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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Parrying a Brilliant Energy weapon - how does this work?

Climbing Without Limbs

Can a merfolk Unchained Monk flying kick?

Retraining favoured class

Occultist Implements & Resonant powers

Maximum Perception Distance Underground?

Telekinetic Charge: Straight line?

Multiclassing Curiosity Regarding Weapon Master and AWT: Weapon Specialist

Cloak of the Crusader as Banner for Flag Bearer?

Slashing Grace, Unarmed Strikes

Staff magus and staff recharging

Grenadier question / clarification

Svirfneblin Race Points?

Can Telekinetic Haul move Allies in combat?

alignment / elemental channel damage type?

Swarm vs Swarm

Ring of Spell Knowledge I and Mental Block.

Tears to Wine spell duration?

Gather Information: Can you use Know: Local?

Pounce vs Pounce

Half Swording and pommeling

This Weapon adds +9 to CMB and CMD

Armor for Centaurs

Can you "Channel Energy" as a whirlwind?

Vehicles in mass combat

Item creation price

Greater Grapple and Vampires

Boar Style + Slashing Grace

Treating Deadly Wounds.

False tooth item?

Where does Fire Elemental, Small gets +4 to attack

Can I drop prone while nauseated?

Can someone explain me Silent Image?

Shield Brace

Hidden Blade at level 1

Mythic Crafter, Item Creation feat or not?

Ability modifiers and ability usage / spells

Compel Hostility & Summoner

Arcane Archer Enhance Arrow Ability

Eidolon Max Attacks and bonus attacks.

Wielding a second weapon: does it count as fighting with two weapons?

twigjack splinter spray and sneak attack

Are PyroHydras Immune to Mind Effecting Spells

Unusable magic item

Is Painful Stare Mind-Affecting?

Bull Rush vs Antilife Shell

Hurling questions

Shield Bonus to Touch AC

Big Cat's and multple grapples

Tactics for the Mindless Undead

Mithral weapons and Weapon Finesse?

White Haired Witch PFS legal?

Ocher Rhomboid Ioun Stone Questions

Swamp Mummy Aura Effect

mystic bolts and spellstrike

Using material components without a free hand

Increase level of domain power

Improved Precise Shot vs Wind Stance

Evolved companion qualifications

Brace as Readied Move Action and Attack of Opportunity

Summoned monsters and their spells


[Ultimate Magic] Blood Crow Strike

Losing versus Being Denied Your Dex to AC

Oracle Armor and Magic Vestments: Anything Official?

Questions: Shields.

Switching, Dropping and Drawing Weapons in a Full Attack

Stilled and Silent Spells - do they provoke

Sunder a weapon

Unchained Monk - access to (Quinggong) Empty Body at what level?

PFS - Vermin Domain Deities

Dwarven Hatred Style

Dwarven GeoKintetist

Upgrading half-plate armor +1 to full plate +1?

Mauler familiar w / Dire Collar... does it work?

Range of "Dire Prophecy" Hex

Egoistic Perk and Bladebound Magus

Chain of Perdition clarification

Goliath Druid and Saurian Shaman...Stackable?

Kitsune Vigilante

Help with flight

Cartomancer / Hedge Witch and delivering ranged healings

Branch Pounce

Leveling non-companion animals?

Spell target becoming invalid after casting

The Toxicant - how quick is its poison?

Equipment Trick (Heavy Blade Scabard) and the Scythe...?

Why is it always grappling?

Dispel Magic, target: creature with multiple spells active, including one of your own.

Raging Alchemist

Clarification on Treat Deadly wounds

Warpriest / Druid, Sacred Weapon and Natural Weapons

Iorian paladin

Bracers of Archery - must have 2 feats?

Mithril Armor and Armor Tricks

Looking for a Ruling on Tumor Familiars

Rapid Shot and Haste-order of attacks?

Towering Ego vs Demoralize

Does falling provoke attacks of opportunity?

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