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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Premade campaign in the core rulebook?

Can paladins worship an evil deity?

Reloading With a Tail?

Full Round Melee Attack Interrupted - Can I Do a Ranged Attack?

acrobatics to jump ... confusion at my table

Armor spikes grapple damage automatic?

Can Sleeves of Many Garments Produce a Swarm Suit?

Druid's animal companion and weapon focus

Deadly Dealer Rules

Skill Ranks, Class Skills, and Training

Cartomancer Witch and ammunition questions

Are the dex, str and nat armor bonuses added to the animal's stats in Beast Shape spells?

Brew Potion and alcohol

Many questions about mounted combat

Rogue sneak attack ruling

Animal Companion with Eldritch heritage( Arcane )

Eidolon Shield + Slam, not shield slam.

Ranged and Throwing daggers.

Using Illusions to Intimidate

Ring of Elemental Command CL Question

How to use the Harrow deck

Animal companion with Flagbearer

Shadow Conjuration: Create Pit

Pageant of the Peacock

Does the Double Barrel rule double your damage like multishot?

Summoner, Eidolon Evolution Reach Question


Acid Splash duration extended

Can I "Pull My Punch?"

Sunbeam Spell - a little confusing?

Drain damage clarification

Ranged Flanking

Blade Sense and Dodge

I want to attack like a Ukyo Tachibana from Samurai Showdown!

Summoning Elementals beyond Earth, Wind, Water, Fire

Spellsong and verbal / Somatic components performances that don't involve speaking / moving?

Wall of stone?

Transformative Weapon clarification

Mythic Surge and failed saving throws

Knowledge(Arcana) - "ancient mysteries"

Imbue Arrow; Point of Origin or Center of Effect?

Does Channel Force work with Channel Smite?

Cornugon Shield and Shield Focus?

Charm Effects and Bonded Creatures

Dual blooded sorcerer arcane / serpentine famaliar

2 weapon fighting VS using 2 natural attacks help

Movement and stilts

How many times can you aid another?

Oathbound Paladins and Oath Spells

Agathion-Blooded SNA 2 SLA. PFS.

Help Me Decipher the Meaning of the Iroran Paladin's AC Boost

Outrageous about Velociraptor and Deinonychus

Paladin (Intelligent / Monstrous) Mount Questions

Tetori Graceful Grappler Wording Clarification Needed.

Question about ARG no constitution races

Max Barbarian DR

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Gunslinger dual wield full round attack

Druid Domain casting + PrC advancement.

Sorcerer's robe and strange bloodline powers

Deity-Specific Oracles and Chronicle of the Righteous

Swashbuckler Improved Critical + Seize the Moment

Scarred witch doctor fetish mask abilities

Sunbeam clarification

Is the effect from Sleeves of Many Garments illusory or transmutive?

White haired witch question.

Inquisitions and domains

does a supernatural natural attack bypass DR / magic?

Another Versatile Performance Question: What Type of Check is it?

Greensting Scorpion

Can "anyone" use a mithral shield (non-tower)?

Ray of Frost, heighten and rime spell.

Spell Stacking: Evil Eye, Bestow Curse, Confusion, Resist Energy, etc.

(Variant) Aasimar Race Traits?

Magus question, concerning metamagic rods and spellstrike

Mythic Eldritch Heritage with Greater Eldritch Heritage

Paladin smite stacking

Oppressive Boredom

Ranged Touch Attacks into Combat Query (penalty?)

Cartomancers and familiar perception checks

Shadow Blend (fetchling, shadow mastiff, and summoner archetype)

Racial HD vs. Class HD? Case in Point: Energy Drain

spell rules

Does using a Weapon Cord provoke an attack of opportunity?

Versatile Human???

Dealing with Three False Life spells with differing Strengths and Results?

Deeper darkness, Tremor Boots and a Heartseeker Greatsword. What happens?

Wounds and Vigor: Constitution Modifier

Order of the sword question

Do familiars etc to NPCs grant their own experience when defeated or is it included in the NPCs?

Are undead healed by all Negative Energy effects?

Undetectable Legendary Item Ability

Human Favored Class Option for Witch / Wizard

Wand of spiritual weapon - whose faith matters?

keeping monsters at arm's length wiht a spear, rule or feat?

Card Caster Magus (from Harrow Handbook) questions

Deeper darkness, Tremor Boots and a Heartseeker Greatsword. What happens?

Gambling questions

PFS Rule-question: Dwarven Boulder Helmet Brawler?

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