Gunslinger Class

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Official Gunslinger Class Playtest Post Round-Up

Welcome to the Gunslinger Class Playtest!

Finish The Job is the worst deed?

Gunslinger Feat Analysis

Gunslingers, Firearms and critical hits

New Gunslinger chassis idea - making it distinct from fighter.

Gunslinger Bardiche

Report: Low Level Way of the Drifter Games

Cover Fire is a terrible feat

Any ideas on how to solve the problems with capacity weapons?

Level 2 Test Session and Post-Thoughts

Reload weapons need to be fundamentally reevaluated.

Firearm ace is bad for the class

What's a Cutlass?


Actual Play - The Hunt for Late October

Ji-Woo versus the Belcorra's Retreat (playtest - spoilers for AV 1)


Level 14 Gunslinger playtest: Effective, but a bit lacking in options and somewhat stale in activity

Notes on Gunslinger: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Penetrating Fire and the scatter trait

Gunslingers - A bundle of Fighter Feats that cost proficiency

Quick question about "Hit the Dirt!"

Possible class features

Gunman Bandolier

What if guns caused bleed

Best way to fix reload issues? Give us revolvers.

Can we put the Sling back in GunSlinger?

Sniper (5th level) playtest - PFS 1-23: The Star-Crossed Court

Alchemist path?

Press and Reload

Loading a flintlock weapon at the speed of Pathfinder Combat leads to pretty comedic combats, Maybe they should be breech loaders instead.

Create an additional distinction between guns and crossbows

Fun fact - Way of the Pistolero works sort of well with the Arquebus (level 8+)

Alternate name?

Shooter's aim while using unsteady weapon

Short lvl 3 Playtest - PFS Quest #2 - Slight Spoilers

Level 1 feedback

Baked-in Class features - Yes, please!

Better support for draw and drop slinger

Level 13 is a good place to playtest

Missing Alchemical Crafting?

The Sniper trait, boring and bad.

Vital Shot

Feedback V2.0 - Gunslinger Reloaded

crossbows vs firearms fighters vs Gunslingers


Missing class feature for second range increment?

One Shot One Kill questions

It occurs to me that all Sword and Pistol GS's should archetype

My sniper build and (untested) first impressions

Using "Deflect shot" against a risky reload (and similar)

Prone condition with a firearm.


Firearm Ace idea - Support for the pistol brace playstyle + catching up on damage

Misfire is nice but could be better

Shattering Shot does low damage.

Pre-play impression and ideas

Is Fatal Bullet a trap feat?

Gunslinger First Impressions

Reload hacks

Tying Gunslinger to guns seems like a lot of wasted potential

Gunslingers way

Let's Talk Reloading

Reload 2

Remember, Guns did not over take swords and bows because they where more powerful, but because they where easier to use (and a few other reasons).

Some options really give a cartoonish feeling.

Homebrewing a Gunslinger multiclass archetype

Building Better Guns

Gunslinger as the Weapon Reloading Expert

Unsteady weapons should be 1+ hands when mounted

Ways of making Reload feel more fun

Gunslinger "Misfire" Clarification - Condition, Check, Tag? (Jam as a tag?)

Does Two-Weapon Flurry need a MAP clarification?

Guns firing underwater?

Firearm traits

A suggestion for firearms

The Gunslinger needs a modified version of Dual Weapon Reload badly

Firearms Design impressions

Gunslingers needs Better / More Interesting Ways / Deeds

Gun prices and crafting

The new grit

Is there another conventional reloading weapon other than Crossbows for this class to use?

Issues with Two-weapon flurry [press]

How fun is the reload mechanic for you

1st Level Reloading Feats

Reload and Grit

Firearm Ace

Trick Shot (Explosive Barrel) Is Problematic

A few things about Gunslinger and archetypes

If we could get a higher level feat that allows Running Reload to trigger off Hit the Dirt! I would be so happy.

The playtest doubling rings and the "Brace of Pistols" fighting style

Redirecting Shot confusion

Slinger's Reflexes: Reloading problem

Opening Thoughts: Gunslinger

Things the Gunslinger Gets Right

Pistolero's Challenge - No DC

Simplifying Abilities

Dual wielding and the Reloading Strike Feat

Initial Skill Proficiencies

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