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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Using a Centaur Mount: Double lance attacks on charge?

Order of Attacks: TWF + Natural Attacks w / Multiattack Feat

Kineticist Jolly Jumper

UC Barbarian Guarded Stance & Stalwart?

Returning weapon price

Confused with siege weapons

Adopted + Nine-Tailed Scion

Can you take Racial Heritage Twice?

Eldritch Guardian and Improved Familiar

Spell Sage + Preferred Spell...

Spirit Animal (Ex) and feats that need a familiar

Share Spells Teamwork feat question

Armor and Clothing: Both together, or is it either / or?

Early Prestige Class Entry w / Equipment Trick (Sunrod)

Bypassing DR with variable enhancement bonuses

Beastmaster Animal Companions

Deliberately creating cursed items

New "Unchained" poisons and monsters

Vision of madness for enemies?

are there rules for making your own alchemist bombs?

Pinned and Coup de Grace

Maintaining concentration while attacking.

[PFS] High intelligence and additional languages

TreeSinger Druid + Sapling Treant + Mounted Combat + Reach? Also Riding your friend.

Suli Elemental Assault Question

Weapon / Armor enhancement increase?

Dirty Fighter and Blade of the Society Stack?

Growing big inside other creature

Variant Multiclassing (VMC) and magic items / feats

fiendish servent and dispelling

Pack Flanking Question

Item creation and prerequisites: an interesting interpretation?

shadow metamagic question

Blood Conduit and Feral Combat Training

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

Taking move "actions" while flying?

Titan Fighter and Giant Weapon Wielder (Ex) penalty

Oil of Align Weapon

Chosen One Paladin and Familiar special abilities

hunter's eye: does it need a visible target?

Theologian archetype can increase CL?

Witchguard and Patron Spells

Paladin's Sacrifice vs. Coup de Grace

Fast Healing Evolution and Syntesist.

Kineticist: TK Grapple questions

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Order of using attacks when full-attack?

Solo Tactics and Steath Synergy

Figuring out my hit points

Summon spells and caster death

Rod of Absorption vs. Scorching Ray

Kingdom Building: Leader Salary?

Crossblooded Bloodline Familiar

Shillelagh & Monk of the Empty Hand

pack intimidation and solo tactics

Building cities with magic

Do we need an official blog on multi-weapons combat?

Kineticist Suffocate

Spell-like abilities require spell components / focus?

Stacking Weapon Focus

Mad Dog Barbarian - Rage and Rage Powers

Could you help me clarify non wiz / sorc + New Arcana issue?

Yet Another 'Feral Combat Training' Question - Seeking Developer Answer

Succubus in a grapple.

Templates and Languages

Treasure Stitching + Bag of Holding ...I'm torn

wall of stone arena.

Battlemind Link

Using drugs offensively

Sorcerers and spellbooks.

Confused--Where Does It Say Inquisitors Get Channel Energy For This Feat?

Healing HP damage caused by Unholy Blight

Can you dispel an "Unhallow+Dispel"?

Invisibility DC.

Making a Small character of a Medium race?

Murderous Crow?

Racial Heritage and Races with Human Blood

Appraise skill

Form of the Dragon: does it grant reach and 1.5x Strength on the bite?

Size and Range Increments

DC of swim checks

PackMaster Hunter / Ranger Animal companion question.

[PFS] Arcane Strike and Amulet of Mighty Fists Furious

Extra (Class Features) Replacements

Mind Sword Paladin throwing weapon interactions

bull rush into table

Arcane Anthology Possible errata

Can I use Magus Spellcombat w / Maneuver Master Monks Flurry of Maneuvers?

Variant Channel

Multiweapon fighting path

Unchained elemental eidolon and elemental traits

Does nondetection stop true seeing?

if something with regeneration (chaos) gets turned to stone

Following Step / AoO

Tube Arrow Shooter

Celestial / Fiendish creatures no longer good / evil?

Witches Hex Target Awareness

Godless Paladin

Love subdomain - Adoration ability question

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