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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Spell targeting rules

Spell combat + Whirlwind Attack

Anything stopping you from using Lunge with Whirlwind Attack?

Arcane Enlightenment: Granting Prepared Spells to Spontaneous Casters

New Power Attack and Monk's Unarmed Strike

Metamagic Feats without a corresponding rod

Animate Dead questions

Unchained Monk Flurry Bonus

Dragon Disciple and Primal Bloodrager

Flying, Stunning, RAW... and other issues. looking for an official ruling

Horse play in dungeon

OK so here is a fun whip magus question i have. that has stumped 3 GMs so far

Strange Necromancer questions

Feral Combat Training and Unchained Monk Flurry

Do monk unarmed strikes count as natural weapons.

Charge vs Obscuring Mist

can someone feel a Will Save

Does a Paladins Smite Evil work on a Neutral Cleric of an Evil God?

Extending spell areas

4 Player Adjustment In Society

Two-handed weapons in one hand help

Divine Marksman Ranger and wands

Disarming a Friendly Touch Attack

Snake Style + Swashbuckler

Dragon Ferocity and Power Attack after the new FAQ

Polymorph and mythic creatures.

Sylvan Blooded Questions

Death Domain power- bleed effect?

Hat of Disguise Question

Size penalties stacking with size bonuses?

How to use Multiattack on Edilons

Do you need to re-enter a style every combat?

Does Silent Image negates actions?

Protector of the people [story]

Spell Sage Wizard - Breath of Life Contingency - is this legal?

Rogue - Stalker Talent / Up Close and Personal

A few questions about the Paladin's mount

Wyroot, on a crit does it do damage or just take a life point

Magus' Spell Combat and Quickened Spell

Swimming using create water spell.

Intellect devourer host stats?

Mammoth flea entry errors?

Monk unarmed damage, natural weapons, and Feral Combat Training

Wemic Stats Need Input

Extending Hex Duration?

The Acme Summoning Corp - For when anvils aren't readily available

Cylinder areas and obstructions.

Spell Sage -- Crafting items, scribing scrolls

Feats X to Y

Card Caster / Kensai Magus

psychic magic material components.

What can not be healed?

Barbarian Rage and Fatigue

Teisatsu Unusuable Ki Pool

Flurry of Blows and Number of Attacks Questions

ARG: Hardy & Poison Resistance traits

Constant Spell Turning

Surprise round question

Flying kicks

Interaction of items and class features

Templates and opposite alignments

Mixing dispel and normal effect in diametrically opposed spells?

Brawler Dragon Ferocity Power attack Grapple damage question

Does the weight of Rods, Scrolls and Potions changes for Small Creatures?

Half dragon bite attack

alternate classes and class specific items for FAQ

Chill Touch w / meta magic reach

Are witch hexes obvious?

Is this sequence of actions able to be done?

Kusarigama Kraziness Konfusion

Entangle escaping... how to?


FAQ REQUEST: Warpriest sacred weapon and effective size category modifiers to the weapon.

Blind horse guiding.

If I cast shield companion on a familiar before casting familiar melding (which projects my psyche into my familiar), would half the damage I take whilst in my familiar's body still transfer to my real body?

Can you continue your full attack action after successfully initiating a grab attempt?

Shrink Item With A Barrel

+5 Haramaki + Mage Armor

Is there a way to get more Knacks?

Strange multiclass question

Beast Shape and Speak with Animals

playing a hunter / ranger got questions

Question about Amulet of Natural Armor

HP and Hardness of firearms

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Wielding larger weapons

Need clarification on Hexing Doll

Amateur Swashbuckler

Channel Spirit feat and the Medium class

Shield of Blades Vigilante Talent Pre-Requisite?

Question about Advanced Weapon Training / Weapon Specialist

Can you counter spell a mage who is already invisible?

Telekinetic Blast and Telekenetic Haul

Cautious Fighter, Blundering Defense & Uncanny bonus to cmd???

Kinetic Blast and Weapon Training

familiar touch spell includes ranged touch too?

Lethal grace with TWF and one agile weapon.

Attack of Opportunity when standing up

Vehicle Rules - Max movement speed

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