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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Question about the Bungle Spell

Player Characters with the Young Template?

Are Wildblooded Sorcerers considered to have the original bloodline?

Synthesist Summoner and Attacks

Does a prone ally / enemy provide soft cover?

Vital Strike and Double-Barreled Firearms

Beneficial Afflictions

Inspired Rage

Understanding the Natural Spell Combat arcana

Taking 10: Immediate dangers and distractions

Monk with tiger style and slashing grace

Necromantic Affinity

Questions on two Unchained stamina powers

PFS: Eidolon with multiple arms

Janky unarmed strike damage combo.

The level of bonus spells

Can anyone explain how Construct Rider's Mount work?

Enchanted Armored Kilt + Enchanted Base Armor

Improved Weapon of the Chosen

FAQ: Unchained VMC Clarification Request - "Extra" feats / Travel / Protection Domains

Unchained Monks and Feats for other sources...

Arcane Spellcaster Level and Improved Familiar

Darklands movement

Warp Touch

Vortex Spells revelation and weapon-like spells (Flame Blade, Spiritual Weapon)

Tattoo Familiar transformation range

indefinite shock arrows?

Unchained Rage and 2H Weapons

Stealth Trait

Scaled Disciple + Blood of the Dragons

Pummeling Style and Sneak Attack

Intelligence / Charisma and Spellcasters / Psionics.

Would this work to stop Resurrection?

Variant Channeling Problems

Greater Leadership (Ex) interaction with Aide-De-Camp (Ex)

Slashing Grace, and applicable weapons

Can a construct type Character drink a potion?

Alchemist Bombs and Incorporeal Creatures

Unchained rage

dude with the wand

Ring of Retribution vs Spell Resistance

Hunter AnC trick - Cunning Pantomime

Arcane Pool and Magic Weapon(Spell)

APG Druid Shaman Wildshaping Modifiers: What do they mean?

Negative Energy Resistance

Variant Channeling (Knowledge) questions

Summon Monster Action Economy

Bloodrager (Blood Conduit): Spell Conduit and Metamagic

Ability drain spells

Inquisitor Healing Judgement + Fast Healer?

Eldritch Scion Rules Question

Can a Beastblade Magus take Extra Arcana at 3rd?

unchained summoner as secondary class.

What *is* the area you can search wtih Perception in one move action?

[PFS] Toothy Half-Orc with a pole arm.

Sandpoint Faithful trait+ Hunter's Worm focus + fast healer?

Magus, TWF, spell combat / spellstrike, and Kama: double chained.

Unchained Crafting

Bag of Bones

Shadow Evocation and resist energy

Would a feat acquired via Quinggong Monk be legal as a pre-req?

How does this poison work?

How exactly does Barbarian Chew work?

Spreading plagues

Freedom of Movement - which conditions counters?

Feats: Enforcer and Orc Weapon Expertise (Thug)

Prismatic Sphere and Prismatic Wall

How big is a 25,000 gold Diamond?

Duelists and Weapon Finesse: For Rapiers Only?

Throwing a two handed weapon, 1.5 Str?

Rod of Wonder and it's unpredictable use

Does Life Link persist if you fall unconscious?

Modifing constructs

Warpriest Aspect of War Questions

How much detail can one get from Scent?

Delay Poison Unchained

Do claws count as a single weapon, or as two different weapons?

Viking fighter and multiclassing into Barbarian

Reach weapon and Combat Maneuvers

Wands and Touch Spells

Does order of the Dragon's challenge apply to yourself

Energy Resistance and multiple projectiles

2 Magic Shields, can it be done?

Can an unseen servant hold a tower shield?

Gargantuan Wild Shape.

Can you attack yourself as part of a full attack?

Meteor Storm damage question.

Observable stimulus----What counts?

retrying to open locks?

Blessing of Fervor Targets

Dimension door clarification

Nature Fang Archetype - Sneak attack

Spy Eyes, Magic Aura, and Detect Scrying

Knowledge checks on advanced monsters

Does enlarge person increase the die size of an Alchemists bomb?

Shield Weirdness?

Question about Abyssal Rageshaper Bloodrager claw damage.

How are bonus spells handled when that spell does not exist on your character's class spell list?

Can alchemists craft now?

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