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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Grapple, pin, and tied in one round?

Cross Training how much needs to be done for Archetypes?

Druid and Hunter Animal Companions

Stacking Sneak Attack

Smite Evil + Magic Missile

Symbol of Healing and Permanency

Bow wielder versus enemy with Combat Reflexes

5 foot step straight up

RAW vs. RAI: Can you CHOOSE your height and weight?

Can you leave skill points unspent between levels?

How many tiny sized creatures with 0 reach can attack at any one time?

Wall of Force vs spells

Symbol of Healing stack?

Produce Flame and Grapple?

Got you on a technicality...

Inspire greatness - designer’s thought? How to use it, how does it work?

Befuddling Strike Question

Skald Shared Rage Powers

Grappling and moving while mounted

Animal companion int 3

How much damage does Kinetic Healer heal?

Multiple Rings

Question on the DC for an Aasimar's Spell-Like Ability

Horizon Walker urban enemy bonuses

Revised Action Economy and Magus

FAQ REQUEST - Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Pummeling Style Critical

Crafting Arrows

Unchained Fractional Base Bonuses round up or down?

Touch attack while wielding a weapon

Question on Figment HP

Pinpoint targeting question

Investigator and eidetic memory

Can you cast a wall of force inside an AMF?

Warslinger alternate racial trait: Slings only?

Battle Host - Suit upgrades options and versatility

Unchained Barbarian - Elemental Resistance

Mounted Combat and Trample(Ex) rules

Archery and Arrows questions

Player / Character assumed knowledge

Kitsune Agile Racial Trait

Quick question about the Eldritch Archer

Flurry of Blasts... with a flurry of questions...

Reading Monster Stat / Ability Block

Monstrification Staff and Investigators

Gravewalker's Bonethrall & Command undead

Run with different move speeds

What alignment is a non-improved familiar?

Arcanist Dimenionsal Slide and Standard Actions

Pinned While Flying (plus Dirty Tricks)

Barbarian Mount List

Elemental Annihilator Kineticist and Feats

can you quickdraw a gauntlet?

Hammer the Gap Range Clarification

Smite Evil, nonevil undead

Huge mounts and melee

Resuming regeneration

maintaining a grapple with blink active

Magus Spellstrike and the Light Cantrip

Adherer and grapple

Fortified Armor Training and the Broken condition it applies.

BloodRager Dragon Disciple questions.

Mind Control

What bonuses does the id rager get exactly?

Does a paladin fall if...

Exhaustion and Wings of Flying

velociraptor mount question.

Huge mounts and melee

Brawler flurry and natural weapons?

Stunning Barrier - Stun timing

Rule Question on the pathfinder unchained Multiple class rules.

Is there a feat for normal allies which is similar to Pack Flanking?

Style feats: only for unarmed combat?

Questions about Shields

Black Markets : "Cursed" items

Cost of perks and quirks from Unchained Dynamic Magic Item creation

Qualify for Prestige Class (PFS Legal)

Close range magus arcana: What spells, exactly, can be used with it?

Muleback cords question

Moonlight Bridge / Oracle Heavens Revelation

Can a Arcanist use Dimensional Slide exploit whyl a monk has him in a grapple?

The correct CR?

monk with late stunning fist.

Wizards Familiar's

Unchained Monk and Removing Iterative Attacks

Feat Prerequisites temporarily not met?

Legendary Items with spellcasting

Wild Form AC

How many attacks (TWF Nature's Fang Druid)?

Ioun Wyrd available at character creation?

Gloves of Arcane Striking and multiple natural attacks

Mythic Spell Focus and spells that last multiple rounds

Do Saving Shield and Bodyguard Stack?

Are magical instruments considered masterwork?

Insanity in Society: Diplomacy or Intimidate?

Skin Stealer and True Seeing.

Toppling Spell and Multiclassing

Can kinetic blade work with spell combat?

Question about dominate person

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