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What was your most prized magic item for any of your characters?

It doesn't mean the most powerful, but the most effective / thematic / plain old cool. How did it make your character pop?

Not a magic item per se, but a simple masterwork cold iron rapier. I played an arcane trickster who picked it up when he was second level, and he never put it down. It sort of became a trademark. Even after picking up magical daggers, I still hung onto that rapier and kept using it. Between arcane strike, Weapon Finesse, and sneak attacks, it was an effective little weapon.

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Many many moons ago, I had an acrobatic character with a pair of 'broken' boots of Striding and Springing, where the bonus to leaping was randomly determined. I might jump 5' when I wanted to jump 10', I might jump 100' when I wanted to jump 5'.

Since the character was a daredevil (most others PC would have said 'had a deathwish'), the random, crazy maneuvering fit him to a T, even when I was taking damage for slamming into things.

Well in 3.5 I had a level 5 Barbarian get a set of Rhino Hide. He was still wearing it (enchanted to the high heavens) at level 26.

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I have a tiefling witch for whom the answer would be a toss-up between a Blackwick Cauldron or a Cackling Hag's Blouse.

In the future, it may be the folding boat that the witch intends to animate with the Witch's Hut hex, giving it duck feet instead of chicken legs.

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I had a blast with a Rod of Lordly Might...

My favourite cleric character had a short spear made of ice. It could freeze water with a touch, and summon an ice mephit. I found many fun uses for that. Gave me a reason to cast create water.

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D&D 1.0 My first Wizard came across a wand. Once finding out it was a wand of Paralyze with only one use I walked around with it forever and nearly forgot about it. Keep of the Borderlands campaign.
Cue accidentally finding the Minotaur cave without the Cleric or Warrior due to a magic door shutting in my face.
IC: "Oh man I'm screwed."
OOC: "Well guy time to roll a new-"
When the party finally finds me they find me smacking away at him with a +1 Quarterstaff and help kill the thing.
The campaign is on hold but the Minotaur's stuffed and on display in front of our Housing.

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Ring of Telekinesis. Had a sorcerer with one, and a non-magical adamantine dagger, when the party ran into an extra large iron golem, and the fighter was occupied (I forget how). 'Plinked' to death the golem with that dagger while hovering.

Ring of Invisibility.
Every. Single. 'Sneaky'. Character.
All of them.

Especially the one with the activation word, Potato, that was used by a warforged-esque construct race arcane trickster. He didn't know what a potato actually was, and spent the rest of the campaign trying to argue with the Gnome alchemist that his ring was a 'potato', not those "mishapen lumpy brown..things". Much to the amusement of the players.

I had a second edition D&D fighter with a short sword that goes foom!. It made a loud FOOM! noise every time I drew it, which had some kind of effect on initiative if people failed a save. I just thought it was a whole lot of fun.

Insistant Doorknocker.... Ornthe Decanter of Endless Water.

Or the Shrink Item spell xD. That Spell is just full of win

Fighter: HEY! It would be really cool if we had a catapault right now...

Wizard: Well as it so happens! I have on right here *reaches into bag of holding and pulls out a shrunk catapult*

Fighter: *Facepalm*

My character Tetsu Hana (Iron Flower), the White Ronin, a samurai by profession and a paladin/bard by class, carried as the long and short a +3 Frost Brand katana, 20d4 Cone of Cold once/day, and a +3 Flame Tongue Wakizashi, 20d6 Fireball once/day. Most everything was vulnerable to one, the other, or both.

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Rod of Wonder, hands down. Once my character got his hands on it, he never put it down. Pelting a red dragon in the face with gems? Priceless... Turning him Purple? Epic....

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Ring of Feather Fall has saved many a character!

Vorago my Cleric's Clawed Gauntlet. A trusty companion with a righteous ambition to destroy evil. Could cast Shocking Grasp 3 times a day after I have hit the creature with a Caster Level of 4. Once per Round. +1 Weapon that did 1d6 damage crits on a 20. Intelligent Item too.

I unlocked one of it's special powers by slaying it's creator whom had become a Vampire. It granted me the ability to smite like a Paladin twice per day treating my Cleric levels as Paladin ones. It was a nasty fight.

The eversmoking bottle has saved my bacon more times than I care to count.

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There's a lot I like, and have found creative uses for but in the end I think it comes down to either extradimensional storage (bag or belt of holding) or a ring of sustenance.

