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I really dig the whole idea and applaud your work. Your ideas are inspiring me as I work in my own world.


Appriciated guys!

No intention of changing magic items significantly. Maybe a little below average but nothing of note.

Small foot and kolo are on the right track. Thanks.

I am going to work with the players and swap things about for lower tiered classes. My group is super mature so no whining worries.

I wonder if I'm fixing something that is not broken though? That is why I brought the idea here before it comes into the game.

I am replacing the standard

Hey all, I'm running CC now and that has been great while school was going on but we are yearning to get back into homebrew land so after CC my group and I are heading into my new world with intention of a 1-20 campaign there. I want to start characters with lower ability scores and give ability increases every even level instead of 4,8,12, and so on. I want to show a bigger progression and spice things up a bit. My question is..

With odd level increases to abilities how would you generate stats?

((Sorry for the inconvenience if this should have been in house rules))

StreamOfTheSky wrote:
Your houserules are terrible, fumble rules are terrible, yours are even more penalizing than the typical ones. I have nothing nice to say about your ideas, and in fact am exercising quite a bit of restraint to be as cordial as I'm being towards you.

Looking to the left of the submit post button will lead to the most important rule...

When I first got back into the game (with pathfinder) I was shocked that people used grids. Now I don't know how we ever lived without them. I also go without grids for simplicity's sake at times. And I have gotten in e habit of not using the grid fr simple combats.

Oh! Allowing players to describe how they decimate easy encounters has been great too. Makes folks feel their characters are bad asses as well as cutting through great swaths of tedious battles where the outcome was already set in stone.

Sounds like a soft core Shar to me. There is a ton of stuff on her worship and clergy out there.


PS: The rest of this stuff is awesome! Keep it coming!

-Humans: Duh, the dominate race on the campaign continent.

-Elves: Retreated into their great walled cities with the cataclysm. No free loving hippie elves here but tall grey skilled and serious.

-Gnomes: these guys will play an major role in the world as common in human settlements playing the part of arcanist and holders of ancient wisdom. Not bright and colorful but robed and holding great power.

-Ogres:Will be a common race as well. They and their half-kin will replace the typical orc role and be able to be far more scary.
Warlike and chaotic.

-Halflings: Farmers and surfs at best, slaves and servents at worst.

-Minotaurs and Tengu: From another continent and exotic. Those that come to the campaign lands will likely be outcasts or traders.

-Hobgoblins and Dwarves will be in a war that has lasted hundreds of years with the Hobs taking the upperhand and forcing dwarves to like as rebels in their mountain homes.

This is great! Now, from my own world in it's infancy...

EOS: A great cataclysm happened in living memory radically altering the landscape, destroying empires, altering magic (both arcane and divine), and ultimately shifting the balance of power towards evil.

EOS's pantheon was a Forgotten Realms sort of balance system with an over god keeping the lesser gods in line so as to keep the balance between good/evil, law/chaos, and life/death. All this changed with the ending of the gods rebellion and the death of the over god and the greatest god of goodness (think Paladine from DL). In the chaos of this war of the gods all life has changed for the people and even the land itself in EOS.

Gods will be separated into categories:
-Gods of Light: More altruistic gods or benign even.
-Gods of Darkness: Gods of a more evil bending.
-Shadow Gods: Those who don't fall in with the war between good and evil
-Ancient Gods: Minor gods from those of the rivers and mountains, to Archons and Angels, Devils and Demons. (I want devils, demons, angels, and archons to play a big role in the workings of EOS in the new power vacuum.)

On a smaller scale (Likely where the first campaign will take place)..
-With the decimation of a once great and noble (if extremely lawful)empire smaller families rise and vie for political power. Giving rise to two brothers...

-Balphor Ardath: Great Warlord and tactical mind versed in both sword and sorcery.

-Lesinor Ardath: Smaller and sickly but bright and deadly of mind.

I want synthesist summoners to play a huge role in their growing strength.

Lo' there brewers! I am crafting my next world after years of playing in the last. What I beg of you, those willing to share, is your names and ideas. Be they gods, countries, cities, mountain ranges, rivers, armies, or villains let's share what we have and build better worlds!
(( I'm at work till late but will post my own when I'm home))

Third session completed in Haunting of Harrowstone. The party consists of:

-Balroth Canaan: 1/2 Orc TWFing Ranger

-Ezekiel J. Ezekiel: Human Archer Inquisitor of Pharasma

-Abe: Gnome Summoner w/ clockwork Eidolon and summons

-Pelltetnia: 1/2 Elf Archer Paladin of Erastil

-Rim Bana: Human STR based Ninja(Highly trained rogue *wink wink*)

No full caster classes! No cleric! challenge galore!

Highlight of tonight's session was the party discovering the stirge's weakness to music and the lighthearted gnome and noble born paladin sing to cause confusion.

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If it were just me running a game with people playing characters that I devised it would be all human and one demihuman but that is not fun for the group I DM. I've had to quiet my conservative ideas of what a party should look like for he sake of everyone's fun and once I did that I started to have a lot more fun myself

Bracers of blinding strike from 2nd ed. Something like x2 attacks three times a day. Totes made that fighter a beast of destruction.

All abilities will top out at 20. str alone is kinda hard line(as if this isnt enough already) so the dex and con bonuses with magic items is a good idea and i'll use it. I also like the bit about 0-lvl HPs and skills. I am going over low lvl spells but am looking for a cure all for DCs though I doubt it'll be that easy. I'm working on bringing casters on par with melee and I think ill do this with something like Dragon Lance wizard robes and making all full casters specialize in schools and completely exclude 2 or 3 schools of magic.

thanks this stuff helps so much

all of this can be overcome through running the game well.

My chosen 1st lvl spells
(with 18 INT)
0-lvl-all in spellbook

0-lvl-detect magic, daze, prestidigitation memorized

1st-lvl-color spray, sleep, cause fear, protection from evil, identify, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement in spellbook.

1st-lvl-sleep, mage armor memorized.

what about you guys?