Open Call: Design a wondrous item

Gloves of Flame Command

Seer's Soap

Witchwood Comb

Whispering Gloves

Gorum's Stompers

Ethersnare Dust

Quicksand Cloak

Many-Layered Veil

Spectral Lampblack

Verdant Crown of Oak and Iron

Reins of the Unstoppable Stride

Trick Shot Glove

Thorn Creeper Sandals

Gorget of Living Whispers

Sash of the Salty Seas

Quiver of Spiderkind

Wintertide Candle

Cobra-Hood Cloak

Shattered Mirror of the Insect Queen

Icon of Aspects

Hell-shod Boots

Ghost Ship Binnacle

Gloves, Tree Frog's

Cloudwrangler's Gloves

Skipping Stone

Goblet of the Elements

Rat-tread Boots

Walking Stick of Concealed Thaumaturgy

Gloves of the Frugal Healer

Swarm Slurper

Map of Refuge

Spell-Winding Timepiece

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