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Hi all,

I want to start by saying that this could be a sensitive topic - please shut this thread down if it is, I don't want to violate community rules or upset anyone!

My question is whether or not the words "mosque" and "imam" (both of which appear in the AP) are sensitive terms to be avoided in contemporary discourse when not referring to the real life middle east. I know "sultan" and "emir" both also had a religious connotation but have been secularized in the modern world and we see them all the time in RPGs, but I wanted to avoid landmines and offending my players, and changing terminology to "temple" and "priest" is a very simple fix!

Likewise, I know that lich "phylacteries" were replaced with "soul cages" for this very reason which is why I felt I should ask.

Again if this is an inappropriate question I apologize and hope it gets speedily whacked. Thanks!

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In today's society, I would speak with your players who will be participating. If they find anything offensive, encourage them to say something. Your players are the perfect gauge to whether something is offensive.

Further, if you want to error on the side of caution, there shouldn't be any issues with you making changes before the game.

With role-playing games, it all about communication between you and your players.


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