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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Can we get an official definition for "wielding"?

Attack of opportunity with the armor spikes?

Shield SLAM! Let the boys be boys

Clear spindle Resonance Power

if a magus misses with a spell strike is he still holding the spell?

Druid wants to wild shape to earth elemental and wield weapons

Transformative Special Materials

Magical Ammunition as Improvised Weapons

Metal Club

Improved Familiar with Druid Animal Domains

Monk of the Empty Hand weapons

A paladin Smite evil is applicable to spell damage?

Oracles: Dual-Cursed Seeker possible? (and other questions)

Reach weapon weirdness (M Magus, wielding a SMALL reach weapon)?

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

thieves' tools how exactly do they adjust the DC

Can an alchemist with tumor familiar take Improved Familiar?

Are spells like teleport or dimension door considered moving away for effects like step up?

Magic Item Creation

Magus spellcombat with spiked armor?

If I buy a Glider, can I train Fly?

summoned creatures and item slots...

Ready action hit blinking creature while material

Shooting from Darkness and Sneak Attack

Can you charge with a standard action gained by spending a mythic point?

The Courageous Property: What does it really do?

Taking downtime actions during construction and recruiting

Charm Person vs Spellcasters

Working with Scent

damage Q

Seeking weapon property

Raising the dead

Just a 2 weapon math check.

Greater Grapple question

Animal Companion Monitor Lizard

Permanency spell

Mythic ability "Tongue of the Land" - understanding

Black Blade Magus Arcane Pool

Sense motive what kind of action is it?

Word of Power: Undeath

Monk Enforcer...

Elf's Summoner FCB - How Does It Work?

Question about Deliquescent Gloves

Flowing Monk's Redirection

Movement as an anti-invisibility tactic. What are the rules?

Thrown Daggers, are they Ranged Weapons?

Good, but not Holy (weapon enchantments)

Tengu Wings

Ring of Jumping and acrobatics question

Does catching on fire negate or reduce concealment?

dragons and plethora of attacks

Resilient Sphere questions

Skirnir Shielded Spell Combat question

Vital Strike and Ranged Spellstrike

Vital Strike and Ranged Spellstrike

Playtest Brawler Questions

Soulbound Shell

Dwarven Boulder Helmet

Uhhhhh.. infinite animal companion issue?

As a cleric, frying pan?

Wildshape and Extraordinary abilities

Ice armor spell

Mage's Disjunction and Artifacts

Two-Handed in One Hand

Whirlwind Attack Combos

Clarification on mounted action economy

Spellcraft identify the properties of magic items w / o magic?

Ifrit PC with Firesight pointing out enemy's location in smoke?

Disarming alchemist bombs

Taking Damage while Invisible

Does the AC bonus from the Shield spell and the Ring of Force item stack?

Monstrous Cohorts and Level Dependent Bonuses

can a magus using a spell storing weapon cast spell through that weapon and have both effects happen on the same attack?

Are you "touching the ground" if you are wearing boots?

Lycanthropy blood pact

Familiar Item Slots

Magic Question: Overlaying area of effect spells

Did I get this right?

Blade of Binding Questions

Foehammer Clarification

Survivor druid: Trap Feats?

Magus and combination of metamagic feats

Lycanthropy blood pact

Grenadier Blunderbuss

Spell Slots for a high INT Magus

Price of Land


Incoming Brachiosaurus! (and other summoned monsters dropped from above)

Several Wild Shaping Fighter / Druid Questions

Adjudicating Magic Traps with RAW - Trap detection

Multiple Doses of Inhaled Poison

Ring of Transcendent Spells

How many saving throws for Heat Metal spell?

Full round actions with a bow?

Metamagic and Multi-target spells

Succubus in a grapple.

Teleportation Circle

Two questions regarding alchemy.

Dex Bonus : when is it denied ?

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