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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Dismissable at will?

Clay golems cursed wound

a crooked mesmerist and a sun orchid popsicle shop

Cost of Creating Fortification

Any official stance on whether round 1 of detect evil is limited to auras or not?

why are mounted charge rules so complicated

Barbarian skald

Do constructs take full damage from energy damage?

Help with Newish Sneak Attack Target Rules

Style feats and weapon use

Cognatogen and the Ring of inner Fortitude

Metamagic and Caster Level

strangler brawler - what does close weapon mastery do?

Summoning proteans?

Spell Warrior Skald selecting weapon enchants?

Command Undead Spell to powerful?

Spiritual Weapon, Spiritual Ally, Charisma, Intelligence, and Paizo FAQ / Errata

When do natural armor bonuses stack?

Bunch of Kineticist questions

Telekinetic Projectile.

Arcane Builder (Can I get a true confirmation on this?)

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

mythic points and extra standard actions

attacking with claws while wearing gauntlets

Raise Dead and Permanency

mesmerist's apinful stare+ damaging spells

Furious Finish: Is it rage-fatigue or normal fatigue?


Automatic Bonus Progression and Familiars or Animal Companions

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Arcanist

Titan mauler two weapon fighting

Holy Tactician: Can he share more than one teamwork feat at once?

How many spells can a Spirit Dancer cast in Spirit Troika?

Quick Stinking Cloud Question

Magus Spellstrike, elemental damage on weapons and Energy Resistance.

Duergar Tyrant

'Low' Int and Metamagic

What rules would cover deceptively magic items?

Skeleton Summoner: Coal or Diamond?

Arcane Bond count as Summon Familliar class feature for purposes of Adept Channel?

Climbing and kicking

Unable to see, loss of dex bonus, acrobatics check, Escape route, Mounted combat (the feat) and scent

Ring of the Ecclesiarch, Suzerain Scepter and Crusader?

Firing into Combat - Option to forego -4?

Soulbound Puppet = Soulbound Doll?

Slashing Grace and light weapons.

teifling racial heritage ?

10 Questions about Animate dead and its control limit.

Spirit Guide Oracle With Arcane Enlightenment

Transformative Weapon ability

Faq request - Gunslingers Dead Shot and rapid shot / haste

Champion's Finesse and Aldori Dueling Sword


Silver mastery and silver arrows

Question on how Unhallow affects Summoned Good creatures

(Errataed) Spirit Talker and Arcane Enlightenment

Multiclassing with an Unchained / Non-Unchained class?

Do melee weapons count as collision

Immediate action in response to a counterspell

Is a scroll a magical object?

Firearm ammunition

Ki arrow / monk and feat related abilities

Bane ability vs swarms

Feral Combat Training and Unarmed Strike Damage: Does this allow me to use my monk unarmed damage with the selected natural attack post errata?

Can Undead Anatomy spell be used to assume the form of creatures with undead template (zombie, skeleton, ...) ?

Can "Control Undead" (7th Level Wizard Spell) be used to make an undead helpless?

acrobatics & Bladed Dash

Kineticst form infustion: Flurry of Blasts? But... How?

Net deals Str mod damage?

Couple of Questions

Rapid shot and aoo trip

Knock Spell

Stone Discus (Spell) vs. Hardness

summoning animals and monster spells question

Breath Weapon While Pinned?

Antimagic field / spellbane / dispel magic vs a Magus

New Trait Fate's Favored

Unsworn Shaman, Minor Spirit and number of Hexes (FAQ?)

Mythic Intelligent Items

Bardic Masterpiece

Protection from Evil and (Greater) Forbid Action?

slashing grace and boar style ?

Crane Style / Wing / Riposte

Life Shaman, Witch Doctor Archetype : resulting channel energy ?

Warrior Priest Feat and Warpriest

Kinetic healer; burn limit on recipient?

Always acting in surprise round

Does casting light on an enemy's objects require an attack roll?

Extra Wild Talent - Expanded Defense

Aetherkineticist in Search of Abnormal Ammo

Can you initiate another bardic performance while under the effect of a Bardic Masterpiece?

Clarification about the "Wisdom in the Flesh" trait plz.

Tiny Sized Druid Animal Companions

What is the point of a permanent mindscape?

I evil eye a target, then move 40 feet away from target. What happens.

Unchained Removed Iterative Attacks and Improved TWF

Bloodthirst Dagger Explaination??

Abundant Ammunition & Alchemical Ammo

Undercasting + Pathfinder Savant

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