Players guide?

Legacy of Fire

Is there a players guide for this adventure path and if so where is it?

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Right here. ^_^

wait it isnt free? like the new ones are?

Originally, the player's guides were part of the player's companion line. Now, they provide the player's guides for new Adventure Paths for free, even though I am sure it still cost them money/time/resources.

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Declindgrunt wrote:
wait it isnt free? like the new ones are?

That's an odd way of spelling "Thank you for the link, Kalindlara."

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To be fair, it's the response I was expecting. No offense taken. ^_^

(I was surprised too, in fact. I had a weird memory of the PDFs for LoF/SD being free... I must be thinking of the previous two.)

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The player's guides fro the first 3 APs were free AND printed. Legacy of Fire fell into the trough between us doing free online PDFs and no Print copies... although I do seem to recall that if you had an Adventure Path sub when that player's guide came out we DID send you the player's guide PDF for free.

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Thanks for the link and thanks James for all the hard work on the campaigns!

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