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Novels by region - a GM resource

What is Happening With the PF Tales Line?!?!?

What happened to Pathfinder Chronicler?

Church of the Great Orifice

Missing web fiction compilations

Paizo Blog: Whatcha Want, Fiction Fans?

Shroud of Four Silences

Let it Go

Novels set in 2e world

Paizo Blog: Inheritance

Fiction with the Iconics

Give me hope!

Paizo Blog: The Nex Step

Using off hand comments to write a campaign?

Are the Pathfinder Tales considered canon

House Jeggare

Paizo Blog: Faithful Servants--Chapter Four: The Greatest Gift

Paizo Blog: Thieves Vinegar

Paizo Blog: The Ironroot Deception--Chapter Four: The Beast

Paizo Blog: The Walkers from the Crypt--Chapter Four: The Pendant

Paizo Blog: Killing Time

Missing Pathfinder Tales on Audible

Where all my Kobolds at?

Chellish Currency

Paizo Blog: Shy Knives Sample Chapter

Which book is this?

Paizo Blog: Starspawn Sample Chapter

Stats of Tales Iconics?

Varian Jeggare Novels

Ask the Pathfinder Tales Tellers all your questions here.

Even "there's no news" would be news

Best of: Pathfinder Tales! Go!

Lord of Runes and RotR spoilers?

Paizo Blog: Stargazer

Pathfinder Tales Favorites?

Paizo Blog: Interview with Gears of Faith Author Gabrielle Harbowy

Elaine Cunningham's Winter Witch

pathfinder tales novels

PTBC - The Redemption Engine

Pathfinder Tales: Winter Witch by Elaine Cunningham

Pathfinder Tales Audiobooks Need a New Narrator

Paizo Blog: Gears of Faith Sample Chapter

Varian and Radovan........(spoilers follow)

Paizo Blog: Writing the Through the Gate in the Sea

Occult characters

Lord of Runes can you identify class and levels of main characters (minor spoilers)

Pathfinder Tales Podcast Interviews

Paizo Blog: Through the Gate in the Sea Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Behind the Book—Hellknight

Pathfinder Legends - Audible


Blog: Stop Blowing Holes In My Ship!

Question about future novels

Mapping Web-Fiction

Rate of release

Pathfinder Tales Continuum

Paizo Blog: Reaper's Eye Chapter

What is the Chrologial order of Varian Jeggare & Radovan's adventures?

Paizo Blog: Armored

First (?) clue for Max Gladstone's Pathfinder Tale

Blog: Don't Fear The Reaper!

High level characters


Tiefling Characters?

Paizo Blog: Liar's Bargain Sample Chapter

Blog: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na… Starspawn!

Paizo Blog: Behind Bloodbound

Paizo Blog: Behind the Book--Starspawn

Looking for a new home for my Tales collection

Question in regards to writing stories

Pathfinder Tales Book Size

Paizo Blog: Behind the Book--Liar's Bargain

Blog: I’d Buy That for a Dollar!

Paizo Blog: Audible and Kindle!

"Want to Read" more about Zae, Keren, and Appleslayer?

Audio books for Society Credit?

Blog: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned!

PTBC - Blood of the City

Pathfinder Poetry "The Flyting of Cailean's Hall" (limerick epic for St. Patrick’s Day 2011 & Mark Moreland)

PTBC - The Worldwound Gambit

Paizo Blog: A Farewell to Web Fiction

Paizo Blog: Hellknight Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Free Pathfinder Tales Audiobook!

Paizo Blog: Dave Gross: Stat Up My Characters!

PTBC - Winter Witch

Paizo Blog: Behind Pirate's Prophecy

Blog: Avast Ye Matey!

Paizo Blog: Pirate's Prophecy Sample Chapter

Paizo Blog: Bloodbound Reddit AMA—Ask Wes All Your Questions!

PTBC - Skinwalkers

Paizo Blog: Authors Playing Pathfinder, Round 1!

PTBC - Death's Heretic

Radovan Question (spoilers)

PTBC - Firesoul

Paizo Blog: Bloodbound Sample Chapter

Blog: It is too Late, My Blood is in Your Veins!

Lord of Runes beginning question

Plague of Shadows

Previous Pathfinder Tales Audiobooks on iTunes?

PTBC - Forge of Ashes

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