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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Arcanist Flame Arc

Can a constructs stat get more then a +2 with modifications?

Skald's Raging Song effect duration

Monster Knowledge & Perception

Does the user of Blundering Defense get its benefits?

Steal Manuver VS Headbands

Other things to do with attacks of opportunity

Creating potions

Multiple arms question

Succubus in a grapple.

Stacking AC bonuses

Lunar Oracle Primal Companion: Can It Be ridden?

Eidolon Question

What is the meaning of 'source' in regards to bonus stacking?

Synthesis Summoner Question

CRB and New Divine Spells

PFS Trait Legality Question: Shield-Trained?

Inquisitor Judgement

Greater Bloodrage (Su) Level 2 spell as a free action?

Grab, Grapple, and Movement

Dragon Ferocity and Power Attack after the new FAQ

Advanced Firearms, Rapid Reload, and Metal Cartridges

swashbuckler, a buckler and a dervish dance

Breaking all the Shaman APG rules

familiar using a wand

Question about False Focus in PFS Play

Is this a Legal Readied Action?

channel questions need help pls

Magically Treated Sails and Hardness

Human FCB for Warpriest

FAQ Request(ACG): Does the Monk AC Bonus stack with Sacred Fist Warpriest AC Bonus?

Underfoot Adept and Improved Ki Throw

Help needed in understanding Redirection(Flowing Monk)

Ways of permanently destroying a vampire-do these work?

Shaman spell list oversights

Potion Glutton. What does it actually do?

bloodrage and rage and urban barbarian

Treant Sapling plant companion + Multiattack

Clarification about a FAQ

Can we please get an FAQ posted for damage dice increases?

Soul Warden and Command Undead

Steel Hound and Studied Strike

Milking my Familiar (viper) for poison / venom

Vitalist: Spirit of Many with healing a bit over the top?

Remaking a character after level 1...

(Hopefully) Simple Question About One Spell / Effect Having Multiple Overlapping Areas

Elven curveblade with agile

Questions / Clarifications about the White Haired Witch?

Can I turn into a giant octopus as a skald?

dual weild attacks.

Greater Feint Clarification

Double-Barreled Sneak Attack

would a bloodrager qualify to take a metamagic feat at 1st level?

Advanced Class Guide Question

Scion of Humanity Aasimar taking Heart of the Wilderness?

Besmaran Improved Familiars

Question re Feats and Prerequisites--can you get both at once?

Swashbucklers and dueling swords.

Sacred Fist / Monk / Master of Many Styles / Pummeling Style

Question on the mythic ability "Perfect Preparation"

Mi-Go and Strangler

Besmara's Tricorne = Once-A-Day Ultimate Attack?

Arcanist School Savant archetype

Looking for a lost trait

New to summoners, Synthesis questions

Picaroon Starting equipment

Choosing Martial Flexibility feats?

Wizard's Hand of the Apprentice abilty & Weapon Proficency

Mind Blank

Can a diabolist's imp also be.... a familiar?

Could the Geisha archetype and the Archeologist archetype stack?

Battle Cry Feat from Advanced Class Guide

Sound Striker - Wierd Words Ability questions

Tiny vs. Medium with reach weapon

Feral Combat Training and Natural Spell Combat?

The Arcane Bond Through Death and Life

Swift Aid Feat + Helpful Trait

incorporeal undead disrupt undead question

Feeblemind and how it interacts with the intellect devourer and body thief.

Feat to increase spontaneous spells per day? Help!

Familiar companion beast witch, can someone help me with the stats?

Shaken + Cruel Weapon

(mythic) Pack Wild Shape - animal only?

Ridiculous crit damage

Animal Companion Overrun = trample?

Shaman Hexes

Charging / Pounce Through Difficult Terrain

Maneuverability (flying) from magical sources--is it even relevant?

Titanic Rage question

Goblin Bravery and Lunge?

Skald [Spell Warrior] & Rage powers

Magic item that creates magic items?

Does raising an animal companion's intelligence let it understand a language?

the giant template. is there a way for a pc to get it legally?

Alchemist Wings Discovery

abyssal bloorager size issues

Eldrich Scion bonus spells?

Touch spell critical failure?

Can you retrain an animal companion's feats?

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