Heroes of Undarin: Demon Resistances

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While reading through this section I noticed something odd, the stained glass window can be illuminated with a light spell by the PCs to halve the resistances of the current wave of demons. The only problem is the general design of monsters has been fewer resistances and more weaknesses so after checking the bestiary a total of 2 demons still have resistances.

Wrath demons with resist electricity 10 and the Devastator with resist 20 all (except adamantine or good). The devastator doesn't show up at all while Wrath demons only show up if you have 5 or more players.

Ultimately my question here is what should this actually do? This feels like an artifiact of an older version of monster design where demons still had resistances not weaknesses, personally I would probably make it increase their weakness by 1.5 or 2x or even make all of the PCs deal 5 or 10 good damage on all of their attacks for one wave.

I think adding 5 to their weaknesses is a good option. Adding 5 or more good damage to the actual players would probably be too powerful in this case.

Yeah, after looking at their weaknesses ranging from around 7 to 15 increasing it by 5 is probably a good number. My only problem with going that way is that halving resistances benefits every attack against the target except for ones that would bypass the resistance while increasing weaknesses doesnt benefit regular attacks at all and only benefits attacks targeting the weakness. It ends up in sort of an inverse scenario to where im not sure it'll actually helps as much as originally intended.

Edit: Actually giving a damage bonus equal to half the demons weakness value on all attacks that don't target the weakness would probably be the most equivalent solution.

Example: Demon with resist 15/cold iron would have had its resist lowered to 8/cold iron making all attacks without cold iron weapons effectively do 7 more damage while cold iron weapons would overcome all resist effectively doing the full 15 extra

A demon with weakness 15 cold iron could recieve 7 bonus damage from all attacks that don't target its weakness and recieve the normal 15 bonus damage from cold iron.

A bit cumbersome.of a solution but probably the most accurate to how the adventure is written at the moment.

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