Gimble's Emerald Spire (Table 2)

Game Master Eric Sklavos

The Clockwork Maze

Initiative: The Party may go

Six miles northeast of Fort Inevitable lies one of the deepest and strangest dungeons to be found anywhere in the lands of the Inner Sea—the Emerald Spire. Like an iceberg, this weird structure shows only a small portion of itself above the surface; level upon level of hidden vaults and mysterious crypts lie buried deep below the ground. Few of the people living in Fort Inevitable or the surrounding lands have even the slightest inkling of the dungeon’s true extent, let alone its astounding age.

Standing in a wide clearing within the Echo Wood, the Emerald Spire is the ruin of a large Azlanti tower that appears to be made of green glass harder than stone. The upper portions of the tower were destroyed long ago, leaving broken, half-melted glass blocks lying jumbled around the tower’s perimeter and the ground nearby. The site is well known to locals from both Fort Inevitable and Thornkeep, and many travelers passing through the Crusader Road area make the trek into the forest to look on the ruins—from a safe distance. The Spire’s ruins are known to be infested with dangerous monsters, and the surroundings attract an unhealthy number of bandits, raiders, and hungry predators.

Fort Inevitable
Level 1: The Tower Ruins (1-2)
Level 2: The Cellers (1-3)
Level 3: Splinterden (2-4) *Part of Gameday VII*
Level 4: Godhome (3-5) *Part of Gameday VII*
Level 5: The Drowned Level (3-5)
Level 6: The Clockwork Maze (4-6) *Part of Gameday VIII*
Level 7: Shrine of the Awakener (5–7)
Level 8: The Circle of Vissk-Thar (6–8)
Level 9: The Spire Axis (7–9)
Level 10: The Magma Vault (8–10)
Level 11: The Tomb of Yarrix (8–10)
Level 12: The Automaton Forge (9–11)
Level 13: The Pleasure Gardens (9–11)
Level 14: The Throne of Azlant (10–12)
Level 15: Order and Chaos (10–12)
Level 16: The Emerald Root (11–13)

GM Stuff:

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