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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Healing the Worldwound

Summon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally spells and new elementals

Can i use Spirit's Gift on myself if i have Animal Soul?

Do SLAs gained from feats and traits count as arcane or divine?

Totemic Skald Wild Shape question

Odds the same rolling a d20 or d6 d10

Reverse Gravity - Free trip usage?

Wild Hunter + Infiltrator Ranger

Death Ward and Negative Ability Damage

Reach weapons no longer cutting corners

FAQ on Hat of Disguise duration

Does the Beastmorph archetype modify mutagens?

Swashbuckler+Duelist question

Identifying Alchemical Weapons

does a decoy ring give you greater invisibility?

the great cylinder of sticky doom (the web spell)

Upgradable Legendary Item (mythic) question

Damaging persistent haunts beyond the surprise round

What level can I take a prestige class?

Anaconda's Coils and Final Embrace


Bones Oracle: Raise the Dead Rules Question

FAQ for two of the Advanced Class Guide Teamwork Feats

How much damage does my mastodon do when...

Spinning Lance and Shield of Swings Questions

Wielding a Wand with 0 charges as a Melee Weapon

How can a ninja learn Fiery Shuriken?

Does the Clustered Shots feat works on Monsters with Hardness?

Aspect of the Beast Question

So we all know blood money is broken, but it turns out blood money is ACTUALLY broken!

How to Install Cybertech

Vampires, Diamond dust and negative levels.

Beast Shape and Natural Armor question

Ring of Spell Knowledge Clarification

Another cestus question

Warpriest sacred weapon

Spell combat , natural spell and flurry of maneuvers

Celestial Servant feat and high Intelligence

Primal Animal Companion Pre-reqs?

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Spellbooks

Evoker & Magic Missile

Do combat maneuvers provoke from everybody who threatens you, or just the target of the maneuver?

Eidolons Str / Dex Bonus

Ready action vs. ready action?

Entering an Opponent's Space: do the effects stack?

Attack the stats! Higher level PCs suck at encounters.

Crafting magic items.

Paired Opportunist + Bodyguard

Stealth vs Tracking

Multiple Weretiger errors! What to do?

Two-hander and claw

Pulling an opponent out of a grapple? (Not Assisting / Aiding)

Crusaders Flurry feat + warpriest

Display of X

Does escaping a grapple break invisibility?

Adventurer's Armory Scorpion Whip / Feat interaction FAQ Request

Order of the Beast (The Advanced Class Guide one) Question

Cauldron of Overwhelming Allies, clarifications.

Swallow Whole

Greater Sunder after the armor is destroyed

is their combat rules for naval battles

can an eidolon carry you in a backpack?

Paladin Smite Evil (Evil Outsider, Undead, Evil Dragon)

+1 weapon +10

Lead blades + enlarge + Large Bashing enchanted spiked shield damage?

Standing on another characters shoulders

Kensai / Dualist

Magic Circle against Evil: When used as a trap, does it protect the trapped creature?

Nature Soul + Animal Ally

Does Animal Ally satisfy the prerequisite for Boon Companion?

Oracle question

Vital Strke and Hand of the aprentice

Rogue Crawl question...

[Kobold Press] Caster Level for Theurge base class

Can chill touch heal wayang?

Lightning Elemental math

Totemic Skald Wild Shape Mask of Giants magic item question

Questions on Ranger Abilities

Outsiders[native] and enlarge person

Arcane Enlightenment + Flexible Hex

True Strike and Ray-ish Spells

Silken ceremonial and special materials

Gunslinger Question

templates on PC, using spell-like abilities to charge items.

Sneak attack damage with a bow from flaking

Master Chymist / Vivisectionist

What's the cost of a adamantine double weapon?

Is the Giant Hunter's Handbook PFS legal?

Charm Monster and Planar Binding

Touching multiple allies with Fly.

Headband and Head slot, Do they Stack?

Money cost for designing spells

Whirlwing Air Elemental Form Questions

FAQ Contradictions: Two-Handed Weapons in One Hand and Power Attack

Missile Shield+Deflect Arrows?

one more scorpion whip thread? (sorry)

Two weapon fighter

Brawler's Flurry Offhand Penalty

Pummeling Style + Blood Crow Strike and Other Monkly Questions

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