Legacy of Fire in....Iobaria?

Legacy of Fire

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I figured I might run this campaign and I got an idea, that perhaps I could link it with (soon to end) Kingmaker campaign where the expedition is sponsored by PC's kingdom to look into expanding to Iaboria. Mainly a trade route across Nomen hills and towards the "three big" cities on the south.

Of course it would require massive changes in some area but basic premise would be that someone (Cyclops, mad druids?) would want to resurrect a spawn residing under Ioborian mountains. I would use the spawn which was featured in Kingmakers PC's version, specifically the thing which looks like a crossbreed of lobster & Shoggoth in "Beneath the Stolen lands".

But what could be the Kakishon, whats imprisoned there and how it might feature with the spawn?

Any ideas? Can it be adapted or am I better of just going with homebrew version sort of removes parts 4-5 with some re-imagined plot developments?

Thanks in advance.

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Your campaign idea sounds intriguing, especially tying it into the Kingmaker campaign. Exploring the expansion into Ioboria and dealing with the threat of a spawn under the mountains adds depth to the story. As for Kakishon, you could adapt it as a mysterious realm or prison where powerful entities are sealed away. Perhaps the spawn seeks to unleash something trapped there, leading to a dangerous conflict. Alternatively, you could create a homebrew version with re-imagined plot developments to fit your campaign needs. Whichever path you choose, it's sure to make for an exciting adventure

Does it helped Thanks for the input! Incorporating Kakishon as a mysterious realm or prison adds depth to the story. Whether sticking to the original concept or opting for a homebrew version, it promises an exciting adventure for the players. Additionally, considering suitable https://nombresparafreefire.mx/
can enhance the gaming experience.

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