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I am running the End of Eternity module soon. I have read the rules on planar connections but am not sure on how it will affect my player who is a Summoner. Mostly his Eidolon.

A. If the Eidolon has not been summoned when the players enter the scroll will the Summoner be able to summon the eidolon in Kakishon?

B. If my player already has the Eidolon by his side when they enter the scroll what happens when it is time to dismiss it?

It's a difficult situation. Thematically it would be appropriate for the Summoner not to be able to call their Eidolon due to the properties of Kakishon as I remember them. It even fits a story narrative very well. However, it really kills the summoner class to not be able to summon their eidolon, being that it's so important. Perhaps you, as the GM, could allow them greater power or influence over Kakishon due to their inherent powers over extraplanar sources?

Since it is an entire book of an AP, you could massage how Kakishon works and allow the eidolon to function normally - explanation: it's magic! If it were just a game session or two, I'd let the player suffer without the eidolon. But the player is getting sidelined for an entire book, and it is the best book of the AP. Seems like a perfect time to apply the Rule of Cool instead of sticking to RAW.

It isn't just Kakishon. They are going to be nearly in the same situation for Impossible Eye too, as they are stuck in a mirror image universe of the Plane of Fire. The short answer is to allow the eidolon because this is a game and it should be fun for the players; destroying their class for one or two books of an AP is not fun.

If you were going to do anything, local (wrt to the plane) summoning within Kakishon and Bayt Al-bazan should still be possible. So, you could siply allow them to create a new eidolon, one for Kakishon and one for Bayt Al-bazan later. Once they return to a real plane at the end of Book 5, then they could have their old eidolon back.

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Personally, I reversed that planar trait and decided that summons would be EASIER within Kakishon. One of my PCs was a conjuration wizard, and for many of the earlier levels he felt kind of ineffective. So the last thing I wanted to do was hamstring his character just when he was starting to be effective. So I gave him standard action summons in Kakishon. He had a blast.
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If you want to keep the summoning barrier there, maybe you can introduce a balancing mechanic where the eidolon can retreat to and travel inside an object carried by the PC instead of his home plane. A lamp, perhaps. They could find it in the first pavillion they encounter in Kakishon. This can be treated exactly as summoning and dismissing his eidolon, but instead of having to bend over backwards to explain why summoning works for the eidolon but not the spell, you've got a focus for why it's a special case. Also, keeping an eidolon in a lamp is very thematic for the AP.

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