learn what "mrowr" means. Has so far found out that dire bacon is a useful bribing tool with cats.

6) Samirah. Human. The group's healer, and an oracle of Sarenrae. She's the most normal and well-adjusted of the lot. Dislikes physical combat and tends to spend most of the fighting "prodding" her team-mates to buff them. Has severe burns to her arms. Tries very hard not to become disillusioned with intelligent beings in general based on her interactions with the rest of the group.

I'm having a ball with these characters, and the players are learning, despite initial misgivings, that internal conflict and disagreement in a group is a fantastic method of generating outstanding RP.

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I've been a little bored waiting for Hell's Vengeance, so I've started looking at older APs and thinking about parties using newer classes and archetypes. Legacy of Fire has a lot of new potential characters since it was first published (before the Pathfinder RPG release).

Ammar, suli magus (elemental knight), variant multiclassing wizard (Evocation/Admixture school); campaign trait Reclaiming Your Roots. Trying to find out what happened to his family in Kelmarane; may potentially be a descendent of one of the Templars of the Five Winds.

Carmelizza, sylph occultist (sha'ir), Breeze-Kissed alternate racial trait; campaign trait Seeking Adventure. Newly arrived associate member of the Pathfinder Society from Varisia looking to explore the Katapeh/Orsirion area; wants to become a full member of the Pathfinders (take two levels in the Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class) and possibly eventually a Venture Captain.

Jirani, human (Garundi) inquisitor (sacred huntsmaster; Gozreh), Heart of the Sun alternate racial trait, big cat (Katapeshi lion) animal companion, Plant/Growth domain; campaign trait Gnoll Killer. Wants to clear out the gnoll "infestation" in the area (and any unnatural incursions).

Shirin, human (Kelish) warpriest (champion of the faith; Sarenrae), Focused Study alternate racial trait (Skill Focus (Heal); will take Eldritch Heritage (Celestial bloodline) at 3rd level), Good and Sun blessings; campaign trait Missionary. Looking to restore Kelmarane's church; will be intrigued about Vardishal's inclusion in the monastery (and finding out about the rest of the Templars of the Five Winds).

Silver Crusade

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I recently took over a PbP group that kicked off when LoF newly shipped. The first post is from March 18th, 2009, which seems like it would be one of the longest active campaigns here. We are in the middle of Impossible Eye and (probably) about to deal with the Keepers of the Haunted Palace.

Current PCs:

  • Bahir al-Asim Abdul Shihab - Human Paladin of Sarenrae 12
  • Mah'ysa Alandir (someday to be 'al-Asim Abdul Shihab') - Half-elf Bard 1 / Cleric of Sarenrae 11
  • Efreat 'al Inferis - Human Keleshite Sorcerer (efreeti) 12
  • Hazreem Al'Shakar - Human Desert Druid 12
  • Paellat Silvertongue - Halfling Rogue 12 (GM PC, player dropped long time ago)

I am the 3rd GM, most of the PCs are at least on the second iteration, one PC was forever lost in Kakishon (Daumari - half elf Inquisitor of Sarerae), but I aim to see Jhavhul struck down one day.

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Just started running a game.

Current PCs:

Uncle Malek (aasimar Oracle of life priest of Sarenrae): Haunted by the playful spirits of those that didn't survive the fire in orphanage where he was raised seems to be in good spirits and always tries to help. ( missionary trait)

Sif "Iss Kiss" (snow leopard skinwalker ranger): this ulfen woman was part of white astrids attack on absolom. Her ship was sunk and washed ashore where she and a few others were captured by gnolls as slaves. Eventually she ended up owned by the pactmasters and was given the opportunity to have her freedom. (trait: gnoll Hater)

JJ (sylph Arcanist): pesh dealer looking for haleen (trait finding Haleen)

Astion Brightscale( Nagaji Paladin of Apsu) Orphaned at a young age by a gnoll attack was rescued at a young age by a paladin of Apsu who taught them what they knew. Alas a gnoll got lucky and killed his mentor.(gnoll hater)

Ben wollon (Gnome bard) plays the flute, (trait:call to adventure)

This is an under-rated campaign!

Our party:

Female Human Bard (Dawnflower Dervish)

Human Barbarian (Scarred Rager)

Dwarven Alchemist (Chirurgeon)

Halfling Summoner (Spirit Summoner - Battle Spirit) w/ a giant scorpion-esque eidolon that he uses as a non-combat mount.

Can we do this without a full caster? We shall see...

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We're actually in Chapter 5 right now, but we started off with:

Jarusha - Female Gnome Druid (Slave) - Becomes the Moldspeaker

"Knee-Break" (actual name: Mi'kanth) - Male Orc Barbarian (Slave) (died, reincarnated as a half-orc, then much later died again)

Zara - Female Human Bard (later became a wereleopard, still hasn't figured out the dagger is causing it... but isn't an issue in chapters 4+5 due to a lack of moon)

Kelidar - Male Aasimar Summoner

Quickly joined by:
Lara Lee - Female Elven Oracle (same player as Kelidar, who died early on)

Castius - Intersex (identifies male) Dhampir (Ajibachana) Rogue/Sorcerer (multi-classing came later)

Much much later joined by:
Heshena - alias picked up by Haleen after she died and was reincarnated (died again in chapter 4), became a PC.

Pippa - a second Female Druid, was originally Jarusha's giant weasel animal companion. (This RP got weird)

We were given the choice of multiple campaigns and decided to go with Legacy of Fire. The current group in Book 1 is:

Sharabell -- a human brawler that just escaped the slave pits.
Na'afi -- a human wizard and follower of Abadar.
Sirroc -- a cleric of Sarenrae (race hidden for role-play purposes)
Nicci -- a paladin of Sarenrae just arrived from Absolom in search of her past
Shamas -- a Suli Druid who had also just escaped slavery
Storg -- A Gnome Oracle of Sarenrae (played by me).

Yes, there is a theme but none of the players were aware of what the others were created before the first session. It made for a cool first meet 'n greet.

My party is nearing the end of book 3, and have turned the Arabian Nights theme into Kingmaker Lite. Ah, my lovely dorks.

Lady Izora Goldwing, LG Wyvaran Staff Magus and current Mayor of Kelmarane, right hand of Merchant Princess Almah Roveshki. Ex Slave turned aristocrat, devotee of Abadar.

Lady Khaleesia (No Last Name), CG Ifrit Flame Dancer Bard. Head of Diplomatic Relations and City Morale. Supervisor of Feliped Wells, Kelmarane's Master of Ceremonies. Adopted daughter of Haleen.

Captain Zell (No Last Name), CG Tiefling Dagger Master Rogue, Moldspeaker, and Captain of the Troubleshooter's Guild of Kelmarane. In a Will They/Won't They relationship with Kellian, Bodyguard of Almah Roveshki. Adopted son of Haleen.

And finally, Tajah/Rahul Thrall. NG/CN Suli Destined Bloodrager with multiple personalities. Tajah is a kind pacifist, and favored tea time friend of Undraala. Rahul is an idiot with not a brain cell to his name, favored wrestling buddy of Dashki.

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