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Hello all,

My players have decided to go the long way around to the House of the Beasts and will be stopping by the cursed Onyx Hall (Vol 2 p54). Basically it is a cursed manor house rumored to contain a lot of treasure and has not been grave robbed in 200 years. The group is currently level 5 and mythic tier 2.

I'm looking for ideas for curses/themes. I like the idea of the further they get into the manor house a swarm/horde of undead drag them in further. Kind of like a horror house. I was thinking of hag/witch with lots of curses also and then slaves/former owners that are mad that they got cursed. The curse comes from a slave whose family was spread to all corners of Golarion and can only be lifted when all the stones of the manor burn down.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

Thank you.

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Here's what I did:
Interlude: Onyx Hall

I tied it into the "earning your freedom" trait from one of the PCs, but you could come up with a different hook.


That is EXTREMELY helpful. I didn't want to divert too much from the AP and like you said stat out a whole manor and avoid undead. I'll research this some more and try it out. This can be some good role playing with minimal fighting which is also nice.

Thank you!

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