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Ring of Succubus Calling

Aura strong conjuration; CL 17th; Slot ring; Price 125,000 gp; Weight —

One of the many rings of fable, this “Demon” ring is useful indeed. It serves as a special gate by means of which a specific Succubus can be called from the Abyss. When the ring is rubbed (a standard action), the call goes out, and the Succubus appears on the next round. The Succubus faithfully obeys and serves the wearer of the ring, but never for more than 1 hour per day. If the Succubus of the ring is ever killed, the ring becomes nonmagical and worthless.

Construction Requirements Forge Ring, gate; Cost 62,500 gp

The Sleeves of many garments (adamantine ankle bracelet) allows for quick wardrobe shifts and the Hat of Disguise (adamantine hair pin) for mimicking specific persons.

??? aura... That's just what the item radiates. Who cares?

The idea is to have the clothing worn actually physically change rather than be a projection of an image of the desired clothing thus using transmutation rather than illusion.

I wonder if one could create a hat that uses transmutation instead of illusion. Thus actually changing the clothing itself.



After many deep thoughts.
I haz concluded that...
The difference between falling and flying is THE LANDING.

You have removed their ability to act or make a decision.

Note that enemies dose not take into account the victims alignment only that they are an obstacle to a personal objective.

Not going to bother reading all 15 pages of this, just throwing my 2 clay to the original question like Lord Twitchiopolis.

Is slaying enemies in their sleep evil?


Arming swords are a group of blades.
The Eppe, rapier, Estoc, and foil are examples of light slashing and piercing blades that became popular after the crossbow rendered the use of heavy armors moot.

I run my dragons like nightmares made flesh.

I insure that there is good reason as to why angles and deamons cower in fear of the beasties.

I'll be blunt a single mature dragon with no minions or traps should be a solid challenge for a high level party (18th to 20th level)

Is there a net book on familiars?
If not I hope a net book is created for this.

Profession courtesan is a Wis based check although in this case i might give a bonus for Cha.

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I think your right zhayne this is how alot of PC's get there start and it's a nice way to generate a backstory.

The topic at hand is in fact the commoner campaign.

The objective is to develope and explore the diffrent flavors, types, and styles of such.


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So I just finished reading the tale of Joe Wood (google the commoner campaign) and I find myself thinking that among the plethora of concepts presented the one that sticks out in my mind is this. All people specialize, now don’t get me wrong everyone has a smattering of odd skills (licking your own eyebrow for example) but I’m talking about niches. For example the level 1 through 3 niche or the level 4 through 6 niche.

It strikes me that just like there are people that never go more than 50 miles from their homes in their entire lives that there might also be people that only ever take on level 1 through 3 quests or level 3 through 6 quests. I mean after all how many adventurers can there be, much less the ones that make it to or past 3rd level?

So now I’m thinking that people like Joe fill the gaps where adventurers are a bit thin on the ground so to speak. They are not adventurers per say just simple folk that fell or landed (or maybe were pushed) into a niche and either struggle to escape or embrace their lot.

Either way the concept of niches needs to be expanded and extrapolated upon with great pomp and the vigorous punching of keyboards!

Run a Villonus campaign.
No antiheros, no heros, just villians.
Dont tell them that your doing it, just do it.
I think that the change in your expectation of their reactions will eddify you greatly.
After all its perfectly acceptable to be a halfa$$ed villan but its a huge foe pa to be a pi$$ pore hero.

Platypi are poisunous and foul tempered critters.

Emulate you famylar, suck em in close with cute and when they least suspect it give them the busness and poison the crap out of them.


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The most powerful Monk is the one with the mage girlfriend! :)

Would the bonuses transfer to a wand made by sutch an individual?

How about the so called permenant aka chargeless wands?

Actualy succubus simulacra are much more usefull as bodyguards, translators, spies, assassins and negotiators.

Wishes are tricky under the most ideal cercumstances, a simulacra capeable of granting wishes would be a walking nightmare for the owner.

A guide covering the iratta and common information on simulacra woud be invaluable for DM's as well as playres provideing a common baseline of expectation for both.

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Think of a profession skill as a group of 5 to 15 skills that are limited by the scope of that profession.

For example Profession (sailor) would alow you the use of rope use, navigation, wood working, fishing, drinking, gunnery, canvas working, and knowledge engineering (ships), knowledge (Weather).

A full on Guide to simulacrum would be a very good thing!

Also the use of force and sonic effects in blasting needs a little attention in my humble opinion.

Recently rereading the Malleus Mailificarum.

If I understood it correctly then Incubi outnumber Succubi more than 10 to 1 as apparently it's the female of the species that's easier to seduce.

Apparently Hell saw this as a more efficient arrangement.

Avoid short jokes.
Tripple the price of Beard/Moustashe wax.
Make them work for the Beer.

Have alot of fun with it!

Hello, if your still sending out copies of this, may I have one? Thank you.

91. The Devilrat Slaughterpunch Memorial Life Insurance, Hogbreeding and Asset Seizure Limited Liability Guild.

"Protecting you hogs puond for pound sence D.R. 103"

For example
A maximum enchantment of
+1 for a lesser simulacrum (single use items only aka potions and scrolls)
+5 for a simulacrum (wondrous, weapons, armor, rings)
+10 for a greater simulacrum (no artifact)

Intelligent and cursed items will ruin the creation process destroying the work.

So thoughts, ideas, rants?

Do a breeds and bloodlines expansion, with a whole mess of racial traits and feats.

I personally am leaning twards a weiner dog Pally.

I think that they should have a gore and bite attack's as well.

I create a huge sandbox with dozens of plots, settings, and encounters then let the PC's loose.

Tailoring anything to spesific skills, feats, abilities, and classes is a pretty D!c* move.

Life is not fair and neither am I!
I play it as strait as I can and ask for help when needed!

I wonder about the "chargeless" cantrip wands out there.
How do those fit into the arangement?

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How big a rock we talkin here?
golf ball size
baseball size
basketball size

The numbers have been crunched and what you say is the undisputed truth but the dice still fall as they may :)

Best = highest threat range = best chance to crit = the most damage

Chain a bear trap to a 200lb rock, you know the rest.

Heavy Pic
Premium grade stabby with the X4 crit

I dont think it's chese.

Think of it like this [ Rock = Baseball ].

Send in arother barb to crush him.
He can dish it out lets see if he can take it.

horn of valhalla

"Me and this army"
Jeramayh the bold wizard of no repute

All the way Wiz.

Use 2 gates :)

Out of character is fine for handeling the morning rituals of Obedience however the question you asked is all about the in character effects of Obedience, spesificaly whom it would or would not effect.

Spesificly which intelligent creatures could be sexually attracted to you and thus efected.

The answer is roll play it and take your chances, requesting the bonus when it seams applicable.

There clear as mud. :)

Use a gate

Wizard or cleric
Just read through it and see if it matches your play stile.

tattooing or scaring instead of stitching or etching

Who is attracted to me?

Just spitballing but...
Burly gnomish men named Wong. (It's the moustashes!)

That threat still works because...

Everyone knows that the local lord is just the kind of doush to give his gate gaurds arrows of slaying.

Dropping the portcolus traps the party and the arrows are just to keep you bizzy while they get the boiling oil/acid/wasp nests ready.

Shield and mage armor will help with AC.
Cold Iron Ghost Touch Wpns are a good idea as well.

I am recomending a school campus for each specialist school with a central campus for universalist's. Do the towers thing it's all wizardy and stuff.

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