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For that campaign, a lot depends on how you'll be allowed to spend all that gold.
If you've got normal shopping opportunities, bladebound would probably be a downgrade compared to what you can buy. If all that money is just for consumables, or if there's no magic-marts at all and it's for plot stuff, bladebound
or the like is practically required.

In general, I think hexcrafter is the funnest magus. It lends itself to avoid the standard SG crit-fisher, although you can do that too, and the extra money in your campaign can go towards pearls of power.

Pretty sure the intent was to just allow you to change the skill you use to bluff in a round where you draw a light weapon. Equally sure that it actually reads that you include a feint with your draw action, "when you draw". ... That's a talk with your GM before you try it feat..

Although there's a surprising amount of combat, there's still plenty of opportunities for social and intrigue, so don't neglect having at least one good social skill so you can contribute in those scenes. I think TK would be a great class to bring to this AP, the invis and mobility should open up some options, and the combat is strong and special enough to keep you relevant throughout. I'm jealous, having fun with my Strix Cleaner but TK would've been glorious.. think I'll build one as a backup, just in case..

You could combine a few of those options, Callistrean wasp familiar (mauler, or a tiny pc) to fly on, telekineticist for ranged rock throwing. I think you and it could both end up being able to invis at will, for excellent scouting.

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Swashtigator is still glorious. 1 level of inspired blade, investigator the rest..
1: rapier finesse, wpn focus, fencing grace, int+1 panache and party..
2: skills, inspiration, extracts
3: wpn versatility
4: mutagen
5: single weapon trick, studied target
6: quick study
7: dirty fighting
8: sickening offensive
9: imp dirty trick
10: talent?
11: grtr dirty trick
Bonus: power attack

The damage isn't great, but being able to hit and sicken and greater trick in a round isn't terrible.. if you can't justify doing your tricks with your rapier then agile maneuvers may be required.. empiricist plus student of philosophy trait really helps the social skills..

Take a second dip into unchained monk, for feral combat training. You'll have iteratives+1 bite attacks, with 1.5x Dex damage since it's your only natural attack. I think the static mod damage will pay off more than the entirely precision reliant multiple naturals.

Major magic talent for monkey-fish might be worthwhile, the +8 climb for having a climb speed is probably not optional.
Alternatively, once you get your vexing dodger goodies, switch to urban bloodrager for the arcane bloodline's no-action spider climb while dex-raging.

Bull rush is more reliable, with a prereq that I'd be taking anyways.

Trip annihilates humanoids, but is useless against too many for me.

If these were bonus feats, then would go with trip with a ranged character, who could go for ranged/ace trip too. Also if the campaign is likely to focus on humanoid foes, or targeted for sweet spot levels. Otherwise, BR FTW.

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Viking and rap cultures have a lot of similarities. Wearable wealth, extemporizing poetry with a penchant for self promotion, venerate related women but objectify others, and more.. so, go viking Skald, be an extra-original gangster.. trait for sleight of hand if necessary..

For more ways to weaponize words, the blistering invective spell, the wit bard, or soundstriker bard.

I associate dinosaurs with extinction, so how about an End Is Nigh setup. Extinction-level event is coming, everybody knows it. Could be about finding a way to stop it, or survive it, dealing with false hopes diverting necessary resources, surviving other people's responses to it, and/or just coming to terms with it.

Don't know why I thought it was higher than 20 point attribute spread, it looks fine when I look at it now. Sorry.

14 dex is fine for combat reflexes, FF AoO's and a couple of extra is good, it's unlikely you'd use more unless you were Swashbuckler. Even with 12dex (when enlarged) CR is still worth it imo.

Instead of medium armor proficiency feat, there's always armor expert trait and a mithril breastplate.

I'd see how he plays through some scenarios before deciding your 3rd level feat. Order of discoveries should be mutagen, quick study, then anything else.

I'd trade the spittle extract for comprehend languages. Buy a sling, with cold iron bullets. A silver mace doesn't hurt either, imo. +1 to combat reflexes for the first feat. And looks like int is too high, were you thinking dual talent human instead of half-elf at some point?

