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Legacy of Fire

So one of the PCs in my group is an Ifrit Wishcrafter Sorcerer who also happens to be a Harrow reader. Needless to say, she's the one who received the Cyclone card when Eloais's cart went up in flames upon their arrival, and after getting the fire put out and the rest of the opening scene under control, she sat down to do a Harrow reading while the rest of the party talked to the NPCs or scouted out into the nearby cactus forest.

Lacking an actual Harrow Deck of my own, I got her results by rolling d100 and rerolling any results over 54, then just counting down the list on the Pathfinder Wiki.

Here's the results of her first attempt:
The Paladin (LG, Str) - lawful good card of strength. It represents standing resolutely against trouble, without backing down.
The Queen Mother (LN, Wis) - lawful neutral card of wisdom. This formian is the personification of knowledge, who is fond of the powerless, the underclass, and those who will show her obeisance.
The Betrayal (NE, Cha) - neutral evil card of charisma. It represents selfishness and envy.

The Idiot (NE, Int) - neutral evil card of intelligence. It represents folly, greed, blackmail, bribery, or hubris.
The Carnival (CN, Wis) - chaotic neutral card of wisdom. It represents illusions and false dreams.
The Snakebite (CE, Int) - chaotic evil card of intelligence. It represents poison, venom, assassination, and discord.

The Fiend (LE, Str) - lawful evil card of strength. It is a devil that devours the masses of the innocent, and can represent the deaths of many in a disaster.
The Midwife (NG, Wis) - neutral good card of wisdom. It represents the enabler or conduit of new creation, information, or arrivals.
The Demon's Lantern (CE, Dex) - chaotic evil card of dexterity. It represents an impossible situation of traps, mind tricks, and sleight of hand.

The Harrower's personal interpretation:
[9:20:22 PM] Belladonna: Past: A force standing against trouble, against all odds, attempting to help those weaker than him/it, standing against selfishness. This sounds like someone attempting to stand for the lower classes in Denvushain against a liege that is seen as selfish and abusive in power.
[9:22:23 PM] Belladonna: Present: Greed, folly, blackmail, pride / illusions, false dreams /poison, assassination, discord. Someone, perhaps the paladin from the past?, is deluded by their pride and ends up part of a plot to create discord.
[9:25:54 PM] Belladonna: Future: deaths in a disaster, masses of innocent / new creation, information, arrivals / impossible situation of traps, mind tricks, sleight of hand. This force will cause a great number of deaths and a large disaster, impossible to avoid, however something better may rise from the ruins of the devastation.

Looking not far from the mark, but just enough off to keep things interesting. =)

I'd like to allow her to keep the Harrow readings as a major part of her character and incorporate them more into the adventure as possible. As written, they really only make a direct appearance during scenes related to Eloais's death at the beginning; once the pugwampis have been found and dealt with, I don't recall the adventure ever making much of a deal of Eloais's ill-fated divinations, the repeated presence of the Cyclone, and so forth ever again.


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Those are some really good cards for this adventure

You could scatter the icons through the adventure to for shadow some aspects.

For example a glyph represeting the card for betrayal could be found in the temple in book 1 to represent the Daemon and the fallen cleric.

The fiend can make an appearance in book 2 when the players decend past the throne in the house of the beast, representing the destruction to occur of Xonti is reawaken.

And a perception check on Radi Hamdi in book 3 could reveal the Idiot or Snakebite, fortelling his dishonesty

Good starts =D Thanks!

Obviously the Fiend can be continually used to represent Jhavhul, and the Cyclone and the Demon's Lantern both make good cards for Xotani. The Queen Mother or Midwife might be a good stand-in for Nefeshti.

Yeah. Just sprinkle them through the adventure.

Their arrival in Kakishon would be a good moment to do another Harrowing.
And you could use that result as hooks to explore the demiplane's past and fate

Good idea.

I imagine she'll probably sit down and do one at any time the party comes across some kind of major event or landmark, knowing the player. So at the very least, probably one in the temple in Kelmarane, another when they find the daemon seal (or after the daemon is dead), maybe one in the House of the Beast, most certainly one before entering Kakishon, probably one after, one or more in the City of Brass, one when they return, and one before going after Jhavhul at the end, at the very least.

And those are just the super-likely ones.

Yet another Harrowing done:
Rabbit Prince (CN, Dex) - It represents the quiky vicissitudes of melee combat. The Rabbit Prince is the personification of the capriciousness of battle, and his broken sword indicates that defeat may come to anyone. The card sometimes represents younger members of royal or noble houses.
Tangled Briar (LE, Con) - It represents a historical thing or creature that will have some influence on the question.
The Lost (CE, Wis) - The bodak represents the permanently insane, lost among lunatics and psychopaths in insane asylums. It is a card of emptiness.

The Trumpet (LG, Con) - It represents an archon who dives aggressively and righteously into danger.
The Mountain Man (CN, Con) - This giant represents an encounter with a physical power outside of the subject's control.
The Brass Dwarf (LN, Con) - It represents a creature invulnerable to a current threat.

The Cricket (NG, Dex) - It represents the grig, quick travel, and the reward at the end of a journey.
The Tyrant (LE, Cha) - It represents a ruler who harms those he rules.
The Twin (TN, Cha) - The doppelganger represents duality of purpose or identity, or indecision and fence-sitting for the subject or the entire spread.

The group just finished the Chapel of Vardishal and are going to be heading to Kelmarane next session, so this paints the events to come in a rather interesting light... very very interesting indeed =)

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