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Combat & Magic

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XP cost for Magic Item Creation gone?

Grapple + Rake?

Magic Item Creation Costs - Concern (pg 112)

Grapple & Pins, Page 62

CMB issues

Not keen on the cost of creating magic items. Bad economics.

Evil Cleric / Necromancer game breaker

Remaining Problematic spells

Spell Durations

Mind Blank

Mage Disjunction - pages 93-94

Magic Item Creation Costs - Clarification

Find the Path

Hand of the Apprentice (Page 69)

Massive Damage Threshold needs attention.

Evoker specialist ability....

Please return 3.5 Wish.

CMB? -p62

Travel Domain - Flight - Page 78

Two-Weapon Fighting

Combat Maneuver Bonus issues

Giant Form and Form of the Dragon

Cover p. 58-59

Playtesting: Channel Energy (pg 59-60), specifically versus 'Silence'

Attacks of Opportunities while moving and later spellcasting

Design Flaw with new Negative Levels rule

Does Hand of the Apprentice stack with Arcane Strike?

Combat Maneuver wording

Remove Desease (pg 99)

"Enchant" vs. "Enhance" (p. 33, et al.) - recommend "Imbue"

Grappling multiple targets- How?

Arcane Lock page 80

Recommended change to Mending

Recommended changes to Identify

CMB: Grappling the Beast

Monk's Robe vs. Monk's Belt

Playtest: Channel Energy

Issues With Channel Energy (pgs. 59-60)

Polymorph / Alter Self / Shapechange

Reformatting Critical Systems

Miss Chances - No more...

Abjuration School Protective Ward Ability (pg 65)

Stunned = Auto Combat Maneuver Success

School / Domain powers, attributes and save DC

Increase Damage for Magic Missile?

What happens to domain spells now that domains don't grant spells?

CMB / Size Bonus of Halflings

Luck Domain - the most powerful 8th level ability?

Overrun Combat Maneuver

CMB like Combat Casting?

Hey - are gauntlets of ogre power still doable?

Rework save or die spells please

Wizards - specialists... (Robbed?)

The Sorcerer Shapechange Shortchange

Polymorph: Natural Armor Bonuses, Please.

Suggestion: Lesser Polymorph Spells

Detect Evil or Detect Malevolence?

Power Build - Warrior

Wizard Cantrips (p33) and Evocation Specialist Abilities (p67)

Grapple [Move Action], Page 62

Is there too much healing?

CMB = suggested alteration - Str Mod OR Dex Mod

Huge Polymorph Loophole (various pages)

Trip, Page 63

Darkness and Deeper Darkness; Pg 85

Grease, Pg 91

The Broken condition (p.122) and Mending and Make Whole (p. 94)

Entangle - unclear description - page 87

Death Domain ability concern

Concern about Staves

Find the Path spell

Ranged Weapons

[POLL] Save or Die

Sorcerous Cantrips

Negative Levels, Raise Dead & Resurection Question

Breath of Life - Page 84

Caught Off Guard (p52) & Stunned Defense (p56)

Eschew Material Component gains new life with Polymorphing

Feint errata

Slight rework of Flat-footed at combat start and Surprise rounds

Healing Domain and asundry Healing spells Page 74

Reincarnation and LA

Shapechanging is Dead

Domain granted supernatural abilities - which action?


You missed Protection from Evil

Grappling multiple targets- How?

Travel Domain - Dimensional Hop - page 78

School powers, pages 65 - 69

Question on Prohibited Schools

Guns (part 3)

Jason -> Polymorph Subschool - Land Speed?

Playtesting thoughts - Acid

Standardizing Racial Starting Hit Points with Hit Dice (with a note on hp inflation)

Shapechange spells - What about natural attacks? - page 81

Sorcerer BloodLine Spells

buffs(page 80+)

Channel Energy range (p. 59)

Paladin-Divine Bond Weapon Questions

Hand of the Acolyte, Magic Domain (pg 75)

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