I believe the adopted trait route for a bite is using the Orcs of Golarion trait that gives a bite attack, I think it was called Toothy, not the halforc alternate race option that came out later.

Moonclanger wrote:
Avoron wrote:

Snapping Flank? On a level 2 hunter? Well, the first step is to get a base attack bonus of +9.

Once that's dealt with, easiest way is probably just to grab a ring of rat fangs. Otherwise, the Racial Heritage feat opens up a lot of options, and might feel less cheesy than Adopted.

Can you actually do it with Adopted? (I assume you mean the Adopted trait.)

Adopted gives you a Race Trait, not a Racial Trait. They are not the same thing.

The only Race Trait I could find that gives a bite attack is Shared Curse, which only works if you already have a natural attack.

Shared Curse (Werewolf-kin)

A portion of your ancestor’s fell curse still courses through your blood.

Prerequisite(s) Werewolf-kin

Benefit(s) Once per day as a standard action, you can share a portion of your accursed heritage with a willing ally by dealing 1 point of damage to that ally with a natural weapon. The ally gains a natural bite attack, as if from your skinwalker ability, for 2 rounds.

VMC or dip oracle for the wolfscarred curse?

Earth/Earth lets you impale demons on pikes. Geokineticists are right up there with some ragers for metal-soundtracked indestructable carnage-wreakers.

Aether and Air are fun, you don't really need a good composite when you can empower, and they get the funnest tricks. Aether lets you turn anything into an implement of death, make your enemies fear your handful of dust.

I'm not aware of a good way to burn demons, unless there is (or you and your GM create) a mythic way to improve pyro's ability to burn through resistances. Seems like an ability to convert fire damage to sacred or untyped damage would be thematic.

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Human with ye olde Racial Heritage to pick up those sylph feats..
I think a Metamorph alchemist could be spending most of the day as a gargoyle by 5th level. More of a monstrous Pan than a Peter though..
If 3rd party is allowed, Elocator is online at 6th.

The blinded blade feat chain, and/or a familiar who can see and gives them constant descriptions, are the best ways I know to them to mitigate their own downsides.
Not a fan of breaking-stuff-to-get-stuff character generation, so I wouldn't give them any extras.

I've been pondering bloodrager (arcane,untouchable)/witch(hedge,beastbond,healing). Feats mostly tied up with extra hex. In combat they're a hexer with d10 +4con hp, displacement, and prot v arrows, and after level 10 if they're struck down then they'll just take someone else's body. Out of combat healing is covered. I'm thinking to work further with that, also take signature skill Heal, specialize in slumber, and be an angry Doctor, possibly Rahadoumi.

For full martials, I think vexing dodger could make some fun stuff, but seems like even gestalt still needs a dip.

Like a piranha fox, patterned after the songbird of doom, using the new racial alt for fox shape, and the dex/int option to help the Dodger's nauseate save dc. Level 1 mouser/unMonk, then vexing dodger / bloodrager (arcane, urban) at least for 8, maybe do slayer or ranger 2 after that for prereq-free power attack, retraining pirhana strike after that. The arcane bloodline gives spider climb when raging for the necessary +8 racial bonus, the monk and feral combat training gives the good flurry of bites. I'm liking snake style - fang with that, chew through anything that makes the mistake of trying to swat you off their throat.. will save's weak for gestalt, iron will and will save trait are not optional..

Depends on what you mean by stack..

Sohei weapon training is as the fighter class feature, so a sohei/fighter could take different groups and be able to flurry with all of them, but taking the same group twice wouldn't stack the bonuses (same source, overlapping weapons from different groups only get one of the bonuses), and would not trigger the level-based increase to an existing group.

Look for the blockbuster wizard guide for good blasting advice.

If you can, take the experimental spellcaster feat to dabble in the words of power system, versatile blasting at every level. Look for the 'thus she spoke' guide for that.

There's a FAQ about charge pounce, only the first attack multiplies..
charging FAQ

Pretty sure "any cure spell" = spells with cure in the name, so #1..

Fate's Favored instead of tattoo or irrepressible? You could use divine favor for +4, and just trot out divine power for the higher bonuses for the important fights.

