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Hello guys. Sorry to interrupt your game play. I am the local venture captain in the area Zandril Siska (Eric Sklavos) lives in. He passed away very suddenly on October 3rd. If you have any questions, you can private message me on here or at

Hello guys. Ebee Roper here. I live in the same area as Eric Sklavos (Gimble your game master). I have sad news. He passed away very suddenly on October 3rd.

We are part of the group Eric mentioned. We have four of us arriving in the afternoon on Thursday.

What I did for my group, was pulled up the Starfinder Quests: Into the Unknown and printed out the Starship Combat roles listed in the back few pages. This allowed me to print them off (then I laminated) and handed them out to everyone playing. As the GM, i then had the Core Rulebook in front of me to go over each of the stages as they happened.

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During the scenario, the players have a chance to find a morningstar. In the notes, it says if they players do not find the morningstar to mark it off the chronicle sheet. However, I don't find it on the chronicle sheet. Is that a misprint?

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By Adventure.

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I like the idea of the die bump. our weekly group had been going through Season of the Runelords when we got four new players. I'm not sad about this because we are averaging 2-3 tables a week again; but the majority ruled for EVERYONE to start over as low level characters. Instead of going through every scenario, we are skipping ones we don't like (I'm looking at you 2-2b) and doing the bare necessity to level. We want to be able to play SEason of the Plundered Tombs soon. The die bump incentive is really nice because I realized as I was playing my Grazzle at Extra Life this weekend,even though he is now tier 3, he doesn't have any die bumps except for the one he just earned by completing one whole tier block of WotR 2.

I also like the re-roll idea. These are all some really good ideas. I also like if you report so many sessions, you can take an additional upgrade. I don't think this one is as useful because I'm not one to take that many upgrades. I'm the one to pass to players who need it more.

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Last night in Boise, we had our first adventures into the Season of the Runelords. A few people came out for the first night and we ended up running 3 tables (2 of 3 and 1 of 4). We had clerics and fighters and druids, rogues and monks. We also had Ostog the Unslain who failed to live up to his namesake. He was our sad and only death. It was great to be able to get to open up and play Runelords with the new scenarios. I'm so excited to see the story play out!

Yeah I love the books as well. I kept the codex. I liked the fact she is so knowledge based she can even use books to help with all of her checks. Enora has been on of my most favorite characters to play so far.

However, if you have a card you don't find very useful (for example Caltrops) you can draw a card to replace caltrops and then recharge caltrops. You are not taking any hitpoint damage by discarding a card but it is giving you a little more variety in your hand.

There will always be a special place for Runelords in my gaming love. It was the first of the boxes and I played and is still the one I go back to from time to time when hubby and I are looking into gaming. As far as transporting the game, when we went to Japan, we put all of our cards in a portable box (like the one Hawkmoon linked) and it worked perfectly. We put little post it tabs in there so we could tell where everything was.
I'm always excited to hear about new people joining this game that takes so much of my time nowadays! I hope you enjoy whichever adventure you find.

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It is the only way to be sure.

Also, this is Adventure Deck 5 in WoTR, you have 5 charges of mythic powers to be able to use. It is with those intentions that they create barriers like this.

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There is another post on this somewhere. For the second part of the reward, you get to choose your ally up to adventure deck 5.

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6D is the roughest one our group faced. It took us about three run through and then just some dumb luck on our third try. However, it's smooth sailing after that. E & F, while difficult, are nothing compared to 6D. Good luck!

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My question on the councillor's ring is i f it is a loot Six does that mean we don't get to use it for season of the righteous until adventure deck six?

That makes sense. We were getting into the depth of the discussion about the attack part of the spell. But it does make sense.

So in that same context, on Kyra's class deck, it says," For your combat check with a sword, and 2 (4) and the magic (and fire) trait to it. Her swords are always magical?

I can't find another relevant forum to ask this on. For Seoni's power in the class deck, it says: For your combat check, you may discard a card to use your Arcane skill + 1d6(+1)(+2) and add the Attack, Force, and Magic Traits. This counts as playing a spell. Are the attack, force and magic traits optional? We got in a huge discussion about this at my game last night. I say that it is optional, because it is a lot like Lini's and Sajan's powers to add fire/magic and those are optional as well. What do you guys think? Do you have any links to support or unsupport my question?

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I agree with the idea of more options. I've noticed for at least the wizard deck (and the small selection of spells in the fighter deck) they are more of evasion spells and not a lot of blow them up spells. When I play a character, my play style is to hit them hard and make them bleed. I can't do that if I'm doing whatever I can to evade the enemy. I get that other people don't have the same play style but I also know I'm not the only one out there. I definitely agree in more cards.

