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Pathfinder FAQ Updates

Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Golembane Scarab and Caraytid Columns

Possible errata error about Spell resistance

Inhaled Poison, Doses and Saves...

How does the Eiodolon + Beast Shape spell work?

Are Bags of Holding flammable?

Is nonlethal damage considered hit point damage?

Rougarou Bite Dice

Ioun stone question

Regain Panache with non-lethal Damage?

parry and dodging panache same round

Swashbuckler's Dodging Panache and Pounce

wordstrike on undead?

Faith magic mystic theurge

Double checking item creation upgrade costs

UMD + Mesmerist scroll

Concentration spell + 2 rounds

Plague Bringer Antipaladins

Stealth, Cover and ranged attacks

Rogue and ki

Swashbuckler finesse and Agile weapon special ability

Alchemical Weapon: Masterwork and Special Materials

How much does a Tome Knight's virtual CL count for?

Veil to look as an object

Withdraw Action

Brawler Off-Hand Unarmed Strikes

Ultimate Wilderness Polymorph Spells and Weapons / Armor.

Studied Spell: What is a "Race"?

Can you charge through a Flaming Sphere

Wing Thorns + Dread Wing question~

Titanic Rage Question (for Titan Mauler Barbarian)

Camouflage Blanket Questions: Stealth check and Darkleaf Cloth

Clarification on Spell Conduit ability (Blood Conduit archetype)

Precocious companion archetype question.

Using the Mindlink Spell

shield spell stacking with shield

Charging lines, help

Planar Ally and Necromancers

Sohei Mounted Combat Feats - Horse Master

Tetori Monk Grappling Multiple Opponents

Swordstaff Magus Possibilites

When a necklace of fireball goes nova

Animated Dead and Friendly Fire

Succubus in a grapple.

Weapon Modifications on an Egoistic Weapon

An Immediate Action in response to a triggered Readied Action... Legit?

Creating Better (Smaller) Necrocraft, AND / OR Upgrading

Startoss Comet, ranged penalty?

Black Tentacles cast atop cliff ... spread along two levels?

Improved Spell Recall and "auto prepare"

Do overlapping darklight lanterns stack?

Waterproof cloak?

Sage Familiar archetype and skill points

Magical item missuse and summoning?

Wondrous Item cost for "Attack Bonuses"

Legacy of Dragons Dragon Magic racial trait

Figment Familiar and Items, what happens?

Hunter's second animal focus - does it have to be applied at the same time as the first?

Nightgaunt tickle(ex) and grapple -> move -> free attempt to break grapple

does disjunction require a die roll?

Spheres of Might Errata?

Question about Verbal Duels

Alter Summoned Monster and Templates

Dynamic Item Creation?

Question about cost of Glamered (weapon) / Transformative / etc

New and in need of assistance

Improved Familiar rules

Cave Domain

Animate Dead vs Attic Whisperer


Ice Armor and Wizards

Wizard Dazing Spell

Increasing Fly Speed

Swarm skin spell, allies, wild armor?

Wyrmwitch question

Pathfinder Chill Touch, totally confusing.

Druid vital strike while in animal form

Duel Wielding Problems

Ranged Touch Attack question

Clockwork construct shenanigans

Lycanthrope natural attack build questions

Gauntlets and Nonlethal damage

Can a mage see x far?

Venomous Strike

Master summoner clarification

Vetala vampire and modify memory. Can I Perfect it?

Magical Summoning Trap Activation Time

Dhampir Fangs: Attack or Free Bonus Damage?

Duel Wielding Problems

Visual Sensor (Su) Clarification

Need Clarification on "Remove Curse," Please?

Downtime Business construction from Rooms / Teams

Does Assume Appearance grant a size bonus?

Orc Butchering Axe Damage / Usage Question

About “Tail Wielder”

Mythic power recovery

Eldritch Scion: Eldritch pool and Bloodrager constant abilities

Elemental Touch and holding the charge?

Four mirror Armor

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