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Rules Questions

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The Rules FAQ, and How to Use It

How long is a standard action? (in reference to casting a spell)

How will the Sacred Fist Warpriest's flurry function with Unchained?

Glancing hits under non-iterative attacks in Paizo Unbound

Dervish Dance, Quick Draw, and Two Weapon FIghting

Succubus in a grapple.

AoO ... attack action?

[Unchained] Monk a Key Class?

Can you use fabricate in order to make modern materials? If so how high DC?

pathfinder unchained rogue with hide in plain sight and stealthy sniper

consensus on rend vs DR

Two-Weapon Fighting Puzzle

Does Sense motive automatically detect spies?

A Lyrakien Azata, improved tumor figment familiar. What?

Traits and attributes bonus

Does the Vicious Weapon Enchantment's damage bypass DR?

How to be an Archmage

clarification on mass daze and greater command

Cognatogen and Fox's Cunning

Roll With It Vs Grapple

Graveknight vs Bebilith's dismantle armor

Dodgy / Flanking Figments, Stacking Glamers and Losing Hats

clerics and other divine casters

Vicious Weapon damage type

Scorpion Whip FAQ request #584

Dragon sorceror spells and Arcane Spell Failure

bucklers and dervish dance

Improved Damage, Improved Natural Attack, and size increases

Multitude of Rules Question

PFS Kraken Throttle

Explosive Missile, Void Bombs, and Alchemical Weapon

Another greater trip question

Semicolons in requirement lines

What special materials can Haramaki and Silken ceremonial be made of?

Ultimate Thunder and Fang FAQ Compilation

Picaroon & Gunsmithing ACG

Shield Proficiency question

Garuda-Blooded Aasimar...wings...and Flying?

Attacked while swallowed whole?

See in Darkness - Advanced Race Guide

Condition: Confused

Spectral shroud (incorporeal) and casting spells

alchemist and titan fighter possible?

Cavalier / Druid - mount / AC questions

Rule Verification: Using weapons martially?

Form of the Dragon Familiar

Rules Catch: Witches can't use scrolls.

Are rays weapons? and what about other "weapon" feats for them. halp

Empower Spell Question

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

Dominate and Overlapping Magic Circle (Good vs Evil)

Feral hunter & Feral focus

Freebooter Quarry

Bloody Claws and Bleed?

Divine Bond and Bless Weapon?

Mithral Armor and "all other Limitations"

Reach spell metamagic feat question

Duelist Precise Strike vs. Swashbuckler Precise Strike

Normal clothing as AC 0 armor?

First Level Animal Companions and Feats that Requires BAB +1

Does Saltbeard bonus to Profession (Sailor) work on day jobs?

bugbear fearmonger archetype (monster codex)

Downtime Rules questions: Building & Running a business

Greater Feint

Does the cyclonic enchant defeat wind wall / fickle winds?

Great Cleave - Greater Trip.... and chaining AoO

[Unchained] Kasatha Hammerblow

Assault Leader intentionally misses

Stacking Fast Healing

HD when creating a variant Skeleton Champion

Weird Words and Inspire Courage

if i use touch injection with skinsend..... do i rip someone's skin off?

Size faq checking

Black Blade question.

Bardic Confusion!

Combat manuver question

Assimar favored class bonus on Summoner Synthesist

Recharing Rogue Minor / Major Magic

Can a Ring of Force Shield be used to make shield bashes? What about shield bash related feats?

Do Dead Shot and Far-Reaching Sight Stack?

Does light go around corners?

Negative Levels and HD-based DCs

A Plea for FAQ or Ammendment regarding Dragon Disciple

Stupid Feat Question

Bear Shaman Totem Transformation

Can I use Major Creation to create poison?

Crafting (Alchemist) Clarification

Robe Arcane heritage

Ecorche's Sieze Skin: 'So, is like that tablecloth trick...?'

Eidolon mutliclass question

More than one of the same +x enchant on armor?

Druid to Cavalier with a horse.

[PFS] If a Bard takes Expanded Arcana can she take Bardic Masterpieces?

Advanced Class Guide - Bolt Ace

Dead Shot

Nonverbal Bard-Only Spells

brawling armor?

Question about Touch attack Spell-like abilities

Tiefling Trait: You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.

Instant Enemy vs Invisible foe

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