I'm glad to hear that. That's the way I've been playing it and even though it seemed a little over powered - very happy to hear I'm not the only one!

I have another question about Damiel that seems to be a little confusing. On the Dex/Ranged + 2D6, and then discard to add the craft skill - Are we supposed to add the Craft Skill only (like +3 plus any skill feats you've put into int) or the craft skill and die (d10 + 3 + any bonuses you've gained from skill feats). Does anybody know?

Welcome to PACG! How did your first game go?

I had my first TPK today. We were doing Adventure 5 in the Society Organized Play and ended up killing off both characters. The worst part is just previously we had finally beat Nature's Wrath after 5 tries.

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In memory of Wrathack,

You thought - why not? I can't take any damage. What's the worst the cards can do to me?

Then you had to bury from your draw pile, only to find out, there were very little cards left. Oh Wrathack, you will be missed but never forgotten.

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The way we play it is if you attempt at getting the reward, then you have taken the scenario reward. What you do with the reward after you receive it is not what is important. I thought the Salvage Operations was an interesting scenario reward. I watched on my new rogue (Jirelle) as everyone else got ally or armor for their rolls. It came time to me and I rolled 1 - Yeah Weapon! I, however, don't remember what I got but I don't think it was an upgrade.

Yeah I think I'm adding a game mat to my Christmas Wish list this year.

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I don't know how anyone could hate bards. I was not a fan of them at the beginning but that was before I could revel in all their awesomeness.

So today was an exceptionally good loot day for our adventuring pirates. At one point, we completed a scenario with 33 extra cards. Even Tot who normally has a hand size of four, ended his turn with 9 cards one time. It was all in good fun and loot was given back once each scenario was over. We finished Wormwood Mutiny and will start on Thursday even with Adventure Deck #2.

Sajan was one of those characters that always amazed me when I was playing him. Because there were changes you could just screw up and he would roll really low, but your average with him and all of his blessings was really good. I'm excited for my home game that starts soon. One of my friends is going to be playing Sajan through S&S.

I've noticed something about my time in playing Lem. He's definitely got the YOLO attitude. We only got a chance to play Press Ganged! today and at the first Lem was the best character. Even if he only had one card, he could recycle it for his d4, plus the d4 if it was a combat check for being with the fighter. It's amazing just how much support Lem offers.

Hubby and I just started played our Skull & Shackles base set. We wanted to finish a few run-throughs of Runelords first. So, for our first turns out, we decided to use Tontelizi (The Gnome Fighter from the class decks) and Lem. We have devoted our lives to the roles of pirates and have set aboard our adventure. Traveling together (mainly to provide all those extra d4's!) we have made it through Adventure Path B. There was a time we thought we would slip up but that almost landed us in death. Since that silly mistake, we stuck together and took all the plunder for our own. It's been a blast playing these two together on the ship - Buddy Brigade.

I know my hubby is painting the iconic minis for me as well. It lets me use them for the game, but allows me to have something personal as well when I play. I do agree that the prepainted minis are also very nice.

It looks really good. It's nice being able to see what is in each of the class decks without having to go buy all of them first! Thanks!

Just imagine. You are at the location where if you defeat a monster you get to go again (I don't have my box on me so I can't look up the name of the location). You go looking for trouble and you find - Werecrocodile! Your blessing card is a gods and you throw everything you can at him to kill him. He is defeated, and feeling your victory, you go exploring - only to find Owlbeartross!

I really love Damiel. He is probably my favorite. I was very excited when I heard about an alchemist coming to the ship. I really like the fact that I can discard my armor to provide a d10+3 to whatever other bomb I'm already throwing in combat.

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The main problem, I feel, with six player tables is if you have any new people in the game. Sometimes it's already hard to get them focused to really pay attention to all the game play but then you have to wait around on the turns until you can play again. It's really better for new players to max it out at 4.

I'm also a fan of adding extra boon types you can add to the game. I was so excited to get my fighter deck to try out Flenta. I was like a wannabe wizard fighter! Right On! However, after looking through all of her spells, she is someone that is just getting put aside until I run her through skull & Shackles. I would pay the extra money to be able to buy some more spells for her to play with.

It's good to see other people experimenting with class decks and the S&S game. My weekend game really wants to try out different wizards and rangers (from the class deck) but not impressed with the limited amount of cards available with said decks so we were looking at just allowing the characters to be played with the S&S base set.

One of my only problems with Merisiel is the barriers. She's really good at barriers, but then RNG attacks when I'm playing here and I seem to get stuck with wisdom or int based barriers.