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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

Can a Titan Mauler wield a large long sword in one hand?

Stealth, Hide in plain sight, sneak attack and....

Action expenditures and Attacks of Opportunity / Readied Actions

Warpriest using Level as BAB for feats

Improved Precise Shot vs. Displacement

bookish rogue feat?

one more quick question - Combat Reflexes

Non-humanoid Goliath Druids and Enlarge Person

How much would it cost a wizard to know every spell

Succubus in a grapple.

Shaman spirit spell question

Generics and Specifics: Alchemical Silver Weapons

Double Slice with Brawler's Flurry?

class dipping question

Failed Fly Skill Check

Do the Crossblooded and Blood Conduit archetypes stack for Bloodrager?

What are the Effects of not sleeping by RAW?

can a level one barbarian take the extra rage powers feat?

Activate an item by a command word: ring of invisibility

Ruling on a spell's effect on certain classes

A stealth + Greater Invisibility Question

Defensive Combat Training

Spell: control water

domain powers question

If wearing multiple necklaces, which one is on?

spirit binder wizard archtype question

Why do summoners and eidolons have glowing runes on their forehead?

Aligned Monster using Summon Monster to call for Opposed?

Bloodrager (Blood Conduit) need Concentration Check for swift cast?

Vicious Weapons

Universal Monster Rule: Trample (Ex) and movement allowance

Wood Shape and Making Twine

Half-Elf Investigator FCB and Inspired strike

Appraise, Locks, and Disable Device

"Dirty Trick" and Range

Tumor familiar protector does it work like that?

How damnation stride is supposed to work ?

Multiple primary attacks?

Homunculist and familiar questions

What does weapon familiarity mean?

Sling Glove and Alchemist

Chain of Command: My boss's boss is my boss, right?

Multiclassed Spell Specialist

Domain / Blessing power Imprv. unarmed strike

gauntlets as weapons

Can Investigators use wands?

Kitsune + Disguise Self spell

Arcane Savant's Adept Activation during combat?

How does detect evil work?

Polymorph Spells & Natural attacks with atypical reach: Do they give the reach?

Ninja Trick Wall Climber - What can I actually Climb?

Price of mithril shield

Wonderous items and cure spells...

Two weapon fighting and quick maneuver feats

Fast Learner and the Half Races

Savage Technologist + Raging Vitality?

I think i remember a rule about flying creatures....

Santified Slayer and Spell DCs

Tengu Swordtraining and Tripoint Double Edge Sword

Bard and Intimidate

Familiars with spellcasting racial ability

Draconic Bloodline (gold) and firebrand

Does Precise Strike work with Arcane Deed?

Swashbuckler [Precise Strike] with more then 2 arms

Increasing the caster level of extracts

Can You Use Limited Wish to Cast Plane Shift?

DC of SU bard abilities when they say "allow the same saving throw" of spell X

Ring of Sustenance abuse?

Overrun and Charge

No Love for Lizardfolk? ERRATA and some love requested.

Multiclassing a Summoner Question(s)

Wall of Bones, and some questions on it.

Does Deadly Aim work with Ranged Touch Attacks?

Multiclassing from Mysterious Stranger to Sorcerer with Arcane Bloodline

Two-weapon fight, Full-round action, Magus, Spell Combat and precise Strike

Vision and light

Kobolds and NPC levels

Movement and Attacks of Opportunity, or, Things I Have Been Doing Wrong Forever

Alchemist giving extracts to other players

Hunter's Surprise Rogue Talent

Underground chemist, bombs and discoveries

Life Oracle revelations

A way to have gravity bow at will?

Another "how does armor stack" thread

Enchanting a Spell onto a Weapon

How does Two-Weapon fighting work?

Mythic Monsters and Dual Path?

Coat of Many Stars, and the other Oracle Armor Revelations

Gentile Repose / Breath of Life

First round of combat, Initiative and Attacks of Opportunity

Paladin Smite

ERRATA request, Armor Master "Deflective Shield"

When does Rapid Shot occur?

Spellbane and duplicated spells.

Table of + weapons and what they hit

Three ACG Errata You Didn't FAQ

Bardic Fascination over Crowds

Free Hand Fighter Reversal

Scattershot weapons with Ricochet Shot

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