And/or you could do the adopted - enlightened warrior trick to be NG, and get the far strike monk 2 level goodies while still in alignment range for Desnatic combat. Haven't checked trait categories, don't know if all 4 traits are compatible.

As long as you can do both of the above, Far Strike 2, Flying Blade 5, Arsenal Chaplain 6+.. slightly less luck bonuses, but improved critical, more untyped attack k/damage, extra range, get combat reflexes for a good melee defense.

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What about military strategist requires a martial class? That seems pretty independent from most class abilities.

If you like witch stuff just go straight witch, unless you want martial ability.

If you want a combatant powered by a mysterious patron, battle oracle could be another way to go. Otherwise hexcrafter magus sounds better to me than dipping out of witch. You could also be a bloodrager with a bloodline sage familiar.

Water/fire kineticist.
Winter witch with a penchant for fire spells. Any blaster caster really.

He could be a simulacrum and construct crafter.
All his servants and family are just constructs, he reshapes and repurposes them as necessary.
Updating their abilities appearances and personalities is his defining hobby, and what grounds him to this reality when not deep in sorcerous meditations and research.

He thinks he would love a fellow immortal companion, free from his whims, and may actually try to program his creations with independent leanings, but he's actually far too used to unquestioning obedience, and can react terribly if his manipulations go awry from his internal script.

Swash 1 investigator 8.. huh, I put in the swash 7/9 prereqs there, sorry, no combat inspiration, all those talents need to be bumped one level forward.. boo me..

Human for the feat. The reach swordmaster flair plus a long arm extract for good reach, or step up to stay in a reach donut. Alternately, replace step up feats with CE and Imp Disarm, or following step with stepup and strike or lunge. Extracts of blur or displacement for more defense, and maybe vomit swarm if they give him space. Inspiring fortuitous rapier.
Dex>int/con>Wis>dump str/cha
Traits: brutal intellect, fencer
1: rapier finesse, focus, grace, combat reflexes
3: weapon trick, mutagen
5: quick study, concentrate poison or inspired intimidator
7: step up, sickening offensive
9: following step, combat inspiration

If you're cool with worshipping Desna, and using a starknife, her divine fighting style feat (which I believe you can trade your first versatile performance for instead of a feat if you switch from CN to CG) would let you use your Cha for attack and damage.. that and arcane strike would give you a damage option..

It may be too feat intensive for a bard, but the kitsune style chain, plus agile maneuvers to get around your str, makes it easier to do imaginative debuff tricks in combat.. even without the style, sounds like you might enjoy that maneuver..

I think this could work...

S14+1+1 D14+2 C14 I13 W13-2 Ch9+2 (could dump Cha to the floor for one more int or wis)

Fighter 6 (Dragoon), Hunter 3.
Nature Soul, Mounted Combat, (SF-ride)
Power Attack
Animal Ally (companion at charlevel-3, think it stacks with hunter 3 to get it to your level at 9th, if not gotta make room for boon companion feat)
Ride-by Attack
Combat Reflexes
Spirited Charge
AWT Armed Bravery
Outflank (shared)
Combat Expertise, Pack Flanking (shared)

Could instead lose a bunch of feats to get (shared) rage and do Barbarian 6/Hunter3
Nature Soul
Ferocious Mount
Animal Ally
Rage Power
Combat Expertise
Rage Power
Pack Flanking, Feat

Looks to me that a magical child could have a social form mauler, which can change into an improved familiar without mauler. So that familiar would have three modes, 6 int cuddly form, 6 int battle form, or higher int lower str improved form..

How did the lich convince the nobles?
If just by rumormongering, then they and their ally inquisitor just need to get the real story to the right ears.
If by charms and dominations, they need to figure out ways to break or reveal those.
Maybe they can get that cousin resurrected to testify.

Or, they can decide the trick is to take out that lich at all costs.
Work with its lies, to reroute or delay the regiments. Plant a story that the party is massing an army of orcs and shadow people against the city, now that their plot has been discovered. Use that time to sneak back into town and take out that phylactery.

