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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

Initiative and Flat-Footed

Arcane Archer - Seeker Arrow Clarification

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Raging Song - Between Turns

Noon question: Skill Focus Linguistics

Explosive bomb vs. ooze - 2 questions

Scent, finding invisible creatures

Rushing magical item creation multiple times with +5 DC each time?

Is Dimensional Assault an actual charge?

Synthesist "Fused Link" ability

Spell storing armor: Is an attack roll needed?

Illithid Feats

what can i hit with reach?

Can a Skirnir enchant thier shield and weapon with one swift action?

Options for Ex-[class]es

Sneak attack on spells

Sleeping in Armor and characters who either don't sleep or sleep for 2 hrs

Glamered Weapon Ability and Cost

Shield Snag + Buckler Catch

Cauldron of Brewing - Heat and time

Vestigial Arms, TWFing and "Multi"-Weapon Fighting

Immune to Crit Hits

Regional languages for non-human races.

Starting Languages: Common

Do I have to Draw a Metamagic Rod to use it, or can I just hold / touch it?

Scarred rager question regarding Scarification ability

Homunculi and Homunculust

White Haired Witch and Extra rogue talents

Multiple Archetypes

Dispelling Attack + Destructive Dispel = Stunning Sneak Attack?

Warpriest and Channel Energy

Why Doesn't Snap Shot allow you to Flank?

acrobatics to jump ... confusion at my table

Immunity question

Vermin Familiars, Intelligence and Feats / Skills

monks, ki, and medusa's wrath - this can't be right

Can a Swashbuckler benefit from an agile weapon?

Arcanist Counterspell exploit

Dimensional Slide and Dimensional Agility Feat Tree

Distance Blunderbuss Question

Incorporeal creatures and Force effects

QUESTION: Tiny + successful Acrobatics check vs CMD+5 to melee attack = avoiding AoO ?

Runes for the Rune God!...?

How does the Cheat Death trait work, exactly?

Serpentine Sorcer Bloodline Arcana

Gaining abilities through other abilities

Blade Lash + Reach Weapons and / or Increased Reach

Riding a Mount who has Pounce, and you also have Pounce

Regaining Panache while using Butterfly's Sting

Quick Draw and wands...

Inhaled poison delivery and concentration

Mythic Adventures and Epic DR - FAQ candidate

bonuses on attribute rolls and DC.

Serpentine bloodline and Improved Familiar

Feat question.

+1 Darkwood Buckler and magic bonus

Stacking from the same racial source

Should mithral save you money?

Falling and Provoking Attacks of Opportunity

Question on Life Link

Medusa's Wrath stack with Pummeling?

Cost of a Mithral Tekko-Kagi?

Amulet of the blooded

What adds to CMB?

Stacking question...


Oracle / Paladin multiclass and holy symbols

Inquisitor, Infiltrator and Heresy Inquisition Bluff bonus

"Lion’s Call" Order of the lion with Cha penalty

bombard and damage

Mystic Past Life is unclear?

The lasso of Wonder Woman

Banishment and outsider born on material plane

Bloodrager and Dragon Disciple

What happens when you crit on a maximized or empowered spell?

Are these "metal weapons" spicifically in relationship to Shocking Grasp?

Slashing Grace question

Quick helpo with a few 1 round casting time questions please

Quick question re multiple sneak attacks

Arcane Surge / Wild Arcana and their Heirophant equivalents

Wanting to know the cost of a custom magic item for Mind Blank

How does the Hexcrafter work?

Discharging a ranged weapon without aiming

Frightful presence and intimidate

Wolf AC

Summoner Eidolon

Summon Swarm vs Summon Nature's Ally

Errata on the Inquisitor's Steel Hound Archetype

Silly Slashing Grace Question

Undead Master and Necrocraft Shenanigans

All knowledge skills as class skills? Bardic Knowledge?

Wind wall

Can I hold my breath to avoid the effects of a Stinking Cloud spell like you can with Inhaled Poisons?

Does Effortless Lace Reduce the Penalty of Two-Weapon Fighting?

Is there a maximum weapon size damage?

serve trick

Underground Chemist, Bomber Discovery

If an Arcanist gives up her first level arcane exploit to an archetype does she count as having the class feature for Extra Exploit?

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