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Just swamped, unfortunately. And when new updates do come up, there's nothing really all too relevant for Robin to say.

I feel like there should still be a time limit, though.

Think we broke initiative up and we need Eldon.

I'd assume, like Pathfinder's sorcerer bonus spells, the domain spells are the highest level spells you cast at the level you get them.

All you can really put are the links to the images. Sorry.

Seven is a big table as is, really.

Laurelai wrote:
Decided to drop my Glamoured Leather, as my minimal gold roll didn't really support it, after much umming and arring settled on having a Bag of Holding to store her ill gotten gains in (though the hat of disguise was tempting.

To be fair, those are all good items. I just like the idea of "Wear armor even though it doesn't look like you're wearing armor" which is why I went for the glamour.

With all these front-line types, I guess I didn't really need the swashbuckler archetype after all. But still, I like the idea too much to change now.

Also forgot


Robin sports a tan from his days at sea and a light beard and dark hair. He primarily uses the Glamoured Studded Leather he plundered to give him the look of a (oft half unbuttoned) captain's shirt. This is despite the fact that he is currently without ship or crew.


Robin Avers was never the type to shirk from adventure. Freedom remained his greatest desire even as a small boy. So where others were wary the day that Captain la Fleur's crew sailed into the small port town, Robin saw only opportunity. With his demeanor and hopefulness, the boy actually asked how to join up with the scoundrels of the sea as they were counting up the booty ill-gotten from some previous catch. To him, at least the ship was a way out. His eagerness did catch the captain's eye, however. Leaving his family behind, he set sail for a freedom he had never known before. Trained by the quartermaster and boatswain, Robin could take his own in a fight with a flourish that few could match.


Robin is pigheaded and stubborn, but overly outgoing and personable. He's apt to go into details of a half remembered story or generally be overly dramatic in every sentence he spouts. Even those who know him are curious if his demeanor is just one gigantic act or if he's truly meant for life on the stage instead of the seas.

What a coincidence, I picked up the Pirate background. I didn't do it up as nice and still need to grab some gear, but here's my sheet. Been a bit busy, so sorry for the delay.

Rolling for starting wealth, assuming standard for this level.

Starting wealth: 1d10 ⇒ 8x25gp + 500gp = 700gp

Picking up a swashbuckler archetype rogue. Human, I think, with the variant setup.

Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

Dotting immediately. Also, how do you want to generate stats? Point buy or array or roll?

I just saw this, is it still open? I'd love to try out an unchained monk/rogue or fighter.

I've got a game tonight with a trip brawler ready, but I got the idea of combining Pummeling Charge and bull rushes to deliver my flurries and push opponents away so try don't get to full-attack me in return. I've got a level five character, who wants to give me some pointers for bull rushing? Is there a way to bull rush for free after a charge?

I've got a game tonight with a trip brawler ready, but I got the idea of combining Pummeling Charge and bull rushes to deliver my flurries and push opponents away so try don't get to full-attack me in return. I've got a level five character, who wants to give me some pointers for bull rushing? Is there a way to bull rush for free after a charge?

Weirdo wrote:

Familiar BAB, HP, skills, and saves are based on character level, not class level, so they actually scale OK. Not great, but OK.

Familiar bond works, though the familiar lacks quite a few abilities.

What do you even get with this feat? I mean, I guess you can get a small companion, but I don't understand what this is other than a feat tax for the Improved version of this feat.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
True, but pure Rogue explains how he was so easily killed in a grapple though. ;)
The Mountain being a Barbarian, and possibly of Large Size, explains that pretty well all on its own...

Would you call it grapple? I'd say it's more like Savage Dirty Trick.

Since a lot of people are offering Dragon Disciple builds involving sorcerer, I'll just leave this archetype over here.

It does depend on your build, but if you're running a Pummeling Charge build, I'd highly recommend the Braid. You count as a monk because of Martial Training, so your speed should keep going up. I'm not sure why you think you won't get the strength bonus, though. Not only do you have MT, but I believe brawler's flurry counts as flurry of blows for qualifying for fears and items.

Unchained monks can still get Quiggong Power as a Ki Power, you know.

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I'm not 100% sure why dexterity Is necessary on slayer as much as it is on rogue. Rogues get Evasion and Trapfinding. Dexterity boosts these features, making them more reliable for the rogue's job, which is why Dex-to-damage is a good way to consolidate a rogue's stats.

Slayers can pick these up as talents, but looking at the slayer's class features, there's nothing inherently dependent upon Dexterity. That's why a Strength-based slayer is viable, you don't need to split your attribute resources between Strength and Dexterity to do your job because your job is to greviously wound, not look for traps. You're already tankier than your rogue predecessor, so you don't necessarily need evasion as badly. Slayers are hatchet-men while rogues are surgeons. Finesse Training helps cement that idea.