Maybe they can create a fake version of the book it wants, and threaten to destroy it to draw it out.

Daaze wrote:
I haven't looked too much into the Bloodrager due to it being based on the Barbarian class, and Android can't receive morale bonuses, so I skipped over it since normal barbarians are pretty much useless if their androids. I'll check out the kineticist when I get home to see if that suits the flavor I'm going for.

Yeah, realized that later, sorry. There is a 3p Android race option you can see on their pfd20srd page that can get you morale back..

Pretty certain monk/brawler unarmed don't stack.

Bloodrager (elemental-air) would give you 3 rounds of shocking at level 1.
If cestus or other fisty weapons are close enough to unarmed for you it would be easier, or you could use the bloody-knuckled rowdy or blood conduit archetype to get IUS.

Kineticist k-fist archetype is pretty weak, but you'll be able to punch with your element all day from 1..

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metamorph from Ultimate Intrigue

I though some style feats do give out-of-style benefits.

Taking the crane style feat let's you always reduce the defense penalty, but only gives the +1ac when using the style.. taking the snake style feat gives the +2 SM and piercing unarmed option, but obviously have to be in style for the alternate AC roll..

was there a FAQ or clarification that I've missed?

Party of fighters with gangup and outflank and more. Maybe a fist&shield brawler with archon style, a twf butterfly crit-fisher, dragoon butterfly finisher, a dwarven foehammer cleaver, lore warden whipping maneuverer..

Party full of hunters, same idea but overwhelming numbers and pack tactics..

Un-rogue all, same idea, skills to do total stealth runs..

Band of bards, all the performances all the skills all the time..

Kineticists of every element, just to play with all the interweaved composites..

All samurai or gunslingers, only for parties of 7..

Str12, Dex16+2, Con12, Int14, Wis14, Cha7
1: Human WeaponMaster Fighter 1: WpnFocus-starknife, PointBlankShot, Startoss Style
+7 1d4+4
2: Far Strike Monk 1: Quick Draw, Precise Shot, flurry
+5/+5 1d4+4
3-5: Flying Blade Swash 1-3: Startoss Comet, Extra Panache, precise strike and other swashy stuff
+8/+8 1d4+9, FA 1 target or standard 2
6-7: WMF 2-3: Startoss Shower, weapon training, Ricochet Toss
+11/+11/+6 or shower 1d4+12, only 1 weapon needed
8-9: FBS 4-5: Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, improved critical, swash training, swash stuff
+14/+14/+9 1d4+16
10+: WMF4 Trained Throw, FSM Far Shot, Improved Precise Shot....

Didn't include any magic, level stats, etc..
Not terribly impressive, but guess it would function, don't know if the range makes up for damage compared to melee or the aesthetics make up for range compared to bows..

Where are you getting flurry from if you're going MoMS monk?

furious weapon enhancement

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Unlike the previous thread, this sounds fun/cool to me.

I'd play it through, keep do-gooding until you find a solution or the curse takes you out, start taking care of a bucket list and planning your last night.. definitely help the shaman first..

also, should probably ask a party member to keep an eye on you while sleeping in case the curse takes over when you're not conscious..

if you start needing will saves to resist the urge, only then fall on your sword, unless you can make that a thing for your last night (maybe a vigil so you can go out by the sword at dawn while the curse tries to finish you)..

Haunted psychics get to use it as a swift action a few times a day, a nice perk at the lowest levels.

Otherwise it's a damage cantrip, there so a caster can avoid the aesthetics or encumberance of xbow or sling bullets.

Akhana Aeon. 1/day raise dead plus 3 restorations isn't bad to have in your pocket, and the unlimited cure serious could save some cash too, and the soul siphon could be situationally useful.

I'd want to add a 1d4 bite (+2RP), carrion sense(+1RP), desert runner(+1RP), maybe plagueborn(1) or sprinter(1) if bringing them to 11 is ok.

Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
Cult of Vorg wrote:

Athiesm in Golarion would probably be related to any evidence-avoiding RL belief.

Just needs a selling concept that's preferable to observed reality, social support group, youth indoctrination, claim to historical longevity or popularity, valuing loyalty to the concept/group over rationality.