Morag's ring of sustenance. It was nothing special to look at and nothing all that great for a high-level character, but the party didn't know what to do with someone who didn't eat or drink and barely slept. The arcane archer kept trying to get her to eat bacon to no avail. It became the cornerstone of a rather odd and freaky character :)

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Lathiira wrote:
The arcane archer kept trying to get her to eat bacon to no avail.

That's more than enough proof that your character is evil. :)

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My Kingmaker character (Aldori Swordlord) got a Ring of Freedom of Movement. No more being grappled. Priceless.

Ring of the dark hidden for my drow ninja in an entirely underdark campaign.

Traveler's Cloak. My elven diviner had lived a privileged sheltered life before his sense of noblisse oblige sent him adventuring. The tent, endure elements, and hot tea all made roughing it with his lessers bearable. He was still wearing it when the campaign ended, well after 20th level.

Ring of Prestidigitation

Persistently being under the effect of the best spell in the game. SO many things were soiled, cleaned, colored, and had their flavor changed.

We did Tomb of the Iron Medusa as a one off. My high level Inquisitor with WBL gear loved his Gloves of Reconnaissance (Ultimate Equipment)Best 2,000 ever spent

Bracers of blinding strike from 2nd ed. Something like x2 attacks three times a day. Totes made that fighter a beast of destruction.

In our group, I was the first player to get a Daern's instant fortress (this was a 2nd Ed. game). I used it to kill an astral deva (my character was... not good, in a not-good campaign).

I played a half-iron-dragon fighter, specialized in dual-wielding broadswords, & his favorite weapon was a super-expanding Rubic's cube.

My barbarian in a game that is now retired had an intelligent giant hammer that when it hit an opponent would then rebound to the next enemy within 20' as long as they took a minimum amount of damage of a certain number. Which it always did to my amusement. :) He could throw it a set increment distance and it would return back to him. Much like Thors hammer, but better.

Best use and the one that made the game go sideways with thought was when my barbarian in a bit of "screw it" type of moments threw his hammer at a strongholds archer line. With about 40+ archers, no more than 10' away from each other. Needless to say, one throw and 15+ deaths in one attack and we were knee deep in battle vs. a fortress.

Fun times.

Rod of Wonder. That little gem doesn't get enough love. Which reminds me, it has been too long. Better dust of the Spell Scar Oracle Gnome build for optimal Wonder action.

Robe of the Archmagi. That spell resistance saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

A tie between two items; the first is Armguards of Might. 4,100 3.5 Magic Item Compendium item. Made my Power Attack, Furious Focus, and Vital Strike combo all the more effective, plus kept me competent compared to the Barbarian.

The second is a combined Foot slot item; Feather Step Boots of the Cat. I was on top of a watchtower with my party, and several enemies converging on us with bows and arrows. Imagine their shock when a fully-armored Fighter takes a leap of faith down to attack them, and live with only a few scratches. (The tower was over 200 feet tall.)

horn of valhalla

"Me and this army"
Jeramayh the bold wizard of no repute

I've always been very partial to the Handy Haversack. The thing that let's you carry even more things than you normally could, easily retrieve them, but it doesn't get any heavier! What adventurer couldn't use that?

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I had a custom greatsword in 3.5 called Magislayer. It would deal a little extra damage to magic users, spellcasters, dragons, or anything with spell like abilities. The extra damage was only maybe 3 or so, I got the sword early on and used it most of the campaign. I later had it enhanced to be acid.

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Hat of Disguise. Was a Swashbuckler campaign, and I had a male swashbuckler that was secretly - even ooc from other players - a female wizard noble. She used the hat only for that disguise. One particularly memorable adventure they needed to disguise themselves as nobles to get into a party, and knowing there would be a detect magic she took the hat off and went in 'normal'. Other players went crazy trying to see through the 'disguise'.

Slippers of Battledancing. The only time I ever played a character that concidered a true Gish was when I played a sorcerer/havoc Mage with those on. Melee was his primary schtick but had the spell power to buff and deal with crazies.

Modified necklace of fireballs.

Adamantine Heavy Pick

For an actually magic item, (same character) Cloak of Arachnida we found in the loot.

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I have an Eversmoking pipe of Invocation on my cleric...yeah you read that right. Yes it works like candle of invocation but all the time.

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The Traveler's Any-Tool! Although the Sleeves of Many Garments made for a close second place.