Though, that all being said, it is weird that Finesse Training only gets you so few weapon options over the length of your career. Choose wisely, I guess.

Lore Masters just got buffed, now!

Speaking of Superstition, is that still required for a bunch of really awesome rage powers? I'm not a big fan of denying party buffs, but I want that Witch Hunter something awful.

How do you think this will work with Varient Multiclassing?

Out of curiosity, why wizard per se? You could theoretically go with Blood Arcanist and still pick up admixture school understanding as an exploit.

The doors being connected to a great demiplane makes the most sense, from the movie. I'd suggest for the physical exterior castle, liberal reading of the Witch's Hut hex. Would make sense that Howl was such a powerful witch.

I didn't happen to miss initiative, did I?

In that case let me pick my extra spells and preparations before too long.

Good to know, I'll try to put an intro post together soon. I'm due one here and another thread. really.

You could also pick up this feat if you'd like to keep Bloodrager.

I think I'll throw together a bard or skald. Do you accept any 3.5e content or is that considered 3pp?

I'm interested.

Is it too late to jump in?

Sorry for the delay in starting up, everyone. What with the holidays and family matters, I've been more than a bit busy to start crafting a sandbox post. Will start very soon.

I'll check in every once in a while just to see if you guys might need a caster like Thomas on deck.

Darn, was hoping to jump in. Congrats on everyone who made it! Lemme know if you'll want me in the future.

Granted. I know an IRL buddy of his if you wanna have him text Wivvy and see how he is. Might be a bit excessive, though.

yazo wrote:
@aceDIAMOND Gangsters are cool, are you going to lean on the chaotic or lawful spectrum?

Im thinking that if lawful means ordered, it'd be more in line with putting together a crime family. Might go LE on this, but I'm not sure if I want a picaroon or just a cutthroat with Amateur Swashbuckler.

A while ago, I realized you could use Time Stop to summon a bunch of uses of Mage's Sword. Never got to try it, but may use it at some point over the campaign if I make the cut.

Seems like some value to me, once I pick up that spell. Gonna retool my spell selections before we start if I get picked, but I think I'd like to give several people Shapechange.

What do you think about a picaroon gangster?

3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 6) = 12
3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 5) = 16
3d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 3) = 12
3d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 4) = 10
3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1) = 9
3d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 1) = 8 Dropped
3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2) = 13

Sorry for the delay, everyone. It's been rough lately.

One thing I feel I have to bring up though, is that Wayland's probably going to be a ways away from the action, since his real base of operations is closer to the Worldwound. How should I integrate into the story thus far?

I just didn't expect Wivvy, I'm also trying to get into his high level game. What a coincidence, eh?

Wivvy, what're the odds you're here?

Thomas is more humble than your average archmage. He cares more about the magic itself than the prestige, like it's an art form. But when it comes to it, he throws himself into his art and embraces it with all his being. Beyond just magic, he takes all knowledge as his province, attempting to garner what he can from the world with open eyes and a sense of wonder. One of the only things he really hates is someone who doesn't have any passion, ardor, or ambition for their pursuits.

In short, he's curious, inquisitive, and driven but not above it all.

If I can get away with magic libraries, I'll do that. Seems like a thing to ask Wivvy, though.

GM Pandorica wrote:

Could I ask, what is the 'Crown of Ash/the Kobold King' item I can't find what it dos anywhere.

EDIT= Found it

crown-of-ash It's a complain item from KingMaker path.

With Crown of the Kobold King added in


Nice combo, gives loads of neat stuff DR5/Cold Iron, on top of Cha mods and lowlight. Best of all sorcerer +1 caster level, Add the +1 Ion stone and yekes +2CL and spell penetration/greater counter spell feat and Yikes, But Nicely done.

On A side note
I have Self Limited Rosalyn to two combined Items per body slot. This is just me, I feel it can get a bit silly when with combining. I have seen PCs with upto 5 combined items in one slot. For me limiting it to make kind of keeps it sensible. I have a feeling Ace and others feel the same way as they seem to have self limited combining as well. I could be wrong, but I think players who have played at this level before, kind of know where the pitfalls all.

Thanks for reminding me about that, I forgot to add about the enhancement bonus and natural armor bonus. I don't know about adding the Ioun stone, because I still need to get scrolls to copy in his spellbook if I get accepted into the game.

It's strong, but I think I'd need to still drop the move action unless Wivvy allows for Arcane Apotheosis to work with it. Even if so, picking up a Staff of the Master would do the same thing. And dropping some 3rd level slots would even save charges.

I mean, at this level, there are a lot of feats and abilities where downsides are pretty much mitigated. I switched Thomas's concept from cook to engineer when I first saw Sacred Geometry. I haven't tried this out yet, so I don't know how easy or hard it is to hit those Prime Constants. But it does look like a fun feat.

Thomas is supposed to be from Earth, but trained by the heroes from the Reign of Winter Adventure Path.

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