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Rules Questions

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Topic Posts Last Post
The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Ascetic Style to apply weapon finesse?

Detecting Supernatural Curses

Holding vs. Wearing vs. Using a Tower Shield

Multiweapon fighting path

Net vs. Freedom of Movement

How long is a working day?

[UM] Using Eldritch Heritage to get sorcerer spells?

Magus' Arcane Pool, 1 point per +1?

Mind Sword Paladin throwing weapon interactions

Running out of Revelations

Trail of the rose vs blindness?

New Traits for old characters.

titan mauler longbow?

HP Retraining Companions?

Lose Feat prereqs and feat trees

Question wrt Herald caller archetype stacking

Can you take Racial Heritage Twice?

Using a Centaur Mount: Double lance attacks on charge?

TreeSinger Druid + Sapling Treant + Mounted Combat + Reach? Also Riding your friend.

Improved Familiars (Hands)

Oracle- bones mystery and Raise the Dead

Swashbuckler question: Parry & Reposte vs an AoO? How does this work?

Anthropomorphic Animal and Intelligence

Monkey Familiar

Variant Multiclassing

Multiple Metamagic feats with a non-prepared caster, quicken spell

Alchemist targeting intersection with bomb + Precise Bombs discovery

Liberation Domain

Sculpt Corpse Question

Can a Shadowbard use Bardic Masterpieces?

Succubus in a grapple.

Are there limitations for what a Wizard can choose for their bonded weapon?

Adopted + Nine-Tailed Scion

Escape Route & mount...

Democratic Unofficial FAQs

Can you take a non-stacking feat more then once?

Warden Ranger Favored Terrain

Do bonuses given to bite attacks from curses carry into new forms with bites?

Unsworn Shaman Archetype

I'm looking for something but coming up dry...

Awesome Blow vs a mounted combatant

Coup De Grace questions

Unchained Monk: Typing for Qinggong Ki Powers

How do you use Stardust against an invisible creature?

DC of SU bard abilities when they say "allow the same saving throw" of spell X

Overcoming DR

Dragon Ferocity, Power Attack, and Unchained Monk Unarmed Strike

Two weapon fighting + natural attacks

Hunter's Improved Empathic Link - possible FAQ?

Knowledge is Power question. (Arcane Discovery)

Id Rager (bloodrager occult archetype) help / clarification.

Agent of the Grave - Inspired Necromancy - How does it work?

changing deities ?

produce flame...anything official about it?

Questions about the Qinggong Monk

How to calculate the Caster Level of magic weapons or magic items for the purpose of determining the DC of the saving throw?

Mount Size?

Valiant Vault

Arrowsong Strike Clarification

Psychic magic vs silence

Overwatch Style + Ranged Weapon Tricks

Mythic Synthesist + Enduring Armor?

What does Walker among evil protect me from?

Exquisite Accompaniment, Shadowbard and Virtuoso Performance confusion

Magus Spellstrike and Mythic Improved Critical (And other things)

Guns Everywhere

Two-handed fighter with ranged weapons?

Questions about Bardic Masterpieces

Eldritch Heritage and Familiar Basics

Combo Spells For Casters

Does having extra arms grant extra off hand attacks.

Gloves of Dueling and Advanced Weapon Training Interaction / Priority?

Shillelagh & Monk of the Empty Hand

Confused with siege weapons

large mounts and small characters?

Share Spells Teamwork feat question

Damnation Stride duration question. ARG

Throw Anything Feat

Arcane Bloodrage and spell selection

Oil of Align Weapon

Caster Level as a Feat Prerequisite

Animal Ally stacking with class granted Animal Companions

Repeating crossbow and attacks of opportunity

Horses hustling

Toppling meta-magic Feat Question

Modifying the size of a large magical weapon so a party member can use it

Building cities with magic

Cavalier Feats

Sorcerers and spellbooks.

Quickdraw shield and two handed weapon

Cleric (Pharasma) Birth mark

inquisitor cleric help on domains

Can you take 20 on performance skill checks?

Retraining question. Combat feats as class features

Touch Spell while Pinned

Combat Reflexes and armor

Monk + "in-hand weapons" = unarmed strike?

Multiweapon fighting and Improved Two Weapon Fighting

Eidolon and equip

1 to 100 of 58,646 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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