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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Ability score increases

do you have to count your DEX to AC?

How to avoid Detect Invisibility?

what is a familiar satchel made out of?

Possible contradiction in FAQs

Enchanted Shield + Enchanted Shield Spikes

need to brush up on my grapple knowledge

Guardian's Adamantine Mind stun duration


Coup de grâce clarification

Riftwarden orphan recharging a staff

How does this feat work with what I've got in mind?

Does Silken Ceremonial Armor count as clothing?

Small sized alchemical weapons?


Whips and combat maneuvers.

Hand of the Apprentice and Shields

Cat's Grace...

Grease + readied attack vs movement = sneak attack?

SA, Touch Attack and Pernicious Poison

barbed devil impale - did I run this correctly?

Conditions that allow Sneak Attacks

archer trick shot combat maneuvers

Wind Stance and flying, can you 5 foot step up?

Scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone

Maintaining Concentration via Spellsong

Halfling FCB and Dual cursed oracle

Whirlwind into cleaving finish?

Rules about Hunting

Sohei 1 / Weapon master 3

Combat Maneuvers and Ranged Weapons.

locked guantlet questions

Resonating word

Ranged attacks and line of sight

Mythic Mirror Image=crap?


Can I rear a Behir?

Ratfolk Swarming Trait + Mirror Image

Type of action to spend ki.

Claws and slams and swords, oh my!

Order of the Dragon Bodyguard

Reach out and touch someone (or, problems with touch spells and multiple targets)

Getting to be treated like undead. PFS.

Cartomancer Deliver Touch Spells Questions

Inspire Greatness+Magical Knack

'Dayborn' Dhampir and Alternate Dhampir Heritages

Dust of Disappearance

two weapon fighting and power attack

Ring of Spell Knowledge- rewritable?


Item Creation: Master Craftsman, Slotless Items and Travelers Any-Tool Enchantment

Handling Trap finding checks

Inscribe Magical Tattoo questions

Throwing short swords?

Clarification of Qinggong monk's Ki powers

Can the spear and bow fighter weapon groups all be made out of dark wood with full benefits?

Defiant Klar and Shield Master

Warpriest Sacred Weapon and Humble Beginnings

Tengu Swordmaster Trances

Tetori Monk and Grappling Bonus Questions

Magus and Light spell

DR / magic and outsider natural weapons

Traits which apply to a skinsend construct

Silverline's Improved Familiar rule question extravaganza

Darkness and Light

Multiple Burning Skeletons fiery aura question

Wind Blast and Attacks of Opportunity Question

Threaten with Produce Flame?

Two weapon fighting and unarmed attacks

Question about touch of Corruption

Animate undead abuse

Double Slice + Agile Property = Full Dexterity to Off-Hand?

Elemental Templates

Replacing a knowledge skill check

What is all this insane parsing about "attack action"?

Blood of the Martyr, Quick Question

Deadly Juggernaut and Fate's Favored

Ring of Spell Knowledge and Spellbooks

Remove Disease and Non-Infectious Disease

Magic Item Crafting

Grab and held charges.

Crystal Chakram

Does the 30' limitation for ranged sneak attacks become the maximum range for surprise spells?

Musket Master - reloading as a free action?

Psionic Collapse and Flying

Monk of the Empty Hand and Weapon Focus

Bardic performance and telepathic bond.

Confused about Beastmaster at first level

Motivating Display and Violent Display PFS legal?

Can a druid get "stuck" in his animal form?

Illusion immunity.


What classes can sneak attack?

Drow poison initial effect and Delay Poison

Wands, Scrolls and Spell Resistance

Greater Grapple and Vital Strike

Temp Con Damage and Death

Klars - complete lack of consistency

Large creature sizes on a grid

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