moldspeaker and Wealth by Level

Legacy of Fire

I'm running legacy of fire and one of my players became the Moldspeaker!

now, Tempest is a magic weapon that increases the magical bonus as the pc gains levels!

how should i calculate the wealth of this player?
should i include each time the new bonus?
is it an "artifact" with greater value than a standar sword?
should i not include the tempest at all?

If you are concerned about keeping wealth by level you could just treat the sword as having a gp value that scales with level. Up to level 4 it is a +1 weapon worth 2000gp. From 5 to 7 (iirc) it is a +1 frost weapon so 8000 gp. Then 18,000gp at 8 and 9, 32,000 for 10 and 11, and 50,000 for 12+.

BTW, this thread should be in the Legacy of Fire section.

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