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The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Mocking Horse (Mount with Mocking Dance)

My player thinks arrows > invisibility

Invisibility and combat maneuvers?

Versatile Performance - Masterwork Tool

Scythe of Evil and Holy Lance

Handling Animals while Wildshaped

~Recent Tiny / 5'-step FAQ, related rules

base speed vs base land speed

cave dragon ruff spikes

Titan Fighter - Giant Weapon Wielder + dual wielding large bastard swords

Creating a magic weapon

Mythic Blind-Fight and Sneak Attack

Shapeshifting Mastery

Poisoned while asleep?

Can Call Lighting be Enhanced by Aggressive Thundercloud?

Sniffing it out

Initiation Modifier

Can you stack the Bolt Ace and the Maverick archetypes for the Gunslinger?

Alchemist's Lab vs. Artisan's Tools

Sha'ir Spell List

Come and get me, Paired Opportunists! I'm an opportunist!

Overrun & Charge

Mythic rules question: inconsistancy between Archmage and Hierophant power activations

Mancatcher clarifications needed + use with Ride-by Attack or Aberrant Bloodline

Sha'ir Spell List

Sorcerer Bloodlines and Spell-Like Abilities

Herald Squire Casting

Arcane Sight Quick-Identify?

Magic Mouth Spell


PFS rules question: Is Ettin a valid language to learn?

Haunted Spiritualist + Possession

Charm Monster and Eidolon

Listening at the door.

Battle Herald Banner

Seperatist Cleric (archetype) DC question?

Brass Knife vs Rust Monsters / Rusting Grasp?

A Skald walks into a library...

Calm Emotions Question

hunter animal focus

How to make homebrew ?

How long to search a room or loot a body?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Double Walking Stick Katana Questions

Copycat on everyone?

Legendary items questions

Intelligence Bonuses and 'Starting' Spells.

Morningstar question

Kitsune Sorcerer / theif

Dead Outsiders and Limited Wish

Can Earth Elementals be stunned?

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

Planting an item during combat

Battle-Host Bow

Inspired Spell, Recalled Blessing, Arcane Surge and Wild Arcana possibilities

UMD - Emulate a Race ... does it have a duration?

Improved natural attack and strong jaw do they stack?

What is Caulborn Premonition?

Natural Weapons & Standard Actions

Reach Weapons and Flanking

Greater Detect Magic and spell trigger / completion magic items

Kineticist Question

As a Rogue, can you select Combat Trick talent more than once?

Ranger in the Abyss

killing regeneration

Sneak Attack with a Merciful weapon

Scale and Skin and timing

VMC Unchained Barbarian Rage

Polymorph any Object as it applies to racial feats.

Minotaur Double Crossbow

Bloodline Mutations

Does melee weapon special abilities, still work on a weapon when it is used as a range weapon?


How much time to raise a Samsaran?

Draconic Bloodrager multiple attacks

The mouser's underfoot assault (leaving the space clause)-How does it work?

Eidolons Limbs (legs) and carry weight?

Limited wish to resurrect outsider?

Wind Oracle Question

How bonded objects and scrolls interact

Agile Maneuvers v Weapon Finesse

Fly Natural + Spell

Charm Monster and Eidolon

Choosing to provoke AoO

Mounted Combat... Want To Be Sure I'm Correct, Here

The Fort Save for Control Winds effects...

Item ego vs Protection from evil

Does Throat Slicer's Coup de Grace on a pinned target require an attack roll?

Protector familiars and familiars with no attacks

Wondrous Items for Hybrid Classes

Protection from evil VS Instanity

Minimum players for a table.

Invidiaks, Posession, and Greater Teleport

Jinkin Gremlin Damage

Wail of the banshee vs regeneration

ready spell

Oracle Curse Powerless Prophecy + Battle Mystery War Sight

Signature Skill + Rogue Edge: Define "Stacks"

Readied actions and move actions

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