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Pathfinder FAQ Updates

Pathfinder Rules Questions Guidelines

Favored Class Bonus Skill Rank limit

How to get Rend.

Time Stop & Mythic Time Stop Dilema

Marionette Possession Defeated Foes? Dying = Willing?

Undead Barbarians, what to do with Rage?

Sohei monk question

Ranged Sneak Attack / Flanking

How do you Polymorph into a Gargoyle?

Bard Masterpieces and Bardic Performance

Rules on the Buckler Gun

Eratta for 1st edition books

Oracle Misfortune: can she use it on herself?

Skeleton Natural Armor Changes?

Magical weapon

Crafting Bonuses

Arcane strike and splash weapon

Succubus kiss

Chaining Poisoned Egg and Alchemical Tinkering for alchemical items

Words of Power Question (Barrier, Lightning Blast)

Reverse Gravity vs Air Walk

Cloak of the sneaky scoundrel + Sun Blade

Invisibility and spell manifestations

When to resolve choices for summon spells

Major Creation Question

Spit Venom and Sneak Attack

Slayers and Lenses of Predator's Gaze

Hag coven casting time

Shadow demon stepping out of sunlight.... its options?

Magically enchanted Splash Weapons.

Flanking - third PC

Pilfering Hand - bonus for being invisible

Caster level 9 Vampiric Gloves?

Hover feat and Obscuring Mist / Solid Fog

Do I have to use clustered shots if I am not trying to kill something?

Upgrading A Magic Item

What exactly is considered a 'mythic attack'?

Bracers of Armor + Wild Shape

Horizon Walker +20 AB / Damage From Terrain Dominance at Level 13?

Stunning Fist + Mirror Strike?

non-human tieflings and skinwalkers

Phantasmal Reminder (fort for partial?)

Telepathy (Universal Monster rule) from Polymorph?

Full Pouch and "affects only the drinking Alchemist"

Poison Minion - Can you collect the Mawbane Poison from your own body?

Serial Killer Vigilante and Twisting Fear

Magic Jar and Spirit Jars

Arcanist's Dimensional Slide

Settlements on other peoples kingdoms

Settlements on other peoples kingdoms

Demonic Smith's Gloves and Claws

Pinning Shot Deed - Multiple Attacks / Targets

Does a Summoner with a mithral shield suffer Spell Failure?

Sharding Weapon vs. Deflection Spell

Blessed Hammer and Rusting Grasp

Kineticist: Burn

Kyton, Interlocutor and poison

Sorcerous Strike, Draconic and Monk

Preparing Ball Lightning with two metamagic effects

The Crow in Pathfinder

Redistributed Might - Adventurer's Guide

Beast Shape Limitations

Oath Bound Holy Champion?

Eldritch archer ranged spellstrike

Concentrate poison

Cleric / Druid spontaneous conversion and unprepared slots

Succubus in a grapple.

Vampiric Gloves Attack of Opportunity

rogue 'Snap shot' talent - can you free\swift action?

Felling Smash + Cleave: do these work in conjunction?

Campfire Wall visibility from a distance

Druid / Barbarian using tiger's grab + raging grappler --- Am I doing this right?

Dismiss Change Shape

Admixture Vial interactions

Archon Style question?

Divine Bond Twice on a single weapon

Blindsense and Attacks of Opportunity

So... can the Claw Blades be used by anyone?

Lookout clarification please

Path of Glory and Undead?

Prowler At World's End Beast Shape Clarification

Lesser Fiend Totem and Tusk Blades

need help with Dominate Person

alchemist delayed bomb

Foretell - Foresight Wizard

Where to list Sanity Score / Sanity Threshold / Sanity Edge (Horror Adventures) on an NPC stats?

Vishkanya Periapt and Feats

So Esoteric Draconic Bloodline and Dragon Disciple

Vampiric Gloves

Is there any FAQ or Errata saying Psychic casters can work with prestige classes?

Adaptive Shifter Unfettered Wild Shape

Versatile Weapon Functionality

Base Attack Bonus & Getting Multiple Attacks

How much movement to get to top of cliff

Does Devotion animal companion ability works against mummia's aura and mind-affecting effect?

Kineticist Flurry of Blasts

Squeezing and Difficult Terrain Question

Starting Skills

Cleric for Rise of the Runelord

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