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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Baleful Polymorph : +4 on save if animal form is fatal

Can the unseen servant use 'Use Activated' magic items?

Using acrobatics to pass through an enemy square, while invisible

Strangler, Loss of Unarmed Strike issues

Question on trickster path ability : Transfert magic (Mythic)

Elven Branched Spear and Half-Elves

Damage Reduction and effects such as Rattling Strike

Duelist (probably an old question)

What sort of action does it take to begin or stop "two handing" a weapon?

Strangle and Damaging when Maintaining to Pin

Another Pummeling style clarification

Special Materials and shields as weapons in PFS

What can be the flag? For the flag bearer?

Lantern Bearer SLAs and Item creation feats

Question on Trickster Path Ability Perfect Lie.

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Free action during a move action

Extend the Bulwark with more than two teammates

Assassin's death attack

Horses and panic

Quick Draw Scizore?

Catfolk's Cat's Claws racial trait; which type of natural attack does it add?

Hunter class question, can i teach this trick to my companion?

Can evangelist advance prestige classes?

Animal Companion (Cat, small)

Intimidate: Demoralize

Witch's Familiar

Witch's Familiar

[PFS] Can I use the Samurai Challenge and then Rage?

Do you threaten at both 5' and 10' when using a reach weapon with a Brawler / Monk?


FAQ Request: Archetype Class Features: Old Features Gone or Dormant?

Metal Construct Druids

Fighter Archetype that only gets Armour Training 1 still move in Heavy Armour?

Does mounted combat with a lance even work as written?

Does this work to get dex to attack and damage without being a swashbuckler?

Preservationist casting time

Quick draw and TWF.

Pathfinder Chronicler Requirements Issues

Deceleration Drift

TWFing a two handed weapon and kicks?

Anaconda's Coils, Final Embrace and Constrict

What's A Dragon's BAB?

Form of the Dragon: does it grant reach and 1.5x Strength on the bite?

First World Face Thief

Divine Bond - at least 6 INT

Metamagic feat for walls?

Mad Monkeys and their ability to take commands

Grab + Spring Attack: Are you coming with me or not?

Advice / Bardic Knowledge

Bloodrager and Spell Completion items

Flaming Frost-Forgedand Frost Fire-Forged?

Species dysphoria and clonepods

Familiar Tossing...

Readying an Action to Smash / Sunder Projectiles

What is the hardness of dragon hide?

Magnifying Chime and Silence.

How many attacks when TWF?

What are these?

Activating Combat Expertise on AoO's

Wall of Lava height?

Vehicle armor class: how is it calculated?

Rondelero Duelist Two Weapon Fighting

Questions about playing a necromancer

Fortuitous Weapon Enhancement

So I see that rogues and slayers can take a feat for more talents but not ninjas?

PFS alchemist, does grenadier negate extra bombs at 1st lvl?

Combined Strength Check

Pathfinder Savant

Acid Pit

Zen archer and Flurry of blows.

Words of Power FCB Confusion

Titan fighter + Titan mauler = dual wielding 2 large greatswords

Paladin Ultimate Mercy: Casting raise dead at 7th level or lower?

Knowledge Checks and Common / Uncommon / Rare creatures

Untyped bonuses from feat such as Cloven Helm and Shield Specialization

CR question: Advancing monster with PC levels and Wealth

Vampires and entering private home or dwelling?

Riding a flying animal companion?

This may sound odd but does the lawful alignment inherently mean I respect authority?

Fighter (Archer): Trick Shot (Sunder) and Manyshot

Can the ninja take rouge archetypes?

Melee attacking a ranged weapon wielding foe

What Kind of Action to Light A Smoke Stick?

Solo Tactics / Outflank + Circling Mongoose

How similar to spells are scrolls?

Do "Form of the dragon" bonuses stack?

Delay Action and Initiative Order

Dawnflower Dervish (Bard Archetype) Question

greater cleave and Battle Fury stack?

Slashing Grace FAQ please

Arcane strike and what gets added to bomb slash damage!

First Worlder Summoner Eidolon and Blighted Fey Template

Refine Improvised Weapon and Special Materials

Are Drugs Poison?

Darkvision and ninjas

Far Strike Monk and the Throwing Enchantment

Is incorporeal status JUST a benefit?

Flanking bonus to non-flanking allies

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