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I am launching the LoF adventure path for my long running (18+ years) group and had to find a couple of things to tinker with. I was looking for feedback on my ideas and maps for the add ons since I am an army of one.

For the first module I am building two custom maps. The first is a custom map of Warfmaster Manor as I intend to create some sort of encounter progression with the building. Not too much extra story with this one currently other than an underground area for a known and private cellar as well as guess it...a well.

The second is an extension of the set piece published in the module, The Refuge of Nethys. The background here is twofold, some old and some ancient. In room 6 it mentions that the northern corridor led to chambers used for magical research.

The story I've developed so far is this:

A temple to the Osirian god Thoth was built during the height of ancient Osirian's empire well over 7000 years ago in the lands now known at Katapesh. Thousands of years later the reclusive priests of Nethys built their monastery, initially unknowingly over the ruins of the forgotten temple to Thoth. Only when they dug out the lower levels did they stumble upon several ancient temple chambers that didn't succumb to the ravages to time. The priests built their research chambers around these old ruins as a homage to forgotten knowledge. These are the chambers that the module references off of room 6 of the set piece.

The maps I've developed are in CC3 so I need to find a way to share them in a suitable format. I will begin submitting a couple examples of what I'm working on.

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I posted a couple of the initial map designs that I have. There is more developed but it's not finalized.

Click the link below (or copy it to your browser) to get to the jpg files.

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A piece of Advice. Legacy of Fire is heavy on the rails, with the story taking a team of players who fulfilled their goals in book 1 and dragging them across the plains.

Try mentioning a treasure or item rumored to lie on the isle of Kakishon so when they players find the map they lead the charge in getting it activated.

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Also, be careful with the Moldspeaker. If handled poorly (or the "chosen" character dies), it can turn into an annoyance instead of a benefit.

One other thing to do is to play up the genie plot elements. It may be a good idea to introduce the Templars of the Five Winds as background elements/legends and/or models for the PCs to emulate early on. That way, it seems more organic (and can lead to "Oh, my gosh" moments in character) when the Templars actually start appearing.

Handouts, handouts, handouts.

There's so much interesting lore about the templars, genies and Rovagug that's on the book but doesn't make it to the players. Print out pages from the book detailing the history of everything and give them to players as they explore in the first book.

Remember that those stories on the inside covers are from a Book 'The Songs of Shar...' and can be found or gifted in the 3rd book. She's also a captive they can rescue in book 5

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Well it was a much longer time between updates that I thought it would be but I've finished the layout of the 3 floors and rooftop of Warfmaster's Manor. I'm gonna add some more furniture and such but the walls won't move anymore.

Now I just need to finish off the cellar level and that map is done.

I've updated all of these maps on my dropbox site (link in previous post)

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I finished the cellar level of Wharfmaster's manor and so it is now posted on my dropbox site. I still have plans to have another lower level to the manor that links to the river but that is not complete as of yet. So if you want to use this map just ignore the ladder in the well cavern the leads down.

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