Anti-theism like Rahadoum, or whatever you call gods are just more powerful me's so why worship when I can become or bargain with one instead, seems much more interesting to me.

Rahadoum's Anti-Theism has nothing pragmatic regarding the gods, it's outright hatred because of the war and misery brought on by two faiths that had an all-out war for the hearts and minds. One day the nation decided it had enough and declared a pox on all divine powers. The only real good portrait of the mindset from an inside view is Jame's Sutter's Death's Heretic.

Weak grammar on my part, those were supposed to be two separate concepts, anti-theist and anti-worship, to contrast with athiest. Death's Heretic is a great read, the best PF novel by far.

Athiesm in Golarion would probably be related to any evidence-avoiding RL belief.
Just needs a selling concept that's preferable to observed reality, social support group, youth indoctrination, claim to historical longevity or popularity, valuing loyalty to the concept/group over rationality.

Anti-theism like Rahadoum, or whatever you call gods are just more powerful me's so why worship when I can become or bargain with one instead, seems much more interesting to me.

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GM wishes to pervert wish attempts. They do so, with great wit and cleverness and PC tears. However, this triggers a legalese grammar arms race with the PCs, until every wish is multiple pages that take hours, in and out of game, trying to close or abuse loopholes.

On topic, the Poison Elves price of the third sin, any wish is granted via theft of objects or energies from entities that the wisher really didn't want to upset..
Or, the Game of Tenses, any slightly vague indication of time is abused, allowing unacceptable delay of service or shortened duration or time travelling shenanigans..
Or, the Homonym-con, any potential homonym or commonly misunderstood words are taken as inappropriately as possible...

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Greater good arguments always tend towards evil. When I think about it, any such argument fails based on the limit of projected consequences, based on the available data and processing power.

Kill 10 to save 1000, but what if saving 1000 provokes the death of 100000, which saves 10000000, which provokes....

I want to try a flying blade 5, far shot 1, weapon master 6.
The monk gives bonus rapid shot (equivalent, but ok with startoss style & starry grace?), quick draw, precise shot..
Swash gives improved critical and range and various other shinies.
Fighter for the richochet and other weapon training goodies. 4 required bonus feats covered, still leaving 11-12 more feats to play with by 12th level.

So, could go with QuickDraw, Precise, ImprovedCrit, WFocus, PBS, StarryGrace or AWT trained throw, Startoss*3, WSpec, Richochet, Combat Reflexes (for the swash stuff), Improved Precise, Greater WFocus, and Iron Will or Greater WSpec or Deadly Aim if you're human.. I think that covers it.. (although getting all of those last 3 would be better, I think the swash perks would make up for it..)

Opportune Parry and Riposte:
(Ex): At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler, she can spend 1 panache point and expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt to parry that attack. The swashbuckler makes an attack roll as if she were making an attack of opportunity; for each size category the attacking creature is larger than the swashbuckler, the swashbuckler takes a –2 penalty on this roll. If her result is greater than the attacking creature's result, the creature's attack automatically misses. The swashbuckler must declare the use of this ability after the creature's attack is announced, but before its attack roll is made. Upon performing a successful parry and if she has at least 1 panache point, the swashbuckler can as an immediate action make an attack against the creature whose attack she parried, provided that creature is within her reach. This deed's cost cannot be reduced by any ability or effect that reduces the number of panache points a deed costs.

Anytime an opponent announces a melee attack against the swash, before they roll the swash can spend a Panache and an AoO to parry. The only limit would be the swash's pools of AoO and Panache.

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A flying blade Advanced Class Guide swashbuckler that uses the Weapon Master Handbook startoss style feat chain will be able to hit multiple targets with one dagger throw.

And in addition to 5 levels of Swash you could take 4 levels of Weapon Master fighter to pick up the Richochet Toss advanced weapon training feat so your favorite friendly dagger returns to your hand after.

It might be more complicated or less magical then you're looking for, but it came to mind.

Otherwise, magus will eventually get AoE.. . A Myrmidarch magus could also do similar dagger hijinks without multiclassing..

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