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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Advanced Player's Guide VS Occult Adventures favored class contradiction

Planar Ally and Augment Calling

Take 10 while tracking?

Fighter's fork damage dice

Does polymorph add clothes to animals? Should it?

Failing to maintain a grapple with black tentacles

Bonus Feats and Prequisites (PFS)

Spell-Storing Conductive Gauntlets and Touch-range Spells

Flurry of Blows + Hammer the Gap = does it work?

Can a tumor familiar be an improved familiar

Vow of Truth and Feint

Weapons 2 sizes larger?

[PFS] Two peg legs?

The Geist Channeler Archetype's Phantom, what damage modifier does its slam attack use?

Charging / Rhino Hide / Pounce / Multiple attacks

Occult Adventures stealth errata messing with favored class bonuses?

Heighten meta magic feat and staves

Natural Attack + Trip + Weapon Finesse

Ecclesithurge mystic theurge

What makes something a pain effect?

Does this work?

Totemic Skald

Vigilante Brute and Sizing Equipment

questions on Meat Shield and Uncanny Grapple

Carrying Capacity of Rope

Unscathed Trait+Gnome Druid FCB=?

Kobold Tail Weapons: Manufactured or Natural?

Action for summoning with Ring of Natural Attunement (drake)

Are the negative effects of the bloatmage initiate feat limited to what's written in its description?

Racial exotic weapons, are they Martial or automatic proficient?

Psychic bloodline sorcerer - is it still an "arcane spellcasting class"?

Can the Spell 'Callback' Be Used With An Animal Companion?

Harrow Chosen trait and damaging divination spells

GM Question. Devastator: Absorb Good Magic (Su)

Armor check penalty to stealth when standing still?

Calcific touch (rehash)

Possession - how to tell someone is possessed?!

Kinetic Blast and Freezing spell.

Conductive Amulet of Mighty Fists and Melee Touch Attacks

Spell Lattice crafting

AoMF and melee special abilities that designate "weapon"

Does altar self grant rend damage or bleed damage?

question about unchained rouge sneak attack and concealed

Siegebreaker Breaker Rush and failed maneuver

twf bastard sword and unarmed strike

Combat Trained Animal Companions

Background Skills question?

Mask from Divination Spell and Head Slot

Alchemists and Brewing Potions

Armor Master, Mobile Fortress and Touch AC

non-cleric envoy of balance

Alignment channel / Align equipment

Question Regarding Teamwork Feat - Pack Flanking

Critical Hit damage

Slaugrak Bleed Question

Touch Attacks - can they fit into a full attack?

Familiar "Deliver Touch" questions

Which classes can take and benefit from the Improved Familiar feat?

Id Ragers without Slam Attacks

An elemental familiar for my Kineticist

Skeletal Champion & Spellcasters

jump using Mystery of Unfolding Wind for a brawler

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Agathiel Vigilante Archetype

Barbarian UMD

Wierd Question I Was Asked About VMC

Area of Effect, Difficult Terrain (Ice storm, et al.)

Defining Sneak Attack Damage (With Regard To Rakes)

FCB Ruling Source

Wands as improvised melee?

When is one helpless?

A veeery flexible character

Yellowheart weapons?

Divine Intelligence Caster?!?

Startoss Shower - WHOA

Which spells can you cast while blinded?

Intelligent, but unawakened animals

Just how fast can I prepare my spells?

Would like some help parsing the Occultist's Psychic Curse.

Can alchemists buy the equivalent of extracts they can't prepare yet?

Multi armed character, where do you draw the line?

How much monster info for successful Knowledge check

Permanent Enlarge Familiar

Lore Oracle Mystery: Brain Drain question

Ninjas in Non-Light Armors

Changing the attribute of skills and armor check penalty?

Blood Intensity Bloodline Mutation for a shocking grasp build

Multiweapon Fighting: Two double weapons. What are the attack bonuses going to be?

Swashbuckler Precise Strike

Agathiel Vigilante rules clarifications

Alchemists and Communal Spells / Extracts: Do they even work?

At what point does an illusion become "solid"?

Gestalt Class Ability Overlap

Planar Travel and Planar Magic

Question Regarding Dancing Weapons

Volcano Mystery, Ash Cloud

SQ "massive"

Stunning Fist vs a Hydra

Quick Disarm Question

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