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Without spoilers, could someone tell me if having my charactor eliminate or sabotage slave merchants who come to Kelmarane, or establish a hidden base for eagle knight types would cause significant problems with the AP? We are just starting the second book.

Currently running Legacy of Fire and from what I've read it shouldn't be a problem as far as the path is written. Also ask your GM, as he's the one who knows what he has planned.

That should be fine. I'd say go for it if you were in my group. Set up a whole underground railroad to Andoran if you want. Of course, talk to your GM like BB said.

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Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. The AP won't focus on it, but it shouldn't be a problem (though, as others say, talk to your GM).

Totally fine, just tell your GM about it. Just because slavery is mostly normal doesn't mean you have to like it after all.

"Do what you will, but do not interfere with trade."

I'd argue that it depends on how the GM is interpreting this singular law of Katapesh. Slave merchants involved in matters of trade are off limits unless you want to go up against the Pactmasters and their Zephyr Guard...in addition to all the monsters you're already slated to fight in the AP. But then again...no guts, no glory...

The Legacy of Fire Player's Guide has some sobering things to say on crime and punishment in Katapeh involving the noble cause of slave-freeing and slaver-pouncing.

One possible wrinkle to consider is that by default your PCs work for the Pactmasters, indirectly. The PCs work for Almah; Almah works for the Pactmasters. If you start interfering with the slave trade, you'll kind of be betraying your employer.

Nykrat wrote:
"Do what you will, but do not interfere with trade."

That's the law in Katapesh City, but the western wastes are a different story. I think the question of slavery in Kelmerane actually brings some interesting opportunities. Definitely Almah serves the Pactmasters and is slave friendly, but that may not extend to the PCs.

In my game, Haleen was actually an undercover Steel Falcon which tossed some divided loyalties into the mix. I also added a Solku contingency which was anti-slavery and seeking to establish a temple to Sarenrae in town in competition with the Pactmaster sponsored Abadarians.

Throw in a pairaka div to fan the flames of conflict and it made for some nice background drama for the newly reclaimed settlement.

Note: no spoilers, this was all bonus material I added.

This background would actually give your GM an excuse to run Broken Chains as a side adventure during the 3rd book.

The point is debatable.
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stating to almah Bey that "we won't act like gnolls. If you want us keeping the reconquested Kelmarane, you have to ban slavery".

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Given the change in Paizo's stance on slavery, is this AP still viable?

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The Thread Necromancer wrote:
Given the change in Paizo's stance on slavery, is this AP still viable?

Paizo's stance is essentially "going forward we're not going to talk about slavery, tell stories about slaves or slavers, or acknowledge the presence of slavery in our setting" (at least not casually, without good reason, and without fair warning.) They are not telling you that you cannot adapt AD&D modules A1-A4 for use in Pathfinder.

Diagetically, the manumission of all slaves in Absalom combined with the successes of the Andoran Navy have meant that slave trade in the inner sea is *much* less economically viable, if you happen to be keeping up with how Golarion has changed over time. Current adventures are essentially set in the period of history where chattel slavery ends.

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