These are items that I gave players as a GM over the years. Tales are still recounted based on the items rather than the campaigns;

2nd ed wand of wonder from the encyclopedia magica. This bad boy had 100 different possibilities and made for the most entertaining situations. Best included summoning a shark in a desert adventure, or summoning a war dog in an aerial combat. Priceless.

a cracked wand of fireballs with the command word "kaboom". As it was damaged it would release 1d4-1 fireballs (using appropriate charges) upon use. It had a 5% chance to release at range 0.

An intelligent sword with an exuberant, if somewhat violent, roguish temperament that was always trying to convince it's wielder to cut random people. "Wow, that warrior is ruggedly handsome. Still, chicks dig scars so I'm sure he'd be greatful if you gave him one!".

An orb that would teleport all creatures touching it as per the spell. The activation action was to lick it.

Hat of Instant Fashion.

As a DM back in 1st ed AD&D I gave the party The Dreadful Sword 'Buttercup'. It started out as the dread sword 'Shadowkiss', a +6 Unholy Everything-bane Vorpal Longsword.

The party had obtained it to stop evil types getting it and were trying to destroy it. Eventually they managed to meet a LG major deity and he reversed its personality. It still had all its powers but was a total pacifist. I then sent them up against a BBEG who was pretty much invulnerable to almost everything they could do - at least that's what they thought. And then they realised that Buttercup was the best weapon they had if they could just persuade it to actually hurt something. Nowadays, you can use Diplomacy skill but they had to do it all in character.

Eltacolibre wrote:
I have an Eversmoking pipe of Invocation on my cleric...yeah you read that right. Yes it works like candle of invocation but all the time.

Ok, I've got to know how you priced this and how you got away with it.

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downlobot wrote:
Eltacolibre wrote:
I have an Eversmoking pipe of Invocation on my cleric...yeah you read that right. Yes it works like candle of invocation but all the time.
Ok, I've got to know how you priced this and how you got away with it.

There are no price for it. Got it from doing a sidequest/personal quest involving planar travels and mythic wizards. I didn't even ask for it, my dm gave it to me at the end of the quest and I was very happy about it.

Shoulders of Doom (Still used on my 10th level cleric)

A tastefully always rumpled cloak won as a prise in a game in ROTRL (opening scene). It was a +1 cloak of Charisma. I added (craft wondrous) the ability of muleback cords (character had 10 str). So he has anime shoulders and looks beefier until he takes of the cloak.

As a player in my teens, I had a legendary (1st ed.) fighter character I named Juggernaut (loved the Marvel villain at the time) who had an artifact weapon he found that dripped blood (later on it became a +5 sword of sharpness I think). I always thought the dripping blood was cool (teenager, whatcha gonna do?). That same character also had two +5 flying swords that he wielded simultaneously with his artifact sword. Killed 3 dragons in 1 round when he was hasted once. Gonzo character.

As a DM I handed out one of my favorite magic items...wand of enemy detection. It was supposed to "vibrate and glow blue" in the presence of enemies when activated and yet it became a running joke after I misspoke once and said it "vibrates and blows glue."

Well I always like to get an amulet of cleanliness, which functions very similarly to the ring of cantrips mentioned earlier but it can only be used to clean one's self. The most fun I had with it was with either a paladin obsessed with keeping his whites at their whitest (his command word was "lavender" and it left behind the faint but pleasant aroma of said flower) it was constantly being passed around the group after every fight and it was later re-named the Fabreezian charm, or with a swashbuckler who was obsessed with high fashion and in a group with a werewolf and a centaur who didn't really wear clothes, an assassin who insisted that black was really the only necessary color for him (who my character nicknamed Gloomcookie just to spite him) and a dwarf who was the biggest slob on the planet. (his command word was "egad" and no one ever actually figured it out. they just thought he was always clean for some reason)

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Once, during a 4th edition game (yes, I was crazy enough to play D&D4ED),the party was attacked by dire boar mounted riders. I killed one rider and proceeded to beat his dire boar into submission. After showing him who's boss, I rode him into combat for the rest of the campaign. Since it became tiresome to care for him in close quarters, the DM and I came to an agreement, and he let me craft sort of a poke-ball statuette for storing my dire boar mount. It was epic and fun, specially because of the way I acquired my dire boar mount..

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My Cavalier's favorite item is his +1 Full Plate. That thing has gone through he majority of his adventures, and gotten the crap beaten out of it, and he loves it. He named himself "Sir Kyros the Grey" after it.

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Ring of Mind Shielding

Looted it from the corpse of the BBEG in my first adventure with this new gaming group (Living Arcanis). Thought it was a perfect fit for my Patrician lady PC whom I envisioned as the perfect courtier/diplomat/spy. Never actually saw use in play.

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