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Lisa Stevens wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Lisa Stevens wrote:
Drogon wrote:
They are complacent.
I can tell you that THAT isn't the case. There will never be complacency as long as I am helming this ship.
There's a picture forming in my mind of you that is remminiscent of Amy Pond in her pirate gear from "Curse Of The Black Spot". Were you the lass I bought my orignal black cover copy of Ars Magica in that long ago Gen Con? As I recall, the Lion Rampant "booth" was an up-ended cardboard box:) But I might just be getting senile.

There was three of us girls at that Lion Rampant booth. Myself, Nicole Lindroos, and Kirsten Swingle. So it might have been any of the three of us at that GenCon in 1988.


I still have that book. and another black cover from those years "The Fall of Calebais." Ars Magica was one of the things I really got into during my decade self-exile from the D+D scene.


I honestly wonder how a D&D edition that moves towards GM adjudication vs written rules will work in a live campaign. I think a lot of old school GMs will like it but I feel like a lot of the players will be on various boards asking whether GMs can do this or do that. Heck, PFRPG still has that issue and their is almost a rule for everything.

P.S. I have not taken one look at D&D5E so my understanding of the rules is based on hearsay.

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pH unbalanced wrote:
Mark Moreland wrote:
Out of curiosity, how much do folks asking for more Pathfinder Society Scenarios utilize other sanctioned adventures such as Pathfinder Modules and Pathfinder Adventure Paths?

I think these new sanctioned adventures are serving a different need. I know that I'm about to run Reign of Winter for my home group. I currently play in PFS, but my players don't. However, I expect that after I give them this awesome looking Chronicle sheet, with cool stuff they can get it they start playing PFS, they will start checking it out.

Which is to say, the constraints on gaming that make PFS attractive in the first place, make longer adventures such as APs difficult to run in PFS venues. But I think that there is room to expand PFS by bringing it into spaces that don't have those constraints, and I think that's what you're gaining with this new content.

Also, lets not forget that the point of having more low level adventures is to keep material available for new players to game WITH veterans. Modules allow this, but preclude a new player from adjusting a character BEFORE they hit second level and their character is set in stone. AP's once they have gotten going, demand a group stay together, or at least a relatively stable player base - in any event they prevent a new player, beyond a certain point, from stepping into the group with a first level character.

Our group generally plays once a month, although more PFS goes on throughout the month than the "official" monthly meeting. We have gone to playing Modules every couple of months to increase the material playable by veterans and new players. Conventions are poor venues for a Module, as they do not allow players to drop out before the end of the Mod when something strikes their fancy and they wander off, (Call it the "Squirrel!" effect.) gaining no XP for themselves, and leaving the remaining group high and dry.

Personally I don't mind playing the Modules, because I do have a hard time determining the underlying Greater Plot.

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Removed a few off-topic/edition war-ey posts.

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As to the question of publishing more scenarios: I'd love to try my hand at writing a scenario or two -- frankly, I'm 100% sure I could improve on the current editing -- but at present, the "foot-in-the-door" (so to speak) for scenarios is the non-functional "Quest" submission system. Putting aside the issues with quests themselves, a functioning system for submitting material would be a huge help.

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Holy necro thread!!! I found an email from a friend about this thread from 2013 and clicked it again. It’s Interesting to read the first page thoughts and ideas now 10 years later and seeing how 5e and PF2e has turned out. From design to release schedule for both…some big misses but the ideas were based on what had been before from WoTC.

Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying whatever game they prefer or all of them!

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