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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Shaman - Deliver Touch Spell Ability

Eversmoking bottle, how does it actually work?

Clockwork Construct Template applied to golems.

FAQ: Can you 5' step out of Grease?

Magic Jar Disagreement

Unholy Ice Weapon of Lamashtu

Multiweapon Fighting (Combat) and a 4-armed Eidolon

Combining Ferocity with Diehard

[PFS] Blunt Arrows...

[PFS] Divination School Familiar and Lookout

Magic Armor / Weapon Cost Question

What slot should a Moon Circlet take?

Succubus in a grapple.

Special material descriptions exactly the same??

What feats affect the Summoner's Summon Monster SLA's?

Is Beauty Based on Charisma or Constitution?

Spiritualist and Eldritch Heritage

Do Human-like outsiders get to select an ethnicity, just like normal Humans ?

Two Questions Regarding the Burn (Ex) ability of a Fire Elemental

Bloody Burning Skeletons!

Freedom of Movement and Anchoring weapons

Maneuver the Grapples?

Combining Asmodean Advocate and Herald Caller

Evangelists and Flagbearer / Banner of the Ancient Kings

Engulf and no room after a successful reflex save, what happens?

Prehensile Hair and Grapple

Regarding the Flowing Monk's Redirection Ability and AoOs

Snapping Turtle Clutch & Grabbing Style interaction in a grapple

Holy Avenger Bow?

5 Foot Step > Cast > Shift (Su)

Legal Potions question

Magus 9 / Arcane Savant 2, does the arcane pool enhance flame blade?

Rage Prophet and Bloodrager?

Air Elemental Whirlwind Size Category and Bestiary Changes

Do wolf mounts need exotic saddles?

Befuddling Strike Question

Ascetic Style / Strike question

Infinite attacks

Death by alcohol poisoning for Gnome

Knowledges to identify creatures

When do you get a will save against a Projected Image with Mirror Images on it?

Kobold's Tail

Magi and the Book Of Harms

Can I "ready" a charge?

Craft while Adventuring + Valet Familiar (Cooperative Crafting)

Serpent belt, does it boost my poisons?

Increasing Magic Item Power DCs?

Whirlwind attack

archer flanking bonus

combining flurry of stars with flurry of blows

Aasimar favored class bonus for Bards; is it + 1 / 2 or 1 / 6?

Powerless Prophecy vs. Warsight

Weapon Finesse with Swashbuckler / Unchained Rogue


Need help calculating a ridiculous amount of damage

Summoned Creatures

Telekineticist and working of angles

Special material descriptions exactly the same??

Freedom of Movement and Anchoring weapons

Targeting projected image with attacks

Does rogue bomber and alchemist bomb discoveries stack

Taking a Hit

Overhand Chop

Where is "Elemental Strike" defined in Pathfinder?

One full round casting time means what?

Readying an action unchained action economy

Neutral Alignment Opposite

Does setting prefabricated traps require a Craft (traps) check?

Spellcraft and identifying "manifestations"

Moving through the spaces of fallen allies / enemies possible?

Favoured Class Bonus: 1 / 6 bonus feat starting at lvl 1?

Elusive Target and elusive-redirection

Weapon Master's Handbook for Dummies

Mythic Lich Spell Resistance

Question About the Ghost Rider's Ghost Mount

question about undine alternate racial traits

Alchemist and precise shot

Inquisitor and Trade Initiative feat

Witch hex Aura of Purity

Area effect on touch spells?

(Spell) Sunder and traps.

How do you handle a Silent / Minor / Major / Permanent Image of a creature that is buffed with Mirror Image?

Bonus while mounted?

Daivrat Prestige Class

Does Philter of Love allow a save?

Wrath of the righteous legendary items question

Air Elemental - How solid are they?

Overhand Chop + Power Attack Question

Astral Travel Help

Skald using Greater Skald's Vigor questions...

Endless Ammunition and Enlarge Person

Slam Attacks and Hands

Bloodrager, Sorceror, & Dragon Disciple bloodline advancement

Draconic Bloodline Colors, Part of Bloodline?

Named Bullet and Melee Thrown Weapons

Sunlight Summons and Moonlights summons feat, Light spell effect, take 2

Monk's holy amulet of mighty fists

Two Weapon Fighting..confused about modifier

Hallow / Unhallow Tied Effects

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