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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Replacing Monster HD with Class Levels, What does it's CR become?

Swift action casting and concentration checks

Can PCs be Weresharks?

Holy Water- what is it, exactly?

Remaining in combat?

Smite Evil - Damage Type?

[FAQ REQUEST] Infernal Healing Pricing

Does Raise Animal Companion inflict negative levels?

Trip Questions

Lay on Hands Class Stacking

controversial subject 5ft step vs Step Up and Strike

Finding invisible spellcasters via their spellcasting

Jabbing Style and Shields

Trip Combat Maneuver

Kineticist Entangling Infusion

Is activating and using Kinetic Blade a spell-like Ability?

Can i choose to fail a concentration check?

Arcane Training racial feature question

Casting directly from a spellbook?

Sniper's Goggles and Far-Reaching Sight

Calcific Touch, Magus, Spellstrike and other spells... Oh God...

Alkali Flasks vs A Green Dragon

Magical Child Archetype question

Chaokineticist and Greater Elemental Whispers (PFS)

animal companion feats- what can they feasibly take?

Criticial triggers and critters immune to critical...

Bloodline Familiars(Familiar Folio) with Eldritch Heritage(Ultimate Magic)

Do you need to maintain a grapple before you can use an ability that require to maintain a grapple, like rake? Because apparently some people think it is not necessary.

What stacks with frightful charger?

Summoner Aspect

Smoke Subdomain Duration?

Duel Channel Emergy Envoy of Balance?

Untyped Bludgeoning Damage, or Bludgeoning Fire?

Spiritualist Phantom Phase Change and AoO

Lions (Cat) Attacks & Grapple

Slipslinger and startoss style

Awaken spell question.

Deep One Hybrid Shenanigans

Do Spellguard Bracers stack with Gloves of Elvenkind?

adamantine rule discrepancy

Multi-class Dragon Disciple Interactions?

Magus with 3 or more arms

Price of water?

Confused by scroll usage

Titan Mauler and Weapon Finesse

How do Titan Mauler / Titan Fighter stack rules wise?

Slingstaff question

Blink 50% miss chance + 20% concealment miss chance, stack?

As a Cavalier when can I get different mounts

Half Orc Skulking Slayer Archetype Question

polearm master

Voidstick Zombie Template

Arcanist Exploits and scrolls

Blinking and spells that are personal / you

Does a Skeletal Centaur use Large-Sized Weapons?

Rules for brewing potions and Craft(Alchemy) while away from civilization?

Some questions about necromancy and undead.

Mounted Combat Melee or Ranged?

Paladin / ranger scroll costs inaccurate on PRD?

About a piecemeal armor

Automatic Bonus progression & Kinetic Blast

Wind Blades spell + Air Elementalist wizard's Cyclone ability

Tiny creatures fighting

Havocker Witch & Extra Hex?

Demon dancer skald and the third power

Globe of Tranquil Water

Little confused about CMB vs. CMD.

Is this insane multi attack combo legal?

Incutilis Issues

Force Ward vs Non-damaging attacks

A very simple Kineticist question

Scroll casting (PFS)

Even yet more Kineticist questions

Elemental Whispers Multiclass interactions and other questions.

Kineticist - Regarding blasts and Kinetic Blade / Whip

Occult Adventures: Mindblade questions

Throwing multiple weapons

Animal Menagerie Build, is that legal?

What does it take to change the environment (without magic)?

Fencing Grace Question

How does Steadfast Grapple work when used on a creature?

Vexing Dodger + Wall Climber Ninja Trick

Summon Good Monster + Devil Imposter

Triple wielding question

U. Summoner Spells

Flying kick movement

Myrmidarch Magus question (re Ranged Spellstrike)

Telekinesis or Ectoplasmic Hand plus Knowledge is Power or Kinetic Enhancement

Do Summoning spells require line of effect, or only line of sight to the point of conjuration?

How to add to CMB

Arcane Sight & Illusions

Towering Ego(Mesmerist) with irrepressible(Faith Traits)

How does decapitate spell works?

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Retraining Clarification

Weapon design questions

Unchained rogue & Dark Lurker archetype

Havocker witch archetype and kineticist multiclassing

Greater Object Possession and constructs

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