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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Lion Blade Prestige Class 2016 - please explain prereqs

Create Pit vs Paralyzed Opponent

FAQ REQUEST: Warpriest sacred weapon and effective size category modifiers to the weapon.

Adopted by Kitsune

Serpentfolk Stats?

Does Titan Mauler allow you to use large two-handed guns

Flanking with a different weapon

Exactly when can a witch use cackle to extend a 1 round hex?

Do Death effects overrule regeneration?

Can you do do a swift action as a move action (or standard) instead?

Katana; Swashbuckler Weapon Training

pinned condition and attack action

Samurai - Sword Saint

Evasion when you are actively grappling someone

Efficient Quiver and Melee Weapons

Can a a troll be killed by death effects?

Black Blade Saves

Multimorph - Polymorph any Object interaction

Reflex save while paralyzed

what qualify's as "off-handed"

Alchemist and Liquefy

Monstrous Extremities--Cripple Movement?

A newb question

Blade Lash + Reach Weapons and / or Increased Reach

Barbarian vs unchained barbarian swift foot

Half-Undead and Undead affecting effects?

Can a skinwalker race become a lycanthrope?

Mythic Adventures - Legendary Item Undetectable vs Tricksters Supreme Stealth

Ghoul touch allows a saving throw right?

Crank Crossbows: How Do They Work?

Occultist Conjurer's Focus

Assimar: Angel wings and Fly alternate ability

Pinned Question

What condition(s) does a Bolt Ace's 'Pinning Shot' ability cause?

Am I missing any Arcane caster classes

Question About Lore Warden (Fighter Archetype)

Air Elemental vs Swarm

Unchained Rogue + Gunslinger

Dominate Person, Sleeper Agents, and Saving Throws

Dragonheir Scion

Bashing Shield with Fighter Focused Weapon

How does weapon enhancement and the Magus function?

Question about Delaying Your Turn

Spell-Stealing Trap clarification

Sanctified Slayer: Studied target and spell DC's

We are forced to use a feat if it lack the text "you can choose to"?

How does a Sharding weapon works?

Paladin companion

Hovering and the full round attack

Lycanthrope character

Rings and activation

mythic immortal (su): how do you come back?

How does the Fight On feat function with temporary CON increases?

Ring of Invisibility Question

Hook Boss Shield

Spear Dancing Reach Feat with Reach Weapon

Inquisitor Solo Tactics and Broken Wing Gambit

Brawler Question

Considering Making a psychic, came across this

Touch an ally spells, can you touch yourself?

Crusader (Cleric archetype) question

Caravan Repair while in a city?

How to find a ghost's dead body

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Trait Bonuses

Monk vs Unchained Monk


Blazing rainbow

unarmed strike (Then) natural attack?

un armored ac bonuses

Permanent Summoning Circles?

The Veil Spell and multiple targets with different "looks".

Knowledge is Power question. (Arcane Discovery)

swarm vs Large creature

Pearls of power and spontaneous casting

Tengu and Bird rampage at lvl 1?

Disguise Other

Gunslinger's Menacing Shot --- What kind of action?

Racial Heritage Ratfolk and Sharptooth

How does the serpent Domain work?

Skills, trained and class skills

A Tetsubo Question

Vicious weapons and damage reduction

Bullying blow and hurtful

Tracking creatures in the ocean

animal companions and animal domain

Lob Shot feat --- How the heck...?

Kineticist Flame Jet (sp) ability

Natural attack confusion

Does being invisible actually benefit a rogue?

Sorcery & spellslingers

Does Martial Artist stack with Master of Many Styles?

Magus spellstrike question

Eldrich Archer Magus + Dye Arrows + Named Bullet Questions

Mooncursed Barbarian Archetype + Armor?

Weapon focus: Gauntlet - should it exist?

Natural Reach and cover

Succubus questions

Do these stack with each other

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