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Idar wrote:

Sorry about the lack of detail in the previous post, lemme see if I can clarify some things. Appreciate the responses though!

The players managed to take over the monastery and they're about to explore the outer portions of Kelmarane, the areas outside of the battle market and the ruined church. The adventure hints that it should take more than one day to explore, as it describes the various things that happen on each day. How long do you think it should take to explore a ruined structure in the Ruins of Kelmarane.

Assuming we're just talking about the generic ruins (as opposed to the named sites), then just a couple of minutes per building for a basic walkthrough. The ruins are broken shells, for the most part. It's the sort of thing I would (did) handwave along the lines of "you spend an hour going door to door, searching the ruins, until [next interesting thing happens]."

AAAAAAAAAGH! One of my players named her character Tempest!

And she was the rogue! And she became the Moldspeaker! Then she dug up a blade with her own name on it!


Yeah, you could probably have renamed the blade to 'Maelstrom', or some such thing, if it's not too late for that.

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Shaonir wrote:

AAAAAAAAAGH! One of my players named her character Tempest!

And she was the rogue! And she became the Moldspeaker! Then she dug up a blade with her own name on it!


Sounds like fate :3

Can anyone with foreknowledge assist? I think my party are taking a shine to Kardswann, and will probably keep him alive by any means possible.

It says at the end of Part 1 that "Ramifications of Kardswann’s survival and redemption are explored in later adventures in this
Adventure Path." But I can't see these anywhere. I did a search for "Kardswann" in the later parts, but no luck.

I also searched for Nefeshti, since it mentioned that he would probably report back to her. But right now I don't know where Nefeshti is either.

Does anyone have oversight of the "ramifications"?

There's practically nothing written for this to find. One of the biggest flaws of this AP is that the Templars vary in importance and detail wildly depending on which book you're in and who's writing it.

I can tell you what we did. Nefeshti is on one of the outer planes, grieving for Andrathi and failing to interact with the world. Kardswann can cast Plane Shift, so he can easily go to her. After reporting (which a grief-striken Nefeshti rather shrugged off), Kardswann resumes what he sees as his duty, patrolling the planes and fighting evil. He returned to aid the PCs in Book 6 against Jhavul's army.

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Perhaps this has come up before, but I thought I’d ask here:

I’ve been GMing this game via PbP for about 18 months now and over the holidays the player that was playing the Moldspeaker decides that PbP games aren’t for them anymore and drops the game.

This is after the group has cleaned out the monastery, discovered Tempest (obviously), and started cleaning out Kelmarane. The Moldspeaker had been having visions and breaks in character where he’d speak as Vardishal since he found Tempest. I had the character run off from the group into Kelmarane raving about Kardswann after the play abandoned our game.

I’d like some suggestions as to what I should do. How important is the Moldspeaker to the rest of the campaign? The remainder of my players are loyal and excellent, and I’m in this for the long-haul.

Do I have Kardswann and Co. capture the Moldspeaker and confiscate Tempest? Straight up murder him? I’m trying to figure what the dominated Kardswann would do if he encountered a reincarnated Vardishal.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome.

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I figure he would likly confiscate tempest and put the PC to fight in his arena for amusement. He is barely himself while dominated. The moldspeaker is good for pushing the story along but not needed, but if it were up to me I would have him take tempest and and have him subconsciously choose to keep it. The Templar part of him in the back of his mind would tell him he should keep it for reasons, that not even the daemons control fully suppress. As for what happens to the PC is up to you but it's not hard to make it that the moldspeaker can in theory be transferred in death. Have it when the pcs find tempest again the mold had put some of itself into the weapon and the next PC to pick it up becomes the host. The one downside is I assume to made tempest a weapon fitting for this PC that left so it might not work well for whoever picks it up next but you can always adjust it slightly. Maybe the mold sense it does not work for it's new host and the weapons had an ability to once per year change shape. Hell give that to Kardswann's axe if need be so the pcs can get a weapon they want to use as well if not one uses great axes. The templars weapons were made by wish magic so adding this simple trait is not hard (can even have it be something they learn over the year brake between books 1 and 2)

And if the moldspeaker proves unwilling to host Vardishal, there's no reason it can't move on to somebody else. Killing off the now-NPC isn't even required.

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I like the idea of Tempest molding itself to what the character's want.

(Ya see what I did there? Ha!)

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