NPC needed?

Legacy of Fire

I am working on running the Legacy of Fire AP with my group. The party make-up will be:

Dwarf Cleric
Half-Elf Paladin
Human Rogue

My question is whether or not I will need to add a NPC to fill out the group...specifically a wizard?

Thanks for any help or ideas!

To my knowledge, LoF is a pretty wizard-optional campaign.

I mean, the wizard is nice to have for all the normal reasons, but unlike some other APs there aren't a lot of places where only wizard spells will do.

Try it without, and tell the players to play cautiously. If you really need to run an NPC, it will become evident.

My group is in book 2 and we have 2 Wizards. One is a Transmutation and the other is a Conjuration specialist, I believe. In many of the fights towards the end of the fight they become party cheerleaders.

So essentially I agree with Mythic Evil Lincoln. A wizard is not specifically needed, but is a nice to have option.

Just my 2 cp.

Thanks...I appreciate the input.

I'm running for a 3 party group and only one spellcaster (oracle) - They are doing fine and usually have an NPC with them jsut because it kinda happened.

CUrrently they run around with Kyra (the official paizo one) because she was the headpriest of Sarenrae coming to Kelmarane and they decided they want to have her with them.

my group did it well without spell-caster for a while. but after the take of the monastery, they found they lack of firepower. so father zastoran check his nethys network to engage a sorcerer-on-wage. soon a new player took the NPC and plyaed it more vividly than i could.

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