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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Speaking while an animal

Invisibility and Arrows

I've got some technical questions about a bow...

Panicked Ruling

Dirty trick and class feature

spell turning and dominate / charm spells

questions about the unlicensed chemist

Questions about Incorporeals

Incorporeal creatures, melee ghost touch weapons, and damage rolls...

Superior Summoning + Balanced Summoning

Readied actions and 'the stack'

Feral Combat Training combined with other Natural Attacks

Investigator & The Varisian Bladed Scarf.

Arcanist's Quick Study

Long Arm (spell) and Abnormal Reach (Su) stack?

Does the character using Blundering Defense gain the bonus for himself?

Question about slam attacks

Is there a way to gain a 6th lv qinggong monk ability at 6th level?

Bloodragers and Noxious Bite


Super thrown weapon ranges?

Cape of Feinting broken?

Shaman Question: Restless Magic

Some Questions about the blink spell

Avenger Finesse at 2nd level

Can you Sneak Attack with Bottled Lightning?

Dazzling Display with a Reach Weapon

Tie-Up Modifier

When a Swashbuckler get Deadly Stroke...

ACG: Arcanist, School Understanding and Bloodline Development

Brown-Fur Transmuter and Potions

Seeing results of GMs roll

Q: Buying Feats / Additional Attacks

Stabbing Shot Ruling?

Situations for Total Defense

ACG - Investigators and spell trigger items

Merciless Rush Damage Type

Which weapons are steel, which are wood, etc?

spells that do combat maneuvers and bonuses?

Improvised Weapons; it's own group or must match a weapon group?

ACG: Animal Soul feat = Awakened PC's?

Dominating a dominated person

Slashing Grace: DEX to Damage, but not Attack Roll?

Questions about the Dust Knuckles

Shield Champion and Shield Slam

Crafting Constructs & Animating Objects

Swarm vs Fire Sheild

Costing the Mithral Full Plate of Phoenix Speed, and general costing armour question.

What info does identifying a monster yield?

[ACG] Does Pummeling Style Work With All Weapons?

Can you break stealth, attack, move and re-enter stealth in the same turn?

Arcane Strike, Inspire Courage, Divine Favor, and a bunch of other stuff

Are the rules for Somatic Components for spellcasting confusing to you too?

How far can a human see in Dim Light

Mount evolution, how necessary is it?

Small Tiefling and Aasimar

[ACG] Eldritch Scion Eldritch Pool wording

Scribing scrolls while doing other things

Brawler and Braid of a Hundred Masters

Technology Item Question

Fascinating Gaze

Unconventional Inspiration

vital strike and weapon of the chosen feat chain?

Investigator and Inspiration

disguise skill

Strangler Archetype-Sneak Attack

Paladin - penalties for bluffing?

[ACG] - Twist Away feat question

Ranged attack spells and Buffs

Flanking, Threatening and Awareness

What creature 'types' are generally immune to Non-lethal damage?

Undersized Mount and Cavalier / Paladin AC?

Favoured Enemy: Shapechanger / Lycanthrope / Werewolf?

Dervish of Dawn + Whirlwind Attack

Adopted + Racial Feats

Shadows and Bull's strength

invisible flanking?

Shaman Advanced class guide

Rules about joining an Organisation

How is a Spell Warrior Skald supposed to use their Rage Powers?

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

Does "melee attack" include combat maneuvers made in place of an attack?

Can you use stealth with 20% concealment while observed?

travel subdomains

Shield of swings and bleeding critical

Ability replaced later level question

[PFS] School Savant Arcanist + Thassilonian Specialization?

Advanced Class Guide - Slayer

[ACG] Draining Strike + Frostbite: how does it work?

Agent of the Grave source

Riding an untrained mount

Ring of 3 wish creation costs

Occultist Conjurer's Focus

Time Mystery Revelation - Time Sight

Me and My Mount / AC using Stealth

Imprisnment vs. astral projection

Shooting to Find an Invisible Opponent?

Touch two squares at a time?

Savage Barbarian Rage

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