Gimble's Emerald Spire (Table 2)

Game Master Eric Sklavos

The Clockwork Maze

Initiative: Orovan and Hovok

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Male Half-Orc Brawler 4/Cleric 1 - HP: 23/43, - AC: 19/T: 12/FF: 17 - INIT: +2, Percep: +6[8] <darkvision> TC: 5/5, TD: 5/5 - F: +11/R: +9/W: +8[9] - CMB: +8 - CMD: 20, Speed: 20ft

I'm impressed. I had the same surgery over a decade ago and it was...
Well, they were a little less subtle back then I guess.

Male Gnome Bard 16, Storyteller (aka DM)

Gameday VIII is winding down. This doesn't affect the game at all except it will be reported before we finish. I'm still waiting to hand out chronicles until after you finish this level. It also means that everyone who's participating gets a chance at a Boon. See Rolls below:

Rolls are in Alphabetical Order
Gimble: 1d20 ⇒ 2
Jafit: 1d20 ⇒ 4
Lucifer: 1d20 ⇒ 20
Orovan: 1d20 ⇒ 1

Congratulations Lucifer!
Lucifer's Boon: 1d3 ⇒ 2

You won the Moment of Glory Boon.

Moment of Glory:
Whether it is by fate, fortune, or circumstance, you are able to tap into a hidden reserve of power at just the right moment to perform a truly extraordinary feat. By activating this boon as a free action, you become a mythic character (1st mythic tier) for 3 rounds. If you fall unconscious due to hit point loss during this time, you automatically stabilize without needing to attempt a Constitution check. In addition, once before this effect ends, you may use the surge mythic ability to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the result. Using the surge is an immediate action taken after the result of the original roll is revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll. When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet; however, anytime you successfully complete (earning the maximum possible number of Prestige Points) a scenario that using the “hard mode” option, you may have the GM sign this boon. You may use this boon one additional time for each such signature you receive

Lucifer, I need your email address so you can receive your boon. Either post it here or PM it to me.

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Male TN Wayang Unchained Rogue 5.1 | AC 21 (T 16/FF 17) | CMB +3 CMD 18 (FF 14) | HP 43/43 | Init +3 | Fort +2* Ref +7* Will +2* (* +2 vs Shadow Magic & +1 vs Humanoid Reptilians)(Evasion) | Perception +11 (+2 to locate traps) | Darkvision 60' | Speed 20' | Ghost Sound 1/1 | Pass w/o Trace 1/1 | Ventriloquism 1/1 | Vanish 2/2 | Languages: Common, Abyssal, Azlanti, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal, Wayang | Active Conditions:

Emailed PMed.

Wow... that is my third Boon this Gameday and all three were different. Usually when I get multiple Boons for a Gameday, they are all the same.

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