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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Con damage and Belt of Mighty Constitution

Can you be flanked without knowing you're flanked?


Chase Scenes: can you take 10?

Can succubae turn off energy drain?

2 hour / level summoned monsters

Sacred Fist change from Full BAB to 3 / 4 BAB - help understanding

Shapeshifitng Hunter

Deadly Shuriken

Clashing Rocks & Cave In

the more the merrier! multiple familiars?

Telekinetic Chair

10 on Knowledge check, allowed. How do you guys rule this on your tables?

Age modifiers before or after point buy?

Area effect spell questions

Slayer studied target and sneak attack effects like twilight knife.

FAQ: Required Attitude Condition of Handle Animal and DCs

How to shoo away beasts

Traps, poisons & other assassins stuff...

Succubus in a grapple.

5 foot step into an opponents space: AoO or no?

Animal Companion and Animal domain question

Need Rules Help with Undead and some Wizard / Sorcerer Feats - Help Oh Sagely Ones:)

How many targets must a spell have to work with the mythic Infectious Spell path ability of the Archmage path?

Knowledge Checks

Grappling Infusion

Channel positive energy through walls?

Channel energy: "affects all creatures of one type"?

monster attacks

Fractured Mind and Ectoplasmatist Spiritualist

Gunslinger Questions - Double Barrel, Vital Strike, Dead Shot

D20PFSRD Changed to Shaman Life Link

What causes things to catch fire?

Question about basic pyrokinesis

Kinetic Blast Interactions

Psychic Magic: Can it be detected "normally"?

construct limb modification, does it have it own actions?

Kineticist: How long does Internal Buffer last? and does it stack?

Question about the spirit dancer medium spells?

Medium, Hierophant Spirit, and Energy Font

Holy Symbols

Can a pyrokineticist use his fire blasts and other fire powers in a vacuum?

Herald Caller & Sacred Summons: How do they work together?

Does weapon Finesse work with a kineticist's kinetic blade wild talent?

Faerie Dragon Cohort

Brawler and Enlarg Person unarmed attack damage increase, size modifier+ brawlers own tabel for increase in size

Is This a Work Around for Bomb Vital Strike? (Two Part Question)

Can a kineticist use Kinetic Blade and Kinetic Whip to perform weapon-based combat maneuvers?

Can Kinetic Chirurgeons select Infusions with Extra Wild Talent?

Another swarm question: Targeting the Swarm

Kineticist and Attacks of Opportunity

Does Veil of Positive Energy Work Against Haunts?

Flurry of Blows (Ex)

Does a mount come with some "common sense" miscellaneous equipment?

Amulet ife mighty fists and DR magic

When surprise rounds get confusing

Handy Haversack inside Pathfinder's Pouch > negate aura?

Kineticist Kinetic Fist

Question regarding disbelief

Tying up during a grapple.

Kinetic Rapid Blast

Multimorph + polymorph any object

Determining bloodrager / dragon disciple claw damage

Infusions and Tattoos.

Question regarding "nearly all minor magic items are available." text.

Mindblade Magus: Dual Weapons

Legend Lore as forgery detector

VMC Oracle, Waves domain, and freezing spells revelation.

Bracers of the Avenging Knight and multiple smite abilities

Rogue Bombers & Extra Bombs Feat

Crafting a Cloak of Elvenkind, "creator must be an elf"

Gunslinger Questions

Impact magic weapons special ability on thrown weapons

Familiars taking class levels?

Damaging Magic Weapons

Occult Adventures Ghost Rider (Cavalier Archetype) Ghost Mount

Dervish Dance and Spell Combat

How does Efreeti Change Size Ability Work?

Words Of Power: Lower Level Effect Words at Higher Level?

Homunculus Companion

What qualifies as a Blast Wild Talent for the purposes of Gather Power?

Occultist Philosopher's Touch and Ranged Weapons.

What happens to the soul of someone killed by one of Galt's Final Blades?

Archanist Archtype Conjurer's Focus

Quarterstaff + Weapon Finesse idea... is this legit?

Do You Count Time Spent as an Undead Against the Resurrection Time Limit?

Can Swashbucklers use kukris?

Zen Archery Wis vs Dex

fire loving gnome kineticist

Supernatural Abilities and Polymorph Effects

Splitting Bolt with Dead Shot and Vital Strike

Sleeves of Many Garments - change to nothing? What about pockets?

Multiple stat substitution question.

When does Expert Captor work?

When do burn bonuses apply?


Early Kineticist Infusions

Telekinesis + chokehold

Can a wizard cast grease and set it on fire?

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