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Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Two Weapon Fighting with 12 Strength

Can a familiar deliver spells with range 'personal'?

Scorching Ray (and ray spells generally)

Do enhancement bonuses allow to cast spells of a higher level?

Is the Alchemist a 'caster'? Arcane? Divine? Unique?

How the stats change after drawing the mountain man ? (harrow deck of many things)

Vigilante Talents rule question

Domains for a Cleric / Druid

Movement speed in wild shape

Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Spellscar, Mana Wastes ...

Ki Volley clarification

Does Sticky Poison Interact with Toxic Secreation?

Eldritch Scion and Card Caster Magus. Does Eldritch Pool make them compatible?

Question about multiclassing.

Bloodrager questions

Making a Tower Shield from a Heavy Steel Shield

Grapple while controlling flaming sphere

Natural Attacks and Ability Damage [Eldritch Template]

Outsider Favored Enemy

Amulet of Mighty Fists (Sharding), Wand of Touch Injection and Poison...

What is a morale penalty?

Creatures with multiple natural attacks + grab

Created Object Basic Guidelines Needed. Mindblade Weapon Question

Primal Companion help

Sadomasochism + metamagic sapphire

Bashing and Impact on a shield?

Gestalt character and skills

Warpriests with whips (and whip is not the deity's favored weapon)

Bestial Rags and Elementalist Shifters

Attack of Opportunity and Reach

Mind Buttressing Breastplate + Mithral = ?

Promethean Disciple & Trompe l'Oeil

Question about Ranger Feats

Question About Favored Enemy

Help understanding Kineticist? :(

PFS Legal companions for the Falconer (Ranger archetype)?

Dazing metamagic rod scenario

Question regard standard action

Druidic Herbalism crafting time?

Dragon Style TWF

Standard summons (CRB) versus Sacred Summons (UM)

Composite Blasts and Infusions.

Elementalist Shifter - water breathing?

Halfling Slinger Insanity

using a it possible to THF while TWFing?????

A full breakdown of Blinks benefits.

Throwing Players and NPC's

Half-Orc’s Skilled + Human Raised racial traits: Do They Stack?

Applicable Attack Bonuses for Combat Maneuvers

Comprehend languages spell

Reach weapon using a dirty trick

Crafting (magic) items - still confused

Ovinrbaane and Modify Memory

Mage armor and magical armor

Doppelganger simulacrum and infusion

Enlarge Person Equipment Weight

Crawling Through Grease?

Are characters automatically proficient with attacks granted by class features?

Ricochet toss and improvised weapons

Anti-Paladin and Boon Companion feat

Antimagic Field vs Beastshape 3

The Weight of Magical / Alchemical Components

Climb out of pit

Wand of Bestow Grace & Alignment Emulation via UMD

How slippery is algae?

Use magic device for a Ninja

How many magic potions can you drink?

Kineticist: Telekinetic Haul question

Spell Combat & Throwing a Melee Weapon with the Throwing Magus magus arcana

ACG Errata: Unsworn Shaman

Focused spell with Aqeous Orb

Can Greater Teleportation be used to Teleport a gas cloud?

Touch Delivery

Merciful bladed weapon

Scrying and Familiar Knowledge

Grappled, go Invisible, now Sneak Attack?

Mammoth Hide Armor

Wildshape & PFS book ownership requirements

Stacking amulet of might fists and body wrap of mighty strikes

Divine Power + Thorn Body. Work together?

Improved / New Familiar for a Witch spells known?

Paladin becoming Holy Vindicator in official Society play?

Grenadier Experimentations...

Is it possible to do subdual damage on an elemental?

Stacking question

Ninja and Graceful Athlete...

Killing and going unnoticed?

Kineticist Snake Infusion x Cover / Concealment

Kobold Summoner Favored Class Question

Endless Bandolier and Alchemical Items

Ranger's Favored Enemy Bonuses and Overlapping Sub-Types

AoO, Combat Reflexes, Fortuitous, Offhand Opportunity questions...

Steadfast Slayer + Double weapons + TWF

Mage Armor and Monk AC Bonus (Ex) stack or clash?

Can a monster without hands cast spells with somatic components?

Dawnflower Dervish bard

Another Telekinesis Thread

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