Abadar or Irori?

Legacy of Fire

I know I know, the answer for this AP is Sarenrae.

But if someone wanted to be a non-Sarenrite cleric, do you think Abadar or Irori would fit best with the themes and the story of this AP? Or CC?

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Abadar would be a nice fit, especially in #3 (the Jackal's price, which takes place in the city of Katapesh, where trade is everything and the church of Abadar plays a significant role) and #5 (the Impossible eye, where you literally start in a treasure vault).
Irori is not particularly relevant to this AP, but worshippers of Irori make perfect sense as PCs in this part of Golarion.
Also check the free LoF Player's Guide for information about religions in the AP.

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