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RPG Superstar™ General Discussion

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Put on your fancy designer hats!

RPG SuperStar 2020 (Brought To You By Roll for Combat)

Blazing 9! (season 10 prep)

I think someone broke the voter tags...


When is the next RPG Superstar Season?

Superstar Designers seek Template Fu feedback

Template Fu Challenge 2 - CR question

Critique my Occult Ritual!

Critique my Item! ...Please?

A Sincere and Modest Proposal to Paizo and the RPGSS Community

Looking for another place to develop freelancing skills? This is it!

Superstar Season Greetings

Has this closed yet?

First-Round Item Feedback from me!

Critique My Item Please!

The Unofficial Top 32 Guildhall and Haunted House

CMI response Thread

How far would you have gotten in the top 32 self analysis

Paizo Blog: More Star Power—Nick Wasko Wins RPG Superstar!

This would have been my encounter entry

Uh, what time was the vote supposed to close?

Paizo Blog: It's Adventure Proposal Time!

These are the monsters that weren't

This Would have been my Map Entry

OFFICIAL - Final Four Word Count Leniency

Paizo Blog: The Final 4 Are Revealed!

The return of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly item Critique thread Season 9 edition

The Official Season 9 RPG Superstar Top 100!

Want to be a better designer? Start by being good at workshopping

Round 5 Elevator Pitch

RPGSS Season 9 Round 4 Playtest Interest Check

Question about RPG SS

Public offer for those still in the contest

Map choices

Why Monster over NPCs?

Round 4 rules question

The New Viewer's Guide to RPGSS

Critique My Item 2.0 thread

Paizo Blog: The Surviving Monsters are Revealed!

Encounter Design

Round 3 Discussion - Top 16 Don't Post Here! - How are you voting?

Superstar Conspiracy Theories

Some advice from a publisher / competitor / fan of the competition

Paizo Blog: Creeping, Crawling, and Claw-Claw-Biting—It's Time to Vote!

Just had an evil little thought...

Official Notice of New Entries!

The most Superstar blog for the RPG Superstar season

Praise thread!

Season 9 - Round 2 Exit Poll


My Top 8 and Cartography Offer

RPG Cartographer Contest ?

Official Critique My Item Thread

Paizo Blog: Beware, Monster Crossing Ahead!

Official Round 3 Rules Preview

Final thoughts after the voting closed

New entrants introduction thread

the melancholy of mapping round

So you want to be a 3PP author

GM_Solspiral's Pit Crew / Edit my Item Thread

Daily tips and more from Freelance Forge

First Impressions Haikus

Can we start a Discussion about Maps we would have entered if we had made the Top 32 this year


Paizo Blog: Unroll the Maps!

Pixels / dots per inch vs. pixel dimensions

Round Two: New Contestant!

The Maps will come out Tomorrow

Coincidence? I think not.

Sour Grapes become "Wine": A Video Response to the Top 32+4

Covent's Critiques Season 9

So, You're Designing a Pathfinder Monster...

How I make a monster

RPGSS Mad-Libs!: Season 9 Edition!

Everyone wants to be RPG Superstar

Advice For Future Rounds

Paizo Blog: Ladies and Gentlemen: Your Top 32!

Top 100 items

Top 32+4 credits list

A couple map questions

Blazing 9!

Snark Powers activate

Link to Rules from the email and from the Banner is broken

Items Seen List: Season 9 Edition

Items you didn't submit

There Is No Critique My Item Thread Until At Least Wednesday

The sad "I got culled" thread


So close

Paizo Blog: A Most Unfortunate Delay

How do you vote? (voting methods, guidelines, and rubrics)

Good Luck!

Question on the upcoming critique thread

I have no idea what items will make the Top 32

Question on the upcoming critique thread

Paizo Blog: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Text for Round 2

Bragging thread for compulsive voters

Adventurers Needed: Attack on Season